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City of Reno NV Reno Periscope DUI Victim Impact Panel

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Reno City Attorney John Kadlic is part of a series with a reenactment of a DUI case.
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Big Dog (1 year ago)
Anyone know the answer to the questions
Bert Barnes (2 years ago)
ONLY 1 glass of wine 3 hrs earlier? GET OUTTA HERE!
Reaper (2 years ago)
alcohol isn't the problem, the problem is all these people being suckered into believing that laws are for safety, that's a load of shit, its all about revenue, its all about how they can scam money off people by writing a law making people believe that's the way things should be and that if you wanna be free to do what you want you have to give the state all your money basically, first they take your license, guess what, makes it hard to get to work, puts stress on you, maybe you wanna quit your job, say you lose your job, you got no license because of the state, you're stuck with tons of bullshit fines and you have no income, guess what, now you have jail time, fuck the state, I gotta go to one of these panels in 10 minutes and I'm fucking pissed, if they come up to me wanting me to talk or some shit, imma say hey look the fuck here, suck it up mother fucker, stop crying and being a little bitch, everyones gonna die at some point, stop dreading over what they didn't have and be grateful for what good times they had in life, stop accusing all of us as being bad people because a certain few people cant control alcohol, alcohol is not the cause, carelessness and stupidy is the cause, when I'm drunk I can drive perfectly fine, and everyone says I drive perfect, cops go right by, not swirving, not doing nothing, obeying all rules, its a mind set, if you keep your mind focused the alcohol will really have no affect on you, alcohol is what you make it, people get all happy and careless because they think of the fact that they are drunk and feel a little fuzzy so they act stupid, others like me can be completely drunk, be like hey I'm drunk I feel good and relaxed, now just gotta do my normal thing and ill have a great day
John Texas (3 years ago)
Stop your whining. MADD has done nothing to stop the drinking and driving problem, they simply increase all the fines and made it so anyone with a dui has to get an interlock and have it stay on their record for 10 years. Ruining other people's lives who make 1 simple mistake won't bring anyone back. Fuck MADD
Tino L (3 years ago)
This is another example of how stupid Americans Are! Bunch of psycho morons bullying some people who most of them had a bear or two. Ask yourself this question: you never had any thing to drink and drive? you've never been tired to drive? this is bull shit, just a way for government to get money out of people's pocket. If you really have problem with people drinking and driving, ban selling liqueur after 9:00 PM. you see DUI will decrease more than 300% ! However government should make money on selling alcohol, so that will never happen! That mother fucker old fart on 27:45 really pisses me off!
KING Greatness (3 years ago)
+emmanuel khmelnitskiy what is it...
Jordan Tanksley (3 years ago)
They did ban alcohol sells after 9pm.. well liqour... beer at 12. well also i guess that depends on what state you are in... Or if you are in a bar or not.. 2 am in Texas(at a bar). ehh... shit happens. Its always a Good Day to Die.
TheGoodStuff 2.0 (3 years ago)
you got the anwers
Trevor Dible (3 years ago)
The Don Fuck in the wheelchair needs to get the fuck out!! He's sober and decides to get in the car with his brother who'd had like 13 beers?? I mean does that make an ounce of sense?? And he want's sympathy? My ass!! Just proves that sober people make just as stupid of decisions!!
C.S. Lewis. (1 year ago)
Right? hahah fucking douchebag, survival of the fittest, fucking darwinism, shoulda all fucking died - Don - doesnt care about his life, brothers life, or sweet little Tiffany-Lou's life when he being stone sober lets a dude been day-drinking drive with his little girl in the car - yeah the real sad-story is this fuck is still breathing but at least he wont be fuckin no more horses. Why do I have to pay to watch this ?
SPLIFFGOD95 (3 years ago)
How many people was sent here by the court??
TEDDY DUANE (2 years ago)
David Sall (3 years ago)
him & his wife hurt by a woman who had 1 glass of wine 3 hours prior... Umm That was a straight up car accident, i doubt it was a result of her impared ability to drive after a glass of wine 3 hours prior...
kyle schoeningh (4 years ago)
being forced to watch this for having a flake of weed in my car, i dont drink at all. this is total bullshit and a complete waste of my time and money. i want to knock out that old fuck for getting in peoples faces. why dont u join the army fucktard
Steven Kellis (5 years ago)
Do other states have volunteer impact panels regarding DUI's for prevention and so forth?
Haley Twelven (1 year ago)
Oregon does
Haley Twelven (1 year ago)
Steven Kellis Yeah
ikhDarkR6 (6 years ago)
fell asleep about 8 times.
cinder2005 (8 years ago)
really good video...

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