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InDesign CC - Create a Professional Magazine Page

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[VOICE + TEXT] Get into a new Way of Learning how to make a professional page with Adobe InDesign CC. InDesign CC tutorial for beginners, getting started, basics. Full Guide here: http://bit.ly/indesignbai Enable SUBTITLES if you have troubles at understanding the accent. Leave feedback if you can! (Due to some removed links, extra-content links won't be shown anymore to respect Community Guidelines) Welcome to The Skills Factory™! A new brilliant Latin teacher will guide you through the most important softwares awailable. Leave a comment to make tutorial requests! Subscribe to start learning anything! ♥ Muah!
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Text Comments (42)
shweta MG (6 months ago)
nice to follow even with your italian accent its easy to still understand actually very clear to understand :)
Hrastoljub (1 year ago)
Scusi but pronunciation is molto bene!
Manny Man (1 year ago)
I study English the right way and thats why I speak and understand this tutorial but people doesn’t like the right way, why the native speakers speak so fast and short way and slang and they says it is correct and when someone speak as same as they studied, people says it weird, explain me!
Papa Riku (1 year ago)
I like did voice grilllll
Gugão Duplo X (2 years ago)
Thank you very much!
Lilly Keule (2 years ago)
if thi pronutiotion ist not gooda Lmao
J Lewis (2 years ago)
You need to let us know how using the keyboard arrows works; they don't automatically. Is there something we need to do in order for this to take effect?
Sophia Lenore (2 years ago)
Really good videos. Just subscribed!
Srinivas Sadhanand (2 years ago)
How did u add rows n columns
raulranma (2 years ago)
Very helpful for a first timer, thank you!
OverMyHead Omh (2 years ago)
Thanks, very helpful. i love your accent, it's like music playing!
Darius D'Silva (2 years ago)
nice voice.
Liza Soberano my Love (2 years ago)
Abdullah (3 years ago)
helpful tutorial, keep it up
Shubhojeet Choudhury (3 years ago)
Thanks Skill Factory for making this Tutorial.Its a great Help
White Dervish (3 years ago)
Best tutorial I've watched so far on Adobe InDesign. Thanks for making it!
Tracie Grant (3 years ago)
Excellent video. I can understand it and follow it with ease. Thanks!
Paula Murphy (3 years ago)
I am having a hard time understanding what she is saying
OverMyHead Omh (2 years ago)
there is subtitles
Hey Bai! All your tutorials are great and very helpful. Thanks very much for your time.
Youssef Bizzou (4 years ago)
attentoun  lol
TheBeanyful (4 years ago)
Pressing the arrows dose nothing
Nick Cruz (4 years ago)
Love the video! Thank you so much!!
James Allan (4 years ago)
Grate video \o/ i loved  your accent :D
Daniel Wabuge (4 years ago)
Paaarrrr Porrrrr Contuaaaa 
celtic celtic (4 years ago)
I Love your accent, Slap me I am Your slave senora . xxx
Cornelius Maximilianus (4 years ago)
I likey di pizza 
BPDEV (1 year ago)
genius fam u made me laugh
Cristian Canessa (5 years ago)
hey you are doing things the that adobe says that you don't to.... there is an special way to put capital letters at the begging of the text, and also a description for the photo, so instead of tech your way do it the way the pro does....  regards
y0utuve (5 years ago)
Thanks for the tutorial! your accent its awesome =)
wilton Fula (5 years ago)
thanks a lot  Bai, for this tutorial, its very helpful
Cygnus X (5 years ago)
Nice try koothrappali !
Fernando Neris (5 years ago)
Your pronunciation is good and his accent is cool. Tks, good class.
DANIEL SACKEY Yobo (5 years ago)
No she is Russian
Andrey Kashew (5 years ago)
Ras Drew (5 years ago)
good informative instructions, thankyou.
screwsloose24 (5 years ago)
thank you very much. you helped greatly improve a project i was working on
wesley kato (5 years ago)
Are you Italian? Your accent sounds like italian people speaking English. :)
TheBlueWiresStudio (4 years ago)
I'm Italian aswell..sounds like an Italian speaking English but, to me, the rhythm/strong emphasys on consonants when she pronunces 'We will take for example....' and 'which format the page must have...'  makes me think that she might be Russian.....I have few Russian friends here in Bangkok and the 'musicality' is the same....
Matteo Busto (5 years ago)
Hahah true I think so, I'm italian and I've think the dame thing 😃
bai (5 years ago)
They are the four arrows in your keyboard, the same ones you use to change the pointer placement when you write text. They are usually below the Enter key. (I updated the comment)
Luciano (5 years ago)
Muito bom, grande vídeo..obrigado...Bai...

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