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Case Study: Startup Branding Presentation

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Text Comments (31)
Biozeed Islam (3 months ago)
Which software did you use to make your logos and stuffs? And also the video maker or animation maker?
Victor Mendoza (5 months ago)
2:14.That bar/blue building above the letter g, yeah that is a bad ass bar.
Superhero Design Co. (1 year ago)
Great video! Thanks for sharing!
Roberto Maddaloni (1 year ago)
Summary was misspelled at the end. Sorry
SapiDimangsaKambing (1 year ago)
a question out of curiosity, have you finally got the drone?
Flux (1 year ago)
on yeah :) I'm already on my 2nd drone.
Charlez Designs (2 years ago)
You should do a setup tour.. Pleassse
frenkelasi (2 years ago)
great video!
Jan Wennesland (2 years ago)
Great case study, added to http://casestudy.club. Keep it up!
Flux (2 years ago)
Cool! Thanks
VolumeDean (2 years ago)
Really great stuff, thanks for sharing these stories!
Flux (2 years ago)
Glad you like it!
Luis Villalobos (2 years ago)
I love your work. Greetings from Venezuela. 👍
Flux (2 years ago)
Gracias Luis!
Iraima Hurtado (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharind this! It's so helpful! Keep on the great work!
Flux (2 years ago)
Thanks Iraima!
Medio Design (2 years ago)
Great video! I'm not sure I see why getting a drone would make your videos better. Personally, i think the best parts are when you're in your office talking about your projects and stuff. Other than that, awesome content ;)
Flux (2 years ago)
Good point. I'll have to think about it. (maybe it will just make my life more fun)
Enoch Appathurai (2 years ago)
*summary (not summery) 😉 but great vid. I do more web, but this is still great!
Flux (2 years ago)
Noticed :)
Jeremy Mura (2 years ago)
Great video man legend!
Flux (2 years ago)
Thanks Jeremy!
Rafael Calumby (2 years ago)
Soon I'll be presenting a branding project, hope to achieve the same level of thoughtfulness that you guys did! Good luck with getting that drone, I'm sure most of us will donate and you will reach that goal soon. If I were you, I'd start thinking about the next :D By the way, don't know if you mentioned this already, but which software do you use to edit your videos?
Rafael Calumby (2 years ago)
In Final Cut there's a feature that removes background noise easily, but in Premiere I guess it's a bit less intuitive...anyway, there are some tutorials here on YouTube and it's a simple process that should help your videos, mainly when you film on the outside and the wind gets over your voice...sometimes indoor sounds get too bassy too, your voice have a low tone :)
Flux (2 years ago)
Thanks Rafael. I'm using Premier.
Devin Chaves (2 years ago)
Very interesting. It would be really neat if you went more in depth on your strategies or uploaded some screen shares of your process.
Flux (2 years ago)
I'll try next time. Thanks Devin!
BozeBever (2 years ago)
I like your vids Ren, but with a drone don't go the Casey style all the way! Besides that, Again a great vlog!
Flux (2 years ago)
hahah.. Thanks.. I'll try to just be me.
Shpeedy (2 years ago)
so cool! really helpful! Pls show more stuff like this.
Flux (2 years ago)
Thanks! I'll try.

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