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Pöpcørn | Recipes with The Swedish Chef | The Muppets

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Your favorite chef - The Swedish Chef - shares his recipe for popcorn, or as he refers to it "Pöpcørn." Subscribe for all new videos from The Muppets! ► http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MuppetsStudios Watch more from The Swedish Chef ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jlpjt9QjMYg&list=PLiyHgXXaitUFIx-jO5LnPjXsDnGndrDdH Get ready for “The Muppets” like you’ve never seen them before! Watch the brand new series on Tuesday nights at 8/9p Central, only on ABC! Watch the best moments from the Muppets on ABC! ►http://bit.ly/1h7TqDN In this special Muppets exclusive, the Swedish Chef shares his recipe for popcorn. In true Swedish Chef fashion though, his process for popcorn, or "Pöpcørn" is no simple task. Instead, he creates a musical masterpiece and somewhat of a mess! Watch more of the best moments, music videos, and laughs from The Muppets! ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgbNymZ7vqY&list=PLiyHgXXaitUEgAKvEzfsV1GTgJnrcy0j3 Get more from The Muppets! http://disney.com/muppets Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Muppets Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MuppetsStudio Tumblr: http://themuppets.tumblr.com Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/themuppets Muppets Characters The Swedish Chef is the Incomprehensible and hilarious resident chef for the Muppets. The Swedish Chef rose to the top of Muppets’ stardom with his his signature unorthodox utensil, sing-song introduction, use of "Børk" and indecipherable Swedish accent. His famous standout recipes include his stew, popcorn, and swedish meatballs. The Swedish Chef is not afraid to take risks with his cuisine, especially when it means making special meals for the rest of the Muppets cast. The Swedish Chef also collaborates and competes with some of the world’s most renowned chefs including Gordon Ramsay. The Muppets on YouTube Welcome to the Official YouTube channel for The Muppets! This channel is home to your beloved group of Muppet friends: Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, Animal, Beaker, the Swedish Chef and more! Subscribe for some of your favorite and best film and television clips from The Muppets, as well as music covers and brand new comedy sketches. Check out exclusive Muppet parodies, Muppet music videos, Muppet song covers, comedy sketches, and more! Join in the fun with original Muppet comedy shows, TV promos, and charity PSAs. Tune into the all new the Muppet show, “The Muppets” on Tuesday nights at 8|7c on ABC!
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Text Comments (13372)
Kristian Lopez (11 hours ago)
I just found this song I first watched it when I was two
X Lightcameradeath (18 hours ago)
The funny thing is that popcorn is actually called popcorn in swedish. With those diacritic marks, it sounds even more ridiculous than swedish already does.
royalers master (20 hours ago)
Nice work
Sven Vikk (1 day ago)
Ok but the letter “Ø” isn’t Swedish, it’s Norwegian.
William Allan (1 day ago)
those subtitles are the best
donkey kong pro (1 day ago)
0:59 1:00
TheNothingYT (2 days ago)
Can someone translate this?
Andrew Zhang (2 days ago)
I remember my art teacher showing me this every time we were good in art class in elementary. (Warren Elementary, MD) Cockeysville. Ms. Seitz
Kaylana T (2 days ago)
That's a lot of popcorn!!
IWinslogswimp (1 day ago)
as a swede i can totally confirm that this is very accurate to what Swedish cooking channels looks like
Reynir Rúnarsson (3 days ago)
This might be the best video I have ever seen.
Mihai Gabriel Rizescu (3 days ago)
Mihai Gabriel Rizescu (3 days ago)
Helu? Ye?nuooouuu!
Mihai Gabriel Rizescu (3 days ago)
What i hear:mibipfbbgs oh ne gksnnn gbhfs What swedish People hear :and we put this here we leave it there for some minutes and make a Lil song
ThatOne Boy (3 days ago)
Is this what we sound to English speaking people?
Tommi (1 day ago)
Yes 😂
Panko B Crumb (4 days ago)
Oh my god, his hands are real...
Alejandro Higuera (4 days ago)
Alejandro Higuera (4 days ago)
2:47 rock
ISBSP (5 days ago)
Autistic Penguin (5 days ago)
Subtitles: Swedish - Chef *iTaLiAn (AuTo-GeNeRaTeD)*
Autistic Penguin (5 days ago)
As a swede, i can confirm that this is actually a mix of danish, swedish and a bit of norwegian
Julian Rodriguez (6 days ago)
Does Swedish Chef speak English?
Jet Larico (6 days ago)
Do you guys still use this channel?
Doge dog (6 days ago)
Aye it’s the Swedish Chef
Bigmag .345 (6 days ago)
youri vreman (6 days ago)
All the dislikes are from the shrimps
magnum_cx (7 days ago)
Is this what we swedes really sound like to you all cx
_this video is 9 years old_ Feel old yet?
Kaylee Mason (8 days ago)
Hahaha I love the music
Atlanta ONeil (8 days ago)
this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny
Emilian Bazan (9 days ago)
A mi me da gracia vean mi comentario para todo el grupo 🤑🤑🤑
Antonio Mantilla (10 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks this is a parody to a well known song I don't know the name of?
PAUL THOMSON (12 days ago)
PAUL THOMSON (12 days ago)
leuk en grappig
Megawati Klemets (13 days ago)
Megawati Klemets (13 days ago)
The chef slid the glass cups when he’s done playing he slid them right off the edge
pamela casio (13 days ago)
Poopy 😁😂🤣
Criminal Gaming (14 days ago)
Every Gordon Ramsay episode ever
Ana Polessi (15 days ago)
Its classic comedy!
