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Ultimate Cute Pets vs. Epic Kids Fails Compilation | Funny Pet Videos February 2018

83559 ratings | 11395327 views
Funny Pet Videos shows you what happens when cute kids and babies meet the cutest dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and other pets in the most hilarious home video compilation. Funny Pet Videos brings you the best cute animal compilations, try not to laugh challenges, fails, wins, and hilarious viral videos. We feature dogs, cats, horses, pigs, lions, lizards, rodents, bugs, spiders, tigers, kittens, puppies, squirrels, foxes, and more in the best new dank memes, funny clips, and you laugh you lose challenges and create collective of funny pets, life awesome moments, and epic wins. Not content with only one platform, we’re committed to montages from Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Musically. Sit back and enjoy a veritable fail army: kids fails, animal fails, girl fails, trampoline fails, car fails, on the job fails, old people fails, school fails, water fails, prank fails and pranks gone wrong, and more! Not convinced? Check out some of our greatest hits below! Funniest Pet Reactions & Bloopers of January 2018 | Funny Pet Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gc4OXzPY0Gg Ultimate FUNNY DOG Compilation of 2017 | Funny Pet Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIBQTZBRoC0 Funniest Pet Reactions & Bloopers of November 2017 | Funny Pet Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8criqdtLGVI Ultimate Cute Pets vs. Epic Kids Fails Compilation | Funny Pet Videos February 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjMVtGsFULk Try Not To Laugh At This Ultimate Funny Dog Video Compilation | Funny Pet Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcL0MeVZIxM BEST ANIMALS OF 2017 | Funny Pet Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34NjK6pRFiM TRY NOT TO LAUGH at FUNNY PET FAILS 2017 | Funny Pet Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6hrw6KGdtM Ultimate Try Not to Aww Compilation of 2017 | Funny Pet Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WiXPFBwx7M Funniest Pet Reactions & Bloopers of August 2017 | Funny Pet Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nz7eX19isF4 Funniest Animals Scaring People Reactions of 2018 Weekly Compilation | Funny Pet Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fspq-Ow-A8 Our channel features content from: America’s Funniest Home Videos, Storyful, Launch Pad Entertainment LPE, VVUK, People Doing Things, and more! Check out our partners! Dumb Genius https://www.youtube.com/user/TheBestVines Musically Compilations https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7SK2sk4YhfbJs57vBg3UbQ Funny Vines https://www.youtube.com/user/VineAholic The Best Fails https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuunebfqIi8uCzAs_fO1D6Q Try Not to Laugh Challenge https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIDaoGGZ0VL_lWajKts4bww Mas Supreme https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrSB37ax8L3rZY3WtDMMitg Life Awesome Tiger Productions / Tiger Funny Works CoVines / CoViners #funnypetvideos #funnydogs #animals #cutecats #funnypetvideso #fpv #animals #funnydogs #cutecats
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Text Comments (8572)
Night bleeder (37 minutes ago)
Black cat and baby baby was just having fun the cat scratch the baby Me: if that was my cat i will killl da heck out of it cuz i like babys than animals exept for birds they are also cute
Shogun Plays (2 hours ago)
Kind of glad the kids cried or got scared Idk y I feel like I am sadistic
Hans Peter (2 hours ago)
1:57 das kam unerwartet xD
pickednads6 (3 hours ago)
That snow leopard at 7:23 is mesmerizing
Gaming Tv (3 hours ago)
0:57 king of chickens
xdElmin (3 hours ago)
0:46 horror movies in a nutshell
Claude Caskey (4 hours ago)
Some of those animals I would have a nice rug
Raul Tejedor (5 hours ago)
I hate the crying kids, stupid....
