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Student suspended after posting picture of discolored water coming from school sink

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Hazel Juco says she posted the picture on Facebook and Twitter for using electronics in the bathroom at school. ◂ ABC15 is your destination for Arizona breaking news, weather, traffic, streaming video and in-depth coverage to keep you informed throughout the day. Our mission is simple. ABC15 is Taking Action to make Arizona an even better place to live. For more download the ABC15 mobile app: iPhone: http://bit.ly/iOS-knxv Android: http://bit.ly/knxv-android
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Text Comments (979)
Michael Clark (10 days ago)
Never mind the putrid water, persecute the kid, yeah that will fix everything.
I am a Genius (2 months ago)
I have white water coming from my water fountain
Simiya Gsmango (3 months ago)
Picture photo
Rukia Kuchiki (6 months ago)
That's crazy! It's discolored water! Who the hell would drink that!
Rob Kinnison (7 months ago)
Kudos for the girl exposing the school
bustonio (8 months ago)
Im a plumber. a corroded pipe does not have a steady stream of dirty water....The water coming out is from the source form the lateral at the road. If a water main had just been fixed and that faucet had not been run could cause that discoloration also but only for a few minutes generally. With all those kids constantly using that faucet, I highly doubt this is the case.
FrostBloodGames (8 months ago)
Oh god. These ignorant school officials are allowing CHILDREN to drink POISONOUS WATER. Pitiful.
Don Mon (8 months ago)
Test te water for lead
Carlo Lim (8 months ago)
Humanity is the worst mostly
Amber Beam (8 months ago)
What the hell is a record?
Aidan Rodriguez (8 months ago)
That squirrel tho...
Out of Sync (9 months ago)
Y’all see a squirrel?
Andy Duarte (9 months ago)
Sounds like something Morton District 201 in Illinois would do.
ipanda_121 (9 months ago)
0:53 in the background lmao I had to point it out
Katarii Kamuua (9 months ago)
That water looks like piss
Grace Villano (9 months ago)
Lol the squirrel in the background 😂
animal redley (9 months ago)
October 2018?? No? Ok.😐
unknown unknown (9 months ago)
She hot
SH4RP (9 months ago)
when a school gets exposed
Moth Lamp (9 months ago)
Guys did you see the squirrel I'm the back round?😂🤣
Dippin drippin (9 months ago)
💀why is this on the news
Nick Angelo (9 months ago)
The school should be charged with a crime. Not only for the deplorable bathroom conditions, but for ignoring it and for suspending the poor girl who tried to speak up and do what is right. Not only should she be un-suspended, she should be given a public apology and choice of a different school. She should claim PTSD or some crap and refuse to enter that school for fear of getting in trouble over doing the right thing. Then the school should pay for her Uber transportation. Maybe she should get a cash settlement. Phukc school. One day in 1997, I had a substitute in seventh grade. I refused to ever do my work, I would draw and sleep in class. The class had a few minutes left and she let the class have social time, except me, because I didn't do my work. As I was socializing anyway, the teacher told me to go to the office. I said something nasty to her and she pushed me from behind out of the class. She went to push me again and I slapped her hand off of me saying "Don't f×ckin touch me!". I was then EXPELLED for hitting the teacher. She was not punished at all for pushing me first. I had already been suspended multiple times that year and the Principal sided with the teacher. None of the students came to my defense. I figured I might as well brag to my friends that I hit a teacher. When I was bragging, a girl said "I was there. You didn't hit the teacher. Stop lying." She wanted to make me look stupid. She should have came to my defense when I got expelled and said that to the principal. Where was she then?
Keira Kelly (9 months ago)
Chao Princess (9 months ago)
I find it stupid that they suspended her over that. It's not like she posted anything racy that had her or another student in it. Also, for the school to have discolored water is gross. That's a safety hazard.
Lisa Martinez (9 months ago)
This is the problem with young people . This is not how to address a issue .
ECHO (9 months ago)
She’s gorgeous
Frank Ponce (9 months ago)
Thay should fix the water. Dont suppend the girl. Fix the problem u stupid people.
Shadow Cubing (9 months ago)
Is no one gonna mention her eyebrows?
John Strus (9 months ago)
This kids, is why you dont use Facebook, your school can see it, along with everyone's grandparents. Use Snapchat or Instagram!
Briar Rose (7 months ago)
John Strus that should matter. She did not violate any school rule. They disrupted her education.
phoenix • (9 months ago)
Can we just talk about that squirrel walking in the background at 0:50
🤗 (9 months ago)
Looks like the squirrel and her eyebrows are the stars of this video according to her comments lol
🤗 (9 months ago)
Do permanent School record even f****** matter now days. I think no College really look at them maybe another high school if you transfer
Ghostz Ghosti (9 months ago)
My school has white water And its tap
brooke.t.g.r (9 months ago)
Thomas Heaton (9 months ago)
0:48 squirrel
Lindsey Bennett (9 months ago)
Freaking stupid
roc3hunna (9 months ago)
ooh she’s pretty pretty 💕
I am cow Mooo (9 months ago)
I just got suspended for video taping a fight 😂😂
BLACK CAT XIII (9 months ago)
I'm sorry but the administrators didn't make a mistake. They were pissed that they got caught with lack of maintenance on their school campus and took it out on an innocent girl.
MY NAMES HAZEL!!!!!!!!!!!!
