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Why the market for skin whitening is growing

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Skin whitening has proven to be damaging, physically and mentally. But sales are booming. The market is predicted to be worth $31.2 billion by 2024. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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Text Comments (8207)
Rache _9280 (46 minutes ago)
I always like having a nice tan but changing your color to be accepted into society. People only care about color but doesn't care about their experiences, education, or how good they are in many things. Being socially accepted is foolish because it makes you think to much of yourself rather than caring for yourself. God gave you what you have so accept it. Being different is more beautiful.
Trekky (1 hour ago)
Being white is boring AF, I'd like to be of a slightly darker ethnicity
Warped (2 hours ago)
White is tight.
Marek Siciński (7 hours ago)
>things are starting to change, with inclusive makeup lines and emojis lolol this is the peak of modern us liberalism, nothing gets better than this
Marek Siciński (7 hours ago)
Why is it different than skin tanning or putting on lipstick to Vox? The lipstick of today is thankfully not toxic as it once used to be in certain places, and tanning is recognized as not so good. Bronzing/spray tan things exist as well, anyway. How is avoiding tanning worse than trying to tan on purpose? UV light causes skin cancer anyway lol Other than that, offending your lithe cultural sensibilities is all the difference. Unaware of their preferences? Maybe you should teach them, oh wise americans.
Marek Siciński (7 hours ago)
'White is purity' is not a US-targetted ad, obv. the US is wayy too woke for that, and majority white etc so no such target audience.
Marek Siciński (7 hours ago)
There is some high-level cynicism here abt injecting ur own attiudes (or interpretation of other people's attiudes, even better- given that the confrontation between people of different skin colour s often produced strange jokes and quips etc) into that girl at 3:33, she doesn't see it quite in this way
Marek Siciński (7 hours ago)
No, they don't rely on a concept called 'colorism'. At least get your semantics right when smearing things. They rely on *something* called colorism, they don't relly on the concept of it.
Marek Siciński (7 hours ago)
lol woke americans discover other countries' beauty products
Marek Siciński (7 hours ago)
How are they more 'emotionally' damaging than others?
Meghna Sharma (7 hours ago)
As an Indian girl, I still remember being forcefed milk even when I hated it because my grandmother thought that it makes you white.
Reem J (8 hours ago)
EXCUSE ME! Michael Jackson has a skin disorder called vitiligo, he didn’t change his skin color ,
Jewish Rebel16 (13 hours ago)
You shouldn’t buy this crap for the following reason 1.its bad for ur confidence 2. Your beautiful as you are random person scrolling thru the comments
Guren Guren (1 day ago)
I’ve been asked about how I get light skin for living my whole life in the Philippines Got me concerned for a bit because I’m just antisocial and lack vitamin D and I don’t think they want that
Sugar Playz (1 day ago)
Ohnoo she forgot to take out the noodles 5:59
Borni Ekellem (1 day ago)
Guys just get it: white civilisations has always been superior, you just can't deny it ! Who colonized the world ? - Europe Who had most inventions in history ? - Europe So please don't act as if the third world ever did anything to help to progress of humanity, since they never did ! Im not saying its right to discriminate people, but its also not right to lie about such a huge fact that affected history for so long just becsuse you don't want to hurt peoples feelings, that is just stupid !!!
SK (1 day ago)
Oof, my Filipino mom owns many of those items in that box
VIP Big Bang ! (3 days ago)
In Asia having nice fair/white skin is huge! Whenever I meet my relatives they always talk about how I need to care for my skin more and become more “white”. It’s sad how common it has become to be told how being fair/white is more beautiful than being on the darker side
Finnish Gril (3 days ago)
Ya’ll pretend like only non whites want to change their skin colour. White people get tans all the time to look darker
Pisces Sun (3 days ago)
I wish I were pale but as an Asian I'm yellow. I don't hate myself though.
Marcelino (4 days ago)
Just get vitiligo its quick, its easy, and its free
Sneaker X3 (4 days ago)
Bruv that's not racist because in Asia the reason light skin is seen as wealth is because in history poorer people in Asia worked in the hot sun and got darker skin that the rich that stayed inside its culture there. In America and western places having a tan shows wealth that's why people in America want to get more tanned
22 subs with no video (4 days ago)
2:07 wait.. is this ad real? isnt it a little bit racist?
i_Cheerio (4 days ago)
I’m Indian and my grandmother is wanting me to try these. The older generation is provoking this, and I don’t mean to be rude.
