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Why protected bike lanes are more valuable than parking spaces

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America's first parking-protected bike lane came to New York City in 2007. Here's what happened next. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO When Janette Sadik-Khan was hired as chief transportation official for New York City in 2007, she took a page out of Denmark’s playbook and created America’s first parking-protected bike lane, right in the middle of downtown Manhattan. A parking protected bike lane created a buffer between the traffic of cars, trucks and buses and cyclists. But it also eliminated parking spots. The protected lanes didn't just make the streets safer for those on bikes; they also improved traffic flow for vehicles and spurred increased retail sales for businesses nearby. You can read more about the 9th avenue protected bike lane pilot program here: https://nacto.org/case-study/ninth-avenue-complete-street-new-york-city/ And you read a full study on all of the data used in this video here: http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/downloads/pdf/cycling-in-the-city.pdf Here is a full inventory of all implemented + planned protected cycle tracks in New York City: http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/downloads/pdf/nyc-protected-bike-lanes.pdf Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com. Watch our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o Or Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H
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Text Comments (1517)
jonathan. (3 days ago)
I’m in Miami and I am pretty reckless driving my cruiser bike; even though the cruiser is meant to cruise, I ride it like a speed bike and dodge cars all over the place because I don’t like to stop.(also because I have the legs for peddling😁); PLEASE, IF YOU THINK ITS NOT SAFE TO RIDE THAT WAY AND THAT IT MAY CAUSE A MALFUNCTION ON MY BIKE, let me know because better late than sorry. I may like to add though, that for me the most important thing is to have front and back lights. Because in the city there’s a lot of reckless drivers and also on weekends DRUNK DRIVERS. Lights are very important.
VitrosPodium (10 days ago)
Been like this in the Netherlands for more than 50 years and the USA 'smart people' 're-inventing' it. LOL this makes me laugh.
MrHyperdant (10 days ago)
It's really funny how it's even a debate in the US...
David B (25 days ago)
I am a New Yorker and i must say these bike lanes cause nothing but unnecessary traffic even for busses
Mia Davis (28 days ago)
THE THOUGHT OF BIKING IN A CITY IS NOT TERRIFYING.......BUT you are mainly focusing on NYC so that’s what you should initially say!
OVI-Wan Kenobi (29 days ago)
2:28 Pure BS. Retail sales are not a function of having or not having bike lanes. Retail sales depend solely on the demand of the commodity that is being sold.
OVI-Wan Kenobi (29 days ago)
2:04 They're still sacrificing parking spaces for bike lanes. You can't have both. Bike lanes do not work in Canadian northern winter cities were almost nobody bikes.
Andrew Pollock (3 months ago)
It's not just about building bike lanes. You need to fine cars that block intersections and stop on crosswalks. This is not a priority with most police chiefs -which is why I believe they all need to be replaced with police chiefs who care about making the streets safe for bicycles and pedestrians. If you r department is not writing a lot of fines for people who block intersections and stop on cross walks then don't tell me you care about bikers and pedestrians.
jo jo (3 months ago)
1:26 nice parking
crezman (3 months ago)
quest 77051 (3 months ago)
Martin (3 months ago)
Will keep this in mind when I'm building a city
Bill W. (3 months ago)
Here we go again activist bicyclist adding and abetting REAL ESTATE SPECULATION! ! By destroying public parking and making it a commodity you basically benefit large property owners and developers at the expense of the working class!
Señor Pants (3 months ago)
If I die young, its going to be because a driver didn't look before turning right on red.
Mr. P. Enis (3 months ago)
Lol i'm from denmark and i was shook the first time i saw a guy from new york bike in the middle of the road
cornellius01 (3 months ago)
They take the idea from Bogotá...
Ainz Lorde (3 months ago)
Dutch people: why not both?
nightsage217 (3 months ago)
I wish I even had proper pedestrian path in my country...
100nni (3 months ago)
We're going through something similar in berlin right now, it's a very polarizing topic. You should hear the ridiculous arguments some people have against bike lanes... Some people literally claim that there shouldn't be any new bike lanes until cyclists use the old ones (but they never consider that the reason they aren't used is that they were build in the 70s and are more dangerous than cycling on the road, sigh)
Bike lane user are generally the worst parts of humanity and all motorists know it
Juan Dominguez (4 months ago)
It's cheaper to build solid bike lanes than to pay for natural disaster cleanup.
