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Snap in Style In Stores Now

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Click here →http://cousin.com/sis#map← to see a map of all of the stores that currently carry Snap in Style. With Snap in Style™ It's a snap to create unique, interchangeable jewelry. Simply choose a base and snap in your personal style! The program features a variety of bases including; rings, hair accessories, bracelets, pendants and even watches! To begin we'll be offering over 45 different "Snaps" to make creating your own style a snap.
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Text Comments (11)
Martha Hopkins (6 years ago)
Love 'em! I'm gonna do a haul video of 6 new ones I bought today! :)
05Sileyram30 (6 years ago)
I got a leather bracelet and I love it!
Denise Owens (6 years ago)
Can't wait to see these!
Wearmeoutaccessories (6 years ago)
So Cool!
Evelyn McCall (6 years ago)
great idea
BipolarPolymath (6 years ago)
Cute stuff!
slrsera (6 years ago)
Looks cute and easy to do.
Sylvia Morse (6 years ago)
great idea...nice selection too!
Vera Guthrie (6 years ago)
Love this concept!!!!
Carol Swisher (6 years ago)
Seems easy enough!
Shelly Owen (6 years ago)
This looks pretty darn cool!

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