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Art Journal Book - Page 2 - Hidden Pockets and Tags

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Page 2 in my Art Journal in an old book. I want to try lot of different things in my journal. In particular I want to try different page layouts and combinations so my book becomes a journey. I want each page to mean something to me. I know I will be learning lots of things along the way and I cope you find something in my pages to inspire you. This page is all about the beach and I had great fun turning waves into pockets and tags. It was great fun adding the photos and journalling turning this page into one filled with memories of happy days spent at the beach. The page features stamps from: rubberdance.com For more inspiration I have a blog where I share more tutorials and crafting projects. http://acraftproject.blogspot.co.uk For more challenging workshops click on the link to visit my ETSY shop, open 24/7! Have a great Day and thank you for watching X
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Lynn Morin (17 days ago)
Wow wow and wow! This is the ultimate creativity. Love it!
Renee Troy (5 months ago)
I love your techniques. They are fabulous and inspiring! Thanks for sharing.
Joy Davis (5 months ago)
Lovely....what a brilliant idea Thanks for sharing. I must do this for my southern California days with my little surfers
Jude (6 months ago)
I love it! Very creative.
sue woods (1 year ago)
So Lovely an Idea. making the waves the pockets. How about embossed dolphins or fish or shells to use as pulls.
ArtJournalJunkie (1 year ago)
Fab idea for the pockets! Thanks for the vid!
Dimpl : s (1 year ago)
Wow! New subbie, here! You are so talented! Love your work! Just beautiful!
mbea (1 year ago)
Precioso! Me encanta! ❤️
Linnea Kokinos (2 years ago)
I love this, what a fun way to do a photo memory pages!
Deborah Sanders (2 years ago)
Thank you for this wonderful idea. I've been torn between SCRAPBOOKING and journaling, and you've shown me a great way to combine the two!
Sue Padgham (2 years ago)
I admit I was a little horrified when I saw the book you were using. My mum loved it she served in WRENS during the war. But better it becomes a work of art that landfill. Love the two pages I have seen so far and look forward to more. Thought the wave page was particularly inspirational. Thanks
ThePickyPainter (2 years ago)
LOVE these multi pockets from the pages. I did one tonight (after watching this this afternoon) in an old book I am making into a Monthly Challenge/ Art Swap journal for 2017. (its Nov 2016 right now)After I made it I made a 1 page sized one with only 2 pocket "waves" thats NOT in a book. This one is for a Wedding /Journal/Album I am making for my niece. For that one I used coordinating patterned papers from Hobby Lobby. Added a beautiful lace flower I also made onto the bottom left corner and will glue it into the book I made for her. Thank you SOOO much for the idea of such a new and different pocket !! I really love it !!
Helen Allen (2 years ago)
+ThePickyPainter so happy to hear you found this just right for the projects you are making. 😘
lady blackcrow (2 years ago)
new subscriber TFS love
marycozzens Auldridge (2 years ago)
so cute to see everyone wearing cardigans at the beach! I've never seen that here in America!
marycozzens Auldridge (2 years ago)
have you tried more water in the blue acrylic paint so it's quite wet, then sprinkle on some sea salt? it makes the dappled effect that does look like water foaming at the beach
Helen Allen (2 years ago)
+marycozzens Thanks for the tip Mary. I have seen people use salt. I'll have to give it a go.
Amy Phillips (2 years ago)
SO impressive! !
Debbie T (2 years ago)
What wonderful tips for making waves! I live on the beach so anything nautical, I love it. I watched in awe as you transformed colors I would have never thought of using to make the sand. I wish I had your eye for color. What stamp set did you use for those magnificent shells? You do simply gorgeous work. Off to watch more of your videos.
Ms4Marie (2 years ago)
Great tips, interesting and detailed layers. Thanks!
Helen Allen (2 years ago)
+Ms4Marie Thank you Marie x
Stacy Medina (2 years ago)
I do ALL TYPES OF MEDIA-- but my favorites are art journals and altered books
Stacy Medina (2 years ago)
Bridget D (2 years ago)
This is absolutely stunning! A fabulous idea you are so talented! Tfs crafting hugs Bridget 🙂
Lisa DeLong (2 years ago)
I love this page as I love the ocean.  I live in California and the Pacific (San Francisco) is about an hour away.  I love the sounds, the smells and the beaches.  Great page, I love your torn waves.
