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Driver says DUI crash was victim's fault

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David Belniak doesn't deny he was under the influence when he crashed into a truck in Hudson on Christmas Day 2007. But he blames the crash that killed three people on the man driving the car he hit.
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Warren Shelton (1 month ago)
I hope I get to be on a jury for something like this this sometime.
P S C (1 month ago)
I will never understand how those sleazy lawyers sleep at night.
p schaub (1 month ago)
Drop dead Belniak. And your delusional sister, too.
Charlesbjtown (1 month ago)
If I was the judge, I would have jailed that clown soon as he showed up to court. When he asked me why, I would have said because racecar.
Russell Williams (1 month ago)
William McKenzie (1 month ago)
Nothing lower than a greasy lawyer who smells money and fame. Guilt or loss of life means shit to them if they gain a payday from it. If she loses, so what? She loses nothing and another tragedy to exploit is right around the corner.
kaydee1959 (2 months ago)
He needs a bullet to the head
Ivan Drago (2 months ago)
Punk ass driving drunk..
babybluex (2 months ago)
How very sad, and on Christmas day as well smh.
notconvincedgranny (2 months ago)
Some ignorant person hit my sister; the accident totaled my sister's car. Weeks later, the no-driving bitch has my sister and several others served. She had hit seven other people in less than two years, and was suing all of them for basically not knowing she was out there. Her lawyer wanted to settle; we called the other defendants and said hell no. Judge dismissed the entire case, admonished plaintiff and her counsel, and advised everyone to sue her and her insurance instead.
temporarysanity (2 months ago)
Supposed to believe the drunk assed prick? How about what you deserve is to have that Tahoe shoved up your ass.
Kenneth Boyer (2 months ago)
A scar doesn't prove shit. He shouldn't have been driving period! END OF STORY!!!
ZIVA DOBERMAN (2 months ago)
fuck this drunk punk
Shelly Peek (2 months ago)
He Should Get The Death Penalty For Murder
l'enfante terrible (2 months ago)
Folks, I read that Belniak's suit lost. One bright spot. And he's lost his driver's license for life.
Shelly (2 months ago)
His "evasive action" scar is from trying to swerve out of hitting a parked car going 70mph.
Tony Sary (2 months ago)
Just my own speculation, his side of the story of the car switching lanes to late giving him no time to react, could very well had happened. Not defending him, but drunk or not if that happened to a sober person, they would still have gotten rear ended. Which ultimately caused the crash right? Some people put a blinker on and don’t even wait a half a second before switching lanes. It’s bad driving on both parts honestly. And we all know how old people drive, they can’t even turn a neck to see the blind spots 😂 They think the mirrors are all safe and good enough.
Mr Charles (3 months ago)
Good thing is this piece of trash is still in prison. Unfortunately he is in a work release camp so he has his freedom back already for the most part. Should of gotten more time since he had a prior conviction.
Terry Rhuebottom (3 months ago)
He was drunk. The fact he was driving is cause for the accident regardless of any other circumstances. If he would have had a single brain cell working he wouldn't have gotten behind the wheel. If you ask me he made a choice that he knew could have killed someone. Might as well have tried him for first-degree murder and given him the death penalty.
Dave A (3 months ago)
You want money for murder? Go get it from the dead victims. Put this trash in prison
mike watters (3 months ago)
fuck that low life prick and his ugly sister. karma will come
Frank Garrett (3 months ago)
Well, if the victim wasn't there then David wouldn't be in trouble.
penitent2401 (3 months ago)
if you were drunk or under influence you are not qualified to drive at that point therefore are not meant to be on the road. any accidents that occurs with your involvement is at your fault even if it is your right of way, the other driver can be charged with traffic violations but the fault of the accident still lies with you as you are not meant to be there in the first place.
Me Too (3 months ago)
Typical liberal bullshit...its always someone else's fault, take responsibility for your actions
Matt Schehr (3 months ago)
Belnieack will not get shit and his sister will get raped and then she will die of aids
Liza Grace (3 months ago)
Spread the word! David Belniak's parents hid his money so he wouldn't have to pay this poor family. Their business is hammerhead construction in spring hill, fl. Their business needs to be ruined for protecting their entitled spoiled GROWN son who murdered 4 people.
