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How To Present Logo Designs and Identity Projects to Clients

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👉Subscribe: https://goo.gl/F2AEbk Do you just email your logo designs to your client? Do you have problems with clients asking for excessive revisions in branding projects? Do your clients tend to change their minds after you show your logo designs? In this video, Ben talks about the way he presents logo designs and identity projects to clients for the sole purpose of getting great work approved. Ben breaks the branding presentation down slide by slide and covers a few prerequisites you need to have in order to present logo designs like he does for Blind. Like what Ben has to say? Check out The Perfect Proposal - a guide to crafting proposals that win. See the actual template that we have used to generate over $4 million in design work this year alone. Check it out here: https://www.thefutur.com/product/perfect-proposal/ Ben would LOVE to hear from you - hit him up on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrbenburns/ ** Get all three StoryBlocks resources for the price of ONE - just click here: http://www.videoblocks.com/TheFutur_1217 ** – Video Timestamps 0:13 What is this? 2:15 Prerequisite No. 1 - Solid Discovery 2:40 Prerequisite No. 2 - Collaborative Steps 4:00 Prerequisite No. 3 - Incredible Work 4:10 Prerequisite No. 4 - The Right Tools 4:54 Building the Presentation 4:59 Step One - Start at the Beginning 6:16 Step Two - Recap the Steps with the Client 7:54 Step Three - Display your Work * 9:54 *Slide 1 - Isolated Logo on White 10:16 *Slide 2 - Split Screen, One Color Logo 10:40 *Slide 3 - Standard Mockups 11:24 *Slide 4 - Small Format Mockups 12:13 *Slide 5 - Large Format Mockups 13:08 *Slide 6 - Isolated Logo on White 13:28 Repeat for all other versions 13:43 Step Four - Compare all Options 14:09 thefutur Logo Mockup Process 16:07 Emily's Speed Mockup Design 18:40 Step Five - Ask Targeted Questions 21:10 Step Six - Don't expect Feedback 21:45 Step Seven - Set Timelines and Expectations – This video is sponsored by StoryBlocks. – Want a deeper dive? Typography, Lettering, Sales & Marketing, Social Media and The Business of Design courses available here: https://goo.gl/bRt5qd — Love the content? Become a sustaining member for $5/mo today. https://goo.gl/uKcJ3N Our BOOKLIST: https://goo.gl/onrdxr Kits & Proposals: https://goo.gl/mSjuWQ Visit our website: https://www.thefutur.com FREE resources: https://goo.gl/Qh6gHr — OUR AFFILIATE LINKS Skillshare: https://goo.gl/YCo2uT Amazon: http://a.co/7abg3DD Creative Market: https://goo.gl/g4jlTE — Futur Podcast on iTunes: 🎙 https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-futur/id1209219220?mt=2 — Connect with us online: https://www.facebook.com/theFuturisHere/ https://twitter.com/thefuturishere https://www.instagram.com/thefuturishere/ — Credits: Executive Producer– Ben Burns Host– Ben Burns Director– Stewart Schuster Cinematography– Aaron Szekely Editor– Stewart Schuster Futur Theme Music – Adam Sanborne http://www.adamsanborne.com Annotations– Isaiah Nwukor Typefaces: Futura, Din, Helvetica Neue Futur theme song— Adam Sanborne Stock photos–Storyblocks
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Denni Mareta (1 day ago)
Nice tips about the way of discussing logo with a client, but anyway I think even if the design meets the project goals set, the client should also like it and feel somehow attached emotionally. But I do agree that it should be the main point to make decisions.
B LL (1 day ago)
Thank you
This video is pure quality! Best tutorial I have watched in a long time. Thank you.
Cami Lia (2 days ago)
This is a very useful and enjoyable tutorial, clear steps and information. Thank you!
Marwa Elkomy (5 days ago)
I can’t describe how much I appreciate that kind of material about Branding business. You been helpful. As I’m starting my career right now in this sector, that is exactly what I was seeking for. How to present my artwork. Next step I wish to see forward is more about portfolio. Appreciate it, Ben.
Aleja Rosendo (5 days ago)
This is the first time I EVER write a comment on Youtube but I just feel like I have to. I usually open like 4 tabs randomly from videos I would like to watch within the next hour. So I did, and I was watching "I Wish I Knew This When I Started: Logo Design". The second one was this and I was just completely shocked to realize the same guy on the previous video was this one. I even went to the other video again to check his face and name just to be sure. It is amazing what The Futur did to him. In the first video, he was just shy and with low self-steem, telling the story of how he used to charge only US$50.00 for a logo. Now, I see this amazing guy who knows what he's talking about, with tons of confidence and find myself learning so much from him. Now he looks like he could charge US$10,000.00 for a logo. The Futur, you only know how to do magic with people. Thank you for all you give us. Watching you is way better than any school or institute. Good vibes to you all.
