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Winter tires VS All Season Tires. Proof that you need WINTER TIRES!!

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Motormouth Canada had a chance to travel to Whitehorse in the Yukon to test two identical cars, one with winter tires and one without. Even with a vehicle equipped with AWD, the video proves that driving with winter tires makes a massive difference. Proof that you should invest in winter tires. Here are the results. Thanks to Subaru for the use of the Crosstrek utility vehicles.
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Shane Blacksmith (8 days ago)
My boss put winter tires on the company van, huge difference.
Gordon Cavanaugh (1 month ago)
What if I use all season tires with chains?
Last man standing (1 month ago)
Do it head to head
TTBOn00bKiLleR (1 month ago)
All-season tires should be banned
Georgi Velev (1 month ago)
and why dont you compare those with allseason tires WITH winter patterns? Like goodyear vector 4season gen2? because they are as good as a winter tire! allseasons are the best! low cost low maintenance...no space to keep them...the benefits outweight the 1 meter difference in my opinion.
Gabriele Di Bernardo (1 month ago)
I have driven for over 25 years always with vehicles with all season tires (never winter) and I live in Canada. Have never had an accident in the winter season or when roads were supposed to be slippery due to cold weather. There is no reason anyone needs winter tires UNLESS they don't know how to drive based on conditions.
Greg H (1 month ago)
Winter tires help alot and do have better control and grip. But I also havent put on studded tires for the last 3 years.
Joey Roy Philbert (1 month ago)
How about testing with and without all wheel drive?!
My Life (1 month ago)
Conclusion If you don't have money for winter tires then buy Subaru If you have money for winter tires buy any RWD and FWD car with traction control and stability management systems
Chandavy Liek (1 month ago)
I’ve lived in New England my whole life. The real question is do you “need” a set of winter tires. The answer is no. Is it nice sure. If you have the extra money and a place to store tires than why not. But honestly you really don’t. Just don’t drive like the ass. Slow and steady has always worked for me.
thomas medeiros (1 month ago)
You should do a test Winter v All Weather tires which have that snowflake. I expect the Snow tire will perform better on snow but the test should include all round driving. How do snow tires perform when not on snow compared to All Weather tires?
Slow Ride Photography (1 month ago)
I own a Crosstrek. I've owned many many vehicles in my 54 yrs and the Crosstrek is by far the best in all less than perfect driving conditions. I live in Northern Ontario where roads can go unplowed for 2 weeks and my Crosstrek has never struggled. If you want to see just how good Subaru's AWD system is, google the roller test.
Ness (1 month ago)
Do you have to switch back to normal tires when the snow is gone?
Alex King (1 month ago)
Lol I have really good winter tires on my RWD Ranger and it’s still useless in the snow 😭😂 too damn light in the back even with a bunch of sand bags
moestavernprankcall (1 month ago)
This is skewed. It takes longer (and you’re traveling farther) to accelerate to X speed in the all seasons so naturally you’re going to end up at a further distance while braking. Same with the stop and turn test. All this highlighted was Subaru’s awful color options and the traction control light lol
Froilan Luigi Picard (2 months ago)
just get NOKIAN all weather tires change it every 3 years.
Nou Jai Yang (2 months ago)
Yes you don't need winter tires in the winter and it's not necessary but when you actually drive one with winter tires on, you can see a big difference. Might depend on how much you are willing to spend also. I prefer winter tires in the winter since I'm from MN where it gets cold, icey, and snowy. Most important thing I've notice about tires being driven in the winter is the thickness of the tread on your tires too, even for all season tires. The less tread you have, the less grip you'll have also. But in the end, whatever you decide to put on your car, just don't drive like an idiot. Drive safely everyone. Your life are just as important as others.
