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Renaissance English History Podcast Episode 035: Fashion & Clothing

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Special thanks to Lindsay for the text suggesting this episode on fashion, clothing & sumptuary laws in Tudor and Elizabethan England. Show notes are at http://www.englandcast.com/show-notes/ You can now call or text the Listener Feedback line at 801 6-TEYSKO or 801 683-9756. If you like this podcast, please remember to rate it in your listening service of choice. You can also always contact me through the facebook page or on the website. http://www.facebook.com/englandcast or englandcast.com Clothing was incredibly important in the 16th century because, at a time when the middle class was rising and upward mobility was available for the first time, your clothing could show who you were, how wealthy you were, what class you were, and all sorts of other things about you. This episode looks at both the perfectly normal (woolen undergarments) and the bizarre (bejeweled furs). Also, if you want to come along on our trip to England this Spring, check out http://www.bigworld.com for more info. Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving to my American friends out there. -uploaded in HD at http://www.TunesToTube.com
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