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Why the street gang MS-13 is an American problem

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We need to separate fact from fiction about MS-13. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO It’s one of Trump’s favorite talking points: how the gang MS-13 is taking advantage of loose immigration laws and spreading violence and drugs. But is the gang really invading the country, and is it a growing problem? In our latest Vox + ProPublica collaboration, we break down all the talk about MS-13 and separate fact from fiction. For more reporting on MS-13, check out ProPublica reporter Hannah Dreier’s piece here: https://www.propublica.org/article/ms-13-immigration-facts-what-trump-administration-gets-wrong and Vox’s Dara Lind’s here: https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2018/2/26/16955936/ms-13-trump-immigrants-crime And sign up here for ProPublica's Big Story newsletter to get their best reporting in your inbox as soon as it’s published: https://go.propublica.org/bigstorynewsletter-20180720 In our Vox+ProPublica collaboration, we create deep-dive, investigative video storytelling fueled by ProPublica's reporting. You can read the reporting at https://www.propublica.org, and watch the rest of the series on YouTube at http://bit.ly/2wfVG5Z. Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com. Watch our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o Or Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H
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Text Comments (4412)
Trollblox123 (26 minutes ago)
and that explains the humoungus amount of hispanics in my neighbourhood
Trollblox123 (30 minutes ago)
the dislikes are from ms-13
akidin06 (1 day ago)
that voice sounds too sweet for this topic
Addison Clarke (1 day ago)
Fear is a helluva drug. These comments are scary. God help America.
Mr Smarty-pants (1 day ago)
You should like a fool.. It's a prison gang with a high amount of influence in drugs.
KeyToSaraBe (1 day ago)
This video made me feel even more angry about the stupidity of our nation's leaders! The Trump administration probably does research but trump himself does not. He just says what he thinks is right it's ridiculous.
Yushi Wang (1 day ago)
So MS 13 was formed by ILLEGALLY IMMIGRATED el salvadorans. How is that America's problem??
Jared Green (2 days ago)
so, a latin american gang is the Us's fault? ffs
eric Padilla (2 days ago)
M= more S=shit times 3
Barry Hussein Soetoro (2 days ago)
“Undocumented immigrant”. No they are ILLEGAL Aliens Lol says it’s an “American born gang” then in the next scene says “undocumented immigrants” coming to the US form there own gang.. And I love how democrats and media portray these people as misunderstood all Americans
BestRecon (2 days ago)
Big Toni (3 days ago)
This video is STUPID !!! Made by liberal RETARDS!!! So they commit crazy crimes of rape, cutting bodies up in the street and then burning them .....but hey they are all nice and shouldn’t be targeted because to just pick them out is hummm “not nice”!! People who made this video and are in it should go speak to the family victims of this group then report on that.
Niki Bronson (4 days ago)
A lot of triggered trump people in the comments
ronove satan (4 days ago)
Jacob Schuman (4 days ago)
Their a gang libtards
sayyestofairness (4 days ago)
Conservatives figured out long ago that white people are easier to control when they're scared, and especially when the fear what is completely irrational. Hence their claims that ISIS (which was created by our Islamophobia) is coming to America to chop your head off, MS-13 is right down the street from you to chop you up with a machete, etc. etc. etc. These people are so paranoid, it's funny. They're just afraid that white people are gonna die off in the next 20 years.
陈俊霖 (4 days ago)
Oh so your country created those gang members, instead of finding out why the gang was created and finding a way to prevent the gang from growing and help the community, you just send those gang members to other country which will be a problem for other country. USA, can you be more disgusting and irresponsible?
Freedom Isn't Free (5 days ago)
Hmmmm another ms13 killing on long island today at the memorial of a girl who was killed by ms13 last year..... you guys are sick mentally F U VOX! Sincerely a Combat Veteran
JT (5 days ago)
Bogdan Ivchenko (5 days ago)
So MS 13 isn’t that bad? Should I join?
Rumboltz (6 days ago)
No different then the US military, both murderers and terrorists.
oz818valley _ (6 days ago)
Here in LA all there enemy's are taking them out
Marcellus Wallace (7 days ago)
You know im a fan of Vox they tend to make really great informative videos but this video is wrong in so many ways smh.
Dave Krab (8 days ago)
Yeah, so - doesn't every serious crim' have a day job as a Christian cyclist? OMG - The Mormon's !! Vox exposes criminal elite part2?