Thangaraj MJ (4 months ago)
Not a problem for the europeans
segala sudut (4 months ago)
I recently tried cycling in downtown New York and I was confused, why did they make many of the bike lanes one way alongside with one way road? We supposed to make cycling more appealing than driving. Therefore the lane should always be two ways, unless it's available on both sides of the street.
John Hayes (4 months ago)
As a conservative, I applaud her. Cost-effective ways to revitalize a city and make it more accessible to all are in short supply.
Seb In Spaace! (4 months ago)
Not fucken cyclists!
Masaharu Morimoto (4 months ago)
I still refuse to cycle in bike lanes... It's bloody dangerous!! Too many close calls. I ride on the sidewalks and everyone can eat my chode if they don't like it. I can evade the police, it's easy.
Mister K (4 months ago)
Parking spaces should all be moved into buildings, multistory buildings or underground. You can go down and up for a while, but left/right is finite on this planet. Turn parking spaces into patches of nature, parks, bike lanes...
Smash 456 (4 months ago)
The more bike riders, the less air pollution :)
Raphael Sanzio (4 months ago)
i mean it’s good that nyc is making an effort , but i think really best practices for bike cities are in the netherlands or denmark 🤷🏼‍♂️ they’re taking it to a whole other level 📈
Y O I N K (4 months ago)
I like to tell my mom whenever she edges into the bike lane that she just killed a couple of cyclists.
miel (4 months ago)
When I watch this, i feel so spoiled with the bike lanes I ride on in the Netherlands
Anders Krøjberg (4 months ago)
It's funny to hear people talk about bike lanes like its something special and innovative, in my country Denmark, there are bike lanes everywhere and they have been here for lots and lots of years, so to hear people in America talk about bike lanes as something new and innovative is a little weird to me
Micah Chervin (4 months ago)
Great reporting
spiritbuu (4 months ago)
Total BS. When cyclist pay for registration then they can have road access otherwise it’s total BS. Actually whole concept of cycling is. Grow up, you’re not a kid anymore.
noodles91380 (3 months ago)
+spiritbuu you're operating under the misguided assumption that something has to be a new innovation in order to be a benefit to society. Take me for example. I work downtown in a major city and I live about 6 miles away. If I drive to work it takes about 20 minutes in rush hour traffic, and I have to park in a ramp about 4 blocks from my office. The price to park there is 18 bucks, and its about 8 minutes to walk to my office from there. When I get home at night I need to head to the gym or something to get a workout in. Instead, it takes me 25-28 minutes to bike to work, and is 100% free. When I get home I've already gotten my workout in. I feel happy because biking is fun (and sitting in your car in gridlock sucks). Bicycles are the most energy efficient vehicles ever made. It may be old technology but it's great technology. They won't replace cars but they provide an excellent alternative for many.
spiritbuu (3 months ago)
noodles91380 I’m sorry, but those facts (not you) are total BS. Cycling is ancient and in no way an advancement into the future, just like retiring the Concorde. We’re making special considerations and adjustments for a bandaid solution. There is no creativity or innovation for smarter and more futuristic alternatives. No intelligent person would ride a bicycle in this day and age in their right mind. Bicycles became motorized and then cars came in and then amenities such as heating/AC, ability to stay dry and not stink of sweat when you reach your destination. We’re not using old methods and technologies to solve new problems so why the hell would these old fashioned people stick with restructuring infrastructure to accommodate those abominations called bicycle?
noodles91380 (3 months ago)
I guess you weren't watching the part of the video where she explains that the addition of bike lanes actually spurred additional economic growth. Cars have a far higher societal cost due to the wear and tear caused by their weight, damage cause to property, human casualty, etc. Registration fees help to offset that cost. A few analyses have been done that indicate that cyclists actually pay more than their fair share. Since property taxes fund most surface streets, and cyclists and motorists alike pay the same rates for property tax, cyclists pay more than their fair share since they aren't doing any damage to asphalt. I'm not anti-car, I own and drive 2 myself. I'm just saying, facts are facts.
Stephen Schioppo (4 months ago)
Statistics show over the last five years, the average speed in Manhattan below 60th Street has decreased from over nine miles an hour to about eight miles an hour and at certain times has increased traffic by up to 15 mins. Who are the people sitting there cars longer? Not the rich guys who could commute to work by bike but the working class people from the outer boroughs. This is the most cherry picked reporting I've even seen.
