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Why the market for skin whitening is growing

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Skin whitening has proven to be damaging, physically and mentally. But sales are booming. The market is predicted to be worth $31.2 billion by 2024. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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Text Comments (7304)
Dominos Inc. (1 day ago)
A michelob ULTRA ad popped up
aoeu256 (4 days ago)
I have an idea, go to another country where your skin color is liked haha.
sirmanolo (5 days ago)
how about obsession with tanning in the west ?
Ja Ga (5 days ago)
I think the problem with a number of these comments is that they lump all Asian countries together (i.e. Her argument about the colonial origins of colorism couldn't possibly be true because China and Japan, etc, etc). I can tell you that in the Philippines it definitely is. There is even a line of skin whitening soaps called "Mestiza" (half-white), and most of their lead actors are half-white/half-Filipinos born abroad. The Filipino ideal of beauty is the legacy of 300 years under the Spanish (where mestizos formed the upper class) and then 50 years under the United States who charmingly portrayed them like this: https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Images-of-racism-How-19th-century-U-S-media-2898040.php#photo-2244534
Milan Mesa (6 days ago)
Tanning = perfectly fine Whitening = racism and white supremacy????
Dominique Harris (6 days ago)
Hearing the little girl saying she wants to be lighter really hurts my heart
Michael Trinta (7 days ago)
Well nobody really likes being black or dark skinned
pinkywinky222 (7 days ago)
I’m Filipina with brown skin and I never wished to have lighter skin. All I want to achieve with my skin care is clear, less oily skin that doesn’t break out as much or doesn’t get patchy during the colder months. I’m more than happy with my shade. Those whitening commercials I see on Philippine tv annoys the fck out of me because they all set unrealistic standards for women. Pinays should all embrace their color, whatever shade they’re in.
Sutanu Chakraborty (8 days ago)
who cares,its just economy.If there was no chemicals,people would use sandalwood.
Yasmine (8 days ago)
Are there any safe whitening products? My choice. Thank you.
Carolann Smith (8 days ago)
How very very sad this world makes us woman feel .
Jane Sullivan (8 days ago)
They tell white people to tan, and black people to lighten their skin. Make up your mind!!
shadwo xii (9 days ago)
I belive the perfect skin is the clear one not black not white not any... If people think black skin looks dirty well in the past and until now people thought that some white skin is so ugly like a dead ghost so changing your color to lloks like somone else isn't beauty but looking healthy does
shadwo xii (9 days ago)
I wanna be butiful cuz menz love hot wahmenz 😂
Malgorzata S. (9 days ago)
nivea makes skin whitening products? wow there goes my willingness to buy their products ever again
JA VV (10 days ago)
My heart broke when the little girl said she thought her color was nasty... black is beautiful!
Wesley Burge (10 days ago)
I`m enjoying this skin whitening guidebook “fetching kinkin site” (Google it)] It is mild and goes on smoothly. Additionally, it also helped lighten my age spots. Would suggest to anyone who want to whiten your skin. My skin features a healthy looking glow to it and I think my scars and sunspots are diminishing!
JBcaptian (10 days ago)
Be proud of your skin colour, no matter what it is.
Unnatural09 (10 days ago)
The problem is especially bad in Asia as in western countries talking about skin lighting is immoral. Though that's the opposite in Asian countries where people will say it to your face since its natural for them to talk about it.
lily v (11 days ago)
girl doesnt kno how 2 say balikbayan omg she couldnt have called her mom before the video ?
Charles Dizon (12 days ago)
You misprunounced balukbayan
Jeba Chowdhury (12 days ago)
Is wrong for me to perfer lighter skinned girls than darker ones
ucuz12 (14 days ago)
The African is still dark even with that cream, it is useless, it's scam for them
People are like sheep, you herd enough of em into a confined space and beat on em and domesticate them then you can force whatever you want on them....