David Hožič (9 months ago)
School wants to hide their bad (that's a too good word for it) filtration
CIAB BeanS (9 months ago)
Griffin Purchase (9 months ago)
Next video: Student gets suspended for going to school
BitchChill (9 months ago)
She fine
Gage Jernigan (9 months ago)
school systems are horrible
He He (9 months ago)
Was anyone else just watching the squirrel and not paying attention to what she was saying
wavybaby (9 months ago)
0:51 lol that squirrel in the back doe
Rukeys YT (9 months ago)
Poor Girl.
Rukeys YT (9 months ago)
Poor girl.
LordVeni (9 months ago)
They wanted to silence her
Trevor Phillips (9 months ago)
lizard zilla (9 months ago)
Me when the video reaches 0:48 *SQUIRREL*
IM newphiticle (9 months ago)
I remember watching this 2 years ago
Zyhir Harris (9 months ago)
Stop showing the school name and district please!!!!! I hope nothing popular happens at my school cuase i dont want no one knowing.
Carbon2983 Trains (9 months ago)
thats a tyrannical act. punishing people for pointing out problems
Kevin Ellington (9 months ago)
Republicans don’t care about children or education. Inhuman monsters.
How do you bring politics into this? Brain-dead American smh
Kirbyex7 (9 months ago)
All these bullies damn near committing murder to their victims schools do nothing. But yet they suspend a girl for taking a picture of water. School systems are a joke.😑😑🤦‍♂️😒
Bobimations (9 months ago)
0:53 anyone else see that squirrel in the background
Miaung Xisung (9 months ago)
that water in the picture is much cleaner that the water in what ever 3rd world country she came from
OG SellOut (9 months ago)
She’s fine
Anthony Ayala (9 months ago)
She right that school is poor af, the track team was like 20 ppl
Tyler R (9 months ago)
this happened at my school too!!! not the suspension but the water from the sinks, water, fountains everything was actually sewage water aka toilet water. they called the parents and lied and said it was a “water shortage issue”
乃乇卂尺ㄥ乇卂卄 (9 months ago)
Wow. What's wrong with her school.
Itz Sh0ckerz (9 months ago)
So why was she punished but not the school? The school only cared about the rules, not her problems, so they probably did nothing about the water.
Ryan WF (9 months ago)
Students are not allowed to speak out or defend themselves. America is free
のヴぁNova3000 (9 months ago)
The squirrel is the best part but this is the dumbest reasons
Lizzy Fall (9 months ago)
Once my elementary school had yellow water from the drinking fountain....
HighWayStudios (9 months ago)
THEY STILL FIXED IT?!?!! This is like buying a product from a store, sueing the manufacturer because it didn’t work, and then use it after that
Cheryl Coomes (9 months ago)
Scarleth Vaquero (9 months ago)
Isnt john glenn a senater/astronaut?
john foy (9 months ago)
Wtf is wrong with our society? This is ridiculous.girl did nothing wrong.
Nicklas Bordum Leighton (9 months ago)
Who saw the squirrel at 0:48 ?
eyy b0ss (9 months ago)
absolute abuse of power, disgusting
another yt uesr (10 months ago)
She looks cute.
Micah (10 months ago)
wait that's not normal color of water, oh forgot, my school is to busy having pizza parties for our sport players instead of focusing on the actual school
Titoyogo o (10 months ago)
Hazels Vlogs (10 months ago)
My name is Hazel
Pink flower (10 months ago)
Did anyone else see that squirrel in the background? 0:51
Breeze Hi (10 months ago)
0:56 😂 the squirrel
Dude Chill (10 months ago)
90% of the comments are about a squirrel 5% are about tgis video 4% are about random things And 1% is my comment
barbies print (10 months ago)
sue them and get your coin sis
rocky 8413 (10 months ago)
I like bacon (10 months ago)
Two questions How did the school find out How did does the school know it's their school
jocelyn (10 months ago)
Uneven eyebrows
nose oil (10 months ago)
A lot of people take pictures through out the building
Zaynab Tall (10 months ago)
that squirrel in the back though
Random Spams (10 months ago)
I got suspended for another girl trying to stab me with a pencil
Nish Wayz (10 months ago)
Cute little squirrel! I wanna cuddle it!
Freedom 1 (10 months ago)
Well ya see, we fucked up and blame it on others, but we got caught, so its still someone else’s fault...........
Dr. Michele Harmala looks like a reptilian shapeshifter communist hired by the government to aid in the brainwashing of students.
Kimberly Rose (10 months ago)
That squirrel in the background tho😂
Aine Mairead (11 months ago)
Parents any picture your child takes at school, instruct them to bring the picture to you first,,,then you go to the school and show it to who it needs to get shown to,,this way you are taking control of the situation instead of the school, and it will prevent the school from retaliating against your child for doing what is right..
Roses Sunlight (11 months ago)
Did anybody see the squirrel or cat at the backround
Sterophonick (11 months ago)
We. Need. Chad.
Jackson Maness (1 year ago)
the description of this video makes no sense *Hazel Juco says she posted the picture on Facebook and Twitter for using electronics in the bathroom at school.*
Cass Quewezance (1 year ago)
Detroit become human
xXGodz HackerXx (1 year ago)
Comments: 90% squirrel 5% those eyebrows 3% principal is stupid 2% normal comments
Sophia Puente (1 year ago)
I saw a stunk in the back
Angeliyah__ (1 year ago)
Cardib Cardib (1 year ago)
That true and am proud of what she did

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