Diogo Castro (4 months ago)
i live in london, which is also just starting to make roads accessible for bikes and i am in the "interested, but concerned group" too. now, when i walk i always notice if the roads have a bike lane. some are protected, others are just lanes, but it's definitely a start. in the next few months, i'm planning to get my own bike and start cycling everywhere. when i go to nyc in june 2019, i'd love to see how it works and get one of those citibikes and cycle around town.
Evan Wadley (4 months ago)
Good argument, just wrong
Boris de Best (4 months ago)
Next time you whine about traffic and not enough parking space look no further than the under utilized bike lanes you who is too good to ride a bike.
Berzerker (4 months ago)
This is the gayest channel on youtube. Bikers driving in between cars and not following the same rules deceiver to get run over.
noodles91380 (3 months ago)
Comprehension isn't your strong suit is it? The whole video is about the benefit of segregated bike lanes that remove cyclists from the general traffic lanes...so they aren't weaving between automobiles.
Alexander G (4 months ago)
By the time NYC spends billions to fix bike lanes to finally be perfect, the water will rise and you'll boat everywhere.
TheHissingDragon (4 months ago)
TheHissingDragon (4 months ago)
Cycling in a city is terrifying, pfhh not for me I am Dutch and live in the Netherlands
Nuutti Rissanen (4 months ago)
Yea yea everyone gets it. You can stop circlejerking about your country. Thanks.
KeepOnRollinFilms (4 months ago)
VGNSK8RQU33N (4 months ago)
Great. Now plz add a skateboard icon to these bike lanes
caramel pie (4 months ago)
I personally think that biking is great for there to be less pollution and is a great way to exercise, so I'm all for safe biking lanes.
Cassie Stephenson (4 months ago)
Id rather long board than drive. I dont like driving. Bike lanes are good.
bruce baker (4 months ago)
It is hard to understand why people flock to major urban centers and then demand everything change for their benefit. Cars as bad as they are pay for roads, gas tax, license fees, sales tax, parking fees, tolls, it is a huge industry benefiting everyone wishing to get from point A to point B. Bicycles are fantastic yet very few people ride daily, which is their loss but over all demanding bike lanes in Cities already overcrowded is counter productive unless they can be integrated without eliminating valuable space for Cars which pay for the roads.
bruce baker (3 months ago)
noodles; The point is quite valid, banning cars from parking is quite reasonable and in some cases even profitable. Each city is different and unique as is each street within a city if business and property owners agree it's quite a simple task but forcing a property owner to give up a parking space to their home or business so a small group can benefit is what you are trying to justify. Be honest and straight forward and try being flexible, it makes as much sense to have alternate days and hours for bicycles only and share the space.
noodles91380 (3 months ago)
Baker you're missing the point. Nobody is saying bicycles are supposed to (or are even capable of) replace automobiles and delivery trucks. What is being proven in city after city is that there is pent up demand for cycling infrastructure, and that by moving urban cycling from the fringes to a safe viable transportation alternative for many helps cities thrive and be more agile. Some businesses gripe about a loss of free parking in close proximity to them, but the net benefit is bearing out in the actual statistics.
bruce baker (3 months ago)
noodles91380 Most money collected for roads come from Trucks which do the majority of the damage and without which society would collapse. Bicycles are great but they are not suited for long commutes which most people working in big cities deal with not to mention bad weather. Public transit is subject to strikes and lose huge sums of money which is where the vast majority of local road/gas taxes go in urban areas. Designing bicycle friendly cities isn't difficult, redesigning cities to be bicycle friendly is problematic, forcing businesses and property owners to the will of the people is always a dangerous path, individual rights are the foundation of America.
noodles91380 (3 months ago)
multiple studies have shown that cyclists pay for the roads as much as, if not moreso, than motorists when you factor in the wear and tear caused by cars. Gas tax, btw, almost exclusively pays for limited access freeways where bikes aren't allowed anyway. Sales tax applies to both bikes and cars. License fees tend to go towards the administrative cost of licensing, etc. Pretty much any and all revenue generated is offset by the actual cost of motoring. Cycling does not have that same associated cost, and as the video notes, cycling infrastructure has proven to be an economic boon.
