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Transgender Teen Shares Powerful Message

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Transgender teen shares powerful message on bullying on notecards: "We're not a threat. We are just like any other kids. We only want people to accept and love us for who we are." SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: https://www.youtube.com/ABCNews/ Watch More on http://abcnews.go.com/ LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/abcnews FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/abc GOOD MORNING AMERICA'S HOMEPAGE: https://gma.yahoo.com/
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Text Comments (110667)
Ryan Kwarteng (12 minutes ago)
If I ever became transgender, my parents wouldn’t be supportive at all
Ryan Kwarteng (14 minutes ago)
Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Millie Bobby Brown? (Eleven/Jane from Stranger Things)
Doggie Joseph areli (1 hour ago)
Wait how can a boy turn into a girl was she in a science project
Cole Dire (1 hour ago)
If you where born a boy you are a boy no matter what. If you where born a girl you are a girl no matter what. Nothing can change that. That's probably why you failed biology.
Chanel Gervacio (1 hour ago)
darkii the cat (2 hours ago)
thot slaer 69 (2 hours ago)
You are very beautiful.
Lambertopp Rios (2 hours ago)
Im tomboy but... my mom dont like it
Davis F (2 hours ago)
This is so stupid
Carr Carr (3 hours ago)
I love that smile even if I'm not soft but hard
TheRandomChild 101 (3 hours ago)
She’s prettier than me
TheRandomChild 101 (3 hours ago)
She’s so freakin pretty
Jhno Game (3 hours ago)
Bullying is okay only to gays though
Thomas Aguilar (3 hours ago)
Gay boy gay boy yea thats you
I Troll 4 Fun (3 hours ago)
Ain't nobody give a fuck
L_Stupido (3 hours ago)
Hey that’s unfair boy on the girls soccer team
L_Stupido (4 hours ago)
If ur a boy ur a boy u can’t change that with operations or pills you might grow a dick but that does not change you it makes you a girl with a dick
Wow wow wow if she was a boy when she was born and she liked girl stuff then that meant she was gay when she was still a boy
That_One_ Kid (4 hours ago)
If your son is retarded and you are to because you can’t notice that you kid is transgender that pretty dumb (sorry if this hurt anyone it just seems dumb that they can’t see that)
YEET842 (4 hours ago)
Fucking die you fucking pice of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anthony Ghali (4 hours ago)
I don’t understand why it (mix between a boy and a girl) couldn’t just stay a boy and accept that it was born like that. Not saying this to be mean. I still think it’s pretty BUT you couldn’t change the fact that you are born a boy like that. It’s like not accepting something you can’t change like in this case where ‘it’ is born as a boy
I-CEE FatesHere (5 hours ago)
I'm so confused, so your a boy that's a girl? Not trying to be offensive but could someone explain how this works? I'm confusius
donald trump 242 (5 hours ago)
She is so hot .dont feel bad if people say mean things that doesent mean its true.. you are who you are
Deep South (5 hours ago)
Pussy ass parents
IM Boss (6 hours ago)
This young boy is not getting good direction or protection! As a former teacher, I can tell you bullies spent ALL their time with me. Freedom over. This boy is a boy. He was perfectly designed by God down to those long eye lashes to be a boy, young man and man. He will never be settled until he accepts that and runs with it. Here is a short, great video. https://youtu.be/0mM5w6qBFYE
Kaue Farias (6 hours ago)
She sand a important note for all of us
yungteezy817 (6 hours ago)
She said she was born a boy 💀
Lisa Marie (6 hours ago)
Bullying in never right in any situation. You are perfect the way God made you. 😍
SpartanGaming _ (6 hours ago)
GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Sorry guys but I just dont believe in this stuff but I dont support bullying or things like that
Elijah Gast (6 hours ago)
You were born a boy you are a boy
Elijah Gast (6 hours ago)
Shut up trans
DOJO DAN (6 hours ago)
He just ugly af
Mohamed Games (8 hours ago)
Why do you care what people say
Karen Lin (8 hours ago)
Don’t worry I’m a girl but I hang out with boys and I’m more manly then my brother
Karmen Stephens (8 hours ago)
Your beautiful lly
Renay Dehaney (8 hours ago)
Wow I really didn't think she was transgender!
Keeley Loudon (8 hours ago)
Aw this is so inspiring
Mintdegree 1423 (8 hours ago)
I felt that pain for 3 years
sasha (8 hours ago)
she's so beautiful omg.
