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Make your own homemade, non-toxic pesticide

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Here is a natural recipe that will get rid of those unwanted bugs and it's cheap to make.
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raymondsanchez808 (1 year ago)
Juss like thaah!
Letsheia hanson (1 year ago)
I always thought if I sprayed pepper on plants the plants would taste like peppers dwl
my starling (1 year ago)
You need to use organic dish soap.
rusty Shackleferd (2 years ago)
why do you need to chop before you blend???? lol
Leon Ofi4 (2 years ago)
Stan Martin (2 years ago)
will the soap do harm to humans or does the plant ingest it somehow
Number Eight (2 years ago)
Bleach watered down in that mix would have little impact. Bleach also breaks down into salt and water so its perfectly ok.
Naomi Perez (3 years ago)
Its not organic ,because of the dish washing liquid.
Halle Richards (1 year ago)
its not suppose to be organic
woodfirepower (3 years ago)
You can actually (supposedly) eat Dr. Bronner's organic soap. I think it's a purgative or internal cleanse if I remember right. But as a spray on edible plants, it tastes horrible. Here's a new spray that is made entirely with edible food grade ingredients like olive oil, rosemary, etc. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1288123367/edible-pesticides-beyond-safetheyre-edible?ref=discovery
isn't dish soap toxic?
Ricardo del Rey (4 years ago)
:P she just touch peppers with her bear hand yikes better wash them off good 
Bobbernaut (4 years ago)
@Ricardo del Rey Anaheim peppers aren't very hot.
feyi soremekun (4 years ago)
nice lesson
Candei Johnson (4 years ago)
Good thing that they have that because I'm having a project about that on 2/10/15
Apple Murphy (4 years ago)
how about for the garden mite? Can this be effective for garden mites? 
Cynthia Avishegnath (4 years ago)
She forgot to tell us to wear disposable gloves ($0.99 per 25 pairs). And eye protection shades ($0.99 per pair). There is no possibility that she could have chopped up that amount of habanero  without putting gloves and visors on.
Peter Johnson (3 years ago)
+Cynthia Avishegnath they weren't habaneros there were anehiem peppers I make mine out of ghost peppers
Albert Pratt (5 years ago)
Candei Johnson (4 years ago)
verrrr1 (4 years ago)
lol yeh
Marc Mallary (5 years ago)
I place coffee filters or paper toweling inside the strainer so there are no small particles left which may clog it.
Omnibus C (5 years ago)
add some protein to the shake! It'll add some mass to the plants
Brad Suarez (2 years ago)
5grams of creatine to bulk them up real nice!
tocarules (5 years ago)
Such an environmentalist! Showing one more of all of the wise uses of bottled water aside from actually drinking it!  But then again maybe, just maybe, she held that ("non reusable" according to the industry) plastic vessel under the down spout outside of the of the spinmachine  building before the local govt can catch her for stealing "their property" as it would be on its way to the water table so they can pump it back up in a monetary form.  Ah but there's always that "silver lining". Monsanto is probably up in arms! 
Marc Mallary (5 years ago)
Those are interesting points but I think the nice lady works on a set that didn't have plumbing going to it...Her little spot just could make a very positive difference.
Interesting. We uploaded a video about pesticide labels. Home gardeners should read labels carefully and understand which pest the pesticide is designed for, how to use the pesticide, and how to safely dispose of any pesticide residue and the container. The active ingredient in your recipe is soap. Water mixed with a little liquid hand soap can be very effective at controlling aphids and other insect pests.
Keepskatin (5 years ago)
It is non toxic for the plant,the peppers are what do the killing,yes peppers are toxic,even coffee is,but we humans are resistant to the toxins.In addition the peppers and coffee have health benefits for us to.the peppers burn and blind the insects.I use it to insta-kill ants too.
Keepskatin (5 years ago)
So much for me trying to patent a pepper pesticide.Anywho,what she forgot to tell you guys is the spray must be used within 8 hours because it weakens while sitting in water.You can't save any of it for the next day.
Melissa T (5 years ago)
That soap is NOT natural... Sigh. For around the house I use a vinegar/tea tree oil combination. Works like a charm. Don't know how that would work for a garden though, would possibly kill the plants.
Crawl IntoTheCalm (5 years ago)
How can it be non toxic but yet be made to kill? Sounds like an oxymoron to me...
Martin B (5 years ago)
Industrial soap is far from natural. Stupid cow...
FunOrange (5 years ago)
Thanks, I know how to make pepper spray now.
rosewaterkaren000 (5 years ago)
lol I don't. she just said its not natural. -_-
anna riguero (6 years ago)
No natural, but non toxic
LateNightTroll (6 years ago)
I hope she washed her hand after handling those peppers....
dirtyguap (6 years ago)
DISH SOAP IS NATURAL LOL.....your gonna be eating that dish soap in your veggies
Heelixx The Rogue (6 years ago)
You would need to strain it through finer material as the chilli particles clog the spray mechanism. Chilli spray works well without adding soap. Great for keeping cats off your freshly turned soil. They will only crap there once, after cleaning themselves they burn. Works for me. (No soap though).
John McAvey (6 years ago)
its so annoying that she crunches the plastic bottle. what did that bottle do to her.
rosewaterkaren000 (6 years ago)
add dish soap...thats not natural!
Kim Joshua Lagunilla (6 years ago)
do this really works?
xbluebells (6 years ago)
Yes! Thanks for the important reminder. I made some natural pesticide for my garden and forgot that I was suppose to mix it with water, Oh my poor plants were so unhappy with me!
gg allen (7 years ago)
there is natural soap, my grandma uses pesticides i need to ask her what they used back in the day?
Emily (7 years ago)
An "all natural" bug repelent that uses dish soap? I dont think spraying some of the most potent peppers in the world (im exaggerating) and DISH SOAP on your plants will make the fruit/vegetables taste very good.
TheTorko1 (7 years ago)
How can this be "ALL NATURAL" when it has dish soap? Here's the ingredients: Water, Alquil sodium sulfate, Alquil sodium etoxisulfate, aminia oxide, perfume, cleaning agents etc.....OooooK!
Gavin FreedomLover (7 years ago)
have you tried neem repel??
AxiomAnarcho (7 years ago)
youll be dead in the next couple of months when all the fibres constrict you to death
J3TPILOT1991 (7 years ago)
if you use any home made recipe on the foliage do it way before the sun comes up or better off doing it after sun goes down or you will burn your plants from the uv, also a little bit of oil in the mixture would help kill off a lot of the pests eggs too
SamytheGreek (7 years ago)
@Farzanazia use garlic instead of the peppers, use a little orange oil instead or the dish soap.
I.R.O.M. Foundation (7 years ago)
Will your vegetables taste like hot peppers? You spray peppers on it, so it will be kinda hot while eating!
RDLONG30 (7 years ago)
RDLONG30 (7 years ago)
ADD 8 GARLIC CLOVES AND 1 ONION, USE A PAINT BAG OR PANTYHOSE TO FILTER, AND !!! USE GLOVES !!! HABANERO IS ONE OF THE HOTTEST BUT IF YOU CAN GET IT, Naga Jolokia (bhut jolokia, naga morich) is rated at over one million Scoville units. It is primarily found in the Northeast Indian states of Assam, Nagaland and Manipur and parts of Bangladesh
RDLONG30 (7 years ago)
gilad sonino (8 years ago)
tnx!!!! it works like a dream

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