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Gary Vaynerchuk: Building Personal Brand Within the Social Media Landscape - Web 2.0 Expo NY

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Text Comments (586)
Tekla odiladze (11 hours ago)
I'm listening Gary for almost 6 months and today I listen to this speech. This one is dope. He's still talking about the same stuff
Sam J (17 days ago)
The passion is incredible 🚀
Jack Denmo (1 month ago)
Damn this is more relevant than ever in 2019
Ahmad T.Eltahan (2 months ago)
Life Change Trainings (2 months ago)
Solid back then. Solid now. Respond to every social media post!
Rabie Houdjedje (2 months ago)
Old but Gold. 05/2019 🙌
The Ayman Hassen (2 months ago)
Smurf it up
Ilustrado (3 months ago)
Here again for my annual re-evaluation.
Jonathan Koller (3 months ago)
I don't want to kill anything though. how do I succeed?
Marco Burgin (3 months ago)
The best one!
Vikram Jha (4 months ago)
Anyone from 2019 here?
vanessawilliamstnt (5 months ago)
3:55, 4:20
myEVERYDAY CHOICES (5 months ago)
How relevant he was then and now👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
RiCardo Picena (6 months ago)
WiFi on the planes now :\ good speech
Maria Cooker (6 months ago)
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Morteza Mirzaei (6 months ago)
the only thing confusing for me was the audiences,s laughter
HG51 (6 months ago)
one of the best speeches ever
rahul mahbubani (6 months ago)
Ladies and gentle the foundation of #ASKGARYVEE was laid here @5:40
Maurice Kenny (7 months ago)
Only 1 question in Q&A. They were not ready for Gary's energy back in 2008 lol.
Shelley Gibson (7 months ago)
Five min in and I have had enough...
atlmprof1 (7 months ago)
I was listening to the main points. Great. What I really learned is that he followed the rules for great speeches to the letter! He hit 4 main points and told a great story. Nice!
Hanif Muhammad (8 months ago)
this man understand youtube before youtube famous like this
Pavlos Tsangarides (8 months ago)
Wow! Fucking prophet!
*Wow, I remember seeing this live at Web 2.0!* I can't believe it was a decade ago already! This presentation put GaryVee in the spotlight ever since! It's 2018 and he still rox everyone's sox!
Julius Thompson (8 months ago)
I remember this popped up on like the first days of Facebook. He truly practices what he PREACHES.
THE HOTJEM TV (8 months ago)
Found out about this guy on ProBloggers.com. Thanks to them we have discovered Gay and we are now super motivated. WWW.THEHOTJEM.COM
Marcus Antonius (8 months ago)
Art Patron (10 months ago)
Documenting- came from Co Op think 2016- connecting dots #claysListens
Seamus McMichael (1 year ago)
His advice is useful
Arabinda Narayan Das (1 year ago)
One of the most charismatic motherfuckers ever !!
Faith (1 year ago)
Gary** this is your best one. 🙌🏼
Cana Dude (1 year ago)
Where the F*&% was I 10 years ago! I only found out about Gary V's existence this month!
Wolkify (1 year ago)
two reasons that i started my own youtube channel: 1. l love doing it. 2. Gary's speeches.
Glmnf 900 Guufo (1 year ago)
I hate doing everything but when I see result of it than I love in it!!!!!
Hitesh Bellani (1 year ago)
gv me my 8 bucks
Lovelace (1 year ago)
Was this recorded in 2008? He looks so much younger.
Lovelace (1 year ago)
Aaaannd I just watched the first 60 seconds and found my answer. 🙃
Kendy Louwaars (1 year ago)
The mild applause in the beginning and lack of questions at the end is disturbing.
Paul Moore (1 year ago)
a room full of people and nobody spoke up to ask Gary a question...imagine that happening today
Cana Dude (1 year ago)
I think they were in shock and likely speechless! They had never heard such a vocal and straight up motivator.
