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Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care

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Best of Fall Out Boy: https://goo.gl/NQaRzd Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/rQoGSD Music video by Fall Out Boy performing I Don't Care. (C) 2008 The Island Def Jam Music Group
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Text Comments (36618)
Noe Ontiveros (7 minutes ago)
Never realized that Spencer Pratt showed up at 4:13
Sr Ribas (8 hours ago)
Emo rock 🖤💔
P Josie (8 hours ago)
Did any one see the cat
Laya Brown (13 hours ago)
Just my opinion, but the beginning sounds *A LOT* like Personal Jesus...
Quill's Art (1 day ago)
ok but the cat
Ava Farmer (2 days ago)
3:14 makes me laugh so hard 😂
Val Kore (2 days ago)
I thought it was a new song :( I was jamming to this alot
chelsey brown (3 days ago)
TYGA?! (Soulja Boy voice)
Madison ward (3 days ago)
Honestly this would be me and my bffs if we where drunk
Ζωή Γαλάνη (3 days ago)
is this emo scooby doo
Diana Woods (4 days ago)
Completely forgot about Mark 😂😂😂😂👏👏
Cali Smith (5 days ago)
Patrick looks so tiny in the jacket he was wearing on the stage
emmie loves slime (5 days ago)
the c a t
Patrícia Sousa (5 days ago)
Vitor 7129 (1 day ago)
Rick Soares (3 days ago)
fngrprnts. official (5 days ago)
this cat.
This makes me laugh... Patrick doesn’t have a mean bone in his body
Serena Sankar (6 days ago)
0:54 PATD has made yet another guest appearance
Claudine Jimdar (6 days ago)
I love his coat.! Looks good!
Max Crossman (7 days ago)
(2:57) Pete: **Kicks sand on man's shoe** Pete: hOW do YoU liKE tHaT?! Man: Uhh Man: **turns on radio** Man: **Into radio** Yeah, this weird guy just kicked sand on my shoe. Pete: 😲 WHAAAAAAA???????
human being (8 days ago)
I would LOVE to go to a fOB concert and just have them play all their old songs so I can lose my lungs
Joey Meh (8 days ago)
3:26 that smile always makes me feel really happy awh man
XTessX (10 days ago)
2:01 You're welcome
Chris Probst (8 days ago)
Thanks! That's 2 seconds before he tells pete how he Really feels ....
Not Ava (10 days ago)
Why is the thumbnail the cutest fricking thing UwU my emo heart
Jessica Davis (10 days ago)
Pete’s smile makes me melt 😫
ダイアナDahiana (10 days ago)
Pete me parecía el.más hermoso de todos
Pete is just like: I hear you’re talking shit about the band I’m in, the people in it and eyeliner?😑 Patrick is just normal Patrick when they say I’ve taken shits with bigger rock stars. So smol.
Rahul Shinde (11 days ago)
You lost. I'm too.. go Home...
DatJuicysquid2.0 0 (12 days ago)
So no one gonna talk about spaghetti cat
Rik Archer (16 days ago)
1:25 is my fav prt makes me laugh every time i know thats bad but thats commitment haha
Jake Goudeau (16 days ago)
was that Sara Palin at the end
Lord Duckington (16 days ago)
Do you think that mime was the same one from Build God, Then We’ll Talk?... 😂
Cali Smith (5 days ago)
That's weird cause I watched that before this
ninamartinaxo (16 days ago)
Favorite song! Ninamartinaxo approved!! Xoxo
DinoRockChick 06 (17 days ago)
If you were dead or still alive, I don- oops, wrong song.....
The Flash (17 days ago)
Mr. Beast6000 (17 days ago)
Little Miss Believer (17 days ago)
You know when you try to sing this by yourself and its like I-i DONT-dont CARE-care
Edward Freyja (17 days ago)
Mariah Lewiz (1 day ago)
Edward Freyja welcome to fall out boy music video ;)
Edward Freyja (17 days ago)
Emerson Barrett (18 days ago)
at 1:28 the kid looks kinda like "well i lost my ice cream but eh i'm gonna smile cause why not"
Drizzle 764 (18 days ago)
I’m doing my homework while watching this and I literally just started head banging and my mom look at me like I was insane CDJENENJDJEDJEHDB SKSKSKSKSK
Zoe M. (18 days ago)
anyone else thing Patrick looks like Felonious Gru from Despicable??
Zero Scorpio (19 days ago)
wtf was that pharrell
Francisko Alkala (19 days ago)
how tf i forgot this old but gold song.
Tori Mote (19 days ago)
Is it just me or is Pete so cute when he's singing into the phone? SO CUTE!!!
Русские где?
