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Why the market for skin whitening is growing

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Skin whitening has proven to be damaging, physically and mentally. But sales are booming. The market is predicted to be worth $31.2 billion by 2024. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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‹Lucy_ _Rossy› (2 hours ago)
Why the market of skin blackening is growing?
Michael Cima (3 hours ago)
trinity b (12 hours ago)
What happened to people wanting to be tanner? I hate that this. I am a Latina who was raised by a white mother, and as a child, I always wanted to be darker. I thought that I wasn't Hispanic enough if I didn't have dark enough skin. This is the exact same idea, only it isn't empowering minorities to embrace themselves. This makes me so mad. Love yourself, whoever you are. You are beautiful, and your skin is your skin.
patrick hit407 (14 hours ago)
hi im filipino
nutermani (18 hours ago)
Bruh just don’t go outside that’s what me and lil pump did and we got paler
Ookashay (1 day ago)
The real problem isn't the skin lightening it's that the products are unregulated and dangerous.
Vidyasagar Yadav (1 day ago)
Indians use skin whitening creams or stuff because fair skin colour is kind of exotic to Indians. questions: Why do westerners prefer tanned skin colour? . Did you got the answer. Because tanned skin is exotic in the west. And the racism part: India has a wide variety of skin tones ranging from black to Brown to pale to white. So, discrimination on the basis of skin colour is like 0%.
Tripa Seca (1 day ago)
ive whitened my skin this year, and im loving the effects and im not racist for God's sake its a preference
jamie andersonn (1 day ago)
Dark skin is gorgeous look at naomi Campbell and SZA 😍
unknown person (2 days ago)
Let European men marry asian women as they want tan skin womens and let asian men marry European womens. Problem solved.
Ebtisam Zyad (2 days ago)
Who else is pasty white
RAAVAN # (2 days ago)
Its all depends on a person's vision
Oof Oof (2 days ago)
That little girl was so beautiful it breaks my heart what she said:(
Titanic Big boat (2 days ago)
Athena (2 days ago)
I’m pale very pale or should I say “fair” I hate my pale skin I would love to have even slightly tan
Cooliostuff (3 days ago)
3:20 oof ouchie my heart
shubham preet (3 days ago)
*Wait!!! In Asia people want lighter skin,but, in western countries people intentionally tan it. Does this prove that, humans can never get satisfied, with, what nature has given them*
As I black Latino a would never use skin whitener, I love the color of my skin, and I think that skin whiteners should the illegal. The "Frainkwhite" the boy that video showed has much a beautiful skin, and he's probably ashamed of it.
Sammykid2 CPR (3 days ago)
I never heard of this.
Wingedwolf (4 days ago)
I was definitely affected by this as a kid. I hated being darker and felt extremely left out from anything social. I had stayed out of the sun and tried whitening until I realized dark skin is just as beautiful as light skin. It's so sad how perfect-driven this world is and how much we shame ourselves and others for being natural.
NuclearTOILET (4 days ago)
I used to use a whitening toothpaste mixed with diluted hair bleach on my skin as a teen because I wanted to be way paler....and I'm just a regular beige Iberian ...
Azul Caldhera (4 days ago)
That’s why body positivity and self-love movements are so important. It’s not about “getting fat” etc. Is about stop reaching for an unobtainable physicality and to stop buying into the idea that you have to look a certain way to be beautiful. Colorism is a social and historical issue, but we can’t change it by just giving into the pressure.
VANNIVEZ (5 days ago)
People don't like white people but want to be white?