Heidi Huang (15 days ago)
It's a huge part of Chinese beauty, if you've seen those trending Chinese makeup transformation they all put on whitewash and an extremely pale base
Anonymous Philippines (16 days ago)
mga pilipino taas kamay Mga bobo Nuginagawamue
SouthCalifas619 (16 days ago)
These are nordic beauty standards. Simply being white isnt enough anymore to meet that standard anymore. You can thank the spaniard colonizers for this, they brought the idea of darker skin is unholy, and dirty, they brought the idea of blood clransing, or outbreeding a darker race, which i am a product of as a mestizo. I avoid the sun to avoid aging, not to be white or pale, if i could be tan without the uv damage i would be. Im suppose to have natural melanin but thanks to colonization i look likr a pale Aztec.
HashtagArtastic (16 days ago)
Skin lightening products should be banned??? Like wtf why???!?
Kaleesh Synth (16 days ago)
Yeah a lot those celebrities, who got lighter over time have viltigo, a skin condition. Classic Vox getting things wrong.
(Insert Name Here) (16 days ago)
We the Whiteface boiz, we like to make noise.
Roshni Ali (17 days ago)
While Dark people want to get Fairer, white people struggle to get a Tan! Love yourself. You are beautiful.
Supreme Bape (17 days ago)
No one wants that icky dark skin 🤢🤢🤮🤮
Ingrid Dubbel (17 days ago)
I am very fair. I live like a vampire because of the sun. I've had a second degree sunburn after 10 minutes in semi sunshine, In Plymouth [England]. Why would anyone want to live like me if they have a choice. All skin tones have beauty. I'm not being naive, I know that society has instilled this standard but let's make an effort to reverse this perception.
Qwetery (17 days ago)
white skin is seen as more beautiful. Get over it.
Fammy xoxo (3 days ago)
get over what, a lie
Remus Sayed (18 days ago)
some women don't wanna let racism die.
Nothing Here (18 days ago)
I’m actually guilty of something like this I thought that if I showed my hands in one of my videos, they might not want to watch my videos because of my dark skin. So I used a few filters that kind of distorted the light so my hands seemed lighter
jas is shook (18 days ago)
Kyra Carlson (18 days ago)
3:47 is so sad
Shoham Das (18 days ago)
Because white women are more desirable than any other colour for most of the population, there that's the fact, someone had to say it
Giulia B (19 days ago)
I don’t understand why people would even use skin whiteners, it makes you look sick
Skade Fernando (19 days ago)
1:43 Bae Suzy is in the top left corner - lol I used her for my presentation on beauty ideals in different cultures too (which brought up skin whitening)
Ryan Rodrigues (19 days ago)
An unofficial whitening of skin is going on.
Young_ Zombling_ (19 days ago)
Pause at 2:38 and read the top.
Vapor (19 days ago)
Its growing because if your white you can easily be successful and people wont be racist to you
Mollie I. R. (19 days ago)
RififiEnBanlieue (19 days ago)
Even in medieval Europe fair skin was seen as more attractive simply because poor farmers had been working outside attaining a tan while nobles did not. This attitude has not much changed outside of the Western world.
Cragonos Kritirea (19 days ago)
I hate how it makes people feel insecure but I don’t like how people say it’s racist cause that would make tanning racist. It’s not like blackface which is racist. Although you shouldn’t do it just because you feel not beautiful
Sun Wu (20 days ago)
You guys love yourselves too much. East Asians want to appear pale, not because they wanna be like europeans but rather being pale means you dont have to worked labor under the sun hence a person from a higher social hierarchy. It is a die hard mentality.
Chewy Jewy (20 days ago)
As someone who is made fun of at least once a day for how pale my skin is, I find the tanning and skin darkening side of the industry to be just as damaging. I have always been taught to hate my white skin, and get a fake tan like eveyeone else. This always made my self esteem lower than anything, and made me believe that people with darker skin are more beautiful than me. This issue doesn't only go one way, and ignoring the other side of it is just plain ignorance. I now embrace my pasty cracker skin, and don't care how many people gasp at my pale body. It's who I am. The same goes for girls who feel as if they need to be lighter. It's who you are, and you're beautiful.