George Ghiultu (2 months ago)
this year was my first with all season, not because i bought them but because i bought the car with them, an AWD/4x4, crossover. i've took the car into off-road conditions with snow, all seemed ok(driving less than 30-40km/h - 4x4) however when downhill things changed dramatically, in some cases i had to speed in order to get control over the vehicle which in turn could get you into quite serious troubles, lack of safe breaking.... this happens also when driving in normal conditions(just AWD/2x4), the breaking distance is just horrible and unsafe :(....... a few years ago the dealers(in some European countries) would chip in extra summer/winter tires depending on the season, now they give you all season as a cheaper solution for them.... conclusion this is is my last year using all season in the winter and if you bought the car like me with all season, just change them in the winter.....
MrLanceboil (2 months ago)
Fabulous review!
Abdallah Day (2 months ago)
Obviously, winter tires perform better and are safer in the snow/cold than all season tires. But do I really NEED winter tires on my AWD Subaru? Only if I don't already know what to expect. Sure they would be great if I had the extra cash but I'd rather stick with the all seasons I already have on and that have worked well all year round for more than 2 years. Also, I can snow drift in these lol
keepitreal (2 months ago)
Well no shit.... winter tires are made for winter.. all season is more all around. Lol
Mark Hart (2 months ago)
The tyres were not propper all season they were what most class as all season,where as in reality there are 3 categories of tyre summer(That most people drive on all year round)all season tyres thar are sat in the middle between summer & winter tyres & then there are true winter tyres
blxtothis (2 months ago)
Canada yup, UK especially LONDON, winter tyres are an extravagance for most drivers, all seasons are fine for all except the absolutely extreme, Michelin Cross Climate are good on shwavy snow, not so good on ice.
S T i G Z (2 months ago)
I find strapping zip ties to my tires performs as well if not better than cold season tires
Evan Dickson (2 months ago)
It also helps to not be a retarded driver who tailgates during the winter. Just following further back eliminates the biggest risk of inability to stop.
Rusty S (2 months ago)
I think the biggest reason you need winter tires is not because they help you stop faster, they help you stay on the road. The most snow-related accidents I see are slide-offs on the highway. You always see people lose traction when lane changing and they spin out and end up in the snowy ditch. Snow tires help you stay on course!
arecee50 (2 months ago)
mud terrains , case closed
Stephen christopher (2 months ago)
Awd sucks 4x4 is where it's at anyways people dont want to spend the extra cash on a 2nd set so on the truck I run duratracs better then my old winter tires
Don King (2 months ago)
No matter what tires you use there are always idiot drivers around you.
Chris Donovan (2 months ago)
this is a no brainer,.... I think it's those marketing people that push the all season tire       All season tires kill each winter         for a little time and little effort save a life  get dedicated winter tires
A Alekhine (2 months ago)
Question for the group....I don't have a place to store (2) sets of tires. BUT, It gets surprisingly cold AND hot where I live. Decent snow fall probably needs to be dealt with 4-6 weeks out of the year. 90+ temps for 2-3 months. Rain, storms, and random midwest USA weather the rest of the year. Any suggestions on good tires? Mine are getting bad, but I don't want to make a bad purchase....Thanks in advance for any advice.
ITX Official (2 months ago)
THANK YOU for this video. I'm working at a roadside assistance customer service hotline, and the number of ridiculous missconceptions people have about all-season tires is just too damn high! The number one question I get every year, when it starts to become reeeally cold but snow didn't yet fall: "Well, there's no snow, so I don't need winter ties yet, right?" Well, wrong you smartass!! As stated in this video, low temperatures make the rubber compound of summer/all-season tires rock solid, hence it loses basically all of its grip (I loved the comparison with the hockey puck :P).
Ender (2 months ago)
We got 152cm of snow in 24 hours Christmas day 2017, and the next day we were passing a multitude of stuck 4WDs in a 25 year old FWD equipped with snow tires.
Anita Jerkin (2 months ago)
Do not ever buy any Bridgestone all-seasons if you value your life. They have literally no traction, even at 2 - 3 MPH on even plowed roads.
