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The Right Way To Drop Out Of College - Zach Sims

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Mohammed Qasem (1 month ago)
Wait, so you're the creator of CodeCademy? Well, I learned two things today.
Emmet Bergin (4 months ago)
Who said everyone wants to be a billionaire? All I want to do is work on things I’m passionate about and not spend anymore time doing things I’ve no interest in
朱志鹏 (19 days ago)
so true dude
C Ali (4 months ago)
Mohith Sagar (8 months ago)
I definitely want to drop out of CLG and follow my dreams . My parents say that I am not a special gem and very few people are gifted to become greats like jobs etc. WTF! How should I even convince them?
George Alemu (4 months ago)
@Mohith Sagar hey am 3rd year electrical engineering student and 2 more years to go i want to drop out soo badly but am afraid that my parents will be disappointed in me especially my father how can i convince them?
I am Human (7 months ago)
@Mohith Sagar go break a leg,😚😘
Mohith Sagar (8 months ago)
@Josue Mondragon Yesterday they finally let me drop out of clg, but they were a little disappointed. I made the understand in a pleasant way and my dad finally supported me . Keep going. ATB!
Josue Mondragon (8 months ago)
Same shit with me. Except I don't care about being a great. I don't care about waving around a degree and bragging about it.
Kayd (9 months ago)
Thank you because school is a legit bag of god damn vomit
fuck u (9 months ago)
I thought this was a ted talk
Sinecdoque (1 month ago)
Lol me too
marcuseastlife (1 year ago)
i don't know man. i can't find anything valuable in here so-called university.
ameliorated (1 year ago)
tbh i understad the too long didnt read want for things to be shorter, but i am not proud of the didnt finish aspect to things you personally signed up for. If you sign up for something see it through to the end.
Chima Okoye (1 year ago)
ameliorated ooh! Now I see your point but his point is "You can dropout of college but not out of education". Maybe there was some fault in the manner through which he passed the information
ameliorated (1 year ago)
Chima Okoye it being different to what you thought it would be is a different reason to drop out to length of time or attention.
Chima Okoye (1 year ago)
ameliorated So if you discover that it isn't working or isn't what you thought it would be, you should keep going? I think that's rather foolish, don't you agree?
Ben Yang (2 years ago)
wow this video is quiet true
Ben Yang (2 years ago)
Holloquiin (2 years ago)
He says uhhh every like 5-10 seconds 😂
Cyrah SOAtlanta P. (6 months ago)
you blissful ignoramous. This is the guy who co founded Code Academy, the same company that has over 45 MILLION users. Pay attention to the facts, dodo head
Cyrah SOAtlanta P. (6 months ago)
you're a bitch.
Rex Cropp (6 months ago)
It's because he doesn't have a college education.
Shaqaya B (8 months ago)
I read this and now I can't take the video seriously 😂
Lei's Lifestyle (1 year ago)
LB Because he's taking so fast n he definitely needed a break like uhh 🙄
Patrick Luy (2 years ago)
Honestly it is not that I want to take shortcuts. It is just that I am getting tired of being told the same thing again, no matter how many times I try to point out a contradiction in thinking. "Go to school and get good grades so you can get a good paying job and make lots of money." But when I ask these same college graduates about their finances, they either don't tell me (which suggest it isn't very good) or it straight up isn't looking good. And yet they preach college and a high paying job as the key to building wealth? Meanwhile, if we look at history, the most successful people (both in their careers and their finances) had very little education. John D. Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Henry Ford, Walter Disney, Steve Jobs, you name it. They had little formal education but turned out better than most. I am then told those people are gifted... What the fuck does that even mean? Is there a gene that makes someone good at business? Nope. According to the academics, some magic gift that they can't give a logical explanation for, makes these people successful... So, its not that I wanna take the easy route. I have spent a quarter of my life getting educated in school, taking required classes in college that honestly just seem rather random. And I feel its not getting me anywhere. I am midways through my bachelor's degree. And now these same people are saying I now meed to spend more money and get into more bad debt to get a Master's (which financially makes no fucking sense). So now I am really contemplating just dropping out and just "follow my dream" to put it one way.