The Futur (5 days ago)
it's pretty amazing how far ben has come.
Hotpeppergirl (7 days ago)
Wow i am impressed on this video.. Thanks for insight, you have given me a different viewpoint from it all when it comes to branding and also handling your client..Well done!!
Mykey Maker (9 days ago)
I appreciate the "Psychology of Client Presentation", is there a Futur video featuring mostly Emily's part targeting behance / dribble / artstation style portfolio presentation platforms?
RickyLaRue1 (10 days ago)
Great video!
Ram Schakl (15 days ago)
wow man, incredible insight. personally found that super useful, and sure that will help so many others too! big respects for tone of voice and keeping it simple! :D thankkss
John Doe (15 days ago)
NEVER name a version FINAL, you are just lying to yourself!
The Futur (15 days ago)
Sivakumar Thangavelu (20 days ago)
Super cool video guys! Awesome!
Rombout Versluijs (20 days ago)
Not all projects allow to do such developed presentations. Perhaps you guys only do big projects with big numbers. But how should smaller projects be done? Also this already goes into branding and identity design. When the first step is a logo, its kind of hard to do all the extra work for the mockups. Most need a design which is kinda making the brand. DOing this for all proposals is much work. That probably means you use big numbers for making a logo. I find the mockup process to be more like branding. Though it does help the client get a better feeling on how his/her logo will look and feel.
Rombout Versluijs (20 days ago)
PS i dont see the link about Emily's file's. I know how this is done, but im curious for her workflow.
Rombout Versluijs (20 days ago)
Dang Emily uses a big ass tablet!!! holy smokes. She must be doing paint jobs or so, i use a wacom small i find it faster to move around with that.
Maysoon Designs (21 days ago)
Thank you it 's so helpful
sathish kumar (22 days ago)
That was valuable information and helpful for my presentation. And I wanna know after the logo finalized. How should logo has to be packed and what should package contain like kind of format and the resolution of logos should be there on a package on delivery. I'm waiting for your response and I hope there will be a video on this. Thank you, Ben Burns and The Futur
Hezekiah (23 days ago)
I have gained a lot from this. I like the fact that you have tailored it in a way that the presentation is short, gives the clients value which influence them to give honest feedback in return. I used to only present the logos but from now, I will be following the 5 steps of presentation which includes the mock ups. I cant' forget the one million dollar dude that should be the cost of design. All my queries are answered lemme prepare on hitting my presentation off the park. Salute Sir Ben, all the way from Kenya.
Kelvin Njuguna (25 days ago)
liked the video and am sure it will be of great help, i will be back to thumbs up this quite resourceful video once my proposal goes through in a months time... see you then fingers crossed... honestly thanks a lot
Konstantin Samokhotin (28 days ago)
Amazing insights, actually this is all that I've was practicing, thinking and suggesting combined with some bonuses. Thank you!
CanniGrow (1 month ago)
Pure gold.
Haley Ross (1 month ago)
I don't see the link for Emily's templates... Am I missing it? Could you please provide the link. Thank you!
Jen Ditters (1 month ago)
This is good!
Thanks bro! This was an awesome video
Ananda Figo (1 month ago)
Nice video! Can we have more of these with Ben?
Colm O'Neill (1 month ago)
Ben this has helped me out heaps, thanks for taking the time to do a deep dive on it. Appreciate it!
Stephanie De Jesus (1 month ago)
God tier video
Andrei Tcaciuc (1 month ago)
This right here is incredible content! Thank you!
Monsieur. (1 month ago)
So relatable 3:08
Matt Richardson (1 month ago)
I don't see Emily's files linked as expected
Whatever Babe (1 month ago)
How did Emily do that in PS? 😲❤️
Muku Mia (1 month ago)
i want to be a member what the process to pay you 5 dollar pls
Muku Mia (1 month ago)
what a excellent video i love it logo need an excellent presentation ............
Marek Matysiak (1 month ago)
This is pure gold! Thanks for sharing so much useful knowledge!
Savol X (1 month ago)
5:37 Ben!! Your fingers!! Noo!
KJ Anderson (1 month ago)
It's like you're inside of my head, lol. This video was awesome and very helpful!