Why don't you do a video with a rear wheel drive it defeats the purpose when you're trying to do a review with a vehicle that already has all-wheel drive. You buy a Subaru so you don't even need any other tires because it's all wheel drive
Immortal (2 months ago)
Do the test but with Michelin CrossClimate+.
Z0MB13Redfield (2 months ago)
And all season tires and all terrain tires are different.
Z0MB13Redfield (2 months ago)
Did you smell that? This video is full of shit
BizaRre071 (2 months ago)
They obviously used budget allseasons tyres vs premium winter tyres... If they were using a Goodyear vector all seasons G2 or the nokian weatherproof you could bearly notice any difference between them trust me on this...
P T (2 months ago)
Sorry, this is not scientific (read accurate) due to countless flaws in the manner in which the "tests" or comparisons were executed. Everything is approximate. Where are the markers at the starting point? What were the times for each test? Where are the markers to show when the breaks were applied and when the steering wheel was turned? The driver turned the wheel of the black car later than the orange car. You should have marked all points I've mentioned and marked the points of the first car tested then move the car for safety reasons.
Ryan Alexander Bloom (2 months ago)
My cheap all-season tires have the Canadian mountain snowflake symbol, so.... I guess they’re actually snow tires according to Canada.
Ryan Alexander Bloom (2 months ago)
+NATHANIEL GILLIES Interesting. I still cannot recall ever seeing just a snowflake anywhere, but good to know that exists and is inferior. My tires have the Snowflake on the Mountain. Canadian snow-approved. They're Laufenn X-fits and they were the cheapest 31s at the store. They had ok reviews and for a truck thats 22 years old and never does any real off-road 4x4 stuff I figured I didn't need anything nicer.
Ryan Alexander Bloom (2 months ago)
NATHANIEL GILLIES and can you elaborate on what that difference is? A quick google search yielded no mention of this second symbol and I’ve never heard of it. Help a brother out. What’s it mean? Where would I find it?
keithjg1 (2 months ago)
Depends largely on tire design. Just like any tire, traction is by tread design and compound. Hell, all seasons don’t even handle the same as each other on dry pavement. I’ve run all seasons, performance snows and all terrain all seasons. On my truck the OEM all terrain all seasons were awful. I ran BFG all terrains and General Grabber AT2s and they were terrific.
SSamppaLL (2 months ago)
I dont know if we have "all season" tires in Finland
elwyns (2 months ago)
And you're 4seasons tires do have 3PMS ? in France all 4seasons tires have it , what is the brand of tires , and why different car .. try on same ABS system, traction system etc for comparaison
vishal modha (2 months ago)
What about a 2 wheel drive with winter tyres?
Ironbuket (2 months ago)
3:18 I dont think that test was thought through very well, you could have hit the other car. Next time just put a flag where the first car stops and then do the second run. Although a crash would have got more views, maybe that was the plan :)
Mavu-in Kirugoa (2 months ago)
hmm... I have all season highway tires, but they also have the mountain and snow symbol on them I wonder how they would compare with true winter tires?
Dimitris Mandas (2 months ago)
I have summer tires when it shows I remove 10 psi of air and I'm ok. I haven't the money to buy two sets of wheels. I have a 17 inch weel with 205.40.17. the rims costs me 1000$ I don't want to remove them and install the stock 14 inch, I don't like them. If I was have money yes I was buy the same or other 17 inch weels with winter tires.
CabGaming2025 __ (2 months ago)
Kilo... meterse?🤔
razordimeback (2 months ago)
Just a note, the tires that came stock on my car in 2013 (Dunlop SP Sport A/S) had the snowflake and mountain logo on the side, but you'd have to be a maniac to drive those in anything resembling snow... 1cm on snow and braking is gone (even rolling at 10 km/h, just to turn the carn around and get it into the garage to change to winter tires) I don't know who gives those brandings, but he was probably drunk the morning he gave this one ahaha
Robin Ford (2 months ago)
All season tires are great when you are somewhere that has all the seasons in 48hrs from November to March, I actually had to wait until 1am and 2 inches of slushy snow to test my Michelin crossclimate+ ......scientific research of course .......and not to be the first to make tracks in the snow ..... and officer i did not make that snow angel i am 50 after all
Factorynjk2 (2 months ago)
U shouldnt be driving that fast in the snow anyway...pointless
catsspat (2 months ago)
My choice is to live in hot desert climate, where I go the whole year with summer tires. :P But I still watched the video.
