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Line Shaft Driven Live Roller Conveyor- Model LSC2005

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Tailored specifically for moving mattress products efficiently Complete factory layout and project management CLEAN - The unique drive system eliminates pressure rollers and flat belt surfaces that create dirt and grime gathering areas. Conveyor rollers touch only the surfaces of the product they convey. With special surface finishes, the line shaft conveyor meets “Class 100 Clean Room" cleanliness requirements. EFFICIENT - In addition to performing conventional functions, the line shaft can be easily modified to perform a variety of special functions previously requiring expensive designs. Straight sections, curves, spurs and transfers can all be driven by a single motor, which means a considerable savings in installation and energy consumption costs. SAFE - There is plenty of drive to move a product; however, if a foreign object becomes caught between rollers, each roller, drive spool, and belt will operate as a safety slip clutch. Also, a full length safety guard is provided around the rotating drive shafts. FLEXIBLE - Rollers can be assembled in sections to rotate in opposite directions in order to achieve bi-directional travel simultaneously on one unit. QUIET - Line shaft conveyor is much quieter than conventional line roller conveyors because there are fewer moving parts to make noise. The elastomeric drive belts hold the rollers firmly under tension, eliminating a major source of rattling in roller conveyor. email: [email protected] Website: https://www.atlatt.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AtlantaAttachment/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/atlanta-attachment-co-inc-/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/atlatt phone: +1 (770) 963-7369 PATENTS: Our equipment may be covered by one or more patents. Please go to the following web page for an up-to-date patent list: http://atlatt.com/patents.php © 2018 Atlanta Attachment Co.
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