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Crochet scarf with pompom yarn - By Ruby Stedman

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Rhttps://www.facebook.com/Ruby-Stedman-230720383760665/ Red Heart Super Saver Black, Bernat Puff Ball. Español & English
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lovesrob1 (4 years ago)
thankyou so much now i know what to do with that ball og pom pom yarn my sweet mother gave me...because she had no idea what to do with it...lol....maybe i'll make her a hat :)
Ruby Stedman (4 years ago)
Sounds like a good Idea, good luck and enjoy :-)
Sandie Roe (4 years ago)
I would like to see a piece done with no hanging strands.Your instructions are excellent,thank you.
Ruby Stedman (4 years ago)
You are very welcome, enjoy :-)
Marlene L (4 years ago)
hmmm... would this make a good baby mat or blanket?
Ruby Stedman (4 years ago)
A blanket will look great. :-) 
Bonnie White (4 years ago)
This is great. I'm giving this a try
Ruby Stedman (4 years ago)
Good Luck ;-)
arily83 (5 years ago)
wow this is beautiful. I love ur creations. Me encanta q tambien  haces los videos en espanol. I also love that u can make ur beanies without the seam in the back. Im still learning how to figure out the circumference of the head to get the right measurements for th beanies. Thank u for sharing all ur amazing videos. U are an excellent teacher. Saludos de west tx.
Ruby Stedman (5 years ago)
I'm planning to make a video for the circumference of the beanies
Karrie (5 years ago)
So gorgeous Thank you wow.
Karrie (5 years ago)
Ruby Stedman (5 years ago)
Your welcome :-)
This will look good for a baby blanket also, but without the tails. I am going to make it for my pre-term baby charity projects. Thanks a lot!
Ruby Stedman (5 years ago)
Thanks :-)
rosaria m (5 years ago)
Ruby Stedman (5 years ago)
Your welcome :-)
Ruby Stedman (5 years ago)
Busca en mi canal que yo siempre hago los video en los dos idiomas. Tambien lo tengo en español.
podrias poner subtitulos soy fan de tus videos y noa todos les entiendo en español por favor
Verlinda Rankin (5 years ago)
Beautiful !
radia ahmed (5 years ago)
This is a very new and nice scarf, your teaching is very easy , i liked it , Thank you dear.

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