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straight couple (drunk) reacts to skam season 3 ep 9

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!!!READ ME!!! Social Media: eunsooook @tumblr wasab3 @instagram Translations: SkamEnglish @tumblr DISCLAIMER: Skam is rightfully owned by NRK and the creators. I do not own any of the footage or music from the show, or any of the music that has been included in this video.
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Eratosthenes (3 months ago)
You look so nice to hang out with!
suzycreamcheesez (9 months ago)
are these kids in junior high?
Raina Noel (1 year ago)
The title is great and accurate
Mycenaea (1 year ago)
"I haven't seen this" at the end. BIG FAT LIE haha :D
Mycenaea (1 year ago)
Big mistake to have snacks and drinks! Straight boy can't focus on the most important stuff! ;)
rendzeedee (1 year ago)
OMG Love you guys...where's mine though? hahaha
Karina Morales (1 year ago)
YES YES YES. I LOVE UR SISTER SO MUCH!! this was one of the best reactions I've seen I really hope it doesn't get copywrited :((
When will we see your other friend react to the ending of skam season 3
supersminke (1 year ago)
Tom Price (1 year ago)
It actually gets MORE painful with repeated viewings, because I notice little things I didn't catch before. I'm just glad I'm watching it as an adult, because had I seen this when I was a moody teen filled with confusion and hormones, I would've been A MESS!
Camila R (1 year ago)
powerful scene 😭
Noah Co (1 year ago)
just as painful to watch then as the first time lol
elebecepe (1 year ago)
You are so messy haha, love it!
Noah Co (1 year ago)
^ nothing truer has ever been said.
Stone (1 year ago)
This is amazing
Stone (1 year ago)
Noah Co can't wait
Noah Co (1 year ago)
baaaaaaabe aw. i got s4 reactions pre-filmed with my best friend too o.o
PRNCSS (1 year ago)
Noah Co (1 year ago)

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