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URGENT-ISH Official Trailer (2019) Pilot

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When a hospital in rural South Carolina is threatened with a shut down, Dr. Kim Middles, owner of the nearby Urgent Care, decides that it's up to her and her misfit staff to save it. It's "The Office" meets "Scrubs" in this mockumentary that explores small town living and the current state of the American health care system. Any parties interested in producing a full season, please contact to see the full pilot. Created by: Amanda Holland Directed by: TJ Marchbank Executive Producers: Amanda Holland & TJ Marchbank STARRING Meiyee Apple Tam as Kim Nikhil Shukla as Sam Rodney To as Kevin Kate Mines as Emma Krishna Smitha as Christina Scott Kruse as Todd Claudia Restrepo-Gomez as Dr. Garcia Kristy Staky as Shelly Joe Calarco as Phil Director of Photography: Matt Miller First Assistant Director: Brandon Poller B Camera Operator: Erik Deutscher First AC: Emilie Svensson Sound Mixer: Paul Cornett Gaffer/Grip: Sam Mosco Script Supervisor: Samantha Fryer Makeup Artist: Kristy Staky Set P.A.: Cody Allen Motion Graphics: Matthew C. Mur Editor: Amanda Holland
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Girl Ship TV (19 days ago)
IMPORTANT TO NOTE: This is a trailer for a pilot I made. The pilot will be available here after we do a festival run but this isn't something that will be turned into a web series (cause I don't have that kind of money) This was made in an attempt to sell to studios to hopefully make into a real TV show. Just wanted to manage expectations here. But enjoy cause it queer!
KatrinaLynd L (10 days ago)
OMG this looks amazballs! Throwing all the good vibz your way to hopefully help make your dreams come true!
Allison Kissner (11 days ago)
This was freaking amazing!
Morgan K Lackey (17 days ago)
A1_ Elevate (3 days ago)
We want inferno
This needs to be a show
gbaby2360 (11 days ago)
I'd watch the hell out of this! Best of luck getting it picked up.
Patricia Wallace (13 days ago)
this seems amazing!! i really hope it gets picked up! :)
Christie (14 days ago)
SOMEBODY - SOMEBODY GOOD AND KIND - MAKE THIS A DAMN SERIES!! Give us our Gays Anatomy, PLEEEEASE! I mean, I don’t have cable and can’t even afford internet, but I would watch this if I could somehow!!
Savanna Singleton (14 days ago)
Victoria Venturo (15 days ago)
shiiiiiit! amanda this looks amazing!!!! good luck at the festivals!! you're so talented! and it looks like a great group of people that worked on this! <3
Ashanti Gilroy (15 days ago)
yeah this looks excellent. Really hope this gets picked up. How can fans help with that lol?
Kaylee Brown (16 days ago)
As someone who works in the OR, I can genuinely say that this looks AWESOME. The foot comment is spot on!
meruga811 (17 days ago)
Soo funny!😍
Alexis 🌈 (17 days ago)
I hope a network actually picks this up. It looks really great! I’m excited to see more of it!!
Cecy Dávila (18 days ago)
That U haul question lol 😌 I wish you good luck with this pilot, I really liked the trailer! 😁🙌🏻
Blue Palmer (18 days ago)
This looks so fantastic I'm honestly going to be a little sad if it doesn't end up going anywhere (how could it not though!)...
Tammy Gunn (18 days ago)
As a doctor, I have to say. This is effing hilarious.
Tammy Gunn (18 days ago)
Girl Ship TV This looks like a medical version of Reno 911 and Im here for it
Girl Ship TV (18 days ago)
Oh thank god! I've been truly worried about the medical community seeing it! LOL
Ashley Duncan (18 days ago)
What even! I love this. This is a shorter than two and a half minutes and I'm already pretty sure of my favorite characters.
Renee (18 days ago)
I hope it gets picked up and soon!!!
Violet (18 days ago)
I already love it!
Zing Zing (18 days ago)
oh my gosh, I would love to see this on TV one day! can't wait to see the full pilot
Kat Waterman (18 days ago)
Style is very The Office like, but just a urgent care setting. Lol
Girl Ship TV (18 days ago)
Yep! It's called a mockumentary.
Renee L (18 days ago)
I am so excited for this!
Dylan Fitz (18 days ago)
I would LOVE to see more of this!!
samantha auchenpaugh (18 days ago)
This looks so good. I want more!
Cheese Cake (18 days ago)
this looks hilarious!
Miller4theWin (19 days ago)
I need this
Emilee Ward (19 days ago)
Definitely gives scrub vibes.
