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Chord settings Tyros 4 - Request video for David Naylor.

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Hello David Naylor, I decided to do the recording immediately. I hope this helps, as you can see the Chord settings allow also a novice player to get the most from the Tyros 4. I realize the price is of course much higher than a regular keyboard, but then again, it's a awesome piece of instrument, with wonderful sounds and possibilities. Thanks for watching, and keep having fun making music! Kind regards, Ronald.
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TheBeebs999 (2 months ago)
Hi Ron, great video. It all helps. Can I ask your advice please. I have a Tyros 3. the manuals are not the easiest as before. I am step recording with a combination of both accompaniment and chords (sort of making a backing tracks file, with no melody). How do you suggest the best way to copy the verses rather than having to put the second verses, which are same as first one chord at a time. I cannot see how to copy and paste while in step record (or should it be punch in/punch out - I can't see where that is either) What is your opinion Ron? Robert/Sydney Australia
TheBeebs999 (2 months ago)
Hi Ron, thanks for the reply anyway. Rgds Robert+musicmaniac1965
musicmaniac1965 (2 months ago)
Hello Robert, I havent used step record or punch in/punch out function. When i use the midi recorder to record my backing, i just play trough the whole song without my right hand. Some songs require me to do for instance a organ acompaniment, and then my left hand has no time to do a fill in, or swap variations with or without fill in. So then i just record the style as a midi file. This is almost the same as doing a audio record, but with the difference that you can make changes to a midi (like the speed of the song, or choosing different instrument for the style parts), but not to a audio file. You are right, the manuals are rather basic, They do not handle the sequencer properly. There's so much you can do with it, but it seems that no one actually knows. Have a nice week. Kind regards, Ronald.
roff poff (1 year ago)
can chord detection be turned of for a moment if I wanna play a 5 minute piano solo and leave the orcestra playing the same chord ? (or make the box not reacting on everytihng I do)
musicmaniac1965 (1 year ago)
Hello, When you make a registration bank, where one of the registrations will turn off the "ACMP", you can at least use this to make the full keyboard available for the piano solo, but so far i never tried if this would allow the last chord to keep going, as far as i know, as soon as the ACMP has been turned off, the only thing you could keep going would be the drums. When i have time tomorrow, i will see if i can find out if this is correct. If i can get it to work, i will make a example registration on the Tyros 4. In the mean time, have fun and also try for yourself, it's fun to discover new functions or possibillities on the keyboards. Kind regards, Ronald.
musicmaniac1965 (6 years ago)
Ich werde auf jeden Fall versuchen. Ich habe gerade gehört, der einen Song von Barry White, und finde es sehr schöne Musik. Danke für die Anfrage. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Ronald.
MsFable2010 (6 years ago)
please can you play a song from barry white...? Please,please,please...
musicmaniac1965 (6 years ago)
Thanks buddy! Have a nice day. Kind regards, Ronald.
musicmaniac1965 (6 years ago)
You're welcome. I realize most of us know this already, but I always like taking the time helping out a fellow musician who wants to know! Have a nice Sunday. Kind regards, Ronald.
dundy musik (6 years ago)
video very interesting thank you for sharing my friend ronald
musicmaniac1965 (6 years ago)
Indeed, as soon as you know what buttons to press, it's easy :-D
laatmaarzien (6 years ago)
It looks easy enough ;-)
musicmaniac1965 (6 years ago)
Lieve Maurice, dit was gefilmd vanaf de Tyros, en niet van Windows :-D Maar hartelijk dank voor het komen luisteren. Zodra jij je Tyros hebt kun je al mijn "how to" video's weer bezoeken om te zien hoe hij werkt :-D LOL. Bedankt voor je support mijn vriend, en graag tot ziens. Vriendelijke groeten, Ronald.
Morelke's Studio (6 years ago)
Teddy Ronald, heel fijn weer jou uitleg. Jij moet FreeScreenCapturer downloaden dan kan je ales opnemen wat er gebeurd op jouw windows bureau blad. Je sluit dan jou Tyros op jou windows screen aan. En alles word dan veel gemakkelijker. ❀♥♫Mauricikale groeten♫♥❀
musicmaniac1965 (6 years ago)
Thanks! Have a great weekend my friend. Kind regards, Ronald.
Beat 69 (6 years ago)
Good explanation:)
David Naylor (6 years ago)
Pretty much the same in England, Ronald. Got an old PSR-175 at the moment. Get a lot of pleasure out of it, though. The only problem is that to change voices you have to use 2 buttons rather than 1. So heres hoping for Xmas! Thanks for all your input. Take care with the weather.. Kind Regards Dave Naylor - UK
musicmaniac1965 (6 years ago)
Hallo Anneke, Ik denk dat alle dingen die de eerste Tyros zaten, ook wel in de opvolgers zitten. Zo ook enkele van de styles. En zolang ik het antwoord weet, ben ik niet te beroerd om te helpen :-D Vriendelijke groeten, Ronald.
musicmaniac1965 (6 years ago)
Hello Dave, i'm glad i could help. Unfortunately, when i return from work, it's dark. When i go out to work, it's also dark. So when i record video's on a week day in the autumn/winter period, it will be dark :-D Hope you get to collect some money for Xmass, as you can put it aside for your new keyboard :-D ! Kind regards, Ronald.
Anneke (6 years ago)
Goede uitleg Ronald. Zo zit het in de tyros 2 ook. Goed van je dat je daar mensen mee helpt. Groetjes Anneke
David Naylor (6 years ago)
Now that's what I call service! I was extremely touched to learn that you had brought the video forward for my benefit, for which I thank you very much, Ronald. I am also glad that it answered questions for other music lovers too. Perhaps I need to buckle down and learn to play properly! At least now, all my friends and relatives will know what I want as a Christmas present...?! Please keep in touch and keep on playing and enjoying music. Kind regards - Dave Naylor - Blackpool. UK.
Gary Hunt (6 years ago)
Awesome Thanx
musicmaniac1965 (6 years ago)
Hello Gary, When you click the "Direct access" button, and then you click another one, you immediately go to the settings that belong to the last button pressed. I use this a lot, as i'm still not used to most of the menu structure from the T4. And it works, so why not do it this way :-D Thanks for your kind message, glad it helped you out too! Kind regards, Ronald.
Gary Hunt (6 years ago)
Wow !! Thank you Ron ..I did not know how to use direct access button Thank you Thank you !! So cool Gary
musicmaniac1965 (6 years ago)
Hello Terry, Nice to see you here. I just love to help out. If i know the answer, i will share what i know. Now i hope that one day, i find someone who can help me :-D LOL. Thanks for your visit, and have a nice day. Kind regards, Ronald.
1948freetoplay (6 years ago)
hi ronald,verry good vidio,nice to see you are helping people out,you was a big help to me .thanks [terry]

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