Sternia Hoenheim (4 months ago)
The next goal should be making space for horses and carriages
Ashley Y (4 months ago)
Drivers need to have more respect for cyclists.
Nero Bruno (4 months ago)
And New York used to be called New Ams...
BuddyIzOnline (4 months ago)
Riding a skateboard on the bike lane😂
J. Scott Garibay (4 months ago)
Gear Life!
Drew (4 months ago)
We are trying to make these changes in Philly but talk about stubbornness and resistance to change. Yeash. Everyone just parks in the bike lanes.
lit boi (4 months ago)
noodles91380 (3 months ago)
Motorists, imo, are waaaaay more annoying. And I drive more than I bike.
SillyThingsMe (4 months ago)
Please come work for the LAdot!!! Biking in LA is horrible and it shouldn’t be. There is so much case for increasing ridership. For once, we almost always have good weather so biker commutes is plausible all year round.
unni (4 months ago)
'*laughs in finnish*
unni (4 months ago)
Jules Forever (4 months ago)
Rpz jules thx
duckncover182 (4 months ago)
Regressive vox wants us all to ride horses a bikes so the billionaires don’t have traffic. All this green bullshit is to guilt poor people and into cutting back and giving rich people less impediments on the road
noodles91380 (3 months ago)
?? There's pent up demand for cycling. People WANT to do it, they're not being guilted into it.
neplatny udaj (4 months ago)
The investment in bike infrastructure is disproportional to the number of people willing to ride a bike. From the numbers in the video, it's quite clear that less than 1% of people use bikes, but the bike lanes and other bike-related things occupy much larger share of the public space. The only reason why there are so many bike lanes built is the lobby of construction companies. I see it everywhere around me. They've started building an automatic parking house for 200 bikes for $2M near local train station. That's an investment of $10k for a single commuter not accounting for operational cost. It would get cheaper to pay each commuter rides with Uber for next few years. And why automatic parking house and not just a shed with bike stands for fraction of the cost? Because parking house cost more.
STC (4 months ago)
So many people mentioning Netherlands. Where the fk is Netherland anyway.
Gnome Ann (4 months ago)
It is a real place with millions of residents, as well as a Dutch heritage and impact on the world... It is not just a place in Minecraft, which is probably the only “Netherland” you know.
daniël beer (4 months ago)
They should just copy the Netherlands
dfjshjkd (4 months ago)
張泰銘 (4 months ago)
Absolute bullshit/nonsense.
Marvin maa (4 months ago)
Go to china to enjoy the projected bike lane on every single street.
Dror Reshef (4 months ago)
see the video Amsterdam children fighting cars in 1972
Cloneos (4 months ago)
When they said cycling is terrifying I was laughing from the Netherlands
Wemdiculous (4 months ago)
just get elon to dig some bike tunnels...fixes the problem of weather and safety.
Justsome Randomguy (4 months ago)
Support the all out war on cyclists.
Yoseph Maguire (4 months ago)
Zach Russell (4 months ago)
Interesting she used second person narration. Seems like Vox made this with the audience of other city planners in mind, which is pretty cool.
Neil Fordan (4 months ago)
I got doored, and the driver is just staring and smiling at me.
Alex (4 months ago)
I understand how bike lanes improve safety but I like to know more about how they increase retail sales. Are there another reasons for an increase in retail sales, besides the increasing the number of people on bikes who can stop quickly and go into stores without having to park?
Joel blendermann (4 months ago)
If you are riding your bike it should be the bikers responsibility to protect yourself. If you don’t feel safe take the bus or buy a car. It’s not hard to be smart on a bike.
MissMoontree (4 months ago)
Why I drive through red lights in Belgium; it is often safer... But really, roads should be safe for 7 year olds on bikes imo.
Dino Tinajero (4 months ago)
I have an idea on a story you can report. Can you report on the city of Carmel Indiana and it’s elimination of traffic lights and it complete adoption of roundabouts. What do you guys think?
Dino Tinajero (4 months ago)
They're fantastic! More cities need to adopt them. They're safer, more efficient and they don't lose functionality when the electricity goes out. Not to mention they make car insurance rates in that town cheaper. What's not to love.
atonewiththedust (4 months ago)
I'd watch that, roundabouts are great
AW (4 months ago)
So there is literally no drawback?