T U G I (5 hours ago)
0:46 налет Николая Соболева на малышей
awkward human (6 hours ago)
6:17 when the squad in different classes
Bill Sison (9 hours ago)
Pepole: I hate animals me: yay mayor: ok now kill animals
Bill Sison (9 hours ago)
I’m a kid ok
Xander Xen (10 hours ago)
I have decided that i will adopt a cat.. And have it fight my kid everyday... The one that win will get more cuddles
JRLOC488 (12 hours ago)
Heh stupid kids
Daniel Bispo Teixeira (13 hours ago)
Hahahahahahaha muito engraçado
Sourav Ghosh (16 hours ago)
I hate to say it but some of those kids deserved it :D
wshng2flyaway (21 hours ago)
I had no idea kids getting knocked down by animals was so common 😂
artiomas melnikov (21 hours ago)
Woman: This cat loves me Cat: Nope 5:41
jyd1384 (22 hours ago)
Kindness human owners didn't make blames for spoiled animals' unexpected behaviors like this. But some animal experts say that if you wanna raise well-trained good pets in your house, should train those animals such as smart pets that have enough understanding for who is their owner and who is their owners' kids. Yup, agreed on it. Because human owners mightn't have waited for the unexpected situation at their house.
Jake Phillips (22 hours ago)
The parents filming are hilarious. They are catching jokes while the kids are screaming. lol!
Масадим Dima (22 hours ago)
Taylor Alesia (1 day ago)
Pets are pervert when around girls
Taylor Alesia (1 day ago)
Parent are so mean when their kids get attacked by their own pets
Sean y (1 day ago)
4:06 That's a broken wrist
Victoria Victoria (1 day ago)
Pets are not a toy
Victoria Victoria (1 day ago)
This kids are ideots
Josip Ozimec (1 day ago)
Girl: This cat loves me. Cat: Am not sure abut that >:[ Also cat : Cat smash!
InCloseFighter (1 day ago)
0:32....cat obviously plays Street Fighter II. He gave her that E. Honda 100 Hand Slap combo. Lol
Mohammed Alblooshi (1 day ago)
ŁÄŃÅ (1 day ago)
_reading comments_ Some comments: KIDS SHOULD RESPECT THE PETS, THEY'RE NOT TOYS _sees the video_ Me: huh
самые нахальные животные в видео, это коты)))
cece channel (2 days ago)
Cameron move asjhdjshsjs 😂
Republikpropaganda (2 days ago)
0:58 me in zombie mode....
TheGirlsNextDoor (2 days ago)
Why do cats always jump out at you. I remember we use to have a black cat named Jinx (coincidence that he was evil) and he would wait for me to walk by the bathroom to bounce on head and knock me over 🤣 I guess it’s like a hunting technique maybe 🤷🏽‍♀️
Bachy Bach (2 days ago)
Cat: *exists* Little boy: AHHHHHH
Arvin Fung (2 days ago)
5:23 run run save your life 🤣🤣👍
Wolfgang 1309 (2 days ago)
2:00 guy used tap cat used fisty scratch guy face plated so cat did more damage
Wolfgang 1309 (2 days ago)
0:32 muti attack + Quick attack + fisty scratch
I’M ROSÉ (2 days ago)
Funny XD
Funny For All (2 days ago)
very very funny
chris guido (2 days ago)
8:58 rofl we’ve all been there😂
chris guido (2 days ago)
Moms voices are soooo annoying :0
chris guido (2 days ago)
Rip “ i never fear the cat”, fears the cat and smashes head on the wall 🤣
christina færch (3 days ago)
KUNOLEO (3 days ago)
I dont like kids
Lethal_ Mibo (3 days ago)
2:01 fortnite 1v1 be like
Aleesya psm (3 days ago)
poor kids ahahahaha
F. Rick Herr (3 days ago)
Tiny humans are pretty defenseless... Their best attempt is to scream and look like prey :(.
ŁÄŃÅ (1 day ago)
_sighs_ 😑
Shine Irene Latosa (3 days ago)
0:02 when u always get beaten on hide n seek
Medanlord Bautista (3 days ago)
2:00 my girlfriend after i played a game
Mitch Roda (3 days ago)
Impa: "That wasn't a very wise play, Link and... Whoever you are" (0:46) Link: "huh!"
0:57 Cuccos going easy on baby Link as he's not worth killing
steven (3 days ago)
Anti-PETA video. 🤣
Bobo TheKid (3 days ago)
BABIES: Does something stupid and cries because of it.
