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got7 being drunk af for 4 minutes straight

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Like, share, & subscribe! | Twitter: @gotssvn ♡ Please read below ↓ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . INTRO MUSIC: GOT7 - Look (BAMBEAST remix) https://youtu.be/eYZNA9WRLNs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It's ya girl Vanessa back with another GOT7 video. I actually wasn't planning to post anything this week because I was going to wait for the Asian Artist Awards next week to get some new content. However, I had nothing planned for two whole days before today so I tried my hardest to finish this on time. It's definitely not perfect and I'm currently experimenting with new techniques but I hope y'all had fun watching it as much as I did. Thank you again, I love you all. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use [Copyrights 2018 ⓒ JYP Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.]
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Text Comments (2373)
BAMBEAST MUSIC (5 months ago)
Thank you for using my remix for the intro :)
Sophie Andi (6 days ago)
What song in second sound?
renren Salapuddin (1 month ago)
+Scarlett Rayne look by got7
Rickie Barber (4 months ago)
Hey bambeast! I really love your kpop remixes ❤
Solisaan Kayeeh (4 months ago)
Júlia Santos (5 months ago)
I loved this remix!!
Blueberry (5 hours ago)
Whats the song in the background??
toastnmarmalade Z (7 hours ago)
My face aches 😂 Back to streaming now~
Cácia Lírio (10 hours ago)
I need to know the name of the program and the complete episode! My life depends on this!!!
_yeet_ yoongi_ (10 hours ago)
*g o t d r u n k*
Wait, I'm supposed to be streaming eclipse rn.
Julia Paige (18 hours ago)
im crying so much lmao why did I stop watching their videos
Bell IGOT7 (18 hours ago)
วุ้ยวายสุดๆเลยจ้าไอดอลของฉันตลก5555555555นี่แหละคือGOT7! ผู้ชายทั้งเจ็ดที่ฉันติ่ง!😂😂😂😂😂
Lucxxxine X (1 day ago)
I want yugyeoms laugh at 3:22 on repeat
Shrijana Magar (1 day ago)
3:31 im jackson when my mom doesn't buy me the thing that i like 😂😂😂😂😂 and bambam is my brother joining me after getting reject 😂
Fairuza Belqis (2 days ago)
What show is this? Where can i find it? Thankyouu
FaerieSensai (2 days ago)
They weren't really drunk 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 cute vid though
Whiskered Shrimp (2 days ago)
Im new so I got suggested to this vid
Heart Baragona (2 days ago)
I Stan the right group
3:31 *LOL*
Clarissa Catilago (2 days ago)
Aelxsi Irdé (3 days ago)
GOT7 comeback with Eclipse on May 20th! Let's support the boys 💚
Lalisa Manoban (3 days ago)
I wonder how much headache JYP pdnim got from his artist GOT7 TWICE StrayKids DAY6 and now ITZY
la gata (3 days ago)
guys, be ready for the comeback next monday, don't forget to stream "eclipse" and order the album "spinning top" if you can, it sounds AMAZING! ahgase, fighting!✨✨
Who do I even stan? XD
Hyun Lee (4 days ago)
I can imagine the disappointment in their faces as soon as they watch it. Lol
These people doesn't know how to rest. So if they're normal people,I'll be like"aheheh. Sorry I dont know them" Wimk wink
Kpop Fangirl (4 days ago)
I really love these dorks specially when they are drunk. Lmao😂
hosol riki (4 days ago)
what show is dis from?
Nan lluu (3 days ago)
Hard carry ss2
Chrisa Ferrer (4 days ago)
this is the best 4 minutes content i've ever watch *HELP... I WANT TO WATCH THIS FULL. WHAT SHOW IS THIS? I'M SO READY TO STAN*
blank ??? (3 days ago)
Hard Carry Season 2 (the last episode)
what reality show is this?
Nan lluu (3 days ago)
Hard carry ss2
nantharmyint batun (5 days ago)
J Rojas (5 days ago)
Where is this from??? It looks fun to watch
Alya Zh (5 days ago)
This is my favourite group in K-pop 😅 I love all of them ❤❤❤
Almond Rose Lizardo (5 days ago)
They are so crazy😂
Bhumi Patel (6 days ago)
Name of the song at last
Bhumi Patel (3 days ago)
+Nan lluu thank you
Nan lluu (3 days ago)
Lianne Korevaar (6 days ago)
4:11 Jackson dragging Bam to the winners side😂😂😂
Min Minra (6 days ago)
Bro i need to do my Chinese hw not watch these crack heads
yumna amjad (6 days ago)
So adorable.good thing cameramen weren't there they were being themselves.imagine without cameras😬😂🙏
Sompron deeman (6 days ago)
Diya N (6 days ago)
I cant believe this is the reason I became Ahgase😄😄
Andrea maxine Lagata (6 days ago)
0:55 3:32 3:52 Tittle?