Rick Trujillo (3 months ago)
He deserves the electric chair.
Yury Petrov (3 months ago)
These idiots must be sociopaths
INDLIS (3 months ago)
The drunk driver is the only person to blame
Jennifer Garcia (3 months ago)
Luckily the Jury didn’t buy it and awarded damages to the victims family.
mizuko2001 (4 months ago)
Both brother and sister are scums!
chip5256 (4 months ago)
Wow! When I was young a drunk driver killed my grandmother, 2 uncles and 2 cousins ( 6 months old and 6 years old) on Thanksgiving Day. This was in Miami. My mother never got over it. My sympathies to the family.
Joseph Haynes (4 months ago)
Scumbag 💩
Billly bob (4 months ago)
Hopefully there is a conservative judge with common sense and throw that suit in the trash!
MooMama (4 months ago)
He should get his parole revoked, lose his license for life, PAY, PAY, PAY!!! He was never sorry. Just sorry he got caught. His lawyer should be disbarred.
Max MAX (4 months ago)
Hang the fucker
Mitch Stone (4 months ago)
What a piece of trash and that's the sister I'm talking about! He's more worthless than trash! He should get life for this and in solitairy confinement the whole time!
ninerrider5 (4 months ago)
What a piece of shit brother and sister team.......
7.756.935 (4 months ago)
Update: He lost and he is also seeing a 12 year sentence, this is a little text from the news I found: The jurors didn't know about Belniak's prior criminal background: His eight speeding tickets and three citations for not observing traffic signs. His two DUI charges. His prior, 17-month prison term after officers found a gallon of the intoxicant GHB in his Ford Mustang. His petition for early release from drug offender probation, which was granted on Nov. 27, 2007, just one month before the fatal crash. Nice man.
rickpedia (4 months ago)
This whole family should be killed and die a horrific death.
Big Dee (4 months ago)
kick him in the nutts
80s Halloween Horror (4 months ago)
this drunken skunk needs to get sentenced to 30 years in prison and hung up like Hussein Hussein then that's truly Justice
rilo 2th4u (4 months ago)
What's the problem? He was drunk and speeding when he crashed his car into the other. He was under the influence so that makes him not guilty. Drugs and alcohol do strange things to people and it's not their fault they get tipsy. This stuff happens all the time and courts allow this. Just end all this and let him go free and he promises to never do this again....
FallingDown.us (4 months ago)
Not to take sides... just because someone has alcohol in their system doesn't mean the other driver wasn't an idiot too. I didn't hear anything about that in this video. If we follow this kind of logic, anyone who has cough syrup before being hit by another car is automatically guilty of all aspects of the crash. Not sure I can agree with that. Perhaps there is more to this in other videos.
7.756.935 (4 months ago)
Belniak's prior criminal background: His eight speeding tickets and three citations for not observing traffic signs. His two DUI charges. His prior, 17-month prison term after officers found a gallon of the intoxicant GHB in his Ford Mustang. His petition for early release from drug offender probation, which was granted on Nov. 27, 2007, just one month before the fatal crash......
Amanda Davis (4 months ago)
Sounds like the drunk asshole that slammed into my car at a redlight at 65 miles an hour. He went around blaming me even though there were witnesses and only one set of skid marks(mine). And as far as a scar on the arm, I have one too from my windows shattering and cutting my arm. It doesn't prove shit. he also needs to be in jail if he killed three people!
7.756.935 (4 months ago)
Amanda Davis He is serving 12 years and will never be allowed to drive again for the rest of his life. Aaand, add : Belniak's prior criminal background: His eight speeding tickets and three citations for not observing traffic signs. His two DUI charges. His prior, 17-month prison term after officers found a gallon of the intoxicant GHB in his Ford Mustang. His petition for early release from drug offender probation, which was granted on Nov. 27, 2007, just one month before the fatal crash.
mario condello (4 months ago)
Hope they take the turd to the cleaners
Laurie Sing (4 months ago)
Take all his an family money !! He's a murder!! His family is scum !
sam steel (4 months ago)
If you're drunk you have no business being on the road,period. So therefore,so sad to bad your dad. This jive turkey drives drunk then blames victoms. Two Words. Get Real
Carolyn Peercy (4 months ago)
Hey lady your brother is a murderer. He is 100%at fault. Now he is suing the victims families . This is unacceptable and a slap in the faces of victims .
