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Amouage interlude man (A.K.A.THE BLUE BEAST )! Review Thanks to MAX FORTI

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Max Forti (5 months ago)
Great video, I appreciate your take on it - my pleasure to assist anytime! Enjoy your fragrant journey...
Effervescent reviews (5 months ago)
Thank you!
Effervescent reviews (5 months ago)
Same here I feel like this will be good for long time no see Christmas get together at family members house also had to break this bad boy in the first 10 sprays were not that strong but after a while man it got so intense.
Johmathan .B. Swift (5 months ago)
I love Interlude Man. best holiday wishes
Aidan Shaw (5 months ago)
20 sprays of the beast and head off to sunday mass:)some funny looks il tell ya:)

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