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We Made A TIRE Out Of Duct Tape

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Life OD (4 months ago)
Check this out , we made a tire out of RUBBER BANDS : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5M2KQpeTv4
Robbie Fisher (2 days ago)
whats the name of the wallets that sponsor you guys
lil cancer (4 days ago)
you should be inventors by now xD
kacamata retak (1 month ago)
That one guy looks like Asians...
Justin Da Vlogger (2 months ago)
Life OD where da hell did you get that piece of shit?
Ross Miller (2 months ago)
Now do both. Rubber band wrapped in duck tape
Warlord Gaming (8 hours ago)
i was gonna like ot but there is vape included so diskiled
French Canadian Bastard (16 hours ago)
Because of course you have your own brand of vape juice, what would any other ricer sell?
Cry Whit (16 hours ago)
I wonder if it is cheaper to buy a new cheap tire...🤔
Nathan Rosales (17 hours ago)
Damn and i just paid 75 for one tire 🤦‍♂️
Crystal Galligan (21 hours ago)
make a tire out of tin foil
love never failed (21 hours ago)
Really awesome guys Super gang
خيال الشرفاء (21 hours ago)
عربي لايك
خيال الشرفاء (21 hours ago)
عربي لايك
3 mu harfli (22 hours ago)
this is a realy good idea :D
Sana Jawad (22 hours ago)
@what the cat
الله يقطع فضاوتهم
Bongo Cat (1 day ago)
Hello World (1 day ago)
Is this car a Mercedes Benz or toyota?
Viniccius J (1 day ago)
Como eu vim parar aqui??
Unfinished Quest (1 day ago)
You guys should've put treads on the duct tape or something along those lines.
lolykebrtwv (1 day ago)
Holy shit I got a gorilla tape ad during this
Peter Vasta (1 day ago)
I really liked this video and these dudes, until they started vaping.. ugh
tyler waiwaiole (2 days ago)
Bro my dad has a 9 sacoud 1980 1.8
Shockwave & Soundwave (2 days ago)
this is stupid, it wasn't on all wheels, just one. what a fail.
Bronson Stephens (2 days ago)
Flex Seal Tire?
Charley Tank (2 days ago)
you should have had a Warning (Charley) don't try this at home, I copied you and lost 3 fingers can I get a refund for my Duck tape? great video liked.
Adil Faruq (2 days ago)
How you lost 3 freaking fingers?
Puppy Jones (2 days ago)
Capri got is bad do not do that
Rhys Satterfield (2 days ago)
dim rims and cool toyota wagon
Eddie Changy (2 days ago)
Use FLEX TAPE to make a new tire!
Lookout4the3rdrail (2 days ago)
Hows it do in da Snow ?
Clay Oxenam (2 days ago)
You should do FD with that tire
Ivy King (2 days ago)
The waste of everything is just mindnumbing. These people should be sent to jail
cherry iscala (3 days ago)
cherry iscala (3 days ago)
this a fiat
Ayaan Javed (3 days ago)
put an bicycle tire in that car
Jp Jp (3 days ago)
Better yet, it won't pop.
RuxhQlxm (3 days ago)
fuck your grandma
RuxhQlxm (3 days ago)
fickt eure omas
CoffeeWizzard 3000 (3 days ago)
That is some sexy rolling 5:01
Mahdi Hussain (3 days ago)
If a pin went through it it will still go on
عمي انتو مرتاحين شوفو العراق بيا حال الله كريم الله يسعد العرب والمسلمين وكل عباد الله
Horvath Dancs (4 days ago)
átbaszós szar. :D
علي عبد (4 days ago)
I guess different people have different Ideas about what fun is...this looks more like work to me...
Tiffany MArie (5 days ago)
Was there any offer in Wal-Mart like "buy one duct tape and get 59 free of cost."
Zee K (2 days ago)
Gheorghe Ilie (5 days ago)
Next time i have to change my tires ill do this
Gůgl Štajn (5 days ago)
fuck you and your liquids, if you are pussy and need flavors. If you wanna smoke, just smoke, you pussy!
Dylan Michael (5 days ago)
Can u make a wheel out of banana peels
Captain FALKEN (5 days ago)
Daniel Myungjin Lim (5 days ago)
please don't that me you guys went to Walmart Lynnwood LOL
My Metro Manila (5 days ago)
Brown version of the stradman
Adrian maldonado (5 days ago)
I rather get a Duck tape because it will not get flat
Fusa Giko (5 days ago)
now instead of buying a 2 dollar tube for my bike i can spend 30 - 40 dollars or more on tape lol
Krista Hobson (5 days ago)
Make a tire out of band-aid s
LESTER KNIGHT (5 days ago)
Duct Tape lmfao yall crazzyy
theftothek (5 days ago)
That would cost more than a fucking tire, stupid as shit!
