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The PWC Show - Product review - Jetpilot's The Cause handle vest

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Why has nobody though of this earlier!?! Jetpilot's brilliant "The Cause" vest now comes with handles! yes handles! Now your passenger has somewhere to properly grab hold and stay secure while out on the water.
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Antony Krokowski (6 years ago)
sounds good for PWC use if you are not going to get trapped under the craft you are one, otherwise the handles could present an entrapment hazard, which is the last thing you want when you are under an overturned boat trying to swim out while being pushed up against the deck and gunwhale.
PWCTVSHOW (7 years ago)
@dogmullstudios Hi William! So glad you like the show. Our clip on family rides should answer you question about what age you can ride at! Thanks for watching.
Dusty Robertson (7 years ago)
dear kev and belly im a great fan of your show and im realy into the sport i just need to know what age i have to be to ride by my self i am currently 15 your sincerely william

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