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Guys Try On Ladies' Underwear For The First Time // Try Guys

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Text Comments (8311)
Your Gay thoughts (6 hours ago)
How it all began
mohammeedd al masum (11 hours ago)
maxine uddyback (22 hours ago)
Ohh yeahhhhh these make my butt look goodddd 💀 the old try guys 😭
Bleh (2 days ago)
Baby Zach is so adorable
oliver567 (2 days ago)
Eugene’s old hair
Samaya Rose (3 days ago)
Eugene is so hot now in 2018.
Alexandra Smith (3 days ago)
Why did the title say for the first time??
Holland (5 days ago)
the beginning of the origin story
Brynnly Ann (6 days ago)
Who's from the Try Guys Anniversary video??💙💚💛💜
Lizzy Grant (6 days ago)
My babies
Lady Heistess (7 days ago)
And thus!! The Try Guys are born!! 😍😍😍
Silvan’na!¡ (7 days ago)
Okay but like Keith hasn’t changed a bit lol.
TheKatDoesDat (7 days ago)
Leah Ginsburg (8 days ago)
Just Jota (9 days ago)
So it turns out Keith was right
no one (9 days ago)
if you look carefully you can see eugene pretending he's never done this before...
Hide on bush (9 days ago)
I came here because of the interview of how they met😂😂
Life of Jules (9 days ago)
And this. Is where it began
Sam Fabulous (10 days ago)
Ned discovering his ass is the best thing ever.
Nikoleta Cude (10 days ago)
zach hqd more hair 😂😂
Rachel Chu (10 days ago)
2018 anyone?
AvatarHallows (10 days ago)
Just saw the Glamour Video about how they all met, funny to think of how much Ned did not want to do this video...look at him now! :) P.S. Keith was the only one right about the date that this video was published!
Alexa Kane (10 days ago)
Eugene: like a vacuum
e gafford (11 days ago)
2:24 most paused minute of the video
Jackie McIntosh (11 days ago)
this belongs in a museum
Aliyah Quevedo (11 days ago)
2:24 You're welcome. :)
annabanana2121 (11 days ago)
I just realized how many views buzzfeed got because of the try guys
naturellebella (11 days ago)
The beginning of beautiful friendships!
lumpy leya (11 days ago)
Look how big our Eugene has grown 😍❤️❤️😂
ana arias (11 days ago)
1:01 and so neds obsession with his own ass began
Sarah Walter (11 days ago)
Their videos work better in 2 min segments rather then the 10 min one
Desean L. (12 days ago)
Came here after watching the try guys recent vid. 🤣
Ghost Mask (12 days ago)
Eugene looks kinda sunburned
Emma Wagenbach (12 days ago)
Keith was right 🤷🏻‍♀️
Philippa Cork (12 days ago)
Yes! The first video of the try guys! 💕😂
unown-girl with-wings (12 days ago)
Like Eugene has never worn women’s nickers
ITs Aida (12 days ago)
Who else came from the video of how they first met
Alyssa P (12 days ago)
by ned's reaction 1:01 i'm suprise that the others said he was the one who refused being in this video
Julia Reyven (12 days ago)
Who came from Glamour?
Joud Imad (12 days ago)
Madalyn Lilly (12 days ago)
2018! They are such babies here!!!
Gabby Palmer (12 days ago)
Is this the first try guys video?? OMG
Kipik What’s up (13 days ago)
Who’s watching this in 2018
Willow Yocky (13 days ago)
Kitty (13 days ago)
They got younger in 4 years
Amy Humphries (13 days ago)
The beginning of everything.
Angel Flyer (13 days ago)
Eugene four years later “yeah I had to act like I hadn’t tried on woman’s underwear before”
Markel Dallas (11 days ago)
*Here on a Try Guys Spree had to start from the beginning* 🙃
Anne Yang (13 days ago)
Who came here after watching how the try guys met video ❤️
Grace Hoyle (13 days ago)
1:39 Lmao
TheAmazingJAJ (13 days ago)
I love how Eugene revealed later that he was pretending to try this on for the first time 😂😂😂
Hello Kitey (13 days ago)
Who’s back here after watching the video on how they met? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️
Ari Star (13 days ago)
Anyone come back after the Glamour video? Eugene had to pretend he’s never tried on woman’s underwear before...😂
ShiAnne Stogsdill (13 days ago)
OMG they are babies!!!!
TDCC&RHCP (13 days ago)
here after watching 'try guys explain how they all met'. Zach and Eugene look younger but Kieth looks the same
HerMajesty101 (13 days ago)
F e t u s
silena197 (13 days ago)
who else came here from the “how they met” video??
