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Nikocado Avocado acting drunk for 1 minute straight.

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Nick acts like an old drunk person and what’s he’s doing is inappropriate to viewers. It’s awkward to see a guy who is shirtless and shows their hairy armpits to viewers. He pretty much using us cuz he won’t go to his mama and papa. Like seriously. This dude needs some help. I’m not doing this to become so mean but it is just to criticise him so that he would never be this guy again. Peace.✌🏻
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I don’t really mean to be so petty but when he’s drunk he acts always atrocious. This is not him at all...
Via nZ (16 days ago)
wtf lol I thought he was gonno coke wot is this?! a 96 yr old drunk ___ AAAAH WTF and what the f*ck is wrong with that guy? oof
Via nZ (16 days ago)
Via nZ (16 days ago)
I'm gonno puke jk lol
Exactly, btw, you’re cool.

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