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Party Girls in Pantyhose, Nylons & Tights #1

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Mark Pedzinski (10 days ago)
Fucking pictures
calvin ehlert (1 month ago)
super! lots of beautiful women and legs,legs,legs! the red garters were a nice touch too.
Tom 814 (1 month ago)
I only wish I could find a girlfriend that’s an avid pantyhose wearer and wears them for me.
Rob Singletary (2 months ago)
ALL European women...American women (18-45 yrs old) generally DO NOT wear hosiery anymore....
Rob Singletary (2 days ago)
+Tom 814 FUCK OFF.....
Tom 814 (1 month ago)
Rob Singletary I don’t believe all European and American women stopped wearing pantyhose/hosiery. Women like Ariana Grande and Kate Middleton still wear them. Besides they still sell them in stores such as Wal-Mart and Walgreens. Another thing, women’s legs look great in pantyhose and I’d love to have a girlfriend that loves wearing them. Sadly, they’re hard to find these days. I never liked the bare leg look.
Alan Wilson (3 months ago)
Where do you find such beautiful ladies ❓❓wow z😁💜💜👍😀
Randy Baker (2 days ago)
Surely not in the States. Woman don't dress like that anymore. They prefer jeans and sweat pants.
pagbil (5 months ago)
super sexy shiny legs
danny kackson (9 months ago)
sexy. and. hot. your. all. 10s. in. my. book
WILLIE JONES (10 months ago)
Some are Really Hottttt"😝
JAMES HOWLAND (1 year ago)
I love women in tights 20 years old and up.

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