I Want Boba (19 days ago)
i absolutely love these performers and i want this as a show now <333
MaeB (19 days ago)
This looks really good. I would totally watch this series. Laughed out loud multiple times
Tia Truly (19 days ago)
This was GREAT!!! I'm not the biggest sitcom fan, so I'm really picky on what I'll watch. I'd watch this!
Candice Owens (19 days ago)
Make this!!
Sharon Does Stuff (19 days ago)
That pan line 😂😂😂
Nanaa Duff (19 days ago)
My god if I was rich I would have make it happen into a proper tv show. Like the office and parks and rec but make it queer and medical this is great!
Linda Cox (19 days ago)
I’m getting children hospital vibes off of this. This would be so perfect on adult swim.
Stefanie Charette (19 days ago)
Too funny! I can’t wait for the pilot! 🤣
shuli Sickman (19 days ago)
This looks fucking hilarious 👌👌👌😂😂😂
Mandi Dorrell (19 days ago)
Looks like a hit show to me! Hope it gets picked up soon. Fun!
T R U V O N N E (19 days ago)
Oh my lanta! A mockumentary so genius!
WeBeOne (19 days ago)
👏This would be so awesome! Please make it happen 💓
Natalia (19 days ago)
Oh dude this looks legit!!! I hope you get the funding or whatever it is you need, this definitely feels like an actual tv show, it's funny, it's different, it's kinda queer, it has representation, it SHOULD get made!! I love it!
GreenRobinL (19 days ago)
I hope it does get pick up by some studio! it looks so funny!
Eva C (19 days ago)
gaby_vh (19 days ago)
This is awesome! Can't wait to actually watch it!
v1ckyb gaming (19 days ago)
i hate feet to!!
River and Maria (19 days ago)
I have loved all of your content but this is amazing! Great job! And that one thumbs down must have happened from the person laughing so hard their mouse slipped.
Shylene Sky Camacho (19 days ago)
This channel is really SOO SOOO AWESOME ! I’m watching this pilot laughing and then a queer character just casually comes in !!! I wish more things were like this!! The community is lucky to have u as a creator!!!!!!! <33 GOODLUCK
Hero Edsfr (19 days ago)
I low key thought i was watching an add for a hot second... 😂😂
Milly Over It (19 days ago)
Yessss I Stan. I want to see all of it, make sure it gets made available in the UK!
amk881 (19 days ago)
I too can not stand feet
EcHoAlPhA (19 days ago)
Already love it
NE8675309 (19 days ago)
This looks genuinely funny! I feel like a lot of shows, pilots and webseries that try to follow the mockumentary format tend to fail because there is something lacking, but this looks like an Urgent Care version of Parks and Rec. I am down!
AnAE miner (19 days ago)
LeslieXvideo (19 days ago)
@ NBC, I’m gonna need y’all to take a look at this RIGHT now
Revile Paragon 2 (19 days ago)
lesmisloony (19 days ago)
This was so professional I didn't realize it wasn't a youtube ad for a new TV show until about halfway through I noticed the watermark in the bottom corner. Amazing work! I'm so excited for whatever the future holds for this project!
idkEdits (19 days ago)
The feet part was so funny!!! I hope this goes to tv!!! Good luck Amanda!
Margo S (19 days ago)
Was the last one a 'V' reference? x)
Yuki Yamada (19 days ago)
Omg, yes, I want this!!!! <3
WereBrokenPeopleSM (19 days ago)
This is giving me some hardcore The Office vibes and I am LIVING FOR IT!!! CANT WAIT!!!
my amazing channel (19 days ago)
Noe Verduga (19 days ago)
Seems so funny!
Monica Cortez (19 days ago)
Oh man this would have been an awesome show!
Hannah Hassan (19 days ago)
"It's not that we _can't_ take care of everyone in this community... It's just that we shouldn't." has me ROLLING Would love to see more of this!!
Tracey Poole-Brady (12 days ago)
Hannah Hassan my favorite line already
Ygt12345 (19 days ago)
harden315 (19 days ago)
Looks Awesome 👏🏼
kleffnotes (19 days ago)
This was freaking hilarious!! I would so watch this! Good luck!!!!
We stan Stan! (19 days ago)
Aw this looks so good!!!
Juliette Marie (19 days ago)
Can a network please pick this up NOW
Jenifer Hernandez (19 days ago)
So excited!
riley is rad (19 days ago)
Tessa Lynn (21 days ago)
“There’s a reason they have special doctors for that garbage” I DIED at that line! I need more of this!!
Han Luc (21 days ago)
“Did you use a U-HAUL?” That really spoke to me

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