Summer B (8 hours ago)
When she said she was a he I was like no way that's good makeup to fool me 😂😂😂
Canadian wafflz YT (9 hours ago)
Olivia Reed (9 hours ago)
Girl you are amazing and don't let somebody else say that to you because they are jealous you are the amazing beautiful girl and you always will be your smile lights up my day and I will watch this video every day to have not a negative day thank you for making this video you are amazing
Colin Grantham (9 hours ago)
That got to my heart
GIGIVLOGS (11 hours ago)
Jeffrey Walker (11 hours ago)
Very pretty
Kelly Smith (12 hours ago)
Your beautiful no matter who you are never give up!!❤❤
Jessica McCulloch (12 hours ago)
I no how it feels it got so bad even my mom threatend to kick me out I'm only 14
FaZe H1ghSh0t (12 hours ago)
That Transgender Can go kill it Self no one wanted a Man to be a Woman you Dumbass go kill your Selfs and Burn in Hell you already going to go there anyways for Cross-dressing
Ajith John (12 hours ago)
I fell so bad by the way u r preety and not to fell bad. Others are makin fun of u cause they r jelois so be happy.
Sad. (12 hours ago)
Hoe does thr kid know what they want....
Jason Belew (14 hours ago)
You are a boy no matter how much make up you put on. This is a sick confused world we live in. Fuck what anybody that disagrees thinks. This is a child for Christ sakes.
Lemon Lemon (13 hours ago)
She has a female brain.
Elle Marie (14 hours ago)
My sister gets bullied for doing boy things, even our family doesnt like it 😕
Sad. (12 hours ago)
I have many friends that are female and only hang out with boys nothing wrong with that but she understand shes not one
slayer576 (15 hours ago)
Damn 😍 she lookin finee She seems so nice
Douglas Roth (15 hours ago)
All of you transphobic pieces of shit here in the comments are completely ignoring the message of the video if you pause the video at 4:07 it says "Bullying is never OK" by using the pronoun "he" and calling her a boy you are being a bully everyone should be accepted for who they are but of course transphobic dickheads like you cant understand that
Jason Belew (12 hours ago)
+Lemon Lemon no religious ppl support the Bible and god didn't make them a boy for them to turn around and say they are a girl. It's a sick disease and there is absolutely no reason that the 1 percent of ppl that are like this is forcing this shit on the 99 percent of ppl that aren't.
Sad. (12 hours ago)
Hes a boy... Yes you can be whatever you want but in the end the kid is a boy
Lemon Lemon (13 hours ago)
+Jason Belew Lots of religious people support the LGBTQ+ community.
Jason Belew (14 hours ago)
So ppl that don't approve of this lifestyle are pieces of shit? So basically all religious people are pieces of shit?
Mariana.Mariana Bitch (15 hours ago)
I am a boy and i want to be girl!😭😭I told my sisters and they told my dad and my dad kicked me from house!
Mariana.Mariana Bitch (11 hours ago)
Lemon Lemon i am girl in boy's buddy!
Lemon Lemon (12 hours ago)
I'd recommend calling childline, which is anonymous, or speaking to a trained listener on a website called 7 cups. You deserve to feel loved for who you are, and speaking to someone who understands can make you feel so much better. Stay strong. xx
Mariana.Mariana Bitch (13 hours ago)
Lemon Lemon and my voice is like girls because i singed and still sing like a girl 😢😭😭😭
Mariana.Mariana Bitch (13 hours ago)
Lemon Lemon No none want me
Mariana.Mariana Bitch (13 hours ago)
American Eagle (16 hours ago)
You can't change your gender. It is impossible.
American Eagle (13 hours ago)
+Lemon Lemon no he wasn't. He was born as a boy but claims he is a girl.
Lemon Lemon (13 hours ago)
True, but she was born with a female gender.
American Eagle (16 hours ago)
He is a boy. Change mind.
American Eagle (13 hours ago)
+Lemon Lemon true that i have nothing better to do but, hate speech is a myth.
Lemon Lemon (13 hours ago)
Anyone reading this, that user is a troll who keeps posting hateful comments because they have nothing better to do.
Betty Thiede (16 hours ago)
People need to stop that made me cry you is a beautiful and strong never give up on your dreams 😘😘
trustspamin (17 hours ago)
I wanna be friends with her ay
Mark Paul (17 hours ago)
Y can’t ppl let everyone just be themselves
Sad. (12 hours ago)
Noone saying anything let her be but in the end the kid is a boy
Miracula Alcena (17 hours ago)
Don't die now and have fun
That Guy (18 hours ago)
Ok shes pretty ill give her that but wtf is those face expressions... No hate though.
