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Drunk Lesbians Watch "Loving Annabelle" (Feat. Mari Taren)

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"I know I should be rooting for the lesbians but this is so inappropriate!" To binge all of Project Inferno, click here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKx5q7k0fsz2KkhL_XWbtSotRkJhJv9Km To support queer content, donate to our Patreon: www.Patreon.com/GirlShipTV CHECK OUT MARI'S STUFF Instagram & Twitter: @Mariel_Taren Check out Amanda's social stuff too: @AwkwardHolland on insta & twitter PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, EAT A BAGEL.
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Girl Ship TV (1 year ago)
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Sunita Devi (1 month ago)
I never knew there were so many lesbian movies 🤔
did you guys see the alternate ending? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqwGY6vZFQg
T Graham (1 year ago)
I have been binge watching all of your movie watching sessions...I give in I will go to your patreon and pay homage. Well done ladies!!!! I had so much fun watching your vids, I laughed I cried and I wanted more!
kay la (1 year ago)
Girl Ship TV please watch Unseen World
Ugly Girl Does (1 year ago)
You should watch Cloudburst and/or When Night Is Falling. But especially Cloudburst.
ppalgang chic (19 days ago)
Do react to gypsy pls
Marissa Luna (26 days ago)
Sad fact, the actress that played Miss. Bradley passed away on Jan. 30th 2019 from cancer :( (theres also an alternate ending to this movie they included with the DVD that you can find on YouTube. I know this is from last year so you probably don't care lmao)
Patricia Mulroy (30 days ago)
You should watch heterosexual jill it's one of the most bisexual erasure movie ever.
Jo Sa (1 month ago)
RIP Diane Gaidry.
Maria Laura Rouge (1 month ago)
Have you ever watched the extra scenes?
lou love (1 month ago)
love your work!
Gtfo Asap (1 month ago)
Nice remote flip at 12:26 Love doing those, spins, flips, feels so cool.
p p (1 month ago)
First ever openly discussed same sex bollywood movie 'ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga ' (how I felt when I saw that girl) - more how the subject is approached with family and the struggle of being in the closet and acknowledgement of being in a same sex relationship. It's pretty awesome. You'll ball like a baby! It's not out yet steaming but hopefully will be soon!
Ranico (1 month ago)
hahahaha its so funny when this 2 started coming up with how to get out of the situation when annabelle and teacher got caught dressing. "she's borrowing my dress", "She liked the color of my bra just want to show it to her", "she had an itch in her vagina". Lol
Jamie Headey (1 month ago)
I'm a teacher, I would never think about my students in a sexual way. They are like children to me, and I teach college. I've had students trying to flirt and I'm like: Child, no.
purplelove (1 month ago)
“ eww she kisses so weird It’s ferocious I hate it 🙃🤣😂
Erisel Cruz (1 month ago)
(POSSIBLE SPOILER) So late to watching this episode obvs, but if you guys didn't see the alternate ending, it shows Annabelle going to the beach house and there's a newspaper showing Simone being let out of jail.
Megan Bos (1 month ago)
I always burst out laughing every time I hear, “They’re gonna fuck in a church!”😂
Sophie Phillips (1 month ago)
I keep coming back to this video
Tad Son (1 month ago)
I love watching these movies along with u guys..this was a super creepy movie because of her age but I just realized Therese in carol was freakin 19 years old..any way this movie was still way more creepy but just pointing that out..it’s jut the teacher student relationship what’s gross I guess.anyway love ur stuff
Topanga BlackFang1998 (1 month ago)
Annabelle is seventeen.
salamuja _ (1 month ago)
4:57 Omg they were roommates..
Rachael Silverberg (2 months ago)
There's an alternate (happier) ending!
Justic (2 months ago)
3:50 a brutal rejection with no words I AM TAKING NOTES
Barb Cieri (2 months ago)
Diane Guidry passed away on Jan 30, 2019. Very sad, Cancer.
Not Sam (2 months ago)
"I DID IT I DID IT I PRACTICED IN THE CAR!!!!" mari is adorable omg
N D (2 months ago)
Rewatching this again in loving memory of Diane Gaidry. :(
Vesna Pilipović (2 months ago)
Hello! I want to propose to watch "Aimee & Jaguar" That's the best lesbian movie I ever seen
Alice Amery (2 months ago)
Best line in this video is at 6:36and is “are they gonna fuck in a church”?
Alice Amery (2 months ago)
This movie is as old as me and I’m obsessed with it I’m 12 rip
emily m (2 months ago)
She just has to wait 5-10 years lmaooo
markotark (2 months ago)
I really loved this film when it came out (and i still do), so when i saw this films director selling another one of those brown and glass necklaces on eBay to fund another of her projects in ended up buying it. While she was visiting a monastery in Asia she made two necklaces (At least that's what the description said but eBay description had photos of her making them), one that actress wore in this movie and the other that ended up in my possession. Holding the necklace in my hand while watching your video really makes me feel connected...
