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Deadly Decisions: Tribute To Drunk Driving Victims

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This one is close to my heart. A tribute to victims of drinking and driving, and a plea to make it stop!
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Man In The Wilderness (8 months ago)
Had to mute the music....
David Katz (5 years ago)
One thing that we should remember is that each of these people was someone’s daughter, son, mother, father, sister, or brother. Their lives tragically ended thanks to someone’s conscious decision to drink and drive. Senseless tragedies that should not have happened.
GIROBOTII (6 years ago)
I hope this teaches a lesson to people of the horrible consequences of doing something like this.
Ron Lugo (6 years ago)
Hey Love your video really inspiration. I was hit by a drunk driver as well here is my story check it out I would appreciate your support as well. voddo.com
torterra289 (7 years ago)
i saw this 2day in my rotc class, nd now i am scarred 4 life but i also realized tht people can't drink or drive :)
amb500u8787uu (7 years ago)
rip to all those that died and continue to cos of stupid drunk drivers rip
Emmalogical xo (7 years ago)
so sad =(
Solus (8 years ago)
im just blessed that my sister lived with nothing but a minor injury
Solus (8 years ago)
@DarkWillUser wen i saw the pic of the two year old that's wen i started to tear up
mack awack (8 years ago)
yeah yeah... fuck those assholes. they all had it coming.
DarkWillUser (8 years ago)
This video had me tearing up, that's for sure. A very necessary message. I myself was almost killed by an inebriated driver but it was drugs, not alcohol. Thankfully I wasn't killed and thankfully I didn't wind up horribly disfigured either. But having a car smack into your body full force doesn't feel very good, I will tell you that. People should not drive while intoxicated.
2Patricia1 (8 years ago)
Great video! Thank you for sharing it..Very sad but very true and Helpful for people to know th consequences
Tiffcaligirl (9 years ago)
When I was 3 years old me and my dad and my older brother was hit by a drunk driver my leg got sliced in half until this day I have the scars but I am happy to be alive.
HCADW (9 years ago)
That's a pretty heavy question. I know this is easier to say than do, but the more unwavering YOU are, the more they will respect you when you ask them to stop. You just absolutely CANNOT get in that car. Go to extremes. I have. It's NOT easy, and I don't say that lightly. YOU have to have ZERO TOLERANCE to impress your point on others. Please, for your safety, and others, seek more help on this topic. I wish you the best! :) I will private message you a helpful link. ---Jessie
ChloeKitty02 (9 years ago)
1:19 that lady is only 25??!
HCADW (9 years ago)
The song is You're Missing from The Rising album, Bruce Springsteen :D
Steven Strahm (9 years ago)
whats the name of the song?
Justme (6 months ago)
You're missing
Steven Strahm (9 years ago)
Precious Lord Jesus, These faces are so full of life. Please welcome them in your Kingdom, and comfort everyone affected by their tragic passing.
HCADW (10 years ago)
Thanks! It's Bruce Springsteen and he has a knack for writing perfect songs :D (but I'm a little partial lol) Thandks for watching, this video means alot to me for the message
HCADW (10 years ago)
My hope for tributes and videos like these is that they won't just be sad AFTER the fact, but that maybe just ONE PERSON might reconsider driving home from the bar or that someone might fight harder to take the keys from a drunk friend. Drunk drivers rarely act alone, there's usually someone who could stopped them if they'd fought a little harder or spoken up, or taken the keys or cut them off or drove them home - STOP THEM, you don't know who you might be saving next!
HCADW (10 years ago)
Insane - people are getting slaughtered by drunk drivers all over this country and they're banning SMOKING in bars? SMOKING? You know, an unsuspecting person can get out of the way of second hand smoke, but they can't always get out of the path of a drunk driver. I think sometimes the law just focuses on the wrong details. . .
HCADW (10 years ago)
My sentiments exactly. Thank you for everything you do to make the streets safer, and may you yourself know peace and safety as you carry out your duties. Thank you!
HCADW (10 years ago)
That song is 'You're Missing' by Bruce Springsteen from the album THE RISING. This song, and all the songs on the album are related to September 11th incidents. It really hits home the loss we feel when someone is taken suddenly. . .
Jannsmith (10 years ago)
I share in the sentiments of the others here. My sincere condolences in the loss of young James. Just an adorable kid :) A beautiful montage of those that have lost their lives by the hands of a drunk driver. There's a tv commercial that gives the slogan that 'buzzed driving Is drunk driving' and that is so true too. Some may think that even though they seem to walk and talk ok, that they are ok to drive and that is just Not the case. 'Better to be safe than sorry'. Bless you!
mike kessler (10 years ago)
I am so sorry for your loss,lost my sister and her boyfriend,to a D.D.GOD BLESS YOU...
HCADW (10 years ago)
I wish your son all the best of luck and love in his recovery. My heart aches that he had to go through this because of someone's careless decision. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.
mamabaig (10 years ago)
Thanks for making this. I recently set up a website in memory of my father who waskilled by a drunk driver on New Years Eve when I was 4. I wrote a song about it and I would love to record it and submit it to MADD for their drunk driving programs and/or a video. Thanks for doing our part to help stop DD
HCADW (11 years ago)
Amazing work to you to! Some bartenders don't care, and you have so much to deal with sometimes it's hard to tangle with drunks when they want to leave drunk like that, thumbs up to you for sticking with it and saving who knows how many lives! Thank you for your comments!

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