Luts careservices (1 year ago)
I have watched this for years. It still hits me in the right place.
Michael Holley (1 year ago)
one of my favourite talks ever!
ETECC (1 year ago)
9 Years ago. Fkkin crazy. Still talking about the same stuff and being himself.
Robert cekay (1 year ago)
has not changed at all
Surf Board (1 year ago)
This changed Gary Vee's career forever!!!!!
aj peniche (1 year ago)
Masyaf (1 year ago)
I want this guys energy and charisma
Shreya Badonia (1 year ago)
2 months in hustling and I am already losing my shit.
Ulises Calvo (1 year ago)
His message still the same today. I wonder how many in that room got it.
Zoë Bright (1 year ago)
Your channel is AWESOME
Ilustrado (1 year ago)
My Morning Prayer.
There are no questions because You spell it out so well. You told us what we need to do. Now all we have to do is do it. Right?
Steve Jones (1 year ago)
Not impressed, lot of shouting and cliche
Great job!
khanage360 (2 years ago)
if you want the bling bling. Work
Ja Gu (2 years ago)
did he predict the GFC??
Neil Tipton (2 years ago)
1. RULE FOR SUCCESS...Start with your parents giving you a 2million dollar company. Then have unwavering support after support from them . I challenge the speaker to take a small ebay business making less than $200.00 a month with no support. And be successful.
Justin Morin (1 year ago)
1.When Gary joined his family’s business they were doing 10% profit of 3m(before expenses,paying employees) that left him with close to nothing to build that from 3 to 60m. He left his family business at 34 with ZERO EQUITY in the company and started from scratch at built his current company VaynerMedia to 150+Million 800+ employees. Gary worked his fucking ass of and continues to this day. I understand where you’re coming from with your eBay business, I am a reseller myself with amazon, it takes real work to do what we do. But you cannot say Gary had his success handed to him.
Mo Gh (2 years ago)
completely useless , no substance
Debbie Wills (2 years ago)
Just been introduced to Gary via Linked In and what a Guy. Loved his passion in this video. This message needs to be shared with future generations. Looking forward to watching more of his stuff.
TEAL MANDALA (2 years ago)
wait if you watch the beginning it almost feels like a tne great job clip lmao
Swag Adam (2 years ago)
Who's the guy Gary was calling an authentic douche?
Dhanush Sharma (18 days ago)
The founder of I'm in like with you, Charles Forman.
Wine Jam (2 years ago)
I have just set up my own wine channel and I totally get what he is saying ..keep hussling
Dreamwood Media (2 years ago)
Garys preaching in 2008🙌🏼
DrinkMoWater (2 years ago)
A vision but I see with clarity .. I HUSTLE LIKE MY NAME IS #GARYVEE💪💸.. -MondayToMonday #saba
DrinkMoWater (2 years ago)
You're viewing greatness rn .. God Bless
Timothy Nieto (2 years ago)
Seriously, life changing!
Fupa Caledonia (2 years ago)
another bullshit artist. Why oh why oh why do otherwise seemingly intelligent people pay big bucks to attend these 'seminars' ?? They just steal your watch to tell you the time. And then send you the bill. Let's see how motivated the dipshits who actually pay for this tripe are when their visa/mastercard statements plop through the letterbox. Tony Robbins, Tai Lopez and all the other twats, including this one, teach people NOTHING. At best, the only people to 'succeed' after hearing their shit schmooze are those who go on to become life coaches (cringe cringe)in their own right.
Alpine Trader (2 years ago)
almost 10 years later as still good as ever.
Richard Nesbitt (2 years ago)
Hey Gary, there's wifi on planes now. You still gonna retire? What would you even do with yourself?
Maupau (2 years ago)
he sounds like Lars Urlich lol
'Tosin Adeoti (2 years ago)
Gary has an insane energy I have not seen anywhere else. His passion pumps me up in an incredible way.