Prince Chauhan (5 days ago)
Brown is good
Okay first of all, it DOESN'T MATTER what color your skin is. If it does, it shouldn't. For instance if you wanna be Goth you can stay a brown girl or boy or whatever you are, you don't have to be pasty white or a shade of porcelain. You can be unique. You are loved just the same by people who have the right mindset.
alexandre piret (5 days ago)
I love my beutiful white skin
SuperNachoDip (7 days ago)
I live in Thailand. Skin whitening products are so common here that it's harder to find something not advertised to 'whiten'. Thai culture really prefer white color skin, people treat you better and they don't even try to hide it. Moving from US, it was a culture shock for me. I'm using whitening product now cuz that's the lotion i can buy. I think it just help with aging discoloration (vit C) though... Not dangerous chemicals.
Pia TWD (7 days ago)
I didn’t know this was a thing ...
Pia TWD (7 days ago)
every skin color is beautiful
Elizabeth Perez (7 days ago)
The little girl who said that she didn’t WANT to be dark colored completely shattered my heart 💔 I started to cry
jungoo (8 days ago)
y’all had me until y’all popped up with michael jackson ‘ appearing whiter ’... dude had a skin disease. he didn’t wake up one day and go ‘ huh im gonna cake on a lot of lighter foundation ’.. please do y’alls research..
Lady Cat (8 days ago)
I'm Hispanic and can pass as Caucasian but I love the dark skin of some Indian and Thai people, they are truly beautiful in all shades and have nice looking faces and beautiful hair!
Rly Ok (8 days ago)
It roots to colonisation in most of these places, especially India. We may not physically be free from the British but we’re still slaves to them, to the white, we still subconsciously consider them superior to us. A subconscious association with white rulers and British royalty, and Indian workers with darker complexions as they spent their time out in the sun, slaving for these rulers. What’s physical freedom when you’re mentally still a slave?
andea turtur (9 days ago)
This is white peoples fault
Aisha Maryam (9 days ago)
Idk why people even make skin colour an issue like it’s freaking SKIN!! Why does it matter it’s just something in your skin
Jules C (9 days ago)
I haven’t watched he’s the video yet but why can’t we all just be happy with our skin
Why Jesus (9 days ago)
White people complaining about how they suffer reversed racism and people saying this has nothing to do with white supremacy, both at 80km/h.
Jose E Leon (9 days ago)
T series = whiTe series Wake up america
Jose E Leon (9 days ago)
SJW: get mad at this also SJW: suport transgender people(wich is not bad, but just goes to show how hipocryt they could be)
nikolas mattos (9 days ago)
Under the table sources?? What do you mean? Here in brasil you can buy hydroquinone 4% in any drugstore
Dhruv Rai (10 days ago)
Tanning is just as bad, don't bash one thing and let another be.
Twanted Vivianne (11 days ago)
How about for blue skinned people
TuneOfYourHeart (11 days ago)
Here in japan there’s entire sections in stores of skin whitening products. Some are very expensive. Most products include whitening products without stating it on the front and only in the back. You can even by cheap skin whitening products for ¥100 which is about $1.
Søren Markov (11 days ago)
here we go another blame the whiteys for their own cultural perception problems
Sere15 (11 days ago)
Im glad they're not comercializing this in Argentina, but i know they sell them in México
squidwart (12 days ago)
u shouldn’t have used mj as an example tho bc he had a skin condition called vitiligo.
Jessica Hart (13 days ago)
You can't force people to find dark skin beautiful.
Victoria Huynh (13 days ago)
That little girl saying brown skin was nasty made me bawl my eyes out
Of The 4th Kind (13 days ago)
I like all skin tones and colors. I’m sorry if I haven’t done enough to help those learn to love themselves as they are. I’m here to love and accept everyone as they are and come. One race; Human race. Please don’t lighten your skin; your skin is perfect however it looks. There is something so beautiful about warm, darker skin tones; I hope you all love yourselves and have a great day!
dyscea (14 days ago)
Likas is classic.
hep the great (15 days ago)
huh, if I got any whiter I'd glow. I've always wanted tanner skin, and my friends used tanning beds and spray tans. It was a status symbol, if you were tanning you were upper class as you had money to do that.
