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Lambada Piano Cover with (Korg PA2x & Yamaha Tryos 3)

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Text Comments (94)
Maria Pereira (6 days ago)
Cu cabeludo
Firas Saeed (18 days ago)
29/11/2018 Östraich
Emmanuel Ronceros (1 month ago)
El primer sonido cual es hno?
Temo Mata (2 months ago)
What Is the voice
Salvador Castro (3 months ago)
Fue la primer canción que me aprendí en el teclado
klenti01 (4 months ago)
Shenara Divyani (6 months ago)
woow great. I like it💕💕💕
Sherlyn Antonio (4 months ago)
Elvia Sarao (6 months ago)
Y mi nieto le gusto como tocas el teclado
Elvia Sarao (6 months ago)
Por que no haces la de que es lo que pasa de Nelson kansela
urwa Malik (7 months ago)
Allah matters :-)
Hichem Roubla (7 months ago)
Hericlima Lima (7 months ago)
Muito bom , grande músico.
Omid T (8 months ago)
سلام.و.عرض.ادب.بسیار.زیاد.به.خاطر.آهنگ.قشنگ.لامبادا.و.به.حق.پنج.تن.انشاه.الاه.یک.روزی.قیافه.آخوند.دارا.را.نبینیم. یک.روز.صبح.۲۰. قسمت.بشود..انشاه.الاه.۲۰.
Abed Mm. azu coom (8 months ago)
Nays fantastek
Elfeddin Elifov (8 months ago)
Ali Mr (10 months ago)
SonaCz (1 year ago)
tududududu!!!! x3
jasko .j svoj-sef (1 year ago)
its amazing ;)
Angelo Bro Gamer (1 year ago)
2017 I am still watching
Angelo Bro Gamer 2018 bro suka
starry eyes (1 year ago)
can you tell me why hinGUs drink cowpiss aka COWCOLA and when do they also eat cow dung? I know their book teaches the steps to be criminals and encourages to be  beggars.  Is this the reason we in the West feed these poor constant-smelly people in our clean land. GAYHIND. thanks
Suni Nohelia (1 year ago)
precioso, yo estoy practicando para llegar a tocar en 2 a la vez 😉✌ me encantó!
michal234486 (1 year ago)
cheatercock you copied sum1 video
Akomismo Malmal (1 year ago)
wow awesome
Csaba Foldi (1 year ago)
En meg sehol se vagyok Kocsis Janikahoz! :)
Csaba Foldi (1 year ago)
Never enough of it! :)
Csaba Foldi (1 year ago)
Kocsis Janika.....sehol sincs! Hahaha! :)))
Csaba Foldi (1 year ago)
The best!
chriss (1 year ago)
Amazing broo
Sunny B (1 year ago)
Woooooow <3
Mix قناة (2 years ago)
nice play
Joshua Garib (2 years ago)
You deserve 1billion views
Miguel Barros (2 years ago)
muito bom
danesome danes (2 years ago)
lovely brother.... awesome....
Amit Dhaduk (2 years ago)
easy guys
kilian dhns (2 years ago)
il gère :)
طلال العربي (2 years ago)
Vanessa Balogova (2 years ago)
officialy this guy don't know anything about keybords it's tyros 1 you dump shit
SAPFIRA2010 (2 years ago)
Божественно. Спасибо за ностальгию 80х.
mohammad aliraqi (2 years ago)
Kien Tran (2 years ago)
ươnderfull !!
súper genial:)
Imposible nice😃
เอก พล (2 years ago)
best lambada
João Marcos (2 years ago)
Patrik Fedak (2 years ago)
MR Freeman (2 years ago)
Paul Huynh (2 years ago)
Alex Valim (3 years ago)
porra cara vc é o cara
hilary gomes (3 years ago)
plz tell the voice rythem and tune you used to play the song
ladrón de musica, esto es de Burchy1977 !!
Norman Zeb (3 years ago)
Really AMAZING JOB! EVERY TIME I listen to it, I enjoy it!... Thanks for sharing!
Rayanne Baterna (3 years ago)
nice :)
Thượng Cọt (3 years ago)
I like it! <3
Jocelyn Stucke (3 years ago)
Network AH Abumadi (3 years ago)
http://www.filefactory.com/file/3ffd1q4w53tf/KORG%20PA500%20rar.zip korg pa500 set get slow download for korg pa500
Jackop Moular (3 years ago)
GrEaEaEaEaT !!!!!!!!!  ♥ ♥ ♥
Honest Franklin (3 years ago)
Dominik Mašľár (3 years ago)
# blacksigma (4 years ago)
Jonithax gaymer (4 years ago)
Puto amo
druming cordoba (4 years ago)
muy bien se oye hermoso
Paweł D. (4 years ago)
To jest wykonanie bruschi1977
Erik Visser (4 years ago)
not real is copie Burschi1977 is the real player
Liezl Roldan (3 months ago)
No this is publodhed one year before than burshi1977
Larsson (2 years ago)
+Erik Visser Yes.... :/
chriss (4 years ago)
heh :)
Fidel Muñoz (5 years ago)
la mejor lambada en piano que he escuchado,, esos teclados son unas maquinas bestiales
hamdi kamoun (5 years ago)
this is so good nice music :)
Alex Miranda (5 years ago)
PERFECTO!!! Me encanto*-*
Salvador Castro (3 months ago)
Ami igual
Abed Mm. azu coom (8 months ago)
Alex Miranda 😍
umasha weerasena (5 years ago)
KeevIn Dee ILuuzhiionn (5 years ago)
tocas chida mi compa
MrMariusz090 (5 years ago)
This is Tyros1 no Tyros3!
nytrini2005 (5 years ago)
you're great!
My words are religion (5 years ago)
Yes, This was stolen from the legend Burschi1977 Original video: ?v=eI8D-b5l2nE
Benjami Lindqvist (5 years ago)
And the instrument above is Tyros 1 not 3!!
Benjami Lindqvist (5 years ago)
This video is copied from a user Burschi1977
Pirouz Farhani (5 years ago)
Played like a pro, excellent!
Lukasz Bal (5 years ago)
Very nice :-)
waynengage (5 years ago)
Wonderful my friend. It was a pleasure to see you and hear you play ;-)
Mohammed Alhammdi (5 years ago)
Moldovan Bogdan (5 years ago)
hi! Can you tell me please how I should create the backup rhytm. I have a Yamaha DjX and I can't do it like you. Thank you :)
Jerry opo (5 years ago)
LOWROLLER72 (5 years ago)
very nice! LR

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