VictoriaSobocki (20 days ago)
Hah, I’m watching this as I’m putting a bit of self tanner on. Different rules everywhere, I guess. It is a mix of insecurities, racism, taste and culture to me. I don’t feel that this is different from most beauty items such as makeup, hair dye, spandex underwear, push up bras etc.
Coby Smith (20 days ago)
2:20 don’t drag my state in to this
HistoryBuff Boi (20 days ago)
You guys know that Michael Jackson had a skin disease known as vitiligo, he did lighten his skin, but only to even out his skin tone, as makeup just couldn’t keep the white patches hidden. It ultimately just made more sense to even the darks out with the light parts or be forced to look like a Holstein cow for a while
HistoryBuff Boi (20 days ago)
Isn’t it ironic how people with light skin tones want to become darker, and how people with a darker complexion want to become lighter
Nicole Zhang (20 days ago)
Meanwhile, pale people want to be tan.
Toony19 Cooper (20 days ago)
Honey, Nivea's extra whitening deodorant is a deoderant. Tbh, I wouldn't question someone who wants to lighten their FARMER underarms. Just to make it EVEN with the rest of their skin.
mightybfool C (20 days ago)
Michael has vitiligo. Leave him out of this
July Chan (21 days ago)
Thats so stupid... people in asia/africa want to get pale and europeans sunbath hours just to get more tanned / browner.. As a very pale girl i got bullied for it in primary school.. I look "dead"/ like a "Zombie" and should go out more often and stuff like that.. I think everyone looks best with their natural skin color.
Esther Clare Ng Xin Yi (21 days ago)
Regarding Asia and Asia Pacific, I don't think that the belief in white man superiority is the main factor that drives people to try to lighten their skin. In Asia, lighter skin is viewed as more beautiful since centuries ago even before Asians knew that Caucasians exist. It is due to lighter skin being associated with the upper class who do not have to labour under the sun. So that's why Asians will continue to try to lighten their skin tone and it has little to do with them wanting to look like Caucasians and feeling inferior because they don't look like Caucasians. Please fact check before posting in the future 😄
anne smith (21 days ago)
What about the market to get darker. I want to get darker.I buy a darkening cream and just used it! I want straight hair too. You want what you dont have. That is WHY!
mmand1 (21 days ago)
I use skin lightening products because I have uneven skin tone. You can't throw it all to vanity. I just want to look healthy and neat.
Jeanelle Louis (21 days ago)
That little girl speaking around 3:48 really broke my heart
Sleeping Koalas (21 days ago)
Lmao I just had an advertisement for makeup that makes your skin whiter before this vid
Favor Eden (21 days ago)
I can tell you, it's because regardless of whether or not you agree, there is such a stigma on dark skin. Music, movies, tv, higher education, criminal justice, etc. all place the lighter skinned higher than everyone else. White people (gasp) are at the top, then the light-skinned Hispanics, Asians, and middle eastern are next. Light skin black people, and then dark skin Hispanic, Asian, and middle eastern, and then dark skinned black people at the bottom (dark skinned women getting the worst of it). The skin whitening is growing because there isn't anyone in these famous institutions giving equal opportunities to darker skins, an example being the music industry which is ruled by white people, and the few black/non-white (female) artists are always light skin. So until the leaders of these institutions stop being racists/colorists, people, especially dark skinned women, will continue to bleach their skin because they are made to believe that it's the only way to be successful or beautiful
William LC (21 days ago)
I mostly agree with what was said but MJ had vitiligo and used makeup to even it all up. You can even see how in some earlier photos, his face is more dark and then tan and then as years go, he is much more paler. People said that he was bleaching his skin but he never really did it. I know this video is old but it's a bit unfair to not correct that. He shouldn't be used as an example of someone of dark skin turning lighter when he had a skin condition.
leghairs (21 days ago)
Im yellow
Bronagh McCabe (21 days ago)
Is there no way to make this stuff illegal (both the products and the advertisements) like I'm pretty sure home teeth whitening kits are illegal where I live because of health and safety issues so why can't these skin whitening creams be banned too. Like how can governments or health officials allow this sort of thing to exist there are nasty side effects that they obviously know of so why are these companies still allowed to make such things.