Mike Nix (5 days ago)
Make a tire out of flex tape
WishYourLife (5 days ago)
We M̶a̶d̶e̶ A(-re) T̶I̶R̶E̶ Out Of Duct Tape
Easton Curtis (5 days ago)
I need a Vape and Juice
LUIS SANTIAGO (5 days ago)
That So Stupid , 👎🤨
Varrel Wiranata (6 days ago)
Bruno Assunção (6 days ago)
You want to change your tires and you do not have a new one, but. You have a box with many tapes. do it, just do it
Evan Reger (6 days ago)
And it will never pop
Christopher bouchey (6 days ago)
Washington's a great place I'm from Vancouver I live in Seattle now
Robert Pirlot (6 days ago)
Probably a $400 duck tape tire.
Brad C (6 days ago)
Black gorilla tape...............
HF1600ie (6 days ago)
No shit!
Łunar Çraft (6 days ago)
Why tho
محمد الاصيل (6 days ago)
حمدي الدليني
Gorilla FPV (6 days ago)
I'm really curious how much all that duct tape cost how many rolls did you guys use probably cost more than an actual Tire LOL was pretty funny and that was the best duct tape Tire burnout I've ever seen! I give you 5 out of 5 Bunches of bananas🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌
Ron Rhoades (6 days ago)
hmm next time put it on the balancer and see how much weight it needs
Loneliness Eric (6 days ago)
The shop keeper at Walmart he like “😐😮😲”
steven jones (7 days ago)
dude your out of Washington state me too had to subscribe.you rock
TheReverseDude (7 days ago)
I’m going to do an impression of you outro... ok can you make a tire out of duct tape yes, I don’t recommend it, and check out these vape juices, you can breath these and slowly die of lung cancer but it’s for fun because it taste good :D. Promoting vaping by making it sound good with different flavors, smooth move bro T_T
Christian Mundt (7 days ago)
Flex tape tire
Gamer Z (7 days ago)
Make a tire out of flex tape then coat it in flex seal
Shane Foster (7 days ago)
Vape douche
IWD (7 days ago)
What a waste of valuable oil.
Boden Washington (7 days ago)
make a tire from flex tape
You wouldn't believe it but this idea is a life saver , were trying to pack our local bmx track on a budget with our bronco II but the tires are way too aggressive keep peeling up the dirt, then I saw this and were gonna tape the two back tires over smooth and let the front end pull us around the track 👏👏 thank you
NightcoreCentral (7 days ago)
Who needs Michelin super sports when you got duct tape 🤣
praveen sharma (7 days ago)
Joshua Law (8 days ago)
Must have a *great* ride quality.
Demogamez (8 days ago)
That poor toyota....
Keyboard Warrior (8 days ago)
Stupid people do stupid things.
Flamingo (8 days ago)
1954 - Were going to have flying cars 2018 - Duct tape tires
tarseem mehrok (8 days ago)
Can I have one please
Pencas culiaos jajjajaj
THE Stegosaurus (8 days ago)
I mean I guess u can but...why? why would u do that? why?
Jarobe Murph (9 days ago)
Why not try out flex tape
Sam C (9 days ago)
Ooooo niceee a stick shift. Nice video too!
B Q (9 days ago)
All of the tires should have been tape!😡😡😡😡
Big Bro (9 days ago)
Why don't u test drive with 4 duct tape tires? I know it's a whole lot a work, but it It 'll definitely get some klicks
Stuart Archibald (9 days ago)
Ismail Kaya (9 days ago)
bunu izleyen tek tur benmiyim?
MisterDonor (9 days ago)
Man this is great more duct tape could be good too
Nikolay Yurievich (9 days ago)
muricans do have a really nice duct tape
Hamzah Satia (9 days ago)
If you need to do mad burnouts and donuts just use duct tapes
Ian I (9 days ago)
Dont vape kids.
Ian I (9 days ago)
rlly dont
Triston Luthultz (10 days ago)
You know why a ductape tire is better than a regular tire. the ductape tire can't be popped.
MyDog Crazy (10 days ago)
Try to do all the tires lol😂
Lenmark (10 days ago)
where is this?
Chicken NuggetZ (10 days ago)
*N-NANI!? WALMARK KART DORIFTO!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?*

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