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Drunk man in pub can't stand up straight

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Irish man struck with bendy back syndrome after a few drinks. Current All Ireland limbo champion.
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bmcduffee (5 days ago)
The best of us have been there. Help the fella home. He'll help you for life.
sam smith (2 months ago)
ew did the guy who filmed this just do a huge snort with his nose then spit it out? Durty fuck
F T (1 year ago)
5th dimension (2 years ago)
what a pointless state to get oneself in and not forgetting the money wasted on alcohol its a lack of self respect for ones self at the same time buying in to false happiness and false enjoyment when ones is truly at peace within ones self and has contentment it will not seek outside of its self for a substitute for what is missing within
Sorin Hines (1 year ago)
you sound like you need a drink
Franklin Clinton (3 years ago)
Get the guy home, he will thank you later...
Leah Kerr (3 years ago)
aright jimmy

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