Genesis Walker (21 days ago)
3:30 I wanna grab that girl and hug her and shake her and just yell that she's beautiful. Omfg that broke my heart.
varick wettlaufer (22 days ago)
This is another shitty attempt at shoving white privilege garbage up our rectums...
Mandi O (22 days ago)
Thank you for explicitly mentioning colosism here. Many (esp. black people) are in denial. My skin is very dark & am happy. But I know and understand that it is a deep and difficult issue for others and will still be. I love listening to channels that promote positive self-image for dark skin, it's good for wellbeing. I appreciate this.
so why the %$#@ do "white" people go tanning and use bronzers? I have a porcelain complexion and i hate tanning, because i don't tan! i just turn red, like a cooked lobster. not at all cute, then once the redness fades, i peel, which is really not cute. So i just use the highest spf i can find! so having "light" skin, really isn't all that great. however, i love my bright colored tattoos, and make up effects can look pretty cool, but it's still tricky to even find normal make up that matches my "very light" complexion. I feel like if i was a few shades darker, like olive complexion perhaps, then maybe i'd have an easier time finding make up that matches my skin. but i guess i'll never know.
Mr.Chicken Nuggets (22 days ago)
Im tan but I want to be a bit tanner my forearm and thighs look a bit lighter and I hate it 😂😂😂
peachyy colie (22 days ago)
But MJ has Vitilgo ;-;
Ojberretta Berretta (22 days ago)
repaet after me everything and i mean everything is the fault of white ppl no matter what history and actual facts tell us EVERYTHING IS THE FAULT OF THE WHITE MAN REPEAT THEN JOIN THE DEMOCRAT PARTY AND BE SILENCE IF YOU WHITE CUZ UR OPINION DOESNT COUNT
Moeizzle Morgan (22 days ago)
First of all Michael Jackson had Vitiligo 🤬 look on his autopsy ‼️ there’s PROOF THERE’S PICTURES OF HIS VITILIGO ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ SOOOO GET IT RIGHT VOX AND WHO CARE IF HE HAD HIS NOSE DONE MANY PEOPLE GET THERE NOSE DONE LOOK AT Lil Kim AND Marilyn Monroe they had nose jobs and other celebrities did also WHO CARES
ᄋᄉᄋ선화박 (22 days ago)
5:44 Ivan lolololol
Skrumble_b (22 days ago)
Why are you using Michael Jackson as an example of celebrities of color who become lighter over time? He had a skin condition. Something tells me he didn't actively try to become whiter and all the sudden he lost all his melanin.
Kindra Torres (22 days ago)
and before this I got a ad of this
Michelle Lewin (23 days ago)
Its a shame. Black is so beautiful 💯❤
Monasteri116 (23 days ago)
My heart sinked in the first 30 seconds. Why have we pushed these people to feel like being lighter means you are prettier! This is down right sick that poc are pushed to be more lighter to be demed beautiful..
Carlo Sagano (23 days ago)
Black or White I think women are like a kind of beautiful roses, each one is unique and beautiful.
Sarah N (23 days ago)
I’m from Nigeria 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 And my mom uses skin whitening...........sometimes
Piper Simpson (23 days ago)
I never knew that there was still an opportunity to lighten up my skin. After trying this skin whitening guide “fetching kinkin site” (Google it), the melasma on my forehead vanished! This guide flawlessly provided a mix of tips that helped enhance my dark skin tone. It aided my skin to see a whole new light!
En K (23 days ago)
I still want my pits to look lighter hahaha sorry xD
Saman Ali Khan (23 days ago)
So no one is gonna talk about spray tans?
