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We Made A TIRE Out Of Duct Tape

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Life OD (6 months ago)
Check this out , we made a tire out of RUBBER BANDS : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5M2KQpeTv4
G W (11 days ago)
U did a puncture proof Tyre with gelly inside?
Chenoa Collins (14 days ago)
Man you are crassy bro to crassy I like you guys
Troy Durica (22 days ago)
you vape?
Evening Sky (2 hours ago)
Somebody went to Walmart that day ACTUALLY NEEDING duct tape and they were all sold out!
MothaiMotovlog (12 hours ago)
Karismah Studios (15 hours ago)
NOW ALL 4 wheels and a road trip!
Karismah Studios (15 hours ago)
Gaming & Film (16 hours ago)
New shingo duct tape deathmatch
DIO (12 hours ago)
They do cool stuff but to hell with people who vape or smoke.
isaiah mountford (17 hours ago)
What car is that?
John Mazzeo (20 hours ago)
boostedboiz bigger than og Haggard confirmed😂😂😂
John Mazzeo (20 hours ago)
budget drag tire
Zapa 98989 (1 day ago)
Yesssss...duct tape fixes everything even tires , next try your broken heart
Zafar Malik (1 day ago)
I think that your duct tape Tire will work on Burnouts
Kai Yuen (1 day ago)
ey next level mythbusters tho XD
Stan TheObserver (1 day ago)
Andrew Styles (1 day ago)
look at these fucking idiots
Olumuyiwa Bolaji (1 day ago)
Well never have to buy a tire again :D unless the tape rips o the highway D:
Took fron russian chanel. Garage54
so fo (2 days ago)
Tapirus Sbrabous (3 days ago)
I don't recall having so many dumb asses in just one video.
المستشار xx (3 days ago)
حمودي ابو طي*
BiggHewi (3 days ago)
Would this be considered a donut? XD
evillarreal146374 (3 days ago)
I could never ever eat in front of my friends just rude and right need to the biggest guy lol he starving
abhiisheksingh (3 days ago)
thats y i like foreigners. always on a look out to expand limits.
David Ortiz (3 days ago)
Is the wagon for sale? I want to know it
ANTHONY OLIVER (3 days ago)
Absurda falta do que fazer!
sock60ful (3 days ago)
Kane Timber (3 days ago)
Nah mate you got the wrong Tape, Use *Flex Tape*
Is Walmart a cool shop or a bad shop Like for good shop Commment for bad shop I think it’s a cool shop 😆
Chance Windham (4 days ago)
David Donald (4 days ago)
I tried looking in the comments for this answer but didn't find it. Wanted to know how many rolls of duct tape you used? Just curious how much that tire cost ya lol
Iron Guts Speed Shop (4 days ago)
It would be stronger if you alternate wrap directions
NeoManuel ILaGan (5 days ago)
no more tire sealant..
LightBlue2222 (5 days ago)
I made a tire out of ducks
Michael Smith (5 days ago)
, we do shut up for Michael Smith
James Sutherland (5 days ago)
Seems legit
Mephistin (6 days ago)
It's like they invented the wheel all over again.
AIM WEW (6 days ago)
If you can't duck it, fuck it...
Ayrton Sia (6 days ago)
Can you make a firework tire
Dimitri Seals (4 days ago)
Um... what?
Prima Murdock (6 days ago)
Again, ppl with too much time on their hands. 🤦‍♀️ Waste of time, money, and product...and I’m sure they nothing (like even the empty cardboard rolls) were recycled either. Would so much have rather seen a video with the time, money, & effort donated to helping starving children or something.
Shawn Medwid (6 days ago)
Red Green would be proud lmao!!!!
Defualt te boi Rule (6 days ago)
8:37 i thought dis was gtr🤣
Kyler Michael (6 days ago)
Make all 4 tires made of duct tape
Dimitri Seals (4 days ago)
And hit the freeway!
Petrolheads. And vapeheads. I m subscribing
DIO (12 hours ago)
Ya so cool for ruining your lungs and slowly killing yourself.
Pavel Wolf (7 days ago)
Epytome Productionz (7 days ago)
all you have to do is put rubber tread on it and its legit
Dimitri Seals (4 days ago)
Rubber band tread
Steal My Beats (8 days ago)
How much money did this video cost?