The Astronaut (6 months ago)
@Colby Sellers im 19 too, i want to drop cuz i want to be an mma fighter. gonna be hard af convincing them to let me drop out when i was studying something as big as petroleum engineering.
Reece Scott (7 months ago)
If you go to college to learn, you may as well go to school to be educated. There is a strict difference between learning and being educated.
Gregory Broussard (8 months ago)
I can relate to this on a word-for-word basis right now. I’m at a crossroads. I want to drop out because I’m miserable, but everyone around me has ingrained in my head that you have to go to college to be successful. And I know that’s not true, but it’s so hard when you’re constantly being told that.
Colby Sellers (9 months ago)
It aint that deep. I am 19 and about to drop out because its costing my Mom too much money fr fr.
Mezzana (1 year ago)
So did you dropped out? How do you feel about this topic now?
Olliemen1 (3 years ago)
tl;dl what did he say
Ivan Rodriguez (2 years ago)
"Don't let school get in the way of your education." TL;DR: education > school
I know college will be a scam, but I need to gain financial independence before or during college so I don't need this burden of a 1st world society.
Patrick Bateman (3 years ago)
exact position i am a political science major and have realized college is a scam about to drop out
Jonas Frandsen (4 months ago)
Rex Cropp lmao wat
Rex Cropp (6 months ago)
Yeah drop out you stupid fuck Haha.
Jasmine Mohsin (1 year ago)
Ariel Arriaga (1 year ago)
Patrick Bateman hey! I'm currently coming to that realization but I'm in engineering... So it's kind of hard to decide to leave it. Did you end up dropping out?
Aaron Burooseniya (3 years ago)
i am just hear to practice english
Muhammad Mushahid (6 months ago)
Same here 😁
pkay dennis (4 years ago)
Why are people fighting so hard to justify their sucky lives. Drop out , don't drop out
pkay dennis (3 years ago)
@P atrick fine Why do you ask
P atrick (3 years ago)
+pkay dennis So how's your life going?
Abdelrhman Rayis (4 years ago)
pkay dennis (4 years ago)
@Abdelrhman Rayis correct
Abdelrhman Rayis (4 years ago)
@pkay dennis  hahaha the only thing i trying to say is don't you drop out of college thinking it is the fast way for whatever your dream is but use college as weapon to make that dream your reality .
pkay dennis (4 years ago)
@Abdelrhman Rayis lol. You can't speak for everyone. Not every successful college dropout is a billionaire or in media . Most if them are doing very fine . You are just trying to justify your situation or whatever link you have to college dropouts
Abdelrhman Rayis (4 years ago)
That is true it doesn't really apply to everyone but it dose really apply to the most of them !
pkay dennis (4 years ago)
@Abdelrhman Rayis well it doesn't really apply to everyone. You just like you said were too lazy
ominous450 (5 years ago)
Also another thing. I checked out his company homepage. You know something very paradoxical and contradictory about companies like Facebook, Microsoft, etc whose CEOs didn't graduate college: they require their employees to have degrees!! They won't hire you if you didn't graduate at the top of your degree. Hypocrites.
안해성 (6 months ago)
You are always welcome to start your own business
Sloan Martin (1 year ago)
Chima Okoye what???
Chima Okoye (1 year ago)
ominous450 You still don't get it...
ominous450 (5 years ago)
This is misleading. Not everyone who drops out of college can start a company. also, since this video Zachary Sims has earned his degree in Political Science from Columbia. It says so on his LinkedIn page.
Cooper Donahue (1 year ago)
ominous450 actually anyone can not all succeed
KaluTheBoss1 (5 years ago)
Smart approach
Sandeep Reddy (7 years ago)
great job!!! wish you all the best.

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