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Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care

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Best of Fall Out Boy: https://goo.gl/NQaRzd Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/rQoGSD Music video by Fall Out Boy performing I Don't Care. (C) 2008 The Island Def Jam Music Group
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Text Comments (36209)
Pyrovon Fire (6 hours ago)
2:01 well that happened
Sumaya Noshin (14 hours ago)
Dulce Cookie (17 hours ago)
This is my drug. fob is MY DRUG
Jack Hunter (20 hours ago)
3:25 pete smiling makes me feel better
Ron Andrei 2 (1 day ago)
Me at school and home. This is what is playing in my head
Why do I think that this song is Loki’s most played? And also this song came out a whole YEAR after Iron Man 1. That says a lot ❤️
Tio Lúcifer (1 day ago)
Molly Duncan (2 days ago)
3:27 like if Pete Wentz is prettier than you
GOPRO Mountain bike (2 days ago)
I said I don’t care 🤷‍♂️ about it rock and roll 🎸
Audrey Bart (2 days ago)
4:12 is that bob from mcr?
Brendon Urimagines (3 days ago)
It’s so hard to see Patrick being so mean because he’s a Cinnabon.
Brendon Urimagines (3 days ago)
Who was here before the thumbnail change?
Is that mark from blink 182 or am I crazy
Nistexa Nishaa (3 days ago)
Who else watching this 2019
Cam Vilar (4 days ago)
Was that Jared Goff
Amigo Games (4 days ago)
Ахуенно попросту , ахуенно
I swear in almost every song they have the word 'misery' what is it with this word
M G (5 days ago)
Okay but Patrick looks so godamn cute in this music video
Makenoise killjoys (6 days ago)
some how this is the most confusing music video I have ever seen.
Aoi Ren Fukui (6 days ago)
Jajajaja Me cago de risa😂😂
Krasaucheg s rayona (6 days ago)
1:28 I like this devil smile :D
Granny T (6 days ago)
The bass is so crunchy I’m LIVING
Adeeb Hamad (6 days ago)
2:01 fallout boy memeing before it was cool?!?!
let’s buy a table (7 days ago)
Sorry where’s Patrick’s neck
GOPRO Mountain bike (7 days ago)
Nice pee balloon 🎈 awesome bro I don’t even care same
sondre holm (7 days ago)
All hail the Spaghetti Cat
Danara De Jong (7 days ago)
*Okay but can we talk about Joe in this video*
I Like How Patrick Is Hot In This Video
Rosie Chamberlain (8 days ago)
After 10(ish) years this is still my fave song bh Fob xd
Metal EXE (8 days ago)
2:02 We interrupt your music video with a cat
James Tyler (8 days ago)
4:21 -- Is that Tina Fey...?
Chaotic Killjoy (8 days ago)
sondre holm (7 days ago)
It's not normal?
Bibcsu (8 days ago)
Trap pete?
kmlvirus 0 (8 days ago)
Potter Harry (8 days ago)
Elidi Abbots (8 days ago)
and nobody acknowledges the fact that: tyga is in this video kim k is in thnks fr th mmrs and little did they know that a few years later they’d have more in common than just both starring in a fall out boy music video like perhaps tyga dating her little sister
the Phoenix arts (8 days ago)
You say Taylor Swift,I say blink-182 You say Lady Gaga,I say Silverchair You say Miley Cyrus,I say Slipknot You say T-Pain,I say Nirvana You say Eminem,I say angels and airwaves You say Jonas Brother,I say Green Day You say Justin Bieber,I say the offspring 92% of teens have turned to pop and hip-hop.If you are part of the 8% that still listens to real music, copy and paste this message to 5 other videos. DONT LET ROCK N ROLL DIE ! , P.S Thumbs Up If You Agree
ginny Finnegan (9 days ago)
does anyone else see andy smash his head into the cymbal at 3:15?
ginny Finnegan (9 days ago)
2:12 is my favourite bit, joe is my favourite, I LOVE THIS SONG! EVERY TIME I LISTEN TO IT I END UP WITH A MASSIVE SMILE ON MY FACE :D
Kylie Reitman (9 days ago)
I can probably be as mean as everyone in this video
p!atd lover. (9 days ago)
3:25 ok um are we not gonna talk about how cute Pete’s smile is....
Tery Vítovcová (9 days ago)
2:01 best part
NoVa Gaming (10 days ago)
4:03 Brendon URIE?
samuel pineda (10 days ago)
FOB still popular in 2019?