Drool Alot (4 months ago)
No parking... Hence uber lyft
Moraco Mole (4 months ago)
not to be rude but when it comes to cycling, US is the SHITHOLE
Digiflower5 (4 months ago)
I would love bike lanes where I live, make it a lot easier to get ice cream, where I'm currently at its scary bike on the sidewalk next to the cars.
mEdnAzz (mijkolsmith) (4 months ago)
Why not build a bike lane on both sides of the road so you don't clash into each other
Cam Good (4 months ago)
I'm walking by along a bike path in Boston, Massachusetts right now, along the Charles River, and it is so beautiful. We have a lot of bike lanes on our streets, and a lot of bus lanes too (which really speed things up for me when I have to go downtown, since they allow the bus to bypass traffic). Projects like this are some of the things I love most about living here..
EDOSANTX (4 months ago)
you wanna change the way drivers think? There are akready existing laws regarding sharing the road with bicycles. So institure a more stringent and through drivers exam and renewal process. Unitil they comprehend and understand the law. Some people forget or have selective memory with regards to driving laws. With that just like an example in Germany.  German driver's license costs over $2000, after a minimum of 25-45 hours of professional instruction plus 12 hours of theory, you have to learn first aid, know and actually change a tire, pass night driving. pass driving conditions with bicycles, motorcycles, pedestrians. If you violate some of their laws its an automatic fine, license revoked for no less than 2 years or more depending on violations. I also advocate taking the exams again when you renew your licenses. Your skills degrade, your visions degrade, your reflexes slows down snd must have simulations for you to decide how quick you can make a safe decision. Cells is a menace while driving. Insurance companies should also raise premiums on people with these violations and suspension of drivers license of a minimum of 2 years or more. Retesting when you renew your license is a great way for the state and local governments to improve transportation infrastructure and application of laws. There are laws in which it is commonly violated by drivers that are not being addressed. This should curve these bad behaviors. An education curriculum from grade school to high school on being driving smart. This is an opportunity to curve fatalities on the road. should also curve road rages and bad behaviours when people know there is a high risk at stake when you misbehave on the road.
emiel1976ep (4 months ago)
And it still sucks. Yes it improved, but it is still not done the right way. Paint alone will not work. Do it good from the start and learn from the Netherlands and copy it good.
Eric Herrero (4 months ago)
😃 why not just use a random 250cc bike and get to work faster.
Logan G. (4 months ago)
I love all the music from all your guy's videos. Is there anywhere I can find it?
Equality State of Mind (4 months ago)
Naw. I love it. It's drugs they make in muh brains...
MK (4 months ago)
This is nothing compared to European countries like the Netherlands and Denmark, you still have a very long way to go.
Pernection (4 months ago)
Watch those semi trailer turns. Get out of its way!
Jean Bonnefoy (4 months ago)
NYC ten years behind Paris, but at least your riding in the good direction (roughly, towards Netherlands ;-))
Waldy Acosta (4 months ago)
People are not giving up their cars to ride bikes through snow and NYC heat. I enjoy biking but it's not worth the investment. Fix the subway...
Zach (4 months ago)
Audio out of sync, unwatchable
ude amos tochukwu (4 months ago)
Rip Mack Miller.
Ava Winehouse (4 months ago)
Sadik-Khan’s PTC is out of sync Vox
Lyban Hamar (4 months ago)
I am from the Netherlands and recently moved abroad thinking to cycle everywhere as u used to. Well it's terrible and scary to see the infrastructure for cyclists, so I stopped now and bought a car...
Josh G. (4 months ago)
Cars are really not useful in urban areas, NY is one of of the biggest cities in the US...
Leah Harper (4 months ago)
I am glad NYC is adding more bike lanes, but something needs to be done about the cars and trucks parked in them. I commute by bike and it’s often safer to keep biking on the road alongside cars than to use the protected bike lanes and have to dart in and out of traffic to avoid all of the obstacles in them.
Michael King (4 months ago)
IDK why America is so bad at infrastructure design. There's very little innovation like this
jdoe (4 months ago)
"the cities that make these kinds of investments and changes are the cities that are growing and thriving in this century" exactly! just look at countries like Netherlands, Denmark and other EU countries.
Brandon Diaz (4 months ago)
We bike pretty hard in downtown San Diego

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