Not A Snack (4 months ago)
Hell is Hot.
Solo Eldritch (4 months ago)
hmm, to put it bluntly? FUCK HIM!! plead guilty?...done. PAY THOSE POOR PEOPLE FUCKER!! (yeah i know 2012...doesn't matter, those 3 girls are missing their mom n dad EVERY DAY SINCE!!) fuck that asswipe. he killed 3 people...DEATH!! why is he still breathing? and fuck his ugly assed scrawny sister.."defending" him..PFFT!!
Polar Bear (4 months ago)
Hope the Belniak family all get pancreatic cancer and die painfully.
michael peberdy (4 months ago)
Such a scumbag low life and he is asking for damages .....what the hell is wrong with the law in America ? It is as bad as ours in England whereby the scum have better protection rights than the victims .
Dan Brown (4 months ago)
Typical loser drunk driver his sister should be ashamed of yourself making up bullshit stories
Pat Kessler (5 months ago)
He was at fault the minute he got into his car and decided to drive drunk. When you drive drunk and kill people, you don't get to sue people for anything, you are responsible for everything that happened!
LOST CAUSE (5 months ago)
I would pay 50 bucks just to punch this guy in the face and dare him to do something about it.
So he's drunk, right? That nullifies anything that happens against him on the road with him driving. I wouldn't even care if the accident wasn't his fault. If he wasn't on the road illegally the accident would not have occurred.
songbird57 (5 months ago)
The utter gull of that pos and his pos sister!
Scott B (5 months ago)
Yeah I can see this going over well with a judge in a jury.
Steven Brown (5 months ago)
How did this case turn out? I've tried to find out but there aren't any more vids
william dohn (5 months ago)
Shoot david belniak in the gut and let him die slowly.
Ken Wilson (5 months ago)
Shoulda been culled from the herd immediately upon a guilty verdict.
Karen Acton (5 months ago)
I'm amazed a person can shove their head sooooo far up their butt. This butt head needs to take responsibility for his actions before he's put back on the street and does it again.
mad luna123 (5 months ago)
what the absolute fuck the judge should say case close because 1 you where drinking and driveing which is against the law 2 your a fucking idoit you killed them because you were driving under the influence not the over driver you where the one who is responsible for their deaths and you should be throw in jail for the rest of your wotrhless life and your dumdass of a sister go back to school because your scar means nothing compared to a human life and alcohol slows the brain down so fuck you and fuck your sister
djtraintxk (5 months ago)
That sister of his is a cunt.
Jonathan Raymond (5 months ago)
I seriously doubt he has that kind of money, but he should definitely pay
My dad Never loved me (5 months ago)
He's a Jew. His family is Jewish. Leave it to Jews to be evil
Green (5 months ago)
I hope he and his sister get run over
Ryan Nu (5 months ago)
What a scum family to help this man who killed an innocent family
Brian Elton (5 months ago)
I think that if you drive drunk and you are in an accident, whether it's your fault or not, you go to jail.
Random Rob (5 months ago)
jmac (5 months ago)
God, what a family. Going after the victims shows no conscience.
Dennis Bell (5 months ago)
That drunks entire family should be shot, hung and driven over. Every last cent should be removed from them. They want to perpetuate the crime then let them feel the full weight of the crime.
Carla Rae (6 months ago)
Not only should've this joker NOT gotten one cent, but he should have had to pay ALL legal and medical fees for his victims as well as lost wages, and other expenses. He has NO excuse and shouldn't have been trying to make victims of this family a 2nd time. What a scum bag. This has been decided I'm sure, I don't know how it went. But this idiots case shouldn't have even disgraced the floor of the court.
