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In My Hands - WARNING - Very Graphic!!

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A video i made about drunk driving . Some graphic images i warn you. Please comment :)
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Alli Sullivan (1 month ago)
Stupid video
Ron R (5 months ago)
Good job on the video. It is sad that many will not realize it could be them, their children, their nieces, nephews, brothers, or sisters that may be in the next video if they drink and drive.
princhelle mack (5 months ago)
In the name of Jehovah God 😭
YoshiRed (8 years ago)
lol I have no heart love this
oldblue97 (9 years ago)
How many more people have to lose their lives before we as a people learn not to do this? I have lost a couple of family friends to this nonsense and people still have the opinion "that it won't happen to me". I'm sure that's what was said by all the people depicted in this video. DON'T DRIVE DRUNK AND DON'T LET YOUR FRIENDS DRIVE DRUNK! It's just not worth it!!
Dawn Cherie (9 years ago)
First, let me say you did a gret job on this video!! It breaks my heart knowing all these innocent people get in their cars/trucks to go somewhere, and just like that, their gone...All because someone wanted to drink. My best friend was killed on her way home from school by a drunk driver. The man that killed her, walked away, and he didn't go to jail. So, I say, please don't drink and drive. It's not worth taking a life or more. Somebody's somebodys' baby..

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