Jenny Liebowitz (2 months ago)
what song is Annabelle singing
Jenny Liebowitz (2 months ago)
I thought gravity by sara bareilles came out in 2008 or 2009. this is 2006. how?
yuri 123 (3 months ago)
This was a good movie
Razelle A (3 months ago)
"Funny, I was just talking about fucking women..."  That one literally killed me ... I hope the world will never fall short on movies for you to watch! Much love from France!
Rae Menace (3 months ago)
Wow! lesbians and straights women react the same.
PtoRicanDBLT (3 months ago)
There’s actually an alternate ending to this where they end up together at the beach house. It’s in the DVD. Also, I recommend Personal Best. One of the first movies I saw with lesbian content besides Desert Hearts or Claire of the Moon. I don’t think it’s considered a lesbian movie but it does have a love story in there. When Night is Falling is another good one. But yeah, lots of good stuff. 😎😍👍🏼
Amarawombat (3 months ago)
Pls watch Fire. It's an Indian-American Lesbian movie. The two actresses were actually banned from working together again after the film was released.
dacoda22 (3 months ago)
Because of the blanket in the background, it looks like the two of you are on as a split screen. Then I can't "unsee" it.
Slender Bow tie (3 months ago)
Handsome devil? Anyone
Barb Cieri (3 months ago)
I thought 'wait' as well. She would be 18 soon, I would think and the ending was horrific although there are 'other endings' online that are much better...."charges dropped, Annabelle goes to the beach house. What I loved about this movie is how broken Simone was and how much she needed to move on but could not until Annabelle... The chemistry was exquisite, I thought. The reaction of Mother Immaculata and Simone's mother being sisters....well, I would have changed that from "How long have you been at this school" to a shrieky, breathless "NO"....Worth seeing over and over except for the disgusting sex between Simone and the creepy man.
Zorian McGriff (3 months ago)
11:52 😂😂😂
Mandi Dorrell (3 months ago)
Can y'all watch Liz in September? Even though it's depressing?
mercari business sales (4 months ago)
ooohhhmyyygawwddd!!!!!! laughed super hard.
R Kaiser (4 months ago)
@girlshiptv is if yall know but there's an alternate ending to this movie I think you'd like :)
Adriana James (4 months ago)
Watch "But I am a cheerleader "
ilseizi (4 months ago)
they did that long ago
CheetoPuff 111 (4 months ago)
I love this movie and this couple, i want them together.
Sav Garza (4 months ago)
I wish I had a friend to watch these films with when I was younger. I had all their reactions, but quietly in my room.
Merve Nihal (4 months ago)
I love this series. I watched this movie when I had a crush on my history teacher, and I was really weird to her for a while. Your commentary makes me laugh every time. Also this movie has an alternative ending, Annabelle graduates and the teacher is released from prison. They meet at the beach house.
ana SQ (4 months ago)
It's not end!!!
Kelly Carter (4 months ago)
Just gals being pals!
Klongfel (4 months ago)
Elsa Hultgren (5 months ago)
Anyone else notice that it said "teacher's pet" on Cat's comic? 4:19
Sarah Ford (5 months ago)
How have I not found this sooner I frigging love it !!!
Larissa Cury (5 months ago)
Watch the alternative ending!
OHeyAries (5 months ago)
best commentary I've every heard 10/10 :,D
Yan Harris (5 months ago)
Mari has the funniest reactions
Novella (5 months ago)
Always thought the movie was cringe worthy. Tacky, trying too hard to push the boundaries & Brooks’s short film does the same & comes across as cheap in my opinion.
cre8ivsparq (5 months ago)
Met the actress that plays Annabelle irl, she’s that flirtatious i too😉
Natasha Cleverdon (5 months ago)
Natasha Cleverdon (5 months ago)
Mullholland drive .. utterly brilliant and you must must watch 👍🏻
Arnie Gil (5 months ago)
"killing someone after sex" rip lexa kom trikru
Jess Pope (5 months ago)
I love this movie and series so much 😂 but tbh about their relationship being inappropriate, yeah it's her teacher but she is of age. I think if your an adult you can love whoever.
Ali N (5 months ago)
this movie is so horrible and i WATCHED IT ANYWAY. love the lack of representation of lesbians on TV.
