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Teenager who was tricked into sending nude picture reveals how bullies humiliated

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Thank you for watching. Have a nice day! My channel: https://goo.gl/vCXdrM ABOUT: Abrave teenager told how she was humiliated when a girl posing as a boy tricked her into sharing a naked photo on social media, as new measures are drawn up to clamp down on tech firms failing to remove harmful content.Megan Hinton was just 14-years-old when the bully at her school shared the nude photo on social media and then had to endure years of fellow pupils 'making sick noises' when they passed her in the corridor.Megan had been relentlessly pressured into sending the picture during a series of messages from someone she thought was a boy in the year above her at her new school, but turned out to be a girl in her own year.To her horror, when she finally relented, she was immediately tormented by a Snapchat reply from the girl, who sent a photo of herself grinning with the message 'ha ha I've got you'.Megan, from Marchwood, Hants, told her distressing story as it emerged social media firms that fail to protect children from harm online could be fined millions of pounds and forced to publish apologies under new regulations drawn up by the Children's Commissioner.She told how she was mocked by classmates at Hounsdown School in Totton, Hants, and the photo quickly spread among its 1,215 pupils as it circulated on a host of social media platforms including WhatsApp and Facebook.Speaking out today, the pretty 19-year-old, who is now studying multimedia journalism at Bournemouth University, sai
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