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Drunk Lesbians Watch "First Girl I Loved" (Feat. Ashly Perez & Kirsten King)

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This week on Drunk *Queer Women* Watch, Amanda, Kirsten & Ashly get pretty personal about their first girls they loved... While sobbing their way through this film. Check out our new podcast, Queer As Fiction on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/queer-as-fiction/id1355999869?mt=2 Soundcloud: Soundcloud.com/GirlShipTV To support queer content, donate to our patreon: Patreon.com/GirlShipTV Check out Ashly's social stuff: @itsAshlyPerez Check out Kirsten's social stuff: @KirstenKing_ on Twitter Check out Amanda's social stuff: @AwkwardHolland PLEASE LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT AND HUG A FRIEND
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Girl Ship TV (11 months ago)
NOTE: If you plan on watching the film, please note there is a scene with sexual assault in it so, we cut it out of this video... Trigger Warning if you watch the film. Check out our podcast Queer As Fiction on iTunes & Soundcloud and you'll learn all of the different words for vagina... Cause we read erotica.
Dave102693 (19 days ago)
+Mia_ gbr I've seen it. The stalker of the main character pisses me off so much. Btw, where can I watch the sequel? I've been looking for it.
kitty levins (4 months ago)
Thank you for the trigger warning
Emily Lian (7 months ago)
Thanks for including the trigger warning it means a lot!
Adnana Yolo (7 months ago)
Hey, you should what "Room in Rome" <3 amazing movie
Karin Jerina (8 months ago)
Girl Ship TV do a video with a lesbian couple
Xrvxncai Pasuquin (14 hours ago)
Everytime they ft. Ashly, she always have salsa in her hand. Lmao
Soleil Garcia (10 days ago)
Aula Loquon (15 days ago)
Gracie Don (16 days ago)
Yo YouTube recommended this to me... are gay things no longer blacklisted???
iluvharrypotter97 (19 days ago)
Honestly Xan in Kimmy Schmidt always gave me queer vibes.
Dave102693 (19 days ago)
Trigger warning: . . . . . . So, is the guy a r*peist? Was Ann raped?
emily m (21 days ago)
The gay Pterodactyl lmaooooo
sophiexoxo (25 days ago)
Them overreacting and screaming when there are GAY gay scenes is my eternal mood
maximumawkwardness (25 days ago)
I just came back to rewatch this after watching the full movie.... Holy shit that was A Lot, I have so many emotions rn
Itz dayanara (26 days ago)
so i’m doing homework and thought i’m just gonna watch a video while i do homework and i can’t do anything can’t consatrat
EmmaDargenio97 (27 days ago)
My girlfriend doesn’t understand how great this series is 😂
Luke Ellisor (30 days ago)
One of the greatest things in the world is that I did theatre with Brianna Hildebrand and she’s legitimately one of the gayest people I have ever met.
Kriti Verma (1 month ago)
Ashley is looking damn good!!!
Annabeth Del Rio (1 month ago)
I'm in college now and for me high school was better. I have no friends.
Jemma Kate (1 month ago)
“Why is every lesbian a fucking photographer” ..... I feel attacked 😂
Decontee Massaquoi (1 month ago)
I'm bisexual I'm out of the closet to everyone except my parents
Alexa Quintana (1 month ago)
"My line is watching people from afar." This is the story of my fricking life. 😂
Ellie T (1 month ago)
“This is like a Hayley Kiyoko video” literally is the girl from girls like girls music video
Ila (1 month ago)
I don’t know if they realized that the girl who played Sasha is also the girl from the girls like girls video
Czarcasm Sophia (1 month ago)
Watching this I feel like I NEED more gay friends to watch things like this😭😭
Zorian McGriff (1 month ago)
18:08 7:18 😂😂😂
Dayana Sabóia (1 month ago)
@Girls Ship, please do the react of the movie Duke of Burgundy. It is a very crazy movie.
mariposa 34 (1 month ago)
we can't go back and fix the bad shit, but you "gals" did make me laugh at least
Arissara (1 month ago)
Please reaction to warmish
Danasia Summers (1 month ago)
Where can I watch First Girl I Loved??
lillian gahan (2 months ago)
"i didnt think cameron esposito was gonna be the one to make me cry but" *wipes tears*
Heta123 (2 months ago)
I'm a huge fan of Dylan Gelula ( the girl who plays Anne) I actually really enjoyed this movie even though it's sad. I loved the atmosphere.