Eggo Girl (15 days ago)
*Bill skarsgard wants to know your location*
Bobby The Bear (16 days ago)
I love this guy.
Hagen823 (16 days ago)
Kim C (17 days ago)
Bra! 🇸🇪
jalapeno (19 days ago)
lil homeboy TEARIN it UP
Jim Griffin (19 days ago)
Where di d the subtitles go?
Fred Nichols (19 days ago)
The swedish chef is a muppet of gordan ramsay
Yarno De boy (19 days ago)
Adam St.Martin (19 days ago)
June 30, 2019- at the end of video. It makes me laugh but it is true.. YouTube comments sections. "You can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." I love that line. It helps me alot and maybe not quite sure about other people and maybe that line might help other people.
Noodlerpirate XD (19 days ago)
Turn on captions
Christina Svahn (19 days ago)
Is this how swedish sounds for none swedish people?
Ashley Quiroz (19 days ago)
people these days be like 3:22
Ashley Quiroz (19 days ago)
Why am I watching this in 2019?
luke knott (20 days ago)
anyone realize the knife is rubber 2:15
Darek Link (20 days ago)
The person who wrote the subtitles. You are awesome.
mama naynad (20 days ago)
The Swedish Chef is a great character and a really interesting puppet. He’s a live hand puppet, which usually has one puppeteer controlling the head and one hand, and another puppeteer controlling the other hand; Swedish Chef is different, as one puppeteer controls the hands, and one controls the head, adding randomness to his performances. I also can no longer take this song seriously.
Scott Dunn (21 days ago)
This brings back such warm memories. We watched The Muppet Show from the very beginning around 1977 or so, I was 11 years old. The Swedish Chef was Dads favorite character, moms was Miss Piggy, and mine was Animal, and Crazy Harry. We looked forward to watching this show every week, and I still have fond memories of my parents just rolling with laughter at the antics of these characters. Dad has been gone for 22 years, and Mom has been gone for 8 years. I really wish they still made family wholesome shows like this.
devyn Boi (21 days ago)
They do not sound like that
Jeremiah Payte (22 days ago)
If you have not watched it with captions ON you are doing yourself a diservice
Shirley Campbell (23 days ago)
KATIE HEWITT (23 days ago)
The randomness
KATIE HEWITT (23 days ago)
Love the ending with the popcorn explosion
KATIE HEWITT (23 days ago)
The babble muppet language the dancing and hilarious stuff they do totally appealing to not just the kids but to the big kids in this world
KATIE HEWITT (23 days ago)
😂I’m definitely a big kid at heart I laugh as much as my nieces I love the muppets
toWer_bom (23 days ago)
Imagine you wake up in the middle of the night, and you see this thing in the bed next to you, and he’s slowly saying “poooooooooopcooooooooooorn”
simple kitty (24 days ago)
I'm swedish 1:50 and this is best remix I've heard in Sweden
erika hugle (18 days ago)
What about Caramelldansen? 😆
Sharman Of the whills (25 days ago)
Got to love the captions!!!
Sinclair Sinclair (25 days ago)
this is pretty accurate to how i cook
Nina Q. (25 days ago)
Eh. This probably isn't important. *Yeets everything across the kitchen with reckless abandon*
GermanyKorea (25 days ago)
Oh dear god, turn on the closed captioning. It is beautiful...
sean Hamilton (25 days ago)
sean Hamilton (25 days ago)
Not fussy on him or cox if it's just the best I go for
The kitti cat (25 days ago)
Christian V-H (25 days ago)
Turn on captions. You're welcome.
Kristian Mucaji (25 days ago)
It's even funnier when I can't understand him. 😂
Julia Bear (26 days ago)
Ну, Погоди! Выпуск 10
Sad Adolf Hitler (27 days ago)
This is why i didn't invade sweden.
just Loco (27 days ago)
This cringed me so bad lol
Happy Birthday (27 days ago)
Fun fact: *Deep inside he's actually a true DJ from the future.* 😂😂😂
Happy Birthday (27 days ago)
2:20 The best part is the phone scene! **Phone rings** *Chef::* " Helöö? " *Chef::* " Jà? " *Also chef::* " NØØØ! " **Chef throws phone away** 😂😂😂 🤣🤣🤣
loidsemus (1 day ago)
Swedish doesn't have Ø and we don't use à like that
Blake Schmidt (28 days ago)
If Julia child was a muppet this is who she would be.
Chandler Bradley (28 days ago)
I want this to be my ringtone
carterri (26 days ago)
Okay 👍
Mister Flixe (29 days ago)
2:12-2:20 the best sound in the video
Tamara Tornado (29 days ago)
Pöpcørn Shrîmpéé
Bjarne Kastling (29 days ago)
I love it
Manmohan sohal (1 month ago)
It is funny
FireAway (1 month ago)
Put on subtitles
I love this song on spotify
Anjellalo (1 month ago)
Pewdiepie playing that kitchen simulator Me that old man at the end I'm such a knucklehead
dOrA (1 month ago)
It took me almost 10 years to figure out that he's cooking "popcorn shrimp" why am i so stupid
littlebritain64 (1 month ago)
Chicky in di bisky!!😂😂😂
•AnGeLiCa• (1 month ago)
2019 | 🔽
Dawningx (1 month ago)
Love the phonecall, makes no sense! So funny..Helluuuuu!
Allison Kniech (1 month ago)
the toaster on the counter looks like a ghast from minecraft

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