Rizqi Amalia (3 days ago)
I am me - got7
moj C (6 days ago)
วงนี้เมาได้ฮามาก ไม่ดีด ก้อเต้นเอากับเค้าซิ😂😂
napperforlife (7 days ago)
Lol they are so fun and funny
Jamie (7 days ago)
Does anyone know the transition songs
Angela (6 days ago)
I Am Me
Jennifer Rosbach (7 days ago)
memo saii (7 days ago)
Got7 is a mess lol
nurul hasanah (8 days ago)
Got7 being drunk for the whole of their life🤤
vaishu tiwari (8 days ago)
Drinking so much injurious for your health...dont take so much...
Weird. Human.__ (8 days ago)
I realized how alike I am to Mark like honestly quiet one second loud the next oh god n then he likes wine more which is like wonderful
Sparrow Lowal (9 days ago)
Me still processing how Jb’s the leader yet he gets drunk the most.... Jb you confuse me Korea explain, explain Korea
Maria Arredondo (9 days ago)
No note la diferencia siempre son iguales con y sin alcohol pero mark le gusta mucho el vino, coco al parecer si se dió cuenta que algo andaba mal con ellos. JB y Jackson bailando . ♥️Jackbum en acción ♥️
GachaArmy ! (10 days ago)
I’m new who’s the one in the yellow hat
Amira El Batawi (9 days ago)
xylaaa ᄋᄉᄋ (10 days ago)
i never thought that they were drunk at that time because they are always like that lmao
jjeanne booklover (10 days ago)
I won't get tired watching this 😂😂😂
Bts_ Wannaone (11 days ago)
1:31 what song is that?
Amira El Batawi (9 days ago)
I am me written by Jinyoung from Got7
Chatterbox Lane (11 days ago)
When u finally turn 21. 😂
babybrownie sw (11 days ago)
Amira El Batawi (9 days ago)
Hard carry season 2
Primros_ee (12 days ago)
I’m convinced they lose their 2 braincells when drunk
Diane Obeng (12 days ago)
Vote on IDOLCHAMP and preorder their album is important
yarazet b (12 days ago)
Was this on a reality show?
yarazet b (12 days ago)
+Mei Chi thanks!
Mei Chi (12 days ago)
Yes. GOT7's Hard Carry season 2 ep.5
minghao xu (13 days ago)
hey im new to this fandom, what show is this? thank you!!
minghao xu (12 days ago)
+Diane Obeng thank you so much!!
Diane Obeng (13 days ago)
minghao xu Hard Carry season 2 you can watch it on vlive or YouTube
Peyt Espinosa (13 days ago)
they are really drunk 😂😂😂
skzjjang (14 days ago)
if it werent for the title and for the drinks i'd seriously think this is a normal got7 video
tamiraa tami (14 days ago)
Handsome7 Talented7 Hot7 Savage7 Drunk7
Rose Chanyeol (14 days ago)
Wats the name of the song played in 0:55??
nael arm (14 days ago)
I am me - GOT7
im blue (14 days ago)
Yugyeom face is red af :))
개사나야래 (14 days ago)
Watching this @ 3am just bc I miss our boys & I can’t wait for this comeback 😭💚 The MESS that’s bout to go down🤣 It’s not GOT7 without the headassery 😁
btslives (14 days ago)
4:11 Me falling in the fandom and also in love with all seven of them🤗😂
ybgby gfw (14 days ago)
Best Adidas Commercial Ive Ever Seen
Cuba (14 days ago)
Soooo what’s the song at 0:53???????
Mei Chi (14 days ago)
+Cuba you're welcome.
Cuba (14 days ago)
Mei chi thank you x
Mei Chi (14 days ago)
I Am Me - GOT7
jess i (15 days ago)
what show is thisss??!!!!
Mei Chi (14 days ago)
Hard Carry season 2.
Sandra Park (15 days ago)
They're drunk so bad but why does it look like they're so fine??
Mochi Tae (15 days ago)
Where Can i watch this?
dema A (9 days ago)
+Mochi Tae hard carry s2 ep 5 also I really recommend ep2 the zombie game 😂💚
Mei Chi (14 days ago)
+Mochi Tae episode 5.