Cheryl Packman (3 years ago)
Loved this page. Am definitely going to do this 👏🏼🐬🐚🐙
Helen Allen (3 years ago)
+Cheryl Packman Have fun making waves Cheryl x
Robin Donnelly (3 years ago)
Oh my gosh, this turned out absolutely beautiful! You're so talented!
Suzanne Hale SUZZZ (3 years ago)
Hi Helen. I bet you have finished your journal. But I wanted to give you a tip for the future. In order to keep your journal flatter. do a page or two in the front and then do a page or two in the back. Just go back and forth . You will continue to put weight on it to help flatten it. I hope you try this trick. It works for me . Thanks Suz
Helen Allen (3 years ago)
Actually Suzanne I haven't worked in my journal for a while as I have been working on other things. Thank you for the tip though. I will definitely try it out 😘
XRISA KARIOTI (3 years ago)
oh..my..God..i am so happy to find you...You are a treasure my dear...And that's why i am searching on you tube..for treasures....You are such a tallented...girl....you think like a woman you paint as an arstist and you speak as a singer...A big hug and lots of kisses from Greece and me Xrisa.. : ).....oh my Goodness I have so many videos to watch...you have lots and lots of them my dear.....so much tallent is there waiting for me toexplore...lol...sorry for my English..I hope you understand.....BIG BIG FUN of yours Xrisa
Helen Allen (3 years ago)
+XRISA KARIOTI Thank you Xrisa. I am so glad you like my work. You have a lot of videos to catch up on! Have fun and I hope you feel inspired to get creative x
Wendy Brichacek (3 years ago)
beautiful! thank you for not editing the creative process of the waves. great learning experience for me
Helen Allen (3 years ago)
Your welcome Wendy x
Whymsical Dreamer (3 years ago)
Ohhh my goodness, that page spread came out wonderfully!!! I really enjoyed it Helen, a great video. hugs Tibby xxxx
Lizzy Wurmann (3 years ago)
This journal is really gorgeous, TFS!!
Helen Allen (3 years ago)
Thanks Lizzy x
Charlene Carmon (3 years ago)
This was very helpful. Used this technique for my art journal and it turned out perfectly! Thank you.
Helen Allen (3 years ago)
If you have Facebook I am The Craft Project Shop. I would love to see how you got on x
Faith Shaffer (3 years ago)
Wow! Thank you for sharing! I love all the little tips you throw in here and there - like about not lifting the tip out of accents while applying.  This is my favorite art journal spread creation video in a while.  Only the first video of yours I have watched, too.  I am so excited to go watch others! :)
Helen Allen (3 years ago)
+Faith Shaffer Hope you are having fun exploring Faith x
Christine Thomas (3 years ago)
Gorgeous great ideas x
Sarina Parhawk (3 years ago)
Such an inspiring and beautiful way to preserve your memories.. Thanks for sharing!
Nana Marie (3 years ago)
Absolutely stunning, I have to try this !
Helen Allen (3 years ago)
+Nana Marie Have fun Nana x
Linda Fordham (3 years ago)
How clever! I would have never thought of this.
Maria Bonita (3 years ago)
Great tutorial ,thank you !!!!!!!!!!
Yvonne Amos (4 years ago)
Everything about this page is great! You have created something truly beautiful.
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
+Yvonne Amos Thank you Yvonne - This page is one of my favourites - loved how the wave pockets and tags turned out.
Dwyllis Harrison (4 years ago)
Great page. The way you have done the pockets is fabulous! Really enjoying these videos. TFS.
Katie Kaos (4 years ago)
Love adding hidden pockets :) I adore the ocean and have quite a seaglass addiction 
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
+Katie Kaos Me too Katie - can't resist picking it up!
Sassi Katt (4 years ago)
Helen...you are AMAZING
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
Thank you Sassi x
Sharon Poffinberger (4 years ago)
This is brilliant. I love the design!
