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SUBSCRIBE TO STUDIO KNIT ► http://bit.ly/subscribe-SK BUY MY KNIT STITCH PATTERN BOOK ► http://bit.ly/knit-pattern MAILING LIST SIGN-UP ► http://eepurl.com/cpw8cX LIFETIME ACCESS TO ABSOLUTE BEGINNER KNITTING SERIES ► http://bit.ly/teachable-beginner This Knitted Scarf is a great project for all the Absolute Beginner Knitting Series graduates! Get some serious knit and purl practice with this Beginner Friendly Scarf Cowl fashion accessory. FREE KNITTING PATTERN ON MY WEBSITE https://www.studioknitsf.com/infinity-scarf/ PIN THIS KNITTING PROJECT https://www.pinterest.com/pin/498351515008178332/ KNITTING TECHNIQUES • Slip Knot http://bit.ly/yt-slipknot • Cast On Long Tail Method http://bit.ly/yt-caston • K = Knit Stitch http://bit.ly/yt-knit • P = Purl Stitch http://bit.ly/yt-purl • Bind Off http://bit.ly/yt-bindoff YARN (#6 Super Bulky, 204 yards) • Caron Sprinkle Cakes, Color “Pecan Fudge" http://www.michaels.com/caron-sprinkle-cakes-yarn/10527494.html YARN ALTERNATIVES - Buy 3 Skeins to get approx 200 yards • Bernat Softee Chunky, Color "Natures Way" http://amzn.to/2xpCEgY • Bernat Softee Chunky, Color "Stillness" http://amzn.to/2xovbPg KNITTING NEEDLES (Size 11 US, 14" length) http://amzn.to/2fYfVAS TAPESTRY NEEDLE http://amzn.to/2yzP171 STORK SCISSORS http://amzn.to/2wNs436 ____ SUPPORT STUDIO KNIT PURCHASE KNIT + PURL STITCH BOOK http://bit.ly/knit-pattern LIFETIME ACCESS TO ABSOLUTE BEGINNER KNITTING SERIES http://bit.ly/teachable-beginner GET YOUR STUDIO KNITTER BADGE http://bit.ly/sk-badge Tag #StudioKnitter on Social Media ____ BUSINESS INQUIRIES http://www.studioknitsf.com/contact/business-brand-deals/ JOIN THE STUDIO KNIT CLUB! ♥ YOUTUBE http://bit.ly/subscribe-SK ♥ NEWSLETTER http://bit.ly/sk-join ♥ WEBSITE https://www.studioknitsf.com/ ♥ PINTEREST http://bit.ly/1grzI4R ♥ FACEBOOK http://on.fb.me/1aVdkbU ♥ INSTAGRAM http://bit.ly/1nn5rVx ♥ TWITTER http://bit.ly/1aIs7fU ♥ RAVELRY GROUP http://bit.ly/ravelry-skEC ____ MUSIC Venice Beach by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena * This video is NOT sponsored. * All materials were personally purchased for this video. May include affiliate links.
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Text Comments (27)
Studio Knit (1 year ago)
Want to download the free printable pdf pattern? Just sign-up on my mailing list here ► http://eepurl.com/cpw8cX
Dar OKyle (2 months ago)
Yay! Thanks, as a beginner, I appreciate having ur vids! Feeling inspired!
Marion Wijnberg (4 months ago)
I knitted past the 24", it seems way too short, and it doesn't look like the scarf in your video, it seems much longer. Do you mean 48"? I love the pattern and it looks great, I would just recommend to everyone to knit it until it measures at least 43" to 48"
Hi Kristin! I think I messed up on my gauge. I'm trying to knit a double ribbed scarf and it looks like it's just 3 in wide. Is this too narrow for a scarf? Or is there hope for a 3-inch scarf to look right if I keep going? Would love your input on this!
Patrice Cooper (9 months ago)
Hello, again! I am truly inspired by your fantastic and wonderful video! I always enjoy knitting, and you've made this cowl look very easy to make!! Even the stitch pattern is very simple too! Thank you so much! I really love your great personality!!
Studio Knit (9 months ago)
Wow, Patrice. Thank you, you totally made my day! 💖
Ellie Kay (1 year ago)
Yay! I’m gonna try this tonight! I recently purchased some Caron cake yarns as well
Umm Zayd (1 year ago)
You know what You are really an amazing wonderful woman with all the gifts that has blessed you with and want to share those gifts with every one who comes to you to seek from you And also amazed by your teaching method that you make it so fun to learn for a person beginner like me.
Studio Knit (1 year ago)
Awww... you totally made my day! So happy my videos are helpful to you. Thanks for the sweet words of encouragement!
Jennifer Dobbins (1 year ago)
Love this. Going to start one today!
Yvette Willson (1 year ago)
I live in Europe, so will go to my local wool shop.  How much wool do I need and what kind as I won't be able to get this specific wool.  Thanks for your advice - I'm a real beginner !
Valincia Pruitt (1 year ago)
I just finished this in the Mocha Rainbow colorway. The scarf is beautiful, I will knit several. Love your instructions. I'm going to purchase your stitch book. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Janedoee Rivera (1 year ago)
I love your beginner knit series. Thank you. Thanks going step by step. I want to make a baby blanket. Can I use the Irish Moss stich? How many do I cast on?
Casey Lynn (1 year ago)
I think I'll do this with a big circular needle and save some work! Love the scarf! Thank you!
Frances Greeley (1 year ago)
totally awesome
Pretty Noona (1 year ago)
This is a cute project and the end result looks great. =)
Darlene Farmer (1 year ago)
Hi...I've tried bulky yarn...not a fan of it! However, can I get your book as an ebook? Love your tutorials!
Jackie Jindra (1 year ago)
Love this !! ❤ So easy, so beautiful 😁 I am knitting up a cowl very similar to this right now. Excellent Christmas gifts. Thanks Kristen ❤
Its amazing i love it thank you
Studio Knit (1 year ago)
Thanks, Vio!
angeline angela (1 year ago)
Totaly knitting this for a gift!! Thanks Kristen love your vids! You remember the pussyhat i knitted with bubbles pattern i converted it in a bag i will post a pic on pinterest.
Studio Knit (1 year ago)
Wonderful! Love your knitting enthusiasm, Angeline!
Aysha Afzal (1 year ago)
what is the size of the needles in uk?
Studio Knit thanks
Studio Knit (1 year ago)
11 US is the same as 8.0mm sized knitting needles.
Susan Farmer (1 year ago)
What a great Christmas gift this cowl would make and it would be so warm. Thankyou for another great video Kristen.
Studio Knit (1 year ago)
Yes! Thanks so much for your awesome involvement in my channel, Susan!

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