AJ R. (1 month ago)
That asian girl is really pretty
Pesterball (1 month ago)
i see you trying to hide your dongle behind that coffee cup, Ben
sainaa g (1 month ago)
Hi Ben! I would love to learn systematically about identity design so that I can deliver more value to my clients. I already purchased thefutur's logo design course but I couldn't find one about ID design. Do you have any suggestion from where I can learn it?
Marina Papagianni (1 month ago)
can you do a tutorial of how to edit smart objects for mock ups? This looks really useful!
Kremson Kahn (1 month ago)
This is the Stuff they should be teaching in Colleges and art schools! and its amazing that we are gettin it all for freee :D awesomee
MrPerfle (1 month ago)
Hey :) I have a presentation coming up on Friday, this has been so informative and very inspiring!!
bookieplow (1 month ago)
Can you do one for brand strategy?
bookieplow (1 month ago)
btw I love how you're always replying to comments. I guess that's part of your brand strategy? :D
bookieplow (1 month ago)
The Futur (1 month ago)
bookieplow (1 month ago)
"This is Photoshop, right?"
nee tizen (1 month ago)
"you can buy it for windows, but i'm not sure" the masterpiece quotation
Iven Chong (1 month ago)
This is basically what i have to learn in art school for 2 sem haha. Love the video !
Wanpo Tutu (1 month ago)
Why so much vids and informarion from the futur. Im really inspired about building a business. Thanks for the hardwork.
Miti Abulaiti (1 month ago)
I love to play your videos while I'm working. Thank you Futur!
martin betancourt (1 month ago)
Awesome tips, love the video. thanks a lot.
Dennis Maphosa (2 months ago)
Emily is so cute
Nate Long (2 months ago)
I love you man!
Emily needs to smile more :D , great video
Blunew Studios (2 months ago)
Does anyone know where the mockups files are? He said they will be available
Ahmad Azzab (2 months ago)
damn! all the mistakes you have talked about is exactly what I'm doing. xD
Ahmad Azzab (2 months ago)
😂. thanks for sharing this guys!
The Futur (2 months ago)
Agnieszka Gałęcka (2 months ago)
I've watched a few videos about this subject, but this one? It is the best, thank you The Futur for your work put in the video. Notes are taken and I'm gonna blow away my clients by the presentation :D
Brandung Media (2 months ago)
Awesome guide, very helpful!
Lightbluely (2 months ago)
Thanks for the helpful feedback it really helps, I hope to see more videos soon. #Subbed
Karin Brinks Melbye (2 months ago)
Love this video! I started my own business this year and I needed some guidance on how to present logos a different way. With these guidelines I'm already several steps ahead of my competitors. Thanks Ben.
Binod Tamang (2 months ago)
Thanks so much. Working on a new project and this video has really inspired me structure wise.
sphakamiso mafuleka (2 months ago)
Man you killed it, very informative
SteHan Botha (2 months ago)
This has been incredibly practical and informative. It has answered questions I've had for years, even decades. Thank you so much Ben Burns and thefutur team. ...one question tho, those Photoshop mock-up files Emily created. I thought they were in a link below the video? Wanted to check out her Smart Objects...
Mark Mills (2 months ago)
Hey Ben, thank's so much for this! I was putting together a pitch deck this evening while watching and you helped me get my thoughts together as I was panicking re: delivering a logo tomorrow afternoon. Love the video. Thanks again--very generous.
Fullstackdev (2 months ago)
Awesome! Thanks and subscribed. yo
Agnese Lo (2 months ago)
Do you choose different attributes for each stylescape?
Godwin Njoroge (2 months ago)
HI Ben, I downloaded this to watch offline a couple of weeks ago. I just finished watching it today, and had to come back and just say thank you so much. It's changed how we'll be doing things from now on
Rob Robertson (2 months ago)
Great video! could you please share the name of the song at 16:07 when Emily is speed mocking up? Thanks
gichuki mwai (2 months ago)
i love this, am graphic designer base in KENYA, i would like to show you some of the design i have done, for your advice
Armios (2 months ago)
all this is for the first round of revisions something i usually sit with clients is that they want to use all the revisions that are agreed upon regardless if they already like the logo
Sjoerd ˈʃuːd (2 months ago)
Thanks a lot Ben Burns, Stewart Schuster, Aaron Szekely, Isaiah Nwukor, Chris Do, Emily Xie. I contribute so much of my education in terms of design to you guys, you truly are a blessing. T h a n k s
The Futur (2 months ago)
Thank you. We will make more to feed your creative brain.
GenesisV Chacon (2 months ago)
THANK YOU SO MUCH! Awesome video & super helpful! Can’t wait to present my designs now!!
dylan britz (2 months ago)
Love this!
