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McKinsey: How The Digital Age is Disrupting the Marketing Framework

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David Edelman, Partner and Global Co-Leader of McKinsey Digital, Marketing & Sales The digital age is disrupting every area of business, including the way marketing engages and interacts with prospective clients and existing ones. Successfully adapting requires more than new strategies – it requires a complete restructuring of the marketing organization and its operations and processes.
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Farid Essalhi (11 months ago)
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Nifty Stats (11 months ago)
helpful video
indra wisdom (1 year ago)
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little big big (1 year ago)
The examples given by davide edelaman is a cool and high tech, incorporating mobile apps with a single individual to reach a certain goal that's satisfy that one particular individual. But here is the problem : we are living in a world where experts says that loneliness and depression are one of the most prevalent yet inconspicuous problem, can i ask where is the human interaction in all these examples? That is problem - when some things in life are so digitalized that we don't need social/human interaction, it creates a social problem that will crumble the very foundations of our society.
The Fabsisters (1 year ago)
can't stop watching
MegaPetchi (1 year ago)
You say a maximum of times the word "Journey" and you can work in McKinsey
Rafael (1 year ago)
MegaPetchi , what about “digital transformation”?
Senthil Kumar Manian (1 year ago)
Great Vision and well accomplishment of objectives of speech
KUMAR RAKESH JOSHI (2 years ago)
Hi thanks for sharing! 5 STEPS: Audience, Content, Channels, Analysis, and Implementation! Reply 9
Viento del Sur (3 years ago)
Impressive! Very interesting
Internet Marketing (3 years ago)
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Debasish Bramha (3 years ago)
Brilliant staff.
Jörg Strotmann (3 years ago)
David, Thank you for sharing! Very good hear ;)

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