Accio Sharpie (5 days ago)
tan people want fair skin and fair people want tan skin. *humans*
RGaming GD/GT (5 days ago)
give me sinigang
Tech Pulse (6 days ago)
I am proud to be black for Lil Uzi vert
whosayyou (6 days ago)
I don't know about other countries, but Asian, especially southeast Asian countries, are super obsessed with wanting to have whiter skin when in reality, our people are actually people of brown to light brown skins. one of the reasons for our non-white skin is because of our climate/weather we have here. so, a lot of times, people who use whitening skin products tend to have irritation when they go out, far worse than people who actually have naturally white skin. There are tons of local made whitening products sold in our country and there are cases that some of these products contain a high level of mercury (mercury generally acts like a bleaching effect to the skin which makes your skin whiter over time). ads pop up everywhere, like "want whiter skin? get them in a week", "whiter skin, get them overnight". these are the products that contain a hazardous amount of mercury, but people still use them because of the mentality of "whiter skin = better skin = people like you more" that's unchanging. And once people start using them, they can't stop because it'll lead to bad to extreme skin condition, so they keep on buying/using them. This mentality is also influenced by people in East Asian countries, crazy obsession about "beauty" (as what they themselves perceived, "beauty = white and skinny"). It's a fckkd up mentality and it's still there. Even if you see celebrities supporting loving you're own skin colour, in that country, there are still people, the general public, who still perceived "beauty" as such, glorifying white skin. There's nothing wrong with using makeup to cover flaws on your skin, but not to the point of changing the natural condition of your skin that harms yourself. I really appreciate the fact that more products are available in the market to accommodate to different shades of skin colour, and with more companies that can cater to such things, i hope people can appreciate and love themselves more, not changing themselves to satisfy or conform to what public perceived as "beautiful".
YMRmonkey Plays (7 days ago)
Simple Answer: People want to be part of society and have respect
Chianel EXO-L (7 days ago)
4:46 Wait, Michael Jackson had vitiligo, I mean, he always said that at no time did he want to clarify his skin tone. I think that example is wrong
trollbreeder (7 days ago)
No thanks, i'm pretty white enough. Maybe too white.
trollbreeder (7 days ago)
no seriously. when the sun is hot i have to take 50+ very high protection sun cream
YasKween sssksk (7 days ago)
nique (7 days ago)
*sigh* Everything in this world is now somehow connected to Racism or Colorism.
AAron Thom (8 days ago)
Your Mom doesn’t think toothpaste is sold in The USA???
Here in Brazil most people spend a lot of time and money to be tan (even me to be honest)
TIM apple (5 days ago)
dont do that ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9BqrSAHbTc
Mermaids of the Sea (8 days ago)
Let people do what they want some people wanna have darker skin and some want lighter skin. I mean they won’t be more beautiful or less beautiful after and as long as they don’t hurt them selves they should do what they want. I don’t think they should bleach there skin but maybe try wearing lighter up/darker make up. And if you want your skin to be darker try tanning and if you want to be lighter wear lots of sunscreen and stay inside more often your melanocytes will be less active💙😂
Broken Wrists (9 days ago)
I'm so white I get called a ghost
Jaanhavee parihar (10 days ago)
Hey hey hey did u just put in priyanka ???boy she's a proud brown one and that video was for scrub not lighting up the skim
조찬 (10 days ago)
hmm well the craze for lighter skin isn't all about colorism. In some cultures, light skin is preferred over dark skin because it represents the royals and the high class people back when agriculture was popular(even before there was contact with the westerners). They never had to work outside, so their skins weren't as burnt as the lower class people, who actually had to do all the farming. People have a natural tendency to be attracted to traits of wealthy, powerful people. Even though only a few people remain as farmers nowadays, the social crave for lighter skin still exists and is affecting the generations unrelated to agriculture and social hierarchies. That's the reason why fairer skin is viewed as one of the main standards of beauty(only in some cultures though, Im not sure if it is true for others)
Zen Zone (10 days ago)
I think colonization made a huge impact on why a lot of Africans and Asians like to lighten their skin
Blackpink Piano Tiles (10 days ago)
oh..i have always wanted black skin 😭
Come to Brazil
Arpana Minj (11 days ago)
I am brown dusky skin Indian and I love my skin colour.
Come to Brazil, here everyone wants skin like indians
alienveluz \ bts stan (12 days ago)
I’m pale af. And if I would use lightening I would look like a reflection.
Maggie Mae (12 days ago)
white european propaganda certainly had an impact on views about dark skin, but the stigma was always there. ancient china - peasant worked outside = tanned and covered in sweat/dirt, empress sat inside all day = fair and "beautiful" edit.. if white people want darker skin and dark skinned people want lighter skin, what exactly is the "ideal" tone?