Tori Mote (20 days ago)
*And I thought Patrick was InNoCeNt*
Tori Mote (20 days ago)
I can see Joe actually sticking his thing out on people..just me?
3AS (20 days ago)
2:00 - 2:05 the best bit of the video. Cat with spaghetti then Patrick giving Pete the finger 😂
Vitor Bueno (20 days ago)
Cadê a rapaziada do Brasil? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Vitor 7129 (1 day ago)
Rick Soares (3 days ago)
Ok why the cat at 2:04
joão cayler (22 days ago)
sogand b (24 days ago)
pete was really naughty
Jack yee (24 days ago)
You know who's beautiful ? Don't bother reading the first word again- Cuz it's Pete- You peasant
thnks fr th dprssn (24 days ago)
*patrick looks like a smol turtle*
Michael Blue Ribbon (25 days ago)
26/03/2019: i'll take any opinion about me, except having no opinion about me
I don't think anyone can take a shit with a bigger rockstar than pat stump cuz he pretty THICC
Mopeytugboat YT (25 days ago)
Dad: clean your room it’s dirty Me : I don’t care what you think
Dyana Malzieü (25 days ago)
Siempre será una de mis canciones favoritas. 😍
Cool Kid (25 days ago)
Like a fashes. Dramatic Pause With Cat. Starts singing.
Ксения Кот (26 days ago)
Antone Watters (26 days ago)
0:58 porno mime if you know what i mean
Kristian (26 days ago)
2:30 thats tyga isnt it?!?!?!
WckdLttlSnnrs 28 (27 days ago)
Cast: gilby Clarke Tyga Pete wentz Joe trohman Andy Hurley Patrick stump Gabe Saporta Spencer Pratt Pharrell Williams Mark hoppus Sarah Palin
wow (27 days ago)
I remember a different thumbnail for this music video...
Triple8 Productions (28 days ago)
4:29 biggest troll
Spencer Thomas (28 days ago)
Me: *tries to sing whole thing without messing up Video: *2:02* Me: “that damn cat”
rafael velasquez (28 days ago)
alguien me podria decir que dicen al incio cuando estan sentados ?? por favor !!! FOB :3 2019 !!!
3rdjayhawker (29 days ago)
2:01 ????
Alicia Fuller (28 days ago)
I don't know.
Tarciane Mota (30 days ago)
Alicia Fuller (28 days ago)
This is why we don't need calendars anymore; we have YouTube comments!
Vitor 7129 (29 days ago)
Robin Olivia (30 days ago)
Artist spotlight stories: Shawn Mended
Nerfed Poptarts (30 days ago)
That zipper on his neck made his head look square 😂
Jair Esquivel (30 days ago)
IT IS NOT Pharrell Williams 3:40?
HyperZHype (30 days ago)
3:29 100% Nokia
Shinigami Kitsune (1 month ago)
*I came for the video title*
nataniel- FreeFire (1 month ago)
Vyomkesh Shandilya (1 month ago)
Anyone in 2019
Chris Vincent (1 month ago)
Is nobody gonna say anything about pharrel at 3:40
Max Arebalo (1 month ago)
*What a group of respectful young men.*
Alicia Fuller (28 days ago)
Exactly! I'm sure my mother would approve of my viewing this delightful video.
Mady Mombourquette (1 month ago)
Oh defenitly
Sam Bridges (1 month ago)
1:09 I paused at the right moment! XD
Young Phoenix (1 month ago)
My emo phase was definitely different than I am now
Sasha Anderson (1 month ago)
whos the guy and 4:02
Javon Jackson (1 month ago)
I don't care this song Lit cuzz i don't
Hazyshadeof Summer (1 month ago)
2:02 Wtf?!? XD
Evan Rhys (1 month ago)
Bro why is nobody talking about that cat
Kaida Webb (1 month ago)
That 1_blu3shyguy (1 month ago)
Little Miss Believer (1 month ago)
3:26 that face has stolen my heart and soul
Emøtiønal girl (1 month ago)
goblinking Kingdom (1 month ago)
Good music
shoyo kraken (1 month ago)
Legendary prank hahahaha😂
sarah m (1 month ago)
Fall out boy going out of their way to be arseholes
Kyleigh Green (1 month ago)
Help is that cat supposed to be there at 2:01
Эндрю Нетер (1 month ago)
이름없음 (1 month ago)
love it !!!
Gibbypastrami (1 month ago)
Peteys in my top 10 man crushes
rachel burnett (1 month ago)
Is that the mime from Build God then we'll Talk?
Maxwell Orion (1 month ago)
M G (1 month ago)
AURORA SCANTLAN (1 month ago)
patrick is lowkey hot dressed as a nazi

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