Angel Michael (15 days ago)
lol tank asians for that
Soviet Roll (15 days ago)
Lol Vox. Asians people use skin whitening product not to be like “white people”. Its because the royalties back in the days have fair and lighter skin than most peasants. Nothing to do with racism
Blurryink (16 days ago)
I know a lot of these products can be damaging but I feel a lot of them are misunderstood and put in to this lightening products category when they actually mean to brighten and not lighten, to even out your skin tone if you have certain darker areas and such.
Savannah Proctor (16 days ago)
What happened to if your ugly its because your ugly and not because of your skin tone?
Matthew Smith (16 days ago)
I still dont get the diffence between whitening and spray on tans. I personally think both of them are bad and unhealthy but how come one is worse than the other?
Suomi Euro (16 days ago)
This comment section is cancer
Jerome Alday (17 days ago)
I used skin whitening soaps and cream before, It never worked. Now I used glutathione shots. I look like Snow White now. 😍😍
QuickDraw (17 days ago)
Its because whiter coloured skins are better. We all see it. It is ingrained into our minds its human psychology
Vforfettuccine (18 days ago)
And the americans spend thousand for tanning treatment. Ladies, your dark skin is a blessing!
Secret Zexyula Teloiv (18 days ago)
I want skin whitening creme!
Mia Deg (18 days ago)
It makes my heart hurt. Dark skinned people use these products while light skinned people use tanning products. I personally dislike my own light skin, as people treat me like a dumber person, while I know darker skinned people suffer for it as well. Why does skin color matter?!?!
originaozz (18 days ago)
The little girl part just made me cry. This idea is deeply ingrained in the world and it affects beyond our prejudice or racism towards other, but also how we tend to look at ourselves. In Asia, while the culture are starting to shift towards natural skin tone pride, but the majority still find harmful ways to make themselves "whiter" or "brighther" (in nicer terms) with products that are not even registered and extremely harmful. I guess they should have known better, but it is still the society's fault that shaped this disgusting believed that white = brighter future. This just makes me feel deeply unsettled and conflicted everyday for working in the advertisement industry that try to set new beauty standards for women. I just hope I can make it a little bit better than it was, not creating the even worse norms that encourage women's self hate.
Sebastian Greiner (18 days ago)
Well, racial discrimination issues aren't always the reason why lighter skin is considered beautiful. It's also extremely about social and economic status. In many Asian countries lighter skin is considered more beautiful because back in the day it would suggest you're not a farmer but belong to a wealthier part of society. It's just like being darker is considered beautiful in many European countries, since it shows you can afford not to work all the time and have the money to travel foreign places or just hang out in the sun. Same goes for being skinny, muscular or fat and every other physical appearance. What ever look is connected to wealth and rare is considered beautiful.
Peachybitts (18 days ago)
I want to make my skin pale bc I’m asian
Jakub Mike (19 days ago)
So... where da white women at?
I love my skin color,my father raised me to love myself and to use my brain He told me I was the most beautiful African QUEEN in the world, now I am 40 and I still believe I am beautiful with my dark skin and my curly hair,nothing has stopped me from reaching my goal's because I was raised to use my brain not my skin color, girls use your Brian, you are beautiful African QUEEN'S, it doesn't matter what the color off your skin is look at opera, look at all the amazing powerful women in the world they are dark skinned,it was not their looks that got them there it was there Brian.
Unnatural09 (19 days ago)
Eventually these beauty products will eventually remove the harmful chemicals and have a more natural remedies will fill the market. How can you focus on loving yourself when parents even say, " there's no harm, even science says so".