Steal My Beats (8 days ago)
7:20 sidewall talk
Tushf (8 days ago)
I want play the car like that
Landon Welch (9 days ago)
Put shoes around the tire
Anca Lori (9 days ago)
Jelly_Cat_19 (9 days ago)
Note to self: carry alot of duck tape in car
The Bored OgreMon (9 days ago)
You really can do anything with duct tape.
Brian Williams (9 days ago)
i feel like the first method was better lol
Kiyah M (9 days ago)
Any advice on how to grow your channel?
Marky Mark (10 days ago)
So how much did the tape cost?
Atharva Tapkire (10 days ago)
Spray line x on the tyre bro!!!! Like if you agree 👍👍
alex Aragorn (10 days ago)
I'm afraid I have a stupid question and I'm sorry for that...:/ I'm french and I have no clue of what could be the answer so could anyone tell me why it's called "Duct" tape please?
Edo Nuraen (11 days ago)
In my country this car so expensive ::’)
Leo_ 8000br (11 days ago)
6:09 achei q era um mosquito do meu lado kkk
KWC Designs (11 days ago)
smokings for losers vapings for douchebags
greenspiraldragon (11 days ago)
Tire made from rubber hose.
greenspiraldragon (11 days ago)
Make a tire out of rope.
greenspiraldragon (11 days ago)
Make a tire from an inner-tube filled with great stuff let it harden for a few days.
Cory Baxter (12 days ago)
Flex tape tire
Lemavas (12 days ago)
I hope Troom Troom or 5-MINUTE CRAFTS won't use show dis as a "Lifehack,, or something in their vids.
u2bemark (12 days ago)
I watched this. I don't know why I liked it so much.
Square d (12 days ago)
Can u make a ture out of flex tape
Dhairya Sharma (13 days ago)
Savanyu Ferenc (13 days ago)
úgy látszik az értelmetlenségnek is van értelmetlen oldala!!!!!! az értelmetlen szót rengeteg más szóval helyettesíthetűnk. Ezt a videót a horror kategóriába sorolnám.
fatur rahman (13 days ago)
Black duct tape = track tire
Ever Cano (13 days ago)
What the heck!!! imagine that tire if you have a flat tire, use this instead!!!
some_guy (13 days ago)
But wait, how many rolls did it take?
freedom seeker (13 days ago)
I'd hate to see what that will do on ice and snow
Swaggy Nachos (13 days ago)
Vapeing sucks
Treehootz (14 days ago)
...But will it blend?
Ricky Bobby (14 days ago)
Should of used flex tape
Monkey Monkey (14 days ago)
lit gamming (14 days ago)
youare dum
Harry CallahanX (14 days ago)
Cool concept, unfortunately the people here are obnoxious AF
Austin Ricca (14 days ago)
duct tape tire = 150$ in duct tape. Actual tire of that size (new) 40$ tops. lmao
fandom trash (14 days ago)
make a tire out of walmart discount cloth
Mr. squibbles (15 days ago)
Is it just me or does Murphy look like Post Malone
Sushy Gaming (15 days ago)
Sniperbuddy Dex (15 days ago)
oh my god xDDD this is the best idea which I ever seen xD
Hurricane Floyd (15 days ago)
That vintage Toyota wagon deserves better.
Eduardo Salgado (15 days ago)
Can you Made a tire Out peaper ?????
PENGUIN NATION (15 days ago)
They should of kept it on the car and done the duct tape from there
joe con c (15 days ago)
Make a tire out of glass
wifebeater69 (15 days ago)
putting this on my next drag build
Jeremy Stepp (15 days ago)
$1.000 worth of tape later...
ひか姉 (16 days ago)
コネチカット ドリフト シーン
Yelly haze (16 days ago)
Mga bobo
JopeZZ 33 (16 days ago)
Cool toyota👍👍
Gary Calliham (16 days ago)
You should have taken it to a tire shop played dumb and asked them to take a look at the tires you think one might have a egg in it or something. haha.
Andrew Smith (16 days ago)
Lol you guys are funny. This is classic.
Carter Kunz (17 days ago)
Why would you ever want to vape? It isn’t even cool
Dakota Showalter (18 days ago)
A shit ton
Sweswio (18 days ago)
How rednecks can make their tires now
Eric heilshorn (18 days ago)
Why am I up its 6 am I haven't slept in 5 days
David Erickson (18 days ago)
Could you possibly put it in the tire protecting it from nails and flex seal in it to
GS Depression (19 days ago)
We needs some square tires

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