Mattex (2 months ago)
You said Winter tyres are better, you should obviously buy a set of winter tyres... But, what if I don't live in Canada? I live in Italy, we usually see snow in the winter, but a car equipped with All-Season tyres has no problem, and costs half the price of the summer+winter tyres... It all depends on where you live
Kenneth Rizzo (2 months ago)
If you know that you live in the area that snows alot and cold weather. The solution for this problem is buy a snow mobile if you know that you live in weather like this and in case that there's a storm. And no matter what tires you used if accident happen it will happen you can't stop it from happening💯🙏
Tim (2 months ago)
I guess all season tires are still good compared to summer tires, and will get the job done if you don't live in syberia, and don't drive like a freaking monkey.
Tacoma FAN (2 months ago)
hot looking subus !!!!!!!!!!!!
Kalvin One (2 months ago)
you might not have all season real tires (did you buy on AliExpress ?) ? mines have lots of winter lines inside the tires and not yours...
HeySup (2 months ago)
How about motorcycle?😋
Latvanis (2 months ago)
Like whats the point of this video? You use tires suited for your environment... Where im from, we have like 4-6 weeks of winter... Have not heard anybody saying "Ohh boy cant wait to swap out my all round tires for winter ones!" ever... Winter tires are better in frozen wasteland, what a shocking surprise!
kaz9781 (2 months ago)
Do i need this in NY? We get some snow not much as canada though.
Bulldogge Builds (2 months ago)
The reason I found this video is because I found a meme regarding all season tires. Here in Sweden, most people in the south and especially in our capital Stockholm drive with those joke of a winter tire. I hate when they drive up north and you end up behind them. I don't live that far north (185km north of Stockholm) but at least I have the common sense to use studded tires for my 4WD :)
thatcrazydutchguy (2 months ago)
Maybe I'm wrong but a lot of 4 season tires do have the symbol where he's talking about.
W Bice (2 months ago)
Winter tires don't last long enough for the money.
Carlos Pelaez (2 months ago)
Just skip the winter ❄️ and get off 🛫Canada 🇨🇦 to a warmer place 🛬🏖
Carlos Pelaez (2 months ago)
J P (2 months ago)
Winter tires on my 2016 Focus ST are useless in 38-50F and rainny Western Washington. Snow and ice they are amazing. I'll be exchanging them for Micheline Sport 3+A/S.
Sheesh (2 months ago)
Where I live there are approximately 3 days of snow a year, but on these the police controls peoples tires. All season is better here
nidzabgd (2 months ago)
Are "all season tyres" M+S ones?
C J (2 months ago)
What about Toyo’s Celsius all weather tires? I find they perform extremely well in snowy conditions compared to winter tires
Nice Guy (3 months ago)
All these test videos only show the *total* difference getting up to speed and then braking to a stop. I wish some tester would actually break down the difference in getting up to speed, and then the difference in braking to a stop from the top speed. The most important piece of info for safety concerns is the difference in stopping ability, imo, which is lost here.
CustomWoodShiftKnobs (3 months ago)
The people that gave thumbs-down are still driving "all seasons" and refuse to admit that they aren't as good as winter tires.
Klaas Klaassen (3 months ago)
Deceptive video, you're comparing a regular SUV tire to a winter tire. Would have been much more useful to test a real allseason tire like Goodyear Vector or Crossclimate..