Omg it was so sad seeing the little girl talking about how the lighter tone is better than the darker one because it's nasty. She and everyone who doesn't feel confident about their skin should be proud and wear it confidently. I just want to tell her she's beautiful the way she is and never believe whenever someone says darker skin is nasty
Saper4ik (20 days ago)
And white people are told that they need to tan, or else they won't look beautiful. I think everybody should just embrace their natural skin color, and stop whitening or tanning =)
G C (20 days ago)
I never wanted lighter skin in my whole entire life. Well except on my underarms but at this point I don't even care anymore
Melissa Ramirez (22 days ago)
Michael Jackson didn’t bleach his skin :/
Joy (22 days ago)
Ya know your natural skin is beautiful but if you really want to u can use natural remedies
vivek p (22 days ago)
i feel repulsed and disgusted by these products and their ads everytime i see them, recently some of my friends who are 25 years old, from northern states of india who had much more whiter skin were worried their skin was getting darker and bought some whitening cream
gavin Reid (23 days ago)
Lack of self esteem......
Eri Ca (23 days ago)
Philippines, as usual. I'm not generalizing us all Filipinos but many people associate lighter skin color to beauty here especially in provinces. It can get to the point that our skin tone doesn't look natural at all.
Michael Bryne Sr (23 days ago)
Darker people want to look lighter, white people want to tan, nobody's happy.
Yeah but darker people want to look lighter because they're always told/showed that they are ugly for being dark. Lots of kids grow up assuming they're ugly because of their skin before they even know what colorism/racism is. White people have the skin beauty standards show is the most beautiful. They're happy, they just like the trendiness of looking a little bit tan
Gabbi Durham (24 days ago)
Won’t be giving Nivea anymore of my business
Gabbi Durham (24 days ago)
Sorry but no skin whitening products for me sis. It’s nerf or nothing.
Foxeh Playzᄎᄒ (24 days ago)
Girl: I don't like how brown looks Meh: Um... that's not brown that's black when someones brown they're latin you know?
Tyler Stadnyk (25 days ago)
so it seems like alot of people just think white skin looks better? and the question is why? mmm.... ya i agree people shouldn't use drugs to try and be something they are not...
Grundle Munch (25 days ago)
good. nobody would agree that dark is attractive
Cookie Di Angelo (25 days ago)
What about my teeth. They don't need to be white to be beautiful They can be brown or even yellow.
sydur Rahman (25 days ago)
The preaching of European supremacy and colonization is mostly responsible for this .
ILIA (27 days ago)
I can’t believe you just showed Michael Jackson there! Guy had vitiligo!! It’s not a choice it’s illness!
Charles Peckham (29 days ago)
I live in China. I can confirm that the average person here will go to extreme lengths to keep their skin light.
EggAbyss (29 days ago)
What if people just wanna lighten their skin, not for race reasons. I think it boils down to what’s around people. E.g lots of dark skinned people around, lighter could be considered more attractive since it’s rare, and vice versa Or just personal preference
Nate River (29 days ago)
Thanks for talking about this, really!
Ash Westbrook (1 month ago)
Can't this be classified as whiteface?
Ash Westbrook (1 month ago)
Goldkatze (1 month ago)
Indian Microsoft Support
Why Me? (1 month ago)
Dark skinned women are beautiful
Jason Tong (1 month ago)
dude wtf, Asia's whitening trend has NOTHING to do with the civil right movement or any of that of black people problems in Europe or the US, this video is just another way for vox to zigzag right back to this black lives matter subject, and it's really annoying.
Bernice Marie (1 month ago)
There’s a campaign started by a biracial woman who is half Filipino and half black, it is called #MagandangMorenx, which translate to “beautiful brown skin”. She is, basicially speaking, that we should embrace our skin. Here’s an article from someone explaining it way better than me: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/magandangmorenx-celebrating-our-brown-skin
spooky (1 month ago)
Now this is actual physical white washing
alecia jessica (1 month ago)
My teacher used this as an example in our english class
Tommy Sar Vercetti (1 month ago)
I see a Fair and Lovely billboard from Dhaka, I get in
Rup Ganguly (1 month ago)
Skin whitening products should be banned.
Mg Saw (1 month ago)
I am not a fan of vox but I like it , In my country , that is happening like a root of tree

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