BlurryKat (23 days ago)
Where I live, darker skin is more accepted. I'm very pale, and most people of my colour are constantly tanning and trying to get as dark as they can. It varies on where people come from. Not all countries have the same standard of beauty or the same discriminations.
perfectly imperfect (23 days ago)
It’s just sad and I also think even in ads especially in India all though most people have darker skin mostly it light skinned people and that’s just stupid
Valentina Loraels (24 days ago)
Who cares?! Mind your own business, if someone wants to bleach his skin so let him or her..
Spy Fox (16 days ago)
Just like genders
Bram van Tongeren (24 days ago)
How can people not understand that europeans did not spread this. It’s kind of universal around a lot of cultures across the world. Its believed that the origin lies in the fact that peasants had to go outside thus getting darker skin than the elites. It even used to be a beauty standard in europe untill very recently. Now it isnt anymore because rich people can go get a tan on holidays which shows their wealth.
Otaku69 (24 days ago)
White washing and white supremacy. Media makes everyone want to be white.
Silvia M. (24 days ago)
Fair skin just as all Northern European features are more beautiful simply because they are more unique and they represent a minority compare to the whole world population. The more exclusive, the more desirable.
Silvia M. (14 days ago)
Not_A_Gamer I’m not talking about ppl specific preferences when choosing a partner, but how humans tend to go for exclusivity in order to mark themselves as different from the rest and therefore more unique.
Not_A_Gamer (14 days ago)
+Silvia M. This is very subjective. Skin colour added with features make the overall decision. For example I do not find White or Black women attractive. I find Middle Eastern women very attractive because I am into tanned skin, dark hair, dark eyes with Middle Eastern features.
hokum0pokum (21 days ago)
Silvia M. Ew
trrtuhfulllies 53 (24 days ago)
I love my skin and so should you although my arms are darker than my body
Anon Fangirl (25 days ago)
This is so ironic. While dark-skinned women try to lighten their skin, caucasians are trying to get as tan as possible.
Lps Page (25 days ago)
Makes me sad
B Zandaz (25 days ago)
I am an advocate against skin lightening, not only is it dangerous physically , but as seen in this video the mental/emotional effects it has is just as bad... I have always detested the whole light skin superiority within the black community.. it’s Self hatred. I’ve recently moved to the south and so many black people are guilty of still carrying the slave masters mentality. I heard someone say “she’s acting light skinned” what does that even mean? It’s up to each person to stand up and embrace who they are despite what society says. Because if lighter skin was all of that then why do white skinned people tan?? There is beauty in every shade.
Asians still have that racial mindset that being tan is dirty and you have no Idea how much I hear things like "Oh that's just built up dirt on your skin. You should try (instert whitening soap).". It just sounds like a commercial in my entire country.
Katrina Fernando (26 days ago)
when I was in elementary I used to envy our class' muse because she has fair skin and the boys like her. I have tan skin or 'morena' and growing up having fair skin is such a big deal so I would ask my mom to buy me whitening products so I could be 'prettier'. then when I turned 18 I realized that it doesn't matter what skin color you have. having a glowing and healthy skin is important so I stopped using bleaching products. it's just so sad that our society thinks that being fair is beautiful
ramelep (26 days ago)
SAD..... Just SAD
Julia (26 days ago)
My skin is more fair than almost every foundation that can be found in drugstores but I kinda want to be more pale because I want to look extraordinary. I want to look immortal. I'm a vampire.
Giant squid (22 days ago)
Ok. I found you. Time to send vampire hunters
David Kinsella (27 days ago)
I actually prefer brown skinned girls over white skinned girls any day. Always have.
Laura Thomas (28 days ago)
Actually skin lightening has been around in east asia for hundreds of years, Japan didn’t even open up its borders until like the 19th century, and before that the fashion was pale skin. Why do you think Geishas painted themselves white? Also a lot of the skin whitening products in Japan and China are more to do with getting rid of sun damage as you age, like age spots, and getting an even glowing complexion. Skin bleaching is a whole differential ball game

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