Erica Chuah (18 hours ago)
Oh god why am I a 16yr old girl jealous of a 14yr old girls looks like gurl hows that fair Im born a girl ma whole life and doesnt look pretty enuf yet a boy change into a girl is?but overall great vid like yr style
Callistar Dynara (18 hours ago)
Not trying to be a hater, but this is not sad because I don"t understand why other people wants to be transgender so bad. Just hearing the word thansgender wants to make me feel disgusted
Lemon Lemon (13 hours ago)
People don't choose to be transgender. Basically, they are born in the wrong body, as they have the brain of the opposite sex. Being in the wrong body often gives them feelings of depression and anxiety, called gender dysphoria. By transitioning, these feelings can be somewhat lessened. Due the transgender suicide rate being so high, it is important that we all stop hate spreading and make an effort to understand what they have to deal with on a daily basis.
Dom Lenard (19 hours ago)
Is it wierd that I think she’s pretty?
isabelle labu (19 hours ago)
Her hair is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
Cacoa Dentry (19 hours ago)
Ayesha Razi (20 hours ago)
Is she a boy ?if she a boy like wow that boy is pretty (I am not bullying and plz answer me)
Ayesha Razi (7 hours ago)
Ayesha Razi (7 hours ago)
Wow she is so beautiful and she is more beutiful then me
Lemon Lemon (13 hours ago)
She is a girl that was born in a boy's body.
American Eagle (16 hours ago)
He is a boy.
Sunflower_blooming 358 (20 hours ago)
Keep following your dreams ❤️❤️🦋🦋🌼🌼
M Chism (20 hours ago)
Love who you are and don't give people like that the time of day God bless
Clown World (21 hours ago)
young boys cutting their penises off, thats the world we live in HONK HONK
Kiro Perida (21 hours ago)
Your smile is a smile
American Eagle (16 hours ago)
Very observant.
Zack.damianakis 30 (21 hours ago)
Why the heck is she saying she fuckin classifys as a fuckin girl She’s a fuckin guy lol!!
Lemon Lemon (12 hours ago)
She has a female brain.
Dawn (22 hours ago)
Corey or Carey? Cause if Corey thats my name too!!
Cristina Navarro (22 hours ago)
Hate and bullying anyone is never ok we will never have peace if we dont have love support one another an be the best you
:-DRain Galaxy:-D (22 hours ago)
25k dislike are stupid Bullies.
VocaloidFan38 (22 hours ago)
Before being sad, can we all just agree this boys Eyebrows and hair is on fleek?.
Beyblade Rox (22 hours ago)
Who ever you are you made me feel better after every school day I watch this video after it to cheer me up
PQ Cokto (22 hours ago)
So she's a boy
Malachi Mendez (23 hours ago)
Lemon Lemon (22 hours ago)
The thing is, you would not say that to her face. Does it make you feel better spreading hate online?
Hawkeyeshafi (23 hours ago)
What does it meanbb1 if your born in a bois body im 7 so i dont get itt
Lemon Lemon (22 hours ago)
She has a girl's brain, but a boy's body.
Caitlin Hanmore (23 hours ago)
Omg she has such a supporting school
Caitlin Hanmore (23 hours ago)
She looks like shes 10 she looks so young
Jaquelynn Jeirles (1 day ago)
You are beautiful
Iles Bissa (1 day ago)
You are a boy what are you doing
highclout TTV (1 day ago)
If no one your friend I will be no one should be treated like that we humans just because she different doesn't mean she a alien I would stick up for her and second
Seth Baird (1 day ago)
I am proud that you are happy and that you are doing what you like and your being who you wanna be but you were born a boy for a reason you aren’t supposed to change to a girl. 2019 is crazy!
Lemon Lemon (22 hours ago)
Why is she not supposed to transition?
Narteflinti6 (1 day ago)
Me saying to bully hey kids 1v1 me no in fortnite in real life XD
Aaliyah Minor (1 day ago)
At least she don’t have to worry about her period😭
Wanda Vargas (1 day ago)
Good for you girl you deserve it I am so happy for you
galaxy xx gamer (1 day ago)
You should've beat up the bullies stupid
She is awesome
AnxietyShadow YT (1 day ago)
Dang she or he cute smile light me up not a pedophile btw
Grumpy potato Fries (1 day ago)
who could dislike this?
American Eagle (16 hours ago)
People with a brain.
Alyssa Ledesma (1 day ago)
U made my day ur beautiful 😘💜
Herlinda Raya (1 day ago)
Toward the ending not the last one just when she was saying stuff like "You are incredible" and nice stuff like that, omg I swear I cried so much that meant so much to me and I love that message thank you so much for that everyone is loved! 💕
Bunny Gamer (1 day ago)
Fuck the Bullies
RocketKilla _isme (1 day ago)
I roast bullies in a good way im not being rude back but I'm making them feel bad and it feels like I'm the only boy here
Vanix Duh (1 day ago)
Bet the bullies are posers
Vedabintaro (1 day ago)
Just Saying.

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