Alexa S. (2 months ago)
My "First girl I loved" story was like she inviting me to the cinema, never comes and her friends making a video about me waiting because "Lol dyke". It felt terrible but at least now I talk about it without shame, not sure she can say the same !
It's Shefi (2 months ago)
I wanna have such a cool friends like they are 🙄🖤
Best Dadicus (2 months ago)
I never realized how much they beat the shit out of Anne's character until I watched the actual movie. (Its on hulu if you want but theres a lot of trigger scenes in it). Spoiler alert before you read on!! For one cliff did a lot of fucked up shit to Anne and he did it on purpose. When Anne told him who she liked he forced her to kiss her and without asking if it was ok first told her to take off her clothes and have sex with him. She even got upset with him and instead of cliff asking her why she was upset he started getting angry at her and went off. He proceeded to take her bike and tease her throughout the movie. If it wasn't enough for Anne to have to get raped it was later revealed that the guy at the bar asked Anne to go outside with him so she could give him a blow job. After Anne said no he grabbed her hand and forced her to jack him off even cumming on her pants which she explains to the HIV tester with difficulty. During the conference though cliff is starting to realize what hes done and even goes off on sasha and her parents telling them you need to tell the truth now because you cant go back from it if you dont. As Anne goes to explain her sexual history you can see she's trying to make it seem like no big deal and that she's fine but she's breaking down and it's just overall absolutely terrible for her character. I liked the movie but I feel like there should've been a few trigger warnings in the beginning just in case.
Sav Garza (2 months ago)
The Deadpool reaction and Hayley Kiyoko comment were my thoughts exactly when I first saw this film. I love this!
Catalina Barroilhet (2 months ago)
I'm definitely done with college... just starting to come out though
FashionAndCoffee (2 months ago)
When are y’all gonna do Blue is the Warmest Color
Ash (2 months ago)
But hey! At least the girl playing Sasha IS gay in real life.
Benada (2 months ago)
Can you watch everything suck? It's a serie with a good story of lesbians teens too but with good ending for both
Keira Ng (2 months ago)
So what we’ve learnt (amongst other things) is that hayley kiyoko videos give healing
Keira Ng (2 months ago)
Why is she acting straight she’s literally the one playing softball
Keira Ng (2 months ago)
I really can’t stand that wig it doesn’t even look like it’s on her head properly
Kate Marie (2 months ago)
I hope that bestfriends of yours are watching this so that they will know, at least..
Adrienne Gomez (3 months ago)
I'm getting the gay pterodactyl tattooed on me.
MARY (3 months ago)
Your girls are my all time favorite 💕💕💕💕
Khushboo K (3 months ago)
Does anybody else feel kirsten really looks like owen wilson?
Amelia Inman (3 months ago)
This should be named "lesbians in a room crying "
rgffgte g fggffg f (3 months ago)
I love how the first five minutes they're talking about old crushes
Smarterchild 420 (3 months ago)
Renegade (3 months ago)
shelby (4 months ago)
this movie single handedly ruined my life
Ashley Carpenter (4 months ago)
The pterodactyl with the flag gong across my screen is life😂 literally died for a min there💁
phoebe doering (4 months ago)
Leo Storm (4 months ago)
Lisa Gehrig (4 months ago)
6:50 11:48 16:00 enjoy (this couple is fucking adorable btw)
sadder daze (4 months ago)
Calling Grim (4 months ago)
Im sp sad now wtf
I love you guys so much xD xD
Emma-Michelle Hickey (4 months ago)
I haven't seen this movie... probably will right after this tho lol
nasrin v (4 months ago)
I just found you people and love you deeply! Thank you for this channel Side note: i have a paper due tonight but this is better
Mintspice's Music (4 months ago)
I watched this movie and freaking cried my eyes out. I went through almost the same thing, a girl lead me on and got scared. She outed me and threw me into the fray. I had a guy take advantage of me and got beat up all the time. I almost lost my life to suicide. If I had girl ship tv or these channels that were so supportive were there it might have changed what happened, saving me years of pain. The big thing I have to say is it gets better. People need time to understand and sometimes it can be impossible to think it will get better. I know how rough it can be to have no one to talk to. If you ever need someone, just shoot me an email at [email protected] or text me at (972) 653-0213. Reaching out is the first step. It doesn’t matter who you are, you are beautiful and just perfect as you are.