Lenny loves me (10 days ago)
Imani Ramos (13 days ago)
I forgot that Zach had a butt tattoo!
Nina Orman (13 days ago)
I see Eugene’s reactions different now that I know he did try women’s underwear before and he was sort of pretending 😂
Jasmine Villasenor (13 days ago)
The beginning of something great started here
Imma Smiler (13 days ago)
Lol anyone else from that Glamour Magazine interview?
Taylor Tika Macko (13 days ago)
Eugene's hair is so fly. <3
Morgan Hughes (13 days ago)
Y'all Zach looks so much nastier. Like a tough little kitten
Madison Villafuerte (13 days ago)
They Look Like babies!!!!
Nathalie Palhares (14 days ago)
anyone else here from the glamour video about how they met ? keith was right about the title! xD
chloe baker (14 days ago)
BIG K-POP FAN (14 days ago)
Who's here after their "The Try Guys Explain How They Met"??😂😂
Killian Spitz Cohan (14 days ago)
Came back to re-watch after Eugene revealed he had to pretend that he'd never worn women's underwear before during this video!
speciallylily (14 days ago)
Anyone else coming from the glamour magazine video to see who got the name of the video right??? P.S it was Keith
Michaela J (14 days ago)
Who came here after watching The Try Guys explain how they met video from glamour magazine?
Mango & Madi (14 days ago)
Michaela J me
Steph Cat (14 days ago)
Who’s coming from the new vid
Trelyn (14 days ago)
Here to see Eugene acting like he's never worn women's underwear before! lol
Marian Salman (14 days ago)
Who's here from Glamour magazine's video? 😂😂
Luna Nightmare (13 days ago)
Lisa Venema (14 days ago)
Judith Ng (14 days ago)
I remember watching this when it first came out. But watching four years later, I keep thinking that they look so young.
Andruşca A. (14 days ago)
1:21 when you have to pretend you never wore women's lingerie.
Luna Nightmare (13 days ago)
Andrea Juarez (14 days ago)
Andruşca A. 😂😂😂🤣😂 OMG!!
paige mclachlan (14 days ago)
Kayce Allen (14 days ago)
I watched the video where they say how they meet. They mentioned this was there first video, so I EMEDEATLY looked it up, like 'omg I have GOT to see what Eugene's hair looked like😂
Here after watching the glamour video on how they met, very interesting with the new context. Such humble beginnings
Racheal (14 days ago)
Keith was right in the Glamour video!!
Nycole Marina (14 days ago)
I just came from the video where Glamour asked them what their first video is. I thought Keith would be wrong because it's 3 against 1 but I have been proven wrong.
Kyla Santos (14 days ago)
Omggg Keith, Eugene, and Zach looks so young and different😂 Why does Ned looks the same after 4 yrs😂
Madi (14 days ago)
“i had to act like i’d never tried women’s underwear before”
Isabella Baluyot (14 days ago)
November 2018?
N Kundu (14 days ago)
Anyone watching this video again after the Try Guys interview?
_Immie_ (14 days ago)
Here, so proud of them😁😊
Mourgan K.D (14 days ago)
Here from the Glamour video 😂
Victoria Lisa (14 days ago)
Who's from "How the Try Guys Met" video? 😂🙋‍♀️
Tichootlet (7 days ago)
Kristin Michelle (12 days ago)
Victoria Lisa 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻
blackngold cuttlefish (13 days ago)
me lol
Divina vivas (14 days ago)
Omg they look so young
kaushik raj (14 days ago)
whos here from the new glamour magazine video?
yussy (14 days ago)
looks like keith was right with the title lolol
Regina Phalange (14 days ago)
Who is here after watching the Glamour video?
Poh Yoke Lo (1 day ago)
Queenofwheels (8 days ago)
here again from it
Parnder (9 days ago)
Me 😁
Jillianne Fanning (11 days ago)
Alessa. (12 days ago)
Regina Phalange mee lol
akittensmeow (14 days ago)
Who else is here after watching the glamour video about how they all met 😂😂
Pidge Gunderson (14 days ago)
where it all began
Vkookies & hoshi carat (14 days ago)
who came here from glamour magazine?
Erin Rae (14 days ago)
Watching in November 2018
Alley COOPER (15 days ago)
Anyone else having try guys marathon
Tianna English (16 days ago)
Ned is weirdly obsessed with his butt
Nancy Shepard (16 days ago)
You guys should redo this one without the blanket covering you lol
panda corn (16 days ago)
i am laughing at zachs glasses lmaoooo 😂

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