4:14 it wasn't cool
Anna thetomgirl 16388 (4 days ago)
4:21 ooohh... I'm getting something 🌊🐳
Warith Azeem (4 days ago)
What a bunch of bitchiest
Stefano Morosin (4 days ago)
Bellissimo 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Noeliax Noeliax (4 days ago)
Dumb Football (4 days ago)
3:30 Parrots:This tree is awesome!
Choco Minty (4 days ago)
0:42 that is adorable
Alexander Painton (4 days ago)
2:01 A cat Knocked Out Teenager
MilkyTea Gacha (4 days ago)
Human: *Is walking* Cats: _Im about to end this whole human's career_
Mon Mi (4 days ago)
Damn I love cats!
Raul Nunez (4 days ago)
Stupid kids... all of them are future snow flakes.
jAWAD sAEED (4 days ago)
1:00 I didn't stole your eggs....
max maikov (4 days ago)
In 1:27&5:41-😂😂😂😂😂
Как можно дома содержать животных которые нападают на малышей?
Omg these kids are so funny oh my .......😂😂 my chest hurts hahahaha
LiLi -Chan (4 days ago)
Kkkk ri d++
b a (5 days ago)
Novena (5 days ago)
Дети, которые дразнят и стращают животных, заслуживают жёстких пиздячек
Животные, которые без причинно нападают на людей, должны быть убиты.
在家—是IIkooxII (5 days ago)
This is actually not funny to me...it’s kids crying and getting hurt because of pets...what’s so funny about that?
Zy t (5 days ago)
0:00 this cat was lookn for a reason to b a boss 0:46 theeese brothers iss ouuut 1:15 this cats took her ouuut
enemidehumanite (5 days ago)
stupid kids
squall leonhart (5 days ago)
ultimate stupid dad and mother 2018
Noobish Gamer (5 days ago)
You like cats and i am not afraid of cats
Fear Firefist (5 days ago)
Those family moments are memorable
Maunzi The Cat (5 days ago)
I knew I would see negative comments today...If only we could be kind and enjoy the video.
Ker Pes (6 days ago)
OMG , these whiny little kids . grow a pair
Jordan Trisler (6 days ago)
2:00 you know you weak when you get brought down by a cat
SwampySack (6 days ago)
annoying lil brats! but animals are cute
年峰 (6 days ago)
so adorable
Roman Legras (6 days ago)
8:21 "oh u wanna go bi***? .Get your a$s here"
Young killer Lol (6 days ago)
Kids are so clemsay
Lydia Lestage (6 days ago)
This is frikkin hilarious!
Neversad (6 days ago)
5:21 holy that horse got a bit angry. good thing she ran away. there can happen a lot of bad things if you are near an angry horse.
David Szczery (6 days ago)
Stupid kids
abhi singh (6 days ago)
what is the breed of the bird at 7:53
Oceanic (6 days ago)
1:05 the chicken king
Milana Vadić (7 days ago)
1:40 AAAAA THIS IS A BEST 😂😂😂 3:52 😂😂😂
Antonio King (7 days ago)
Thank goodness our kids are so removed from the animal kingdom. They don't stand a chance
jackal59 (7 days ago)
Many of these are "stupid parents let children harass animals" videos.
The Ku Guy (7 days ago)
8:52 my reaction when the most innocent things touch me lmao. But I’d be screaming my lungs out...
Soumyaditya Pal (7 days ago)
Let's just say that the black cat is not only ugly.
Sam .P (7 days ago)
These kids are just freaking annoying, and they're making the animals act like this.
Declan Duffy (7 days ago)
0:32 shouldn't blame the cat for attacking her she invaded the cats personal space wasn't the cats fault
Elizabeth Alphonse (7 days ago)
"I really like cats. I'm excited to have a cat". Cat: attacks girl who loves cats😂😂😂😂
Gourab Roy (7 days ago)
Cats are fking horrible
star and fox (5 days ago)
only if you don't treat them right. cats can be very sweet when their space is respected and they are treated right. but they can also become vengeful when you force your way into their space or mistreat them.
RedBoiTheGamer (7 days ago)
0:32 Me When I Get Close To My Cat

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