Short Term Rental Co (2 years ago)
what a beast
Kevin Yang (2 years ago)
this guy reminds me of Tuco Salamanca from breaking bad 😛😆
Ilustrado (1 year ago)
You got one part of that wrong...
FHskatechannel (2 years ago)
One of his best talks ever. Btw his has much better fitting jeans today haha
mashoutposse (2 years ago)
Internet on planes.
Ilustrado (2 years ago)
This is the first ever GaryVee video I watched and I just come back for the kicks and nostalgia.
Ilustrado (1 year ago)
How fucked up is it? Is it life threatening 'fucked up'? Things will be better and worse, bro. This situation is nothing but a learning curve and a stepping stone. No animes for a week and dedicate it for study. Happiness is fleeting - we become happy and we become stressed at time. That's life. Just keep hustling. Good luck!
Daryle Buhay (1 year ago)
I hope so.. but things are just getting more fucked up now I wish there was a way to transfer to another school that will make me happy
Ilustrado (1 year ago)
Totally brother. To be honest with you, one of the greatest lesson in life I've learned is from this talk. "P.P." Patience & Passion. You have to hustle your way out of High School, but at the same time be patient. Everything will go according to plan. ;)
Daryle Buhay (2 years ago)
Me too.. He's awesome I wish I can get rid of my so fucked up High School now and start living a life...
Roy GROGAN (2 years ago)
Passion!   Passion!    Passion...
PromotingTheBeat (2 years ago)
I'm glad he decided to get a trainer, he looks so much better now. 7:46 Bring back the noid LOL damn I remember that character.
123mopsy123 (2 years ago)
I'd love to do something with drawing especially comics, but I don't know if I can write good stories. And the comic market seems kinda dead
SiMe (2 years ago)
If you are good enough you'll be recognized and people will come to you. I am working on comics myself (manga in particular) and doing the best I can to learn to draw. I've got the stories, I just need the artist. I haven't found a partner to work with me so I'm teaching myself to draw and when I put my work up, someone is going to recognize it. The market is there for anything. It's just how good your product actually is and how you monetize it. Work hard on learning how to write a story or find someone to do it for you and partner with them. It's possible. Just put in the work :]
Aaron Adams (2 years ago)
123mopsy123 is it dead? then bring it back to life. #thewalkingdead like gary said "If you make good sh*t then people will follow!". If you have comic ideas then do it! don't worry about it failing, believe in yourself!! if it does fail then learn from that and do better! try everything on your mind!!
James Morris (2 years ago)
Guzzbar GetEm (2 years ago)
Michael Gorman (1 year ago)
The world has changed-period, it is not 'changing', it has fully altered, the entire foundation of mass media, of communication is about digital media.
Mike Kors (1 year ago)
No you're wrong. They should play this in elementary school again in middle school and again in high school. Then, the world would really change.
stonedape (1 year ago)
Too many people in highschool are unmotivated and overwhelmed by shit, thinking they NEED to get good grades and go to college. That was the way of the past. This dude definitely needs to be in highschools, I guarantee it would impact so many teenagers lives. This guy is hands down my favorite motivational speaker, he tells it like it is and isn't trying to get you to buy his shit, just giving straight facts.
famos (2 years ago)
Guzzbar GetEm School system needs serious revamp!!
Tracy A. (2 years ago)
I get what he is saying, you do have to hustle and put in the after hours work. True. BUT if you already can't pay your bills you will be hard pressed to find finances to do what you love. That's it. I work on a -$300 a moth deficit with income vs. bills and have almost $60,000 in debt (including student loans). Where the hell am I going to find any money to get anything off the ground? Easy to say when you start out with a family company that makes $1 to 2 million a year as he states in the beginning. It's easy to do what you love when you start out with an insane amount of privilege to explore what you love.
Jari Schol (6 months ago)
How’s it going?!
Marcus Antonius (8 months ago)
It's not easy to build a 50 million dollar businesses out of a 3 millionair dollar business. Saying he has "Privilege" is definitely an overstatement here. But yeah, have you started that business yet?
