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Recreating Renaissance, Making Isabel de Requesens

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My first attempt at filming a bit of the process of making one of my costumes! I wasn't able to capture every step, but I did my best to turn the camera on every time I was sewing at my desk. If you would like to see photos and written explanations of the step by step process, check out my blog: http://doxiequeen1.wordpress.com/ Music from Musopen, performed by Paul Pitman, Beethoven's Sonata No.15 in D Major Pastoral, Op.28 II Andante
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Text Comments (54)
Stay Stitching (5 months ago)
WOW! I'm a little speechless!
Nannett McDougal-Dykes (7 months ago)
So amazing watching you stitch......I’m on a benga watch now...
karen sykas (8 months ago)
Your method of hand sewing gather pleats is so smart!
tiffany custer (9 months ago)
I am officially starting at the beginning of your videos too watch. Let me say your amazing.
Oliver Roxas (11 months ago)
So lovely!
Pollywog 731 (1 year ago)
I am amazed by your ability to create such glorious costumes and model them so well too. You seem to become each 'character'.
Cassie Eggen (1 year ago)
I love your videos!!! Id love to see how you draft patterns.
Isabelle McGill (1 year ago)
I know the use of a sewing machine is easier, but your tenacity to hand stitch is incredible. I think hand sewn items tend to look a lot prettier and you can really appreciate the work gone into a garment or stitched piece of art, there is of course value in a sewing machine and it's an incredible feet of technology, but I just love your talent and people before you who have done the same. Well done.
Charlie Dale (2 years ago)
OMG, hand sewn eyelets! You're my hero! You mentioned that you're just now looking at your sewing machine. Oh, my darling, don't! What you are doing, they way you are doing it makes your garments Haute Couture!! Your customers will love you for it. In the sewing realm, I think we could be soul mates? 🙂☺️
Aalihte (2 years ago)
beautiful work...Every time I come upon your work, I just sit here mesmerized. I LOVE that you hand stitched this too :)
hannah'scrazycostumes (2 years ago)
okay, what is cartridge pleating?
Eve L'Imperatrice (2 years ago)
Athena's Grove Trims (2 years ago)
It's absolutely incredible how prolific you are - how much you can accomplish, especially when so much is done by hand. Huzzah and vivat!
Monie Bryan (2 years ago)
Just a note? Try to find natural fibers like Linen, Silk and Wool, and cotton Velvet or Velveteen breathes better than the plastic that is being used in this costume.
Lorraine Marcketta (2 years ago)
Your talent is absolutely amazing! For someone so young to envision and create such beautiful costume is wonderful!
Gina Lekasdottir (2 years ago)
wow where did you get that pattern?
Charlie Wallhead (2 years ago)
Check out her blog at http://doxiequeen1.wordpress.com/ she puts up a lot of the processes of making her pieces there :)
Gina Lekasdottir (2 years ago)
@Monie Bryan would you care to share the names of any of these websites? ;)
Monie Bryan (2 years ago)
She must have draped it and made a mock up which she did not show, there are some wonderful sites on how to do this making the pattern.
Renee Jordan (3 years ago)
Just gorgeous.....and such amazing pleating!!
yoya18 (3 years ago)
you truly are an artist!
Stacy Nav (3 years ago)
Omg! this is absolutely gorgeous!!!! how long did this take? about how much did it cost to make?
Ni Ved (3 years ago)
you have a special talent.. great job.... its very inspired.. 😍😍 the dress is fabulous.. actually all the dress you make li.. awesome.. very nice.. I really appreciate watching your video... 👍👍👍👍
Ni Ved (3 years ago)
Jody Hakala-Ristow (3 years ago)
I appreciate the hand sewing, watching it was entrancing with your fair white skin, long sleek fingers against the lovely red velvet fabric. I am new to sewing and making a Landsknecht/Womens Cranach 15th 16th century Saxon gown and looking for inspiration. I really like seeing your close up footage, thanks for taking the time to show that as I am so new to this craft. I would say this dress would look more beautiful in person.
Luz Salinas (3 years ago)
Hermoso y asombroso.
IRIS B (4 years ago)
Your work is so amazing that theres no haters!!!!! Your amazing!
Doldena R (4 years ago)
beautiful... so beautiful
reshma mohan (4 years ago)
You are amazing. You made a whole dress without sewing machine! I couldn't even imagine that
Ellie F (4 years ago)
forget the dress! (I mean the dress is freaking fabulous) Her skin is so pale! It's beautiful! Like a porcelain doll! What I would give to meet her in person!
KaPo Woo (4 years ago)
You are amazing!!!! Just using hand????! I 'm shocked
Whitney Sews (4 years ago)
Denise Roderick (4 years ago)
yes beautiful :)
Jan (4 years ago)
Nice ! what type of fabric did you use?
gwyneth anne radatz (4 years ago)
@Jane lexighton she used either velvet or a mock velvet fabric
You never cease to amaze me! I sew my own clothes and thought what i was sewing was amazing. You not only take the cake you baked it and ate it! Love your work and forgive me for copying when you see me wearing your creations. Bless,
Ellie Williamson (4 years ago)
can not believe that its all by hand no machine! minded blown...
Donna Lundeen (4 years ago)
It is a joy to see such beautiful work and dedication to this art!  I worked in a costume shop for many years (the real thing, in an opera house), and I have done much beading for personal projects.  Your technique is very good!  This project is beautiful, and i look forward to seeing more!
tiffany custer (9 months ago)
Donna Lundeen that's my dream is to work in a opera, or Broadway situation. I'm just beginning to learn to sew, so a LONG way ahead of me!
Kholod Diy (4 years ago)
Where can i find this pattern 😊😊
Kholod Diy (4 years ago)
Wow amazing dress
ᛗILLE (4 years ago)
this is amazing!!! and your hands are so pretty! (sorry if that sounds creepy) 
Heather Danielle (4 years ago)
Wow, I can't believe that you've hand-sewn everything! You and your work id so lovely and extraordinary! I just found your tumblr today and I'm in love with your work and your motivation and accomplishment is very inspiring. Sew on!
Harriet Vane (4 years ago)
I cannot believe you have only been sewing for two years! You are fearless, and your results are amazing. Keep up the great work, Angela. I'm sure you will achieve all your dreams.
robyest (4 years ago)
You are absolutely ruddy marvellous, Angela.
oNarakuo (5 years ago)
you are not from this world!!!! HOW awesome is this video and your work? OMG. I following you since last year on tumblr. It is so amazing to watch your creations.
Flavia Studart (5 years ago)
That dress is gorgeous! And you hands are so pretty. =D
Mr.BlueBeast (5 years ago)
H-hand sewing EVERYTHING?!
sequyas (5 years ago)
Umm excuse me? Why are you so amazing? All that hand sewing?! You are my hero. 
Kelly Buck (1 year ago)
sequyas I agree
Kelly Buck (1 year ago)
Aalihte If you're good at hand sewing or quilting, a lot of times your work will last longer and be better quality then machine work.
Aalihte (2 years ago)
It's so cool to see that folks still do hand stitching :) sewing machines intimidate me so Ive always sewn by hand..and gotten made fun of. I'm 40 now..and I just cracked open the manual on one of my sewing machines...
kreakyfrog (5 years ago)
OH MY! im so happy you started a channel :) i love to marvel at your creation and so wish i could buy a dress from your imagination, keep up the great work! 
BurntToastMaster (5 years ago)
I'm amazed by the amount of hand stitching you do; this video really shows your dedication to the art of dress making!  I hope you add more in depth tutorials in the future- watching you work is an inspiration! 

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