Keisha Millz (3 months ago)
I don' think anyone can say winter tires are a waste of money. It is good to have, but with a car like Subaru all season works just fine, if you aren't in an area that has heavy snow and ice constantly - like the Toronto area.
KaminariRaiden (3 months ago)
Drifting along side the other car was crazy
Jakubescu (3 months ago)
If i lived in Canada i wouldn´t use all season tyres either, but it depends on condition during winter in a country in which you live, i live in Slovakia and we have snow so for 3 weeks in a year:-) so all season tyres are good enough for me.
Patric Eschborn (3 months ago)
All season tires are pretty much rubbish in all seasons...
Joeybabbs .BABBS (3 months ago)
dont need snow tires..
weather12guy (3 months ago)
one of the worst comparison videos on youtube i have seen yet. so many things wrong and invalid in the comparison itself
CCC (3 months ago)
I don't see anywhere what you used, please compare same coefficient breaking tyres, like B to B
Carsever (3 months ago)
3PMSF All Season Tire???
Brahim BOULHEND (3 months ago)
Is it safe to mix winter tires with all season tires in dry conditions?
jOE Marchand (3 months ago)
Drive for the conditions with an excellent set of all-seasons and you're fine. Most people cannot/will not follow the first part of my statement, however.
Eric Lozaga (3 months ago)
This is partially flawed. The braking tests should have been done not when the car hits a specific spot, not when it hits a specific speed. The winter tire still would have won, but it would have given a better representation of how the tires stop - which is much more important than how fast you can accelerate
SuperSpeeder (3 months ago)
Those cars aren't identical, the black Subie has LED headlights
Clorox Bleach (3 months ago)
Did u know some people still don't own winter tires. Omg
Graham M. Lawrence (3 months ago)
Great test, wonderful location. Thank you.
lambros koutis (3 months ago)
And what about Michellin Crossclimate tire, about which Michellin says that it is a summer tire with great performance in winter contitions? (There is a snowflake sign on tire).
woodyfive0 (3 months ago)
Put a set of bilzzaks on the Silverado a month ago. I will ALWAYS use winter ❄️ tires from now on. I stop absolutely fantastic and have not needed 4x4 yet. These freaking tires are amazing
Marthinn Kehntoozs (3 months ago)
And what about cheap chineese winter tires compared to best all season tires? what is better?
Rfcdgaf (3 months ago)
Looks like the ABS didn't work as wheels locked up at the end of braking there. GG
aleon1018 (3 months ago)
So, orange snow is also better?
MrDgt66 (3 months ago)
3:03 It's summer tyre pattern, not all season.
TripleAstyle1 A (3 months ago)
should put slicks on for the summer, just keep a great rain tire for rainy days. Then your winter tires too. 10k in rims/tires and your set. .....
Michal Sokolov (3 months ago)
There are numerous all season tires with winter homologation (3peak mountain with a snowflake symbol). The fact that you chose some low quality 4season tires for this experiment undermines everything on this video.
colt john (3 months ago)
That was the most un scientific experiment ive ever seen
Alex Tourigny (3 months ago)
Dedicated snow tires are better without a doubt. To go one step farther I use studded snow tires, which help even on ice. All season tires are not good enough to drive safely in deeper snow either. Thanks for posting and sharing this video. Peace !
Max (3 months ago)
never all season low grip i'm pro in my work (mechanical men) , nice vidéo =)
Lucid (3 months ago)
This is interesting because its the same exact car im borrowing for a trip to Tahoe
Spreadie (4 months ago)
Your all season tyres look suspiciously like summer tyres. I agree that winter tyres are, without doubt, the best choice in those conditions, but a lot of people have to cope with cold and wet conditions during winter as well as snow covered roads. This is where the bias swings back towards all season tyres because winter tyres suck by comparison when there isn't any snow. If you go throughout winter and never see the colour of the asphalt get a set of Winters but, for the majority, all seasons are by far the best choice for all round safe motoring.

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