Trimon (3 months ago)
This video is phenomenal - brilliant thorough advice, very clear. And Ben - your tone is spot on, happy viewer here!
shipra pant (3 months ago)
I can totally relate to this! Very informative video! Thanks!
Franz Escolastico (3 months ago)
This is gold! 💛
Marina Papagianni (3 months ago)
I have never pitched for a brand, I was not taught these kind of things in my studies and didnt know I was supposed to do it this way till now. I m frustrated, I supposedly have 5 years of experience, which I was lucky enough to get by working in a friend's company, where I was never asked to do brands for other clients because I worked only for the company's visuals. I feel so helpless!! Where can I start the practice now that I am jobless and I need to get one asap? What will I do if I get a job tomorrow and I am asked to present a brand to a client? It will be a disaster!!!
Marco Ruschkowski (3 months ago)
Thanks so much for your video. Even though I´m a retoucher there was still a lot of useful things that I can adapt to my work. Cheers and again thx
Fabio Giuliano (3 months ago)
me likes! Thanks Ben!
Ani Adds (3 months ago)
That was so helpful thank you! I like the way you break the stages down so that the process is easy to follow. The whole psychology behind how you present your first slides and set the scene to get your clients into a state of mind where they are a blank canvas and open to painting a picture with you totally blew my mind and I will definitely be more conscious of these things in my presentations from now on. Thank you so much from me and my little company here in Aotearoa/ New Zealand. :) Ngā mihi.
Dave Morgang (3 months ago)
I think The Futur is doing so well in business that they're sharing this kind of high quality content, and at the same time, generating a high quality feedback. Congratz guys! Thank you for this! Shout out to Ben and The Sensei Chris 🔥
Leo Pirela (3 months ago)
Ahh I see what you did there. Ben, one of the biggest challenges I have faced is getting the customer to think about the design from the user point of view. Many times, they dive into the 'I like This' or 'We like this more'. Not sure why I never thought about bringing the question 'Will user 'X' like this?' or 'How would he/she feel about this'. Great content man, thanks for sharing!
Walter Chiyanja (3 months ago)
hey Ben, great show -- where is the link to Emily's mockups?
Chris Kalmar (3 months ago)
But Master, sorry this logo is sh...ty but you'll make it to look nice, Right? :)
Enrique Gomez (3 months ago)
Hey there thanks for making this it was easy and comfortable to follow
Eugene Foo (3 months ago)
Great video Ben. Quick question, say you are on a full brand identity project, and it will include patterns, imagery on top of logo design. My question is if a logo presentation is required before the full branding is done (patterns, imagery, typefaces etc), should we present with mockups as this could lead them to misunderstand the motive of using patterns in the final branding.
Daniel Curtean (3 months ago)
Brilliant video! Just awesome!
Anja Lee Pol-Sorensen (3 months ago)
Hi Ben I really enjoyed watching your video, so helpful and so clear for a rookie...wish you could share more of your presentations and design. Please share more of your expertise
Isaiah 53 Design (3 months ago)
Great video! Perfect blend of sigh [at the DESIGN in this vid] and cringe [at how bad I needed this long ago]. Are you by any chance related to Ken Burns? You must be! God bless :)
DeputyDadBod (3 months ago)
I don't know how many times I've watched this.
Ankit Marasini (3 months ago)
Im lern very much
Little Banana (3 months ago)
This was great, thanks!! One question though. Shouldn't we talk about visual identities as opposed to logo designs? To me, the logo is nothing without the other brand elements.
Anon Id (3 months ago)
Very pleased to see timestamps in the video description, bookmarking all creative design tutorials. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
Sarah Richards (3 months ago)
Thanks for much for this.
Penelope Olifant (3 months ago)
Wow, thank you!
logospecialist (3 months ago)
Ben, The video is just amazing. I love the music in the end ... Adam, you rocked!!!
dopeod (3 months ago)
This was so informative!
Chrisas Agb (3 months ago)
Woaw I learned so much ! Thank you !
Isiah Obera (3 months ago)
Wow! Very informative. This is what I need :-)
Alien Hatz (3 months ago)
what is that term, style skips?
Justin Lau (3 months ago)
I really love the music during the timelapse, was that made by Futur too??
mõűņïř bğĺ (3 months ago)
I don t know man why i like your style in give the information you imazing thanks
The Futur (3 months ago)
he's great.
Brelinda W (3 months ago)
Great video!
The Futur (3 months ago)
MHcreatives (3 months ago)
Heck ya dude. Loving this.

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