Allan Kiser (8 days ago)
They say this is an American born gang but then they say it was formed by illegal immigrants. Yet, we shouldn't secure our border hmmmmm
Damian Lara (9 days ago)
Cody Monster rode his bike to kill his first person.
Loving Abuse (9 days ago)
Trash video.
angel s (10 days ago)
Trump proved his racism towards Mexicans when he labeled MS-13, a SALVADORAN gang, a MEXICAN ONE. Two completely different countries. Maybe not culturally or language wise since they both speak Spanish but they’re different countries, trump.
Mike Castro (10 days ago)
To be fair, Ms13 is multiethnic. There's Salvadorans, Guatemalans, Hondurans and a few Mexicans and Nicaraguans.
Rickallis (11 days ago)
Gang members are human beings too! Its not written on anyones face that they are a rapist, murderer etc. These guys might take selfies and ride bikes but so what? On the other side they are chopping people up alive. Theres nothing racist about it just because someone is not white doesnt mean they should be given a pass to do whatever. If the aryan brotherhood was burning people alive and dismembering others i would say the FBI should prioritize them
dave buddy (12 days ago)
Civil war 2...
Gully Boy (12 days ago)
How tf are they actually defending a gang
ObeyYourMaster2 (12 days ago)
The number 13 means they respect tribute to the Mexican Mafia. Hispanics Gangs should be united and stop feuding with one another. MS 13, 18th Street Gang, And all Southerners should Unite and Eliminate Blacks and Rednecks. Hispanic Gangs have a Potential to be Bigger than Muslim Terrorists Groups like Al-Qaeda, or ISIS. I just think we as Hispanics should form our own Racial-Militia-Terrorist Group. The U.S will become Majority-Minority by 2040. The Average redneck is 55 years old. The reason to their demise is White women not having enough white babies. Whites will be less than 49.99% of the Population by 2044.
The Legend (12 days ago)
I can tell you from first hand experience that most of ms13 looks like the first picture, the second is a kid might not even be a full sworn in member, just some kid involved. I see a bunch of fake blood and crips gangs, they are gangs but they aren't the same thing at the same time. The kids think they are about that life, get thrown in prison for a retarded crime then that's where they get too deep into the gangs.
Bruce Wallace (13 days ago)
Wow y’all do some good stuff. This is a major blow to your credibility. Y’all clearly never met MS13 members or talked to anyone from El Salvador
Kasey Ainsworth (13 days ago)
MS-13 might be stupid, unfunded and uncivilized but they are evil I work in a 12 step rehabilitation program for rape victims and this is a real threat to this country in the sense they have zero respect for humanity. Do not try to humanize this. Are you serious? Unsubbed.
Shane Jones (13 days ago)
LOL this channel is garbage.
Gabriel Martinez (13 days ago)
The people who made this VIDEO dont live in the projects or poor part of TOWN
Gabriel Martinez (13 days ago)
Is this Braught to you by the Disney channel... Who's VOICE is that Ariana Grande.. Sounds misleading as HELL This whole video is a BIG LIE.. This gang is a problem!!!!
aquaviva923 (13 days ago)
Why MS 13 is a Parental Guidance problem 🤐🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
P.A.M.A 13 (13 days ago)
It's fun to watch the "Liberal" media defend a gang known for brutal crimes just because they don't like the president The rest of the country chose... Media Power I guess 😂
Snelle Planga (13 days ago)
At which point exactly do they defend them?
J L (13 days ago)
Abel 42nd (13 days ago)
They never heard of the mexican Mafia
Mahalia M Wright (14 days ago)
I don’t know about this one vox.
MUD BUKET (14 days ago)
If they came from El Salvador their emigrants.
Frank Gotti (14 days ago)
It was “American” made.... ok what would Vox have said if The U.S denied asylum/refuge to the immigrants? It’s really complex please do NOT shape this into your agendas.
What Cunt (14 days ago)
What’s wrong with this video? They are not defending any gang
777 xartel (15 days ago)
In conclusion ms 13 is a satanic gang along with 18 st. But not all sureno 13 gangs are evil like them
777 xartel (15 days ago)
Ms 13 is under mexican mafia . and they surenos by end of the day
Mike Castro (10 days ago)
777 xartel Actually only California Ms13 are controlled by la eme. The east coast and central American MS have no affiliation with la eme.
