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How To Change Facebook Text Color,Background Color,Font Style 2017

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In this video you can know the tricks of changing the text color,background color of facebook in google chrome and uc browser. It is a very simple facebook tricks. You can change facebook background, Facebook text color and facebook font by apply this video tutorial. It is a bangla video tutorial about facebook. It is also a very easy bangla tutorial. Hope you will enjoy this tutorial and like my video.
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Text Comments (49)
Dobronamjernik Usrcu (8 months ago)
Those changes do not see anyone besides me. Others that open in the device or other browser except chrome vid squares Of this there is no use
Rj Porosh (9 months ago)
https://goo.gl/TbdhCT sub4sub
ERDE ! (9 months ago)
Use indean subtitles or speak english you damnful! Who the fuck will understand your indean language.
Mech Tech (9 months ago)
ERDE ! Hey man..There is Enlish subtitle. Didn't you see???
Zaiba Ali (1 year ago)
change facebook colour try this link http://igurufoundation.com/6ddbb02929cb85bcff5dfc03a282ff12/fcolors1/?i=2070903&i=2070903
Suzanne McRae (1 year ago)
Yes only you can see this color. Facebook does not have it supported yet that others can see the colors when they view your pages!
Mech Tech (1 year ago)
Suzanne McRae Yes you are right. Its only for own satisfaction.
Mian Ali (1 year ago)
blue kryhm (1 year ago)
Link for change Facebook Colors😎😎😎 https://websitet7.com/top1/colorid/2/?i=1172652
Balay Cebu (1 year ago)
<fg=b0964b00>hullo <b><h><b>Hi
Mech Tech (1 year ago)
juan cruz Hello..Facing any problem??
Lyle Stavast (1 year ago)
is this free in America ?
Mech Tech (1 year ago)
Lyle Stavast Yes of course..It is totally free..
J.R. Zippie (1 year ago)
Thank you for your help....Altho I cannot understand your language....Your video was quite clear and helpful.....
Mech Tech (1 year ago)
J.R. Zippie I am so happy to hear that...Keep in touch brother...Hope i will give u ur essential Info at ur right time..Thanks again...☺
J.R. Zippie (1 year ago)
Great info...I never thought of the CC translation option.....But as I said...Your video "said it all".....as I clicked thru it in about a minute and got the needed info...I will be checking your other videos as I get more time...and I subscribed.... 👀
Mech Tech (1 year ago)
J.R. Zippie Thanks for the compliment brother...Actually This video is made on Bengali Language..All of my video except this is in English...Dont worry...There is a subtitle in english to make this video Understand..Just follow the steps in the video...Thank u....
Musically Master (1 year ago)
Mech Tech (1 year ago)
Hellow...Have u face any problem??
K Peterson (1 year ago)
Sooo...this is not English. This should be listed as such.
Cory Ducey (8 months ago)
Mech Tech hey bud. No offense, really but your English is not that great. Very heavy on the accent. I can only pick a few words here and there.
Jim Alner (9 months ago)
Be nice if you spoke English.... If you are speaking English.. I don't believe anyone ...Who is a native speaker in the USA will understand you...
Mech Tech (1 year ago)
Thanks for ur suggestion dude..Except this all my videos are in English ... Hope u will enjoy my other videos...Thanks.
Leonard Dixon (1 year ago)
Is this only for *Android* users with the FB App? - If so, please state that in the title and description! I'm trying all of the code suggestions using a regular computer, in FB comments, and nothing happens.
Mech Tech (1 year ago)
Leonard Dixon Dear sir...this is only for pc users. Please follow the instructions carefully and hope u can do this. Use chrome browser with extension colorful fb... thank u...stay with mech tech.
Loner Ly (1 year ago)
The problem is you are the only one who will see these colors .. i mean no one on your friends list can see that change ^^
Mech Tech (1 year ago)
Loner Ly Yes boss....You are Right.. Its for own Likeness...
thanks vaia
Mech Tech (1 year ago)
apnake onnek dhonnobad.. please subscribe kore pashei thakun..
Farah A (1 year ago)
Mech Tech (1 year ago)
Sorry for your problem...Actually this video is in bengali..Please Click on CC for english subtitle..Thank you...
FR0ST. CF NA (1 year ago)
thanks alot bro,this really helped me. subscribed <3
Mech Tech (1 year ago)
You are most welcome brother..
Technical Rinku (1 year ago)
mobile me huaahe
Mech Tech (1 year ago)
Romeo BoyRinku its only for pc browser..keep an eye in my channel and tricks for mobile is coming soon..thanks.
Courtney XOXO (1 year ago)
In English please
魔幻 (1 year ago)
click cc and you will see english subtitle
Rémy (1 year ago)
Thx... :D
bernard deloso (1 year ago)
i try this one, this is not permanent and only u can see the changes, except your friends. useless
G- Zope (1 year ago)
i am a facebook apps developper can you test my app that change facebook color https://apps.facebook.com/kiminonawa/?app=5d41402abc4b2a76b9719d911017e592/fcolors/en/?i=552136&i=552136 thank you
DarkPlayz (1 year ago)
an as z shadow
DarkPlayz (1 year ago)
an as that's a hack
Tanjimun Naher (1 year ago)
Eita ki khali ami nijei dekhar jonoo? Onoo keu dekhar option nai?
daniel Hostwells (1 year ago)
HOLA AMIGO ESTE ANDA BIEN ...https://apps.facebook.com/dopartas/?app=5d41402abc4b2a76b9719d911017e592/fcolors/es/?i=371853&i=371853
মাদক alL (1 year ago)
A gulo kicoi lagbe Na,, dairek apner moto apne puro them chilet kore nite parben,, Ai ta kono fek Na ,Ek ber hole O tery kore dekhn ,, https://apps.facebook.com/tiwooap/colorid/v2/?i=402598
lucky romeo (1 year ago)
CHANGE COLOR FB 2017 https://apps.facebook.com/tipadit/colorid/v2/?i=433979
Alessa Yuka (1 year ago)
CHANGE COLOR FB 2017 https://apps.facebook.com/winappls/colorid/v2/?i=216919
almagoh (2 years ago)
Is that English???
Mech Tech (2 years ago)
almagoh The tutorial is in bengali but u can perform the action showed in the video without knowing the language. Just follow the steps of the video. Thanks for comment.

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