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Amouage Interlude Man Review .. Shaurya Kiran

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Interlude Man is said to evoke an air of disorder while maintaining a sense of balance and tranquility through the inventive use of incense and myrrh. Amouage Intelude is a Splash of Fragrance with Notes of Incense and Agarwood. Notes Breakdown: It is a spicy – woody fragrance that opens with zesty bergamot, oregano and pimento berry oil, perpetuating intervals of conflict which are countered by aromatic notes of amber, frankincense, opoponax, cistus and myrrh. Eternal notes of leather, agarwood smoke, patchouli and sandalwood in the base add lasting layers of depth and texture. Perfumer: Pierre Negrin. Tags : Amouage Interlude Online in India, Projekt Perfumery India , Niche Perfumes In India, Designer perfumes In India, Amouage Interlude Review,Perfumery.co.in Visit: http://perfumery.co.in http://facebook.com/perfumery.co.in
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Text Comments (24)
Al Hassan BALDE (11 days ago)
Absolutely HATE the smell of this perfume! I just don't get the hype about it!
Gaurav Parchani (26 days ago)
I have order it just now does it last if ride a bike for full day ? Im doing a marketing job so used to ride bike for full day so does it last.? For 16 to 14 hours?
Pesar25 (2 months ago)
Good review. This is indeed a great scent. It is like there is wood burning around you.
HaLo (3 months ago)
M. S. BitEth (9 months ago)
Yes, when wearing Interlude you do command the room - but in a nice way, not the way a female who is too full of herself, a gynocentric woman, will fill up a room with her nonsense and bravado. Men, avoid women at all costs. MGTOW!
7Dimensi0ns (1 month ago)
Dude... Just don't date crazy and it will be OK
Irawan Botak (1 year ago)
Did you wear it in summer ?
marlonious76 (1 year ago)
Great post. How many sprays do you apply and where.
5 Sprays , 2 on Wrist ,. 2 on Chest , 1 Back of the Neck All you are Set for the Day!
rdwoodw (2 years ago)
Great review!
Gaurav Pandit (2 years ago)
please add Reflection men from Amouage and Noir de noir from Tom ford to ur site,i wanna buy these 2
Gaurav Pandit (2 years ago)
Mohit Khatri (2 years ago)
Hi Gaurav , we have both and shall be listing soon . Whatsapp on 9099881082 for more info
Simply Put Scents (2 years ago)
Nice video...highly enjoyed watching your take...
Thanx Bro
Another Fraghead (2 years ago)
Beautiful!! I just got a sample of this, and I love it! Great review!
Thanx bro !
Mihir747 (2 years ago)
Waiting for jubilation xxv from the same house
Soon Bro
Mihir747 (2 years ago)
Neat and clean review covering all aspects.
Thanx A Lot Bro !!
Perfume Guru (2 years ago)
Nice video guys.
Perfume Guru (2 years ago)
Got it Bro. Beautiful recommendation.
Thanx Broo

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