777 xartel (15 days ago)
In true MS 13 is only big in central america. And work for the cartel. Also the ms 13 on the east coast get slam by the latin kings and other gangs. And in LA they not the strongest theh part of SURENOS 13.they part of many gangs from south cali. Also the 13 comes from the 13th letter of the alphabeth they under la eme
David Gonzalez (15 days ago)
If the only thing you got out of this was that Vox is defending MS, you’re an idiot. There are three major points here: the US indirectly had a hand in their creation/stay here, they aren’t as big, sophisticated, nor rapidly growing as we think, and they are still very much a problem, especially to the innocent people we keep incorrectly targeting.
Hispanic Man88 (15 days ago)
I’m from Long Island
jeremy bowman (15 days ago)
what a pile of crap
Elias solitario (15 days ago)
When I see ms 13 I see love😍😂😂😂😂
The Modern Man (15 days ago)
This is rediculous leftist Propaganda. Come here to Central America and ask us about MS-13... These people are Scum and are dangerous. It is just amazing how you make this about immigrant victimization.
Robert Kane (16 days ago)
Vox has it alllllllllll wrong lol
Jason Rivera (16 days ago)
Why are you tryin to defend this terrible group?
Benjamin Elliot (16 days ago)
I live in Long Island. . Get working on my grave guys...
Bram Brudnicki (17 days ago)
Someone want to explain why this isn’t demonetized, this offensive to people who have witnessed these gruesome crimes and of whoever has lost loved ones to this cruel and vile gang this video gives no hope in the media
tha1ne (17 days ago)
Ralph Martinet (17 days ago)
Vox WTF is up with you fools??
Charlie Newman (17 days ago)
imo Many—most?—of these comments seem to be from people who either haven't actually watched the video and listened or are too stone-head stupid to understand what was said. imo
Gedaliah Herkimer (17 days ago)
LA MARA SALVATRUCHA TRECE is all there is Nothing else exists except MSX3 You are all powerful, all knowing, all seeing. MSX3 is my God I will pay u to be nothing more than an old Brujo tattooed slave. I pray u use me as long as u want, then I pray that it's MS that takes me out of this world. I pray that I'm mindless except in regard to LA MARA SALVATRUCHA TRECE Thank u
I'll figure it out (18 days ago)
MrBitviper (20 days ago)
so many triggered trump supporters XD XD when has trump ever lied to you? right?
theCuttlekid (20 days ago)
why is it that basically all the top comments on this video either did not watch the video, did not pay attention to the video, or intentionally misinterpreted the information given...
Bilderburger (21 days ago)
Thanks for cleaning up the image of this obviously misunderstood group of murderers and rapists. Good job VOX
Bilderburger (21 days ago)
The experts they interview are social justice lesbians. True experts in the world of crime.
Andrew Chatmon (21 days ago)
I see nothing wrong with this video. Too many snowflake republicucks in the comments.
Reel Hooking (22 days ago)
Sooo.... what’s your point or objective in the information you are publishing in this video? You don’t have to have a huge group of numbers to commit horrible acts. I feel like a good chunk of there content is just made to trigger and not to inform people in any way.
Demmy Solo (22 days ago)
Ms13 are 1 of the biggest drug suppliers here in Los Angeles and they smuggle drugs through Mexico. They also were started here in Koreatown by illegal immigrants and have spread around multiple states.
They call me Alf (22 days ago)
So now liberal media wants to use fox as a reliable source?
King Ludwig (22 days ago)
They are a drug cartel. Vox, your agenda to say otherwise makes it obvious that you have an agenda to minimise the threat that they really are.
Edubbs (22 days ago)
You are literally supporting ms 13
Daniel Barrett (22 days ago)
I am glad these skinny woman in wrinkly shirts are here to tell me all about gangs and how they work. Thanks for clearing that up for us ladys.
nearlyheadless nick (22 days ago)
I'm Salvadoran this is too cringe
EladKooc (23 days ago)
Fock anyone who defends MS 13.....