Fair Shake Football (1 year ago)
Tracy A. I would stop paying the student loans until I was able to and start using that money to do what you love. It might sound crazy, but if you are in the negative you can’t afford to pay the loans. Pay them later when you can and keep a big picture mindset of knowing that you’ll pay when you can. I would make that decision today and never think about the loans again until you have the money to actually pay them. You’ll tell me that you don’t want to ruin your credit, but what’s the point of credit if it keeps you in the negative? That’s not a practical strategy. Stop paying them now and don’t give it a second thought.
Glisade (1 year ago)
About ;company that makes; - that was a business not a profit in hes money in pocket. that was a wine shop worth 1m$ not a money in pocket. people just dont understand the difference with actual money and business. he always said that he was paid about 50k? or smtn lower idk
Anjuli Mack (2 years ago)
Internet on planes ): it's happening! Haha don't retire Gary :P I never ever pay for wifi on planes! I use the time to get a break from everyone and smash out YouTube video editing and my own personal development! I love it!! Apart from when babies are crying /:
무선 (2 years ago)
Drew Porter (2 years ago)
I have to say... This is going to go down as one of the most famous videos of all time. I literally get fired up from watching this.
TheKrensada (2 years ago)
30 seconds and I would have left the building.
Ilustrado (1 year ago)
You have your reasons, mate. Good for you.
TheKrensada (2 years ago)
@Dorian Oddi You call me arrogant while at the same time claiming to know me. A common mistake.
Dorian Oddi (2 years ago)
TheKrensada yes go ahead and leave the building to go back to your unhappy job. Gary gives valuable advice on sticking with what you love to do. I guess people like you (probably not very successful) are arrogant enough to think they know better than him.
Anthony Beckman (3 years ago)
Stop watching "Lost"
Michael Pitluk (3 years ago)
Kevin Lust (3 years ago)
This is trevor from gta
tissetass96 (2 years ago)
lmfao true
Jiihd (3 years ago)
Love your raw gritty realness bro
Vasoulla kissias (3 years ago)
This is absolutely fantastic!
anudistsjury (3 years ago)
Gary's motivation is infectious. Watching his videos over the past few days is legit changing my life.
Dorian Oddi (2 years ago)
anudistsjury Man same for me. This guy has lit a fire under me in a way that no other business or motivational speaker has.
Syzible (3 years ago)
I wish I had as much cocaine as this guy
Shantanu Varun (6 days ago)
@Michael Khoury He is now worth over 200 million probably way more
Alen Saric (9 months ago)
Nikka Bling L
Michael Khoury (2 years ago)
He's got a Googled net worth of $50M... That number is a very conservative estimate, considering how invested Gary Vaynerchuk is in his investments ... This video is almost 10 years old and it's proof that Gary V definitely got it then, and most definitely gets it now!
Nikka Bling (2 years ago)
So none?
Harshe Cod (3 years ago)
i want to quit my college.
Rohit Rahate (3 years ago)
Alex Burman sent me here
Hema Vidhya (3 years ago)
Totally timeless talk !
Luke Schreiter (3 years ago)
GaryVee out there straight hustling
Johnny Wiet Wolny (3 years ago)
if you want bling bling, WORK!
Yan Tougas (3 years ago)
"Legacy is greater than currency." at 4:35. That's business ethics right there.
Ryan Gunnarson (2 years ago)
Yan Tougas it's alto leverage .
Kelly Wonderlin (3 years ago)
He is the best @garyvee
Brian Murphy (3 years ago)
This is one of the best ever.
Mark de Wit (3 years ago)
Love this guy. Energizing!
Liz I love you (3 years ago)
12:40 the website he was in love with doesn't even exist..
Steve Gags (3 years ago)
+TimeNotWasted 3 was renamed to OMGPOP and bought out by Zynga for $210 million. Remember the game 'Draw Something'? Yeah they made that.
Brice Sheppard (3 years ago)
gary please buy the JETS

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