Dennis Robinson (6 months ago)
u drunk end of story you SPOS got to jail BGYYYYYYYYYYY
Sean Campbell (6 months ago)
Belniak is a coward
killingerk (6 months ago)
This what I think the law should do if you're drunk and driving can you murder someone they see kill them I think you should go to prison for the rest of your life if he killed two people in a car crash one or k understand but if you killed more than one you are martyr in my eyes you don't see her money you just deserve to go to jail
Marsha Douglas (6 months ago)
Are you serious????? What a douche bag!!!! This guy has some nerve. Wow his medical bills, are you serious??? He’s the one who chose to drive drunk. So pay ur own bills, it’s ur fault you dumb ass!!!!! The family should be suing you for wrongful death!!!! You should be incarcerated for life!!!! There is a special place in hell for you!!!
Tom Yazel (6 months ago)
they could order him to pay $20 million...not gonna matter.  he aint got that kind of cash...hell his sister is his lawyer.
Viva Valdez (6 months ago)
Well welcome to Liberal America
L&J Evans (6 months ago)
David ;you are going to hell!
bbodinefan11 (6 months ago)
may you burn in hell
jason leslie (6 months ago)
he's got money he gave to his parents so he didn't have to pay a penny then wants money for "hos own problem"
jason leslie (6 months ago)
everyone that does that are just greedy cowards for their own bad choices
Mary Pelton (6 months ago)
He drove drunk, and killed 3 people, he did damage to his own self and any court that gives money to him probably drink and drive too
Ned Bass (6 months ago)
Ban alcohol!
Don Dressel (6 months ago)
The only thing that asshole deserves is jail cell for life
Jacqueline Gonzalez (6 months ago)
He doesn't deserve shit. He drove drunk. That piece of shit could have called someone (A friend or relative) or a cab to give him a ride home
Angel Simone (6 months ago)
Pain and suffering??? I feel bad for the victims! They should get something! DUI should be a crime and this person should go to prison and stay there! Don't drink & drive what part do people not understand! IDIOTS They got they deserved
Lin McC (4 months ago)
Angel Simone DUI is a crime.
goalie2998 (6 months ago)
Wow what a scumbag. And his sister has the nerve with a straight face to speak on his behalf in a civil suit?!?! Wow.
Sharip Richardson (6 months ago)
Only in the U.S.A that you or WRONG but you think your right whaaaaaoooooooooo . I would hire a hit man and finish his hole family. Sorry for my way but it's CRAZY to how ARROGANT his dad and mom and sis see it that he is the victim . This is the sort of people THINK that the WORLD owe them
Sharip Richardson (6 months ago)
Jose SO ok you have a point but as I said only in the U.S.A you wrong and your right not by law but you feel you right . And for your point I have been in Sweden and as a tourist I was TOLD if I get in a car accident am wrong just because am not from THERE I get it but in the U.S.A is different why this is a person that is from that COUNTRY and the victim is from that same COUNTRY that why I SAD what I SAD
RalfTheGreat_TV (6 months ago)
Licuidt Snake (6 months ago)
He should be hanged upside down and used as a punching bag
Michael Clark (6 months ago)
I don't get it, are we supposed to feel sorry for the drunk driver? Did the victims make him drink and take drugs? BTW, he lost this suit, his suit against the highway patrol and the suit brought against him, he has to pay each victim $6 million. Now he's under investigation for hiding his assets by selling/giving everything to...his family..
Randall Banks (1 month ago)
Thanks for the update. Glad that that idiot didn't win a thing.
NoPCsHere (6 months ago)
Yeah, his mommy & daddy are being investigated for trying to hide his assets to protect their slimy, worthless POS of a son.
No worries Mate (6 months ago)
Hey pick up that soap bitch
Sweegy Swag (6 months ago)
Absolutely no excuse! Fuck this guy! If I was one of the children I would hold this guy down and bust a fat nut in that dirty mouth of his
xrcrx ftfghjg (6 months ago)
That's an alcoholic for you they blame everyone else
N ROOD (7 months ago)
i should sue this drunk douchebag for the pain and suffering that he caused me while watching this story
Tim Speicher (7 months ago)
Sister like brother like parents scum pure scum
Daniel Forget (7 months ago)
This shouldn't have been taking to court, the person responsible for accepting this case in court is the one that should also do prison, waste of public funds, all this crap has to stop. Any stupid court case like this one has to stop.
NoPCsHere (6 months ago)
Belniak's sister is the lawyer who brought this bullshit case. She probably took it on at the urging of mother & father.

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