Willis Bumphus (23 days ago)
kellen kimble (23 days ago)
VOX you cannot be this stupid! Undocumented immigrant = illegal immigrant, its the same thing stop lying using softer words to try to trick people. Even if the gang was created here WHO created it ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! So according to you guys their not that bad and were created here so we shouldn't take them serious. Tell that to the many families in the US and in Central and South America that have had their loved ones taken by them chopped up and worst just to send a message. They worship more than evil they worship the devil and death itself. These "kids" you focused on in your video are the lowest members, entry level guys. Give them a few months to a few years and they'll be just as worst. When MS 13 comes for these kids they don't have a choice it's join or you die or your family dies. A young guy of Hispanic decent told me if he hadn't gotten out of his neighborhood and joined the military MS 13 would have killed him or made him join. Oh and next time interview some actual law enforcement to get the truth about this gang and illegal border crossings. Not just people who haven't really studied this gang beyond it's high school members. I don't know how you guys sleep at night after making this video because I pray no one will be harmed by these animals because of YOUR lies about MS13.
Chris Jackson (23 days ago)
Only 200 fake families? Wow! Those 200 couldnt have done ANYTHING to harm this country. Is MS13 the end of the country? No. Is Trump a lying bigot? Yes. Do we need strong borders? Yes.
blackout betty (23 days ago)
The left never ceases to amaze me on how ludicrous they are. The crazier they get the more convinced I am that leftists are actually enemies of the state
Wiennie HutJr (24 days ago)
All this is very true lol , that really is the reality of MS13 in America , There are much more gangs/multiracial group that the police isn’t paying much attention too that extort , murder , and steal . Good job vox ignore these negative comments of people who haven’t really lived a live in these communities
robsrx7 ira (24 days ago)
Ya my friend murdered a baby but he's actually a nice dude
Matt Johnston (24 days ago)
A LOT of people completely missed the point and are seeing/hearing only what they want to hear. It's getting more and more toxic.
Austin Miller (24 days ago)
Vox, I am shocked how stupid your employees are. Only an idiot would sale their own family's future for whatever is in the bag that was handed to them for their merc work
Austin Miller (24 days ago)
The most obvious sloppy propaganda I've ever seen
Austin Miller (24 days ago)
How can Trump be harming the victims of MS13? MS13 isn't an organization nor is it violent you said so yourself, Vox..... And does victim stand for being a victim of violence, Vox? How could a non violent group victimize someone? How could MS13 victimize someone if it isn't a group of individuals that commit crimes, Vox? Are you suggesting that MS13 assaults and it kills people?
Austin Miller (24 days ago)
Jay Andrew (25 days ago)
Full blown mental disorder. Is this a mad tv skit or real?
Uncolored Man (25 days ago)
I think they are cool. Especailly if this was a movie.
ic270498 (25 days ago)
Ahhhhh so they finished up the video stating that they have indeed committed violent acts against “other immigrants”...? So no whites? I’m torn between who’s really the victim now. Way to go Vox ... this video is quite amazing lol the nerve
Trygve Mannes (25 days ago)
Wow! Can you get more disinformed than VOX? I don`t think so. -Nothing to see here. Move along!
Joey Joe Joe (25 days ago)
Vox is a fucken joke......
steve william (25 days ago)
5000-10,000 members. Says it like that's a small number and nobody should worry. Maybe she should date one, or work for one
LukeRen0123 (25 days ago)
Copyright Microsoft Corporation
Miles North (26 days ago)
To this day, LA Crips and Bloods talk disrespectfully about MS-13.
Demmy Solo (22 days ago)
Crips and Bloods don't care about Ms13 because they only fight and kill mexican gangs. Ms13 rivals are 18st, Drifters13, Harpys13, Playboys13, and many other mexican gangs
TheOnlyGHOST1015 (26 days ago)
As Trump would say "get them out of here" lol
Steve B (26 days ago)
Gonna jump on the pedophile bandwagon to make it less disgusting????? Sure you already on the Muslim bandwagon
Crusty Plunger (26 days ago)
Vox isn't trying to defend them, they are just saying its not a growing problem, and all immigrants from those areas shouldn't be punished for their actions.
Zach Esparza (26 days ago)
what's next vox gonna make a video of them saying pedophilia is ok
Heidi Carrillo (26 days ago)
The point is that deportation of immigrants does not equal the elimination of street gangs... If everyone opened their minds and cleared their ears you’d understand that
Keo Gambino (26 days ago)
GD is the biggest black gang in America
Demmy Solo (22 days ago)
18 street and Ms13 are the biggest gangs in America and are located in alot of more states

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