Libertatis Est Deus (10 days ago)
The ultimate sassy song 🖤
Josh Ferb (10 days ago)
wtf is wrong with me? I love blink 182 n is my fav childhood band..n this fob video..I watched it like 8 or 9 time in the past 3 or idk years n just found out that mark hopus from blink was there
Emo Quartet Fan Page (11 days ago)
1:27 yea that would be my reaction too
xx19 o (12 days ago)
good song bad video expression,
Flames McGee (12 days ago)
Isabella pipitah (12 days ago)
Le cambiaron la miniatura wtf
GayYoutubeTrash (12 days ago)
Pete please stop harassing that mime. Pete.. *PETE!*
Cheez whiz (12 days ago)
I love how the kid at 1:28 tries to look mad but he's so happy with life and he's so adorable
laion xd (12 days ago)
2019 bitchessssssss
SUPERNOVA (13 days ago)
Wtf was that cat with the noodles??
Fallen Kif (14 days ago)
That's right bois! IDGAF about your opinions!
fringe_neko_XD (14 days ago)
Heavyn Musgrave (15 days ago)
I actually fangirled when Pete smiled at this part- 3:26
FRANKENSTEIN (16 days ago)
Megan Emily (16 days ago)
I still get shocked by the cat........
Lynn Gray (16 days ago)
2:02 is life.
Allen Hauser (16 days ago)
3:27 That phone tho. Makes me feel old
Carolyne Willis (16 days ago)
i am joe. any video. every video. joe with the fro
brooke (16 days ago)
my favourite thing ever : 2:03
Karolina Kukawka (16 days ago)
3:27 aaaa😍
i need help plz (17 days ago)
almost 10 years later and yet i still listen to this religiously
Gianna Dino (17 days ago)
oh boi
Candew (17 days ago)
Takes off the mask.. Then take off the other.
miss Jackson xx (17 days ago)
I love how in literally almost every video Pete is always up in someone's space, wether it's tryna steel the mic or following a mime 😂 we stan a touchy baby
Rafael Domingus (17 days ago)
Did he get him?
Lmao, Pete tryna fight at 2:53 is literally like my 4yr old cousin tryna fight 😂😂😂
TheReaL N0tH1N (18 days ago)
did they update the thumbnail?
LUCAzade (13 days ago)
I believe you
JoseLOL xd (19 days ago)
Alguien de aqui habla espanish
beebosandvirtues (19 days ago)
what the hell is with the wierd cat photo in the middle of it
ixxy Schlander (19 days ago)
Must've been pretty hard to find a mime the same height as pete
Kody Sweet (19 days ago)
Alluma Nati (20 days ago)
Natures Guardian, Taurus, the 21st Century Techno-Druid: So who in with my TWO second timeout to get the NWO on a New World, New Age Train of Thought?
Makenoise killjoys (20 days ago)
Watching this 9 years later and you remember how much of a baby face Pete had.
*joE NO*
BeakedEel391 (21 days ago)
anyone here 10 years later?
Mangel1.618 (21 days ago)
Cuando el silencio es ensordecedor esta música es magia
acuro72 (21 days ago)
Emo Pete is a lifestyle choice. I’m dying Side bar: what is Tyga doing in a Fall Out Boy video? 😂 Before he was Tyga it seems
Grayson athin (21 days ago)
I love that the thumbnail is Pete's cheeky smile xD
Megan Roberson (21 days ago)
Just Pete harassing that mime is everything
Adaora (22 days ago)
Start off 2019 the right way
trapped in dema (22 days ago)
I’m sitting here, wearing a Fall Out Boy shirt in my black room, New Years. What a way to go into 2019.
Blxckjxck 360 (22 days ago)
Thanh Luong (22 days ago)
2019 is listening.
C Powell (23 days ago)
I swear I've watched this video dozens of times but I never saw that cat in the middle. I've lost it
C Powell (18 days ago)
Musical Dump thank god I’m not the only one.😭
Musical Dump (19 days ago)
C Powell MATE I swear I don’t remember ever seeing that what is this
Radagastcloe (23 days ago)
Mark Hoppus 😍❤
Gelo Reyes (23 days ago)
I'm disappointed that Joe isn't Brendon in disguise.
Cool_Boy_ Hood (23 days ago)
I think the irony of that guy that has a tshirt of "the end is coming" (i dont know dat guy) and the ice cream he destroys fits perfectly
I inhale Poop (24 days ago)
If gta 5 were a music video
christopter burgos (25 days ago)
Mariela Michel (25 days ago)
2:02 is the best part
NessaMarks (25 days ago)
The only reveal I recognized was Pharrell? Who else was that?
darkbeettle (25 days ago)
w,, what was the cat picture for
hello_kassyde (26 days ago)
3:26 peter😇😇
Eladriel El (26 days ago)

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