JayNice3 (6 months ago)
Please watch “Alto”! It’s hilarious
strongamazingfemales (6 months ago)
for some reason at 2:43 i heard the teacher say, 'annabell i want to SLEEP with you' ahahahhhs
PepperAnne (6 months ago)
Dude, that kiss in the pool looked like she was trying to chew her face off... way aggressive 😕😦😨
Elm Street Horror (6 months ago)
I love this movie but I bet I'm gonna think it's stupid after watching this. They made me think that about Bloomington 😂
soul storm (6 months ago)
there is an alternate ending where they meet up at the beach house
sadder daze (6 months ago)
Was kinda hoping Amanda would rhyme Simone with bone hahaha. “Dear Simone, I know you’re a teacher and I’m a student but we’re gonna bone” 😂
Lauren (6 months ago)
i love how you guys called everything out before it happened
182atenasb (7 months ago)
Wait is it “inappropriate” ? Or more like a pedophile ? I don’t know if they ever mention her age but if it was a man(teacher) I’m not sure you would just call it “inappropriate” ?
vivy tuan (6 months ago)
Annabelle is a wise-beyond-age girl who's gonna turn 18 only 4 days after this party; Anyway if this make you feel weird then I'm wondering how you'd feel on the film "Bloomington"?
Holli Fugate (7 months ago)
Oh gods! LOL I actually watched this at a film festival. Terrible...so so terrible.
Lauren Matthews (7 months ago)
"I wonder where Annabelle is..." ----*laughs hysterically
Nanda Florli (7 months ago)
not defending the teacher but we all know that if she was a man she wasn't going to jail. in fact man get away with abuse let alone "consensualish" sex
Mandragora Xellesia (7 months ago)
Watch "Girls in uniform" it´s so much better
cocki poki (7 months ago)
I like this movie .yes sometimes is a bit naive but you always must consider also when it was shot. Unlike Bloomington I did not find it awkward at all. If you notice is it always Annabelle who flirts with Simone and everything happen because is Annabelle who wants it and goes for it. There is not manipulation . Simone is in love with her and this is why at the end she smiles to her : she is sure they did nothing wrong and that this love gave her the strength to leave this prison behind her with no regrets as she was not able Before with her ex gf. Thank you :)
Ella g (7 months ago)
Pretty much all gay movies involve affairs idk what to do with this info I’m sad
Jey PC (7 months ago)
10:21 **crosses legs**
Hey wsup new fam fan love ya
Nancy Norman (7 months ago)
You girls crack me up~ive had crushes n school most of my life~it never worked out ~I kept trying ~until it did
DarlingxNik (8 months ago)
Amanda is so beautiful!!
love me (8 months ago)
There is something weird about the ending of this movie...it seems like Annabelle did it all on purpose just to get back at her family/senator.
gemini92896 (8 months ago)
Just found this channel and I have never been so entertained. This is GOLD. The reactions and comments are hilarious!
chefrozzi (8 months ago)
This is amazing! You guys literally said everything I was thinking while watching this movie
Margarita Filina (8 months ago)
I was looking for a movie like "Bloomington" and was so happy when I found this one.
Nancy Norman (8 months ago)
You girls crack me up~i know you both are young but narrating is so funny
Kyle Bonte (8 months ago)
Every time I watch these with u two, I die laughing
CJ Jeiven (8 months ago)
This is such a good episode!! I laughed my ass off from your comments. Also, this is definitely one of my favorite movies. Keep it up!!
It's nice to meet you.. You too!.... *W a n n a f u c c*
theforeverlove27 (8 months ago)
Watch Chloe!
Brooke Slee (8 months ago)
please watch tru love it's an amazing movie based in Canada it's an older younger relationship but is so beautiful the way it slowly unfolds.
Keeley Poag (9 months ago)
There's actually an alternate ending too
Kath Moon (9 months ago)
Instead of watching the whole movie by myself I just watch it like this, it's so much more fun. And you two are hilarious!! Thanks a lot!!!
V. (9 months ago)
Amanda... what kind of a lesbian are you?!?! Watching "Loving Annabelle" for the first time in 2018?!?!? Jeeeez!
Barb Cieri (9 months ago)
There are some movies where you drunken lesbians should hush a bit, ignore the stupid other student shit and feel the pain of each of these lives..... This is a cool movie and get over the lack of people of color.....Two women, different ages, wildly attracted to each other and want to make it work....I say "Yes" BUT wait until Annabelle is 18....That part I get.
Eli McFadden (9 months ago)
Watch Fingersmith, its long but GREAT
Katie Grooms (9 months ago)
This movie ♥️♥️♥️
zamina. (9 months ago)
this is really the best series on youtube
AMENRAMUXIK LLC (9 months ago)
Collette yourhighness. (9 months ago)
y are u saying its innappropiate....an u dated a teacher
Livmylifelivi (9 months ago)
Please PLEASE watch Chloe. It’s got Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore.
Hardcore Pasafist (9 months ago)
NO👏THAT👏IS👏HER👏TEACHER👏 like I can’t even carry on a conversation with a teacher outside of school

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