Annie Center (4 months ago)
“Can we watch San Junipero again?” M O O D
Felicia A (5 months ago)
The biggest move I have ever made on a crush is brushing our legs together
Lauren Matthews (5 months ago)
*everyone else talking *while Amanda is fanning herself and trying not to have an orgasm
Lauren Matthews (5 months ago)
Lauren Matthews (5 months ago)
*queer scream*
Ashlee* Dawn (5 months ago)
LMAO Amanda's ad reads. 😂
Rachel Wakelin-Kirby (5 months ago)
Watching films like this make me realise how blessed I am. I was lucky enough to marry the first girl I loved. We met at 18, got married at 22 (we had our 10th wedding anniversary in May), and have a son. Soooooo lucky!
Buzzin Boi (5 months ago)
Was that the whole film??? So she liked a closeted girl they had a fling then someone takes a photo of them kissing, the closeted girl decides she's too cool to be seen with the other girl and pretends she doesn't like her, the other girl posts the picture in the year book for fun la Di da then the closeted girl said she didn't want to be kissed. The other girl gets a hiv test then gets her bike??? I'm do confused
Kill Yourself (1 month ago)
Buzzin Boi Yeah basically
lucy sayama (5 months ago)
gotta watch the miseducation of cameron post
TeaLeaf Productions (5 months ago)
I’m an artist and I’m bisexual 😂
Diego Sanchez (5 months ago)
Ugh i hate these tragic queer movies
megan argue (5 months ago)
Love your brutal honesty, you guys are hilarious.
barnsdale11 (5 months ago)
You gotta watch Room in Rome! (Spanish movie)
Fandom Thingy (6 months ago)
I’m crying oof
Lilly (6 months ago)
Oh yay I love Xan!! Shes amazing :) best character on Kimny Schmidt
ҽɾɱα ღ (6 months ago)
"everybody wants kirsten"
Cassandra Grindall (6 months ago)
I endorse the rating system. We need a "Men harassing Lesbians cluelessly" icon as well.
Tatyana Herdrich (6 months ago)
Please put your podcast on Spotify lmaoooo ghvgb
OfficialLizzyCabello (6 months ago)
im really 10yr turning 11 in oct 15
Kyra Brown (6 months ago)
The sexting thing brought so many memories😂😣especially the promise you won't tell anyone.
Julissa Yo (6 months ago)
favorite movie ever!
Emily Rose (6 months ago)
Omg Amanda blushing is the cutest thing 😊😳😄💜💙
Tymber Holt (7 months ago)
Me: *realized I played softball for 5 years* well now every thing is *turns head to wall* crystal queer *franticly puts on glasses* YAOW!!!
ana (7 months ago)
16:47 - 16:54 thanks lesbians moms🌈
writemedreams (7 months ago)
The first girl I loved is now my wife! So glad it wasn't this movie haha
_C SSly (7 months ago)
You have to watch Thelma. You'll hate it hahaaha
The Duck (7 months ago)
These are very enjoyable
Keilisa White (7 months ago)
I love them
zoie rutherford (7 months ago)
I queer screamed with you lol
Greeneyeclover (7 months ago)
It sucks but.... the point of the movie was for her to except herself not for her and Sasha to be together
AlexanderHamHam o3o (7 months ago)
AlexanderHamHam o3o (7 months ago)
I’m pansexual with a trans boyfriend as of yesterday and we’re going on an official date tomorrow :DDD
Emily Lian (7 months ago)
Okay this movie is relatable also I relate to Kristen so much 💀
Emily Lian (7 months ago)
“The handshake is the gateway drug to making out” tbh tho 😂
Santana Stecker (7 months ago)
Its 2 am after this vid.. I think I can't sleep lmao🙌🏽🙌🏽
daddy deodorant (7 months ago)
17:37 did anyone else think she said despacito
Kathryn R.H. (7 months ago)
Why are all lesbian/queer women movies sad... seriously I need at least one happy queer women movie
Brandy (7 months ago)
WATCH "The Runaways" 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Mia Skates (7 months ago)
I sure hope this shit gets better in college because I've had two bi girls cheat on me with boys....
Handzikowa (7 months ago)
I'm watching this and playing 20 questions with my ibf and then 7;09 appears
Patricia Albornoz (7 months ago)
This series cracks me up
onxy (7 months ago)
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh am died

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