Assassin Creed (12 days ago)
Giant Business. I think I should start this business also what do u guys think 🤣.
Yana Martinez (13 days ago)
A whitening soap as came in before the video
UG- LEE (13 days ago)
indian hindu worship gods who are all black (narayana, krishna, mahakali)
MajinBros (14 days ago)
Is tanning racist now?
Because.. white skin simply looks better. All cultures(except African cultures for obvious reasons) see white skin as beautiful and black skin as dirty.
Loev. Period (15 days ago)
So their basically their being racist so they can make more money. You never know if your changing kids lives.The kids are going to have low self esteem.YOUR TURN THEM INTO THAT DR.PHIL GIRL THAT THINKS SHE’S WHITE c h a n g e t h e w o r l d.
KAREN Mwehp (17 days ago)
1:02 OMG THATS WHAT I USE LMAO #pinoy but my mom just gave it to me
the Devil (18 days ago)
They wanna be white while I'm over here wanting to be blacker like
Daddy D A D D Y (19 days ago)
I’m white and I wish my skin could be as white as some of the South Korean idols.Like everybody else with dark skin is so beautiful but if I’m the least bit tan I hate myself.
wildchild (20 days ago)
i just thought it would make your skin clearer and make dark acne scars disappear but ok
Savage 9000 (21 days ago)
So people want to tan themselves and whiten themselves
xZANZIBARZx (21 days ago)
*I hate tanning. I love my porcelain princesses to stay like that. But, on the flip side I would never encourage using bleach and sulfur. I mean you're just smearing cancer on your face* The only time you use "hydroquinone" which isn't safe: for SCARS! only
mylyn bueno (21 days ago)
Theres is a filipino in vox borders,,nice one😊 4-2-19
Mia Nikitovic (21 days ago)
LeT S pUt BlEacH oN oUr FaCe ChiLdren like wth
Mia Nikitovic (21 days ago)
Why dont people love the color they are born with I have marks on my skin and I love my body I know sadly not everybody love their skin but why change it
Kakapos And kiwis (21 days ago)
Some stupid Instagram models make other people feel like they look ugly compared to their plastic surgery and stupid photoshop
Raman Lahariya (22 days ago)
Indians are sick, why cant we just appreciate the diverse complexion we jave. Matrimonial are aslo guilty of this, Rules must be enforced to against having a column to describe skin color.
Mighty Boosh (22 days ago)
So much white privilege , white people bad ( continues to bleach skin white to be white ??? )
Dx Fire (23 days ago)
White privilege exists... In Asia and Africa... 😂😂
Shelly Shellu (23 days ago)
*and y’all out here tryin to tan*
park sung hye (23 days ago)
Well In Korea skin whitening is also a huge Industry it’s sad actually and I hate it
UnknownPersonality (23 days ago)
Yes, preach! It's so good when people talk about this because then people realize they are not the only ones who've been bombarded by these stupid skin whitening ads that are so damaging for people's self-confidence, especially for people from former colonies
임수아 (24 days ago)
We want light skin because light skin is beautiful, dark skin is not
Akihito's Erection (24 days ago)
This comes from the past when the royalty and noble people has paler skin.
Debbie Nandalall (24 days ago)
If you do this In guyana. Sorry for you
Lindokuhle Zondi (24 days ago)
Who is speechless and deeply hurt like me?
applejack (24 days ago)
*we always want what we can't have*
rib's sauce (25 days ago)
No its not, dumbass. All you see is people with that horrendous spray tan because people want to be more black nowadays.
ohhow lovely (26 days ago)
I think I'll cry. Dark skin is so beautiful, why are they so blind?
Come to Brazil
magravine manzanilla (26 days ago)
Why am i heartbroken now
Jacqueline Saxena (26 days ago)
The problem is never skin color unless you make it a qualifier for jobs and a better life. This is done by shallow minorities and racist wHATES! Asia and Africa govt can prevent this issue through Affirmative Action! It's not just for wHATE folks when minorities create the same disparity against less fair people too. As for North America, people know that both look fine, but caucasoid racists want to elevate grudges to consume more.