Lori H (4 years ago)
What a wonderful page this is!  The way you did the waves and the tags was so clever!  I really enjoyed the photos you added to the other page as well.  Such a lovely way to honor your parents and in-laws and keep the memory of their service.  Well done and very inspiring!  :)
Clare Bear (4 years ago)
oh what a GREAT idea to use an actual book rather than a plain sketchbook, im SO going to start a journal in a book! :)
LOVE the way you did the 'waves' pages! The texture looks great and adding the paper strips- ingenious! Tearing the pages/tags added that great wave look too! And the shells added a great touch. Love it all! Thanks for sharing.
LoveLTR (4 years ago)
This will be such a wonderful heirloom once it's completed. Thanks for sharing!
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
Thank you - I am enjoying the process!  I have another page video coming out on the 17th as a guest designer on Unruly Paper Arts.  Another idea for altering your pages and keeping your memories. x
Faye Touve (4 years ago)
I love this page!  What a fantastic idea for the pockets.  I have done several beach theme projects and can't wait to incorporate this in my next one!  Thank you, what a beautiful page!
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
Thanks Faye - have fun making waves!!!!
Beverly Baxley (4 years ago)
Beautiful and informative.  Love the ideas for the waves.
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
This is my favourite page so far.  Thanks Beverly x
Teresa Macalolooy (4 years ago)
Great techniques and wonderfully lovely page. I really liked that you went back and showed how you added pictures to your first page. I also enjoyed watching the creative process - your waves turned out beautifully!
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
Thanks Teresa - this is my favourite page so far.  I still forgot to get my Mum to bring a photo when she came to stay at Christmas!!!!  Happy New Year to you x
F. (4 years ago)
Please do more videos about what you do in your art journal!!! :))
Sandra ToInspireArt (4 years ago)
What a lovely page! Just beautiful.  TFS Hugs ~ Sandra
Kristi Courtney (4 years ago)
Love this beach page...really beautiful.  Love it!  I hope you have made a video of your parents page, I would love to see it.
deb anderson (4 years ago)
i really did like this.. thanks.
Rebekah R Jones (4 years ago)
This is so beautiful! I love your work.
Maxtina7 (4 years ago)
Where the hell were you when I needed ideas for my alternative sketchbook LOL this is amazing! Love!
Sinitell (4 years ago)
I really love this spread. Thanks so much for sharing. =) Everything came together so well.
Donna L. Hanrahan (4 years ago)
So happy that I found your youtube channel the fireworks page is fabulous . The next video I watched was the beach /tag page ! I love the beach too my grams and me collected shells and sanddollars every time we went so thanks for being here
Donna L. Hanrahan (4 years ago)
You've totally inspired me foggy beaches are beautiful kind of magical
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
Thank you for joining me Donna.  We just got back from a couple of days by the sea.  It was foggy for days but that didn't stop us enjoying the beach.  Glad you are enjoying the videos especially when they bring back happy memories x
saintsdancenrome (4 years ago)
Lovely job Helen this is really a treat to watch you use the wonderful stamps and I did have lots of fun. :) 
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
Thank you - I am really enjoying working in this old book - I promised to show the man I bought it from what I was going to do with it!  I think he will be surprised and may charge me more than 20pence next time I visit!!!! ;-)
Maureen Hayes (4 years ago)
I love everything you do, but am a particular fan off the beach so this spread made my heart sing! One of the things I loved most was that you did this in the opposite order of the way most people would have due to the pockets, what I mean is is most people would have had the Sandy portion on the bottom and the sea or water above. I loved that you went the other way, I think it really added something extra to the whole composition. Thanks so very much for your wonderful videos, you are so talented at teaching and so easy to listen to.
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
Thanks Maureen.  This is my favourite page so far!  Thank you for the feed back on the teaching as it is something I work really hard on when I edit my videos so I have a big smile on my face that it is working!!! ;-) x
Megan Avis (4 years ago)
So glad I started an altered book art journal! Now I can do this page! I LOVE this!!! Thanks for sharing!
Ronda Bergeron (4 years ago)
My absolutely favorite song. My youngest daughter would play this for me whenever I was I'll and in a flair. I love your art work. Thank you so much for sharing. Do you glue any pages together for strength?
Ronda Bergeron (4 years ago)
I just finished ripping the extra pages from an old book I bought for 50 cents. I'm hoping to do similar to you. May I ask what kind of glue?