Mochi Tae (14 days ago)
Mei Chi Whats the name of the ep?
Mei Chi (14 days ago)
Full episodes are on Vlive and some clips are here on Youtube at M2's channel.
hellathicc (15 days ago)
what's the song at 0:07?
Mei Chi (14 days ago)
I Am Me - GOT7
N e t s a n e t (15 days ago)
Not *drunk* Got7 DRUNK 7
Nazia Mostofa (16 days ago)
I fucking love them honestly
tbh I can't differentiate between when they're drunk or not
Jess (16 days ago)
I'm a new IGOT7 what song is it at 3:49 and at the end?😊🤞🏻
Jess (12 days ago)
+Amira El Batawi thanks ❤️
Amira El Batawi (16 days ago)
welcome to our fandom 💚 🐥 they will comeback on 20th May
Diane Obeng (16 days ago)
Jess I am me by Got7
NUSRAT MAMTAZ (16 days ago)
They always make my day😂😂
Army Ahgase (17 days ago)
There's no difference when they are not drunk 😂
zZEllax MaeZz (17 days ago)
Mark is Drunking because she LOVR SANA SHY SHY SHY
MissFlauschig (18 days ago)
and here i was thinking they were already at maximum loudness in their sober state
sofie florence (18 days ago)
what show is this?
Wasabi K-pop (18 days ago)
They should be called the DRUNK7 or Got7SHOTS because they are SOOOOOOO DRUNK BROOO
Casey Gobel (19 days ago)
I'm starting to wonder what would happen if Bts and Got7 were to end up drinking together. It would be quite interesting and entertaining.
Ola 2410 (19 days ago)
Although I'm feeling not good at all I was laughing SO HARD while watching this video omg
Mitlust Taetae (19 days ago)
Can anyone tell me what song is played in 0:53 please!
XCIII J (19 days ago)
I am me - GOT7
Skyla (20 days ago)
Almost 6 months later and I still find myself watching this video everuday
the pukkagem (20 days ago)
that moment when you can't really tell whether they're still sober or already drunk 🤣🤣🤣 *SOBER7 = DRUNK7*
vinyl vendetta wilson (20 days ago)
I didn't realize they were drunk i thought they were only drinking soda or smth wtf
bwiea (21 days ago)
Even if they're sober they're still as EXTRA as when they're drunk lol!! STAN EXTRA + STAN TALENT = STAN GOT7!!!!
Asthetickpopkick LOL (21 days ago)
more like crack7culture
yam ssi (21 days ago)
gacha Nini (21 days ago)
We’re did the dog come from 😂poor dog w seven drunk men/ crack heads
Mei Chi (14 days ago)
It's Youngjae's dog Coco. The members all love Coco. 😊
Ansha Faiza (22 days ago)
Jackson was the cutest😂😍
Nutei Chhangte (22 days ago)
Full of energy😆💓 They lit my mood😂💓
Marisa Williams (22 days ago)
YouTube video: shows GOT7 drunk Me: but isn’t that their normal state?😂
Cool Caroline (22 days ago)
They don't behave that differently than on daily basis lol
Yuricorn (22 days ago)
Oh, this was posted on my birthday 😅☺
aayydudewhat (22 days ago)
rldfm (22 days ago)
They were actually not drunk...😂
Faarhah Yussof (22 days ago)
Outro song ?
Stan GOT7 (21 days ago)
Faarhah Yussof it’s a remix of their song look
Lalisa Manoban (22 days ago)
Layla Fahmi (22 days ago)
Whose house was this at?
Stan GOT7 (20 days ago)
Layla Fahmi well actually idols don’t earn that much money. It’s only the popular groups that are able to do this. Like got7 debuted when their company was bankrupt and there where times when they REALLY struggled but luckily marks family was rich so he’d bring in food for the whole company. But they did really struggle. Some idols have it even worse. Some only share 1 room those are the super underrated groups or the older groups that struggle like that. Got7 had 3 rooms with not a lot of space so mark and Jackson where on a bunked bed, jb and youngjae had to share a bed cus there wasn’t enough space for 2. Etc. But over years they worked really hard, and now they’re here.
Layla Fahmi (20 days ago)
+Stan GOT7 Thanks. Well damn are they rich enough to rent a place like this just for 2 days!! Well, of course they are rich cuz they are idols
Stan GOT7 (21 days ago)
Layla Fahmi they just rented it for 2 days for the show

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