Barbara Stepien-foad (26 days ago)
Ok so this is the twenty first century, brown,black and yellow skinned people can see through the crap that was around during history and we all know that it's not the colour of a person's skin or hairstyle or features or eyes it's the person themselves that matters. So why is it that so many Asian people long for a whiter skin? I don't get it, if you don't want racism then why do you prefer to be white? That's like saying well white is better than black to aspire to? Hello,anyone in there? (Ps Michael Jackson had vitiligo so shouldn't be pointed out in this video as wanting to be white.)
dayachi 29 (26 days ago)
Omg I own this 0:55
cirquegoddess (27 days ago)
I hope somebody is helping that little girl believe in her own beauty, inside and out. So heartbreaking to hear her say those things about herself
Sansa Stark (27 days ago)
Being pale skinned, watching this is sad because Ive wanted to tan, but the fact that everyone is beautiful no matter what, and that if we change our skin, you lose your uniqueness and beauty
Divyansh Raiswal (27 days ago)
This a big problem in india
The DisneyAddict (28 days ago)
😭💔 It’s hurts my heart when the little girl said, “It’s nasty” about her own skin color. 😖
BTS trash (28 days ago)
Two of the popular youtubers that I follow were in this.
Silver Kalvin (27 days ago)
If they are Asian YouTubers, some of them use brightening creams which just balances out dull skin. Whitening is just the term used in east Asian skincare for brightening.
Mei Raiden (28 days ago)
I got a whitening ad b4 watching dis
pamela kaur (28 days ago)
These products dont work...the only people getting rich are the company's that fool u.
Fannish Fanning (29 days ago)
It's funny because Filipinos are wannabe Americans. So yeah, slather on that whitening lotion.
you can thank 500 years of being colonized by white people for that.
Neil Marc Bayron (29 days ago)
You are beautiful, just the way you are 💕
Really Random (29 days ago)
And white people have tanning products.... JUST BE YOURSELF!!!!!
Mignon (30 days ago)
i have light skin even though my parents are both black and i do get less discipline reports than other kids. the other kids are darker than me.
What about tanning?
Violett .__. (30 days ago)
**sniff sniff** What’s that I smell? **sniff** Smells like... RRRAAACCCIIISSSMMM
d_101 (1 month ago)
The biggest reason here is childhood movies fairytale etc which lay foundation in any persons fashion sense. "Snow White" , "cinderella "etc have a much higher impact on young girls here in Asia they glorify white skin . the fact that men aren't as affected by this shows this has nothing to do with white supremacy or colonialism . the stigma exited earlier but has increased now.
Fallen Angel (1 month ago)
I actually think that Westerners especially white people think highly of themselves when they believe that Asians want pale or white skin is because they want to look like Westerners. This trend has been going in Asia for millennia. Even before Westerners colonized Asian countries.
SemiAuto Thanos Car (1 month ago)
Thats just an Afro Asiatic southern new worldish problem we dont have that here in america.
Why do people tan and or whitening their skin? just be happy with your natural color be yourself.
hy oh (22 days ago)
Probably the same reason why people dye their hair or wear colorful contact lenses
Squid Girl (1 month ago)
"Skin whitening is hurtful in many ways, physically and emotionally." Damn no wonder Korea and Japan have the highest suicide rates.
Silver Kalvin (14 days ago)
+한수진 right? People shouldn't just assume we want to look like Caucasians! Like how are gray contacts or colored hair Caucasian? Or double eyelids???? Asian double eyelids don't even look like Caucasian double eyelids
한수진 (15 days ago)
+Silver Kalvin Preach, it was more about 'social class' rather than race in Northeast Asia. Laborors who worked outdoors tended to have more tanned skin than the privileged class or royals. Not everyone admires caucasian standards and it is plain arrogant to see some people try to teach on how asians should be proud of their natural skin...because believe it or not these asians were born with lighter skin tones. If putting on sunscreen is supposed to be racist, how is tanning your skin? Nevertheless i agree that skin whitening is harmful and the culture demeaning beautiful diverse shades of dark skin. Ways to be elitist...
Silver Kalvin (27 days ago)
Um.... Pretty sure that is not the reason. Korea is known for having an extremely stressful education system while Japan is really strict on work. Skin whitening in East Asia is skin brightening. Also lots of East asians have light skin naturally
alice hatterz (1 month ago)
This is such an idiotic and flawed video .
extra (1 month ago)
alice hatterz Why exactly?
Sneha Ghosh (1 month ago)
I wish I could have some superpower to just destroy every skin whitening products from this world
Dude 4 (1 month ago)
You can't change your skin pigments like my parents are both Indian my dad is darker and so I have medium brown colour and its not just the products like people make fun of you to
🕳 (1 month ago)
When the little girl pointed at the middle shade saying thats hers 😂😂 no girl, move up a shade or two, lets be real
Dasmycheeto (1 month ago)
she said she wished she had it not that it was hers

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