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
Hi Ronda  Thank you so much.  Yes I do glue some of the pages together - my book pages are fairly sturdy so I am keeping it to two though as with this two page spread it is thicker because of the pocket layers. x
LorenaB (4 years ago)
Love this page:)
Wanda Snow (4 years ago)
These pages are amazing Helen!  What a wonderful way to honor these memories/photos.   Good job  :)
NR Edwards (4 years ago)
Absolutely beautiful!!!
Karen B (4 years ago)
Absolutely fab too - on to number three!
Maria Muñoz (4 years ago)
Fantastic tutorial!!!! TFS. I can't wait to work on it!
Shirley Lum (4 years ago)
Thank you, I enjoyed the process very much and will continue to watch you. 
dolcevitausa (4 years ago)
Leigh Mackie (4 years ago)
I am really enjoying your videos. Thank you for sharing. I think this spread was fantastic. Very well done. :)
mary w (4 years ago)
This was an amazing page and I'm so very glad I subscribed because you gave so many ideas and it is beautiful! First, there are many different gesso formulas and I've found Liquitex much grainery than Golden which seems creamy smooth. The hidden pages were genious! Colors wonderful. Butterfly tabs on the first page were just great. You gave so many instructions, I will be watching several times and taking notes! Thanks so much for something so worth my time to watch!
pquinn53 (4 years ago)
So clever! I love it! Will you do anything the page in between 1 and 2?
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
Yes I will do - it will be my next video.  I have an idea for a page turning in my head.  I love Tinkerbell and Disney and I thought I would combine the two ssshhhhh you're the first to know ;-)
Carol Martine (4 years ago)
Helen - I am so pleased that I found your channel. You are a gem. I have so much to learn from you, which will be an extra pleasure .your teaching style is a standout. Thanks so much, Carol
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
Thank you so much Carol - you made my day.  X
shortstick75 (4 years ago)
Maybe later in the book you can add to the tops with clouds or balloons to help even out the bulk. I just think your art is lovely.
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
Thank you x  Great suggestion….watch this space ;-)
Christi AndCoffee (4 years ago)
Are you going to alter the cover or leave it?
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
I am not sure yet but I think I will probably alter it
Christi AndCoffee (4 years ago)
Putting strips of paper on the pockets to make room for the tags if absolutely genius!! I always have trouble getting my tags in, thank you.
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
Happy to have helped!!! x
Ella Conner (4 years ago)
Love the texture and color of thiese pages.
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
Thanks Ella 
Midgard Myth (4 years ago)
Simply wonderful pages. Thank you for sharing!
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
You are welcome and thank you x
Darcy Mejia (4 years ago)
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
Thanks Darcy
eboniteboy (4 years ago)
Brilliant idea, Marvelously executed ... well done.  :)
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
Thank you - I loved how my waves worked out.
icatstaci77 (4 years ago)
thepurplecaravan (4 years ago)
Love the way you've created those waves. Always a treat to stop by your channel :0)
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
Thank you :-x
Vicki Brooks (4 years ago)
Your journal is just coming out beautifully.  What good page designs.  Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.  Look so forward to more pages!
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
Thanks Vicki x
A Soul's Heartbeat (4 years ago)
Thank you Helen for sharing your memories and photos with us.  I love how the waves came out and was so glad when you went back and added the little tabs to make the journal mats pop out a bit more.  Thanks for the tip about he Glossy Accents, I'll try that next time.  TFS Patti
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
Hi Patti.  I am really enjoying this project - ideas just keep popping into my head!  I must pop by and see what you have been creating - put the kettle on ;-) x
Bibi Lindahl (4 years ago)
MAR-vellous, Helen!! I love your pages. What a clever way to make waves washing up on the beach! I have to try that. I think your tags with old photographs and some journalling are adorable and I certainly think this will be an art journal that both present and future generations will enjoy. Very inspiring tutorial, as always. Thank you for using my rubber stamps for this beautful project. xox
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
Thanks Bibi.  I am having a ball with your lovely stamps as you can see.  I am looking forward to playing with the new sets! x
Lynn M (4 years ago)
Beautifully created! Love your idea for these pages. You are very talented. TFS!
Helen Allen (4 years ago)
Thanks Lynn x

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