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bts being drunk for 2 minutes straight

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hope u enjoy *headphone warning* (✿◠‿◠) ✧ twitter: https://twitter.com/dreamybngtan ✧ patreon: https://patreon.com/dreamybangtan
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Text Comments (72)
cupidseul (2 months ago)
absolutely no one: bts: a drinking today ✨
SunshineBunny88 -Tori- (1 month ago)
Not a dislike in this video Yes, drunk bangtan wins
Sophia Touvanna (1 month ago)
0 dislikes,, im pleased
Amaya (2 months ago)
The paper saying “Hey sis” sent me I’m so lame I laugh at the weirdest things
SmolPotato Ash (2 months ago)
We were legit talking about BTS being drunk with my friend today, you read my mind. All of them are me everyday
Hyun Jae (2 months ago)
i love your vids dreamy. I am kinda late but I hope I am early
dreamy bangtan (2 months ago)
I purple you~ =^-^=
Hyun Jae (2 months ago)
+dreamy bangtan ❤ Your precious and I purple you
dreamy bangtan (2 months ago)
uwu thank you <3 ^-^
Øri (2 months ago)
theyre making their voices *-R I P E-*
0ofadagoose (2 months ago)
thank you.
BangARMY Trash (2 months ago)
my ears have been blessed!
sapnu puas (2 months ago)
V: *Opens bottle* Me: NOW THAT IS TALENT
sapnu puas (2 months ago)
Hobi: YEAH. LET'S DRINK NOW YEAAAH *Drinks* Hobi: *Gives up on life*
MissNotSoCool 96 (2 months ago)
I need a detailed link to all the bass boasted sound effect altered songs used during the duration of this video STAT! 🙏🏾
Yoshiman Sanchez (2 months ago)
apoorva (2 months ago)
iAmNotYourWaifu (2 months ago)
Wow a legend has posted once againnnn
Caitlin Sanderson (2 months ago)
I miss you
dreamy bangtan (2 months ago)
I miss you uwu <3
Kim Soomin (2 months ago)
This video would be WAY BETTER if u calmed down with all the stops or musics and edits like wtf
Carleigh Erkinger (2 months ago)
The fortnite song is stuck in my head now 🙃
Dead user (2 months ago)
_Actually... __2:01__ minutes_
Kelly Rae (2 months ago)
😄😄😄😄😄 What's the name of the song about the smile
Kelly Rae (2 months ago)
dreamy bangtan Thank you😊😊😊😊
dreamy bangtan (2 months ago)
bazzi - smile =^-^=
CherriesNwine (2 months ago)
Im sorry but this was not funny
dreamy bangtan (2 months ago)
<3 <3
CherriesNwine (2 months ago)
+dreamy bangtan hmmm i dont know i just didnt laugh but you are, doing great tho thats why i subscribed
dreamy bangtan (2 months ago)
thx for ur input ! what do u find funny? ^_^
Sophie Engberts (2 months ago)
What’s the name of the song at 1:17?
Sophie Engberts (2 months ago)
dreamy bangtan thank you so much!!!
dreamy bangtan (2 months ago)
tokyo drift ^_^
*warning:* *EaR raPe*
*BTS being their normal selfs for 41 mins*
desimber (2 months ago)
0:16 okay but nobody talks about the fact that everyone hyped it up to be a spoiler for ly answer but what song is that? does hobi make mistakes? never 😌💅🏾
Jimin’s main bitch (2 months ago)
lemon daddy (2 months ago)
Literally the last video I watch on this channel was BTS moans
lemon daddy (3 days ago)
+Brodie M ............there was someone I was talking to I guess they deleted there comment
Brodie M (3 days ago)
did you respond to yourself lmao
lemon daddy (2 months ago)
Tokki (2 months ago)
Miss Erin Yeats (2 months ago)
Jimin constantly downing all his drinks is a mood in my university life
BunBun Bunny (2 months ago)
Its 2 minutes and ONE second straight🤠, but i cried, the edits is ma funny Jhope is everything 😂
iiknicorn_the_potato (2 months ago)
Aka how I sip my holy water...with meh tea ☕️*spills* •~•
iiknicorn_the_potato (2 months ago)
OMG!!! I’m the 23th here!!! and... YOU POSTED!!! YASSS!! Luv ya! <3 xoxo~ holy water 💦
iiknicorn_the_potato (2 months ago)
Aww, thanks! You too _(:3 」∠)_
dreamy bangtan (2 months ago)
I luv you hehehe (づ。^‿‿^。)づ
bee (2 months ago)
Ariana Sepulveda (2 months ago)
I will never wear headphones again due to this 🥺
bee (2 months ago)
i always turn my volume down before clicking on one of your videos,,,
Anonymous (2 months ago)
I literally just searched you up and you’ve posted 10 minutes ago #blessed 😔🙏
dreamy bangtan (2 months ago)
hehehe (^~^) <3
HolyWater ForSinners (2 months ago)
I can’t with them, even without them being drunk
pornesian parrapiio (2 months ago)
Omg Jhope :D Btw i love U dreamy bangtan ♥
dreamy bangtan (2 months ago)
I love you (●´ω`●)
stan bts (2 months ago)
This was everything
Lynn evaa (2 months ago)
Mmm the beginning made me deaf 🐸
No name (2 months ago)
c r a b r a v e a n d t o k y o d r i f t .
Jess Turner (2 months ago)
They are so cute when they're drunk tho
Jimin my bias (2 months ago)
You finally uploaded \^0^/
dreamy bangtan (2 months ago)
≧◡≦ <3
JOON SAID : 👁👃🏾👁 👄
난몰라 (2 months ago)
u so fuckin precious when u SMILE
Yo Hit Man Bang (2 months ago)
I’m here bishes 👁👅👁
Bailey Guerra (2 months ago)
5th hell yeah uwu hours
ggukiebean (2 months ago)
Basically this is *Bts being Bts*
Keni (2 months ago)
yoongi saurus (2 months ago)
uwu first comment
valerie rivera (2 months ago)
mom you’re back 🤧🤧
dreamy bangtan (2 months ago)
(ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ I missed u
Omg Bangtan (2 months ago)
First finally

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