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Lianne Kortleven (19 hours ago)
Elena Ermolina (20 hours ago)
Музыка для душы
Vega (1 day ago)
*2019 and still love it ♥♥♥ Happy new year everybody*
Iulian Ciprian (1 day ago)
2.7k dislikes? Really? Who will hate a piano cover done right?
C O (1 day ago)
That 7 years is great! Sent my baby to sleep!
Lizandro Medrano (2 days ago)
Me encanta tu ágiles al tocar el piano
TuZ Er (2 days ago)
great music
Fsni Albetols (3 days ago)
Todito lo escuché... Espectacular 👌😘
johnny ember (3 days ago)
Bro im just searching for piano studying music and instead i found this. Instant subscribe.
Nguyễn Hương (5 days ago)
Hay quá!
Аліна Туз (5 days ago)
Це шедеврально😍👏
Skirikipapa (5 days ago)
No Hasit Nanda?
claudia fiscalia (5 days ago)
Pranjal Doorwar (7 days ago)
Where can i find backtrack for Faded ????
풀키 (7 days ago)
중간에 광고 너무한다...... 몰입해서 듣고 있는데
Maravilloso¡¡ melodías para el espíritu, te sientes volar...Precioso¡¡
imagine minecraft (7 days ago)
The music and the photos are awesome🤗😆👍❤️💖💗💕💟💥
Jenny Chen (8 days ago)
Really love it.During a tedious studying,I listen to this great masterpiece to calm my soul.
мурад мурад (9 days ago)
Замечательное выполнение!!! Amazing!!!👍👍👍
Attila Olej (9 days ago)
Ez a két szó jut eszembe : Fantasztikus és gyönyörű! <3 (Judit )
Naomy Sandu (11 days ago)
Wow beautiful ♥
warda Selmi (11 days ago)
Magnifique merci
I'm Duy (12 days ago)
i'm listening it, it very great
MasterMind YT (13 days ago)
FAVORITE instrument!!!!!!
Hamdael Himrail (13 days ago)
Music, universal language we all understand.
Amin mohamed (13 days ago)
من المغرب النصر للقدس وللامة العربية... فليحيا العالم بالسلم والامان
SoyOtaku 4E (13 days ago)
Ya más de un año y sigo escuchando tu música ❤️ eres grande..!!♥️ Ojalá un día sea como tú...!
Persaeus Fragata (13 days ago)
Beautiful just beautiful
LPCC (15 days ago)
10 mis cojones, están repetidas
aman sharma (16 days ago)
Who are those 2.7k people?!!
SHIVAM PARMAR (16 days ago)
Hey would you add an another song's piono cover "dark side " -Alan walker
SHIVAM PARMAR (16 days ago)
Ammmaazziingg really heart touching
Wendy Li (16 days ago)
There are sure the top 10!!!!
Angelo Kirolos (16 days ago)
Love I love it you are best continue
ÑövÅ (17 days ago)
What I especially love about this is how the songs aren't just covered up by a piece of digital art, it's an actual video of the person playing the music. Beautiful.
marcoangelo marquez (17 days ago)
Why am I crying
Безконечно отлично, благодарю.
Dark nory (17 days ago)
y la partitura ? o es solo para escuchar y no aprender ? ( solo digo nomas)
Thomas Blatchley (18 days ago)
Lets just listen to some of the greatest arrangements of these pieces that are on the internet and....... wait.... is Faded on there twice!?
VLAD MALAI (19 days ago)
*breaks stuff*
VLAD MALAI (19 days ago)
I wanna break evrything
VLAD MALAI (19 days ago)
VLAD MALAI (19 days ago)
Please dad I’ll miss u u are so much
VLAD MALAI (19 days ago)
VLAD MALAI (19 days ago)
Express my fellings
VLAD MALAI (19 days ago)
That’s I’m 😢 bra cause my dad is leaving today at 5:00 and o wake up at 8:00 and o won’t have time to say goodbye 2 him I’ll miss u dad uteached me so much I ate always worried for me mom sis and everybody that makes u the best dad ever u made me grow and u did everything for me and I are the best dad ever and u will always be in my ❤️ I love u dad please dad come soon promise me u will come in 2 weeks I will never forget ur eyes ur love ur smart ness ur helpless and u are everything for me dad plz don’t ever forget me never ever forget me plz don’t. ;(
VLAD MALAI (19 days ago)
VLAD MALAI (19 days ago)
Express my fellings
VLAD MALAI (19 days ago)
VLAD MALAI (19 days ago)
Remco F. Gerritsen (19 days ago)
Damn I am loving this :P
Closergaming (20 days ago)
Why?..... am I crying?
Albert Hitijahubessy (12 days ago)
Why...? I don't know
Jonas Hansen (19 days ago)
Maybe because you have been strong for too long
Hanis Adawiyah (20 days ago)
Alan walker-sing me to sleep, the best song. i love it.
metal com (20 days ago)
Nazlı Koç (20 days ago)
Ne kadar da geç kalmışım bu müziğe..
Ant1 (20 days ago)
Can someone please tell me where i can get the sheet's for 7 years in this video? Please id appreciate it a lot xox (;
Ko Siniw (21 days ago)
Amazing :) thanks your lovely music.
marcoangelo marquez (21 days ago)
You are amazing
I admire your talent and if I could put one million likes I would do it!
Golden Budda (22 days ago)
This is truly beautiful <3, i love your version
Draw World9 (23 days ago)
Draw World9 (23 days ago)
Angel Durga (23 days ago)
thank you
c-ops Let's play (24 days ago)
More please
thomas caudal (24 days ago)
j'adore toute les musique qui la fais elle sont trop belles
CHEE CHIEW PEI - (24 days ago)
Very inspiring, thank you for the good music!
sdfsdfsdf sdfdsfsd (25 days ago)
all shit pop music..:D gg.
Alicia Rangel (26 days ago)
Que hermoso toca el piano muy bonita melodía grasia por compartir con tu amigos 😊
Diolinda Martinez (26 days ago)
Me encanta esta música muy bella
Erick Lopez perez (26 days ago)
Voy a llorar 😂
FTG Alp (26 days ago)
I listened all of them at old
Nazlı Koç (27 days ago)
when nothing is enough...
Mordecai GJ Hoko (28 days ago)
I always start my day listening to this and frankly, my days are sparked by the energy enshrined therein. Thank you so much.
Thức Giác (29 days ago)
Wow I really love this
aman sharma (29 days ago)
Valentino Novak (29 days ago)
I love it so much that I will in rest of my life learn how to play piano. Thanks for the beautiful sounds. :)
Jasifia Avery (29 days ago)
Love it❤
•Coogie• (1 month ago)
TheHPLSS (1 month ago)
Can you make tutorials of the piano covers.....
Yei Yei (1 month ago)
Con que gran sentimiento toca me llegó al corazón 💖 grandioso 🍀
nerf VS nerf 3012 (1 month ago)
2 0 1 8 👌👌👌👌👌
Louie The plumber (1 month ago)
That's me playing
Ibechi (1 month ago)
Tocas hermoso y haces unos arreglos espectaculares. I like so much your covers. .
Luis Saint-Clair (1 month ago)
I am discovering now.....You are Amazing..!!!
Chi Vu (1 month ago)
Beautiful music! Beautiful covers! Thank you very much. Much love!
hermosas melodias, relajan , ayudan a meditar ,cambiar. gracias por el vídeo.
Manuel Romero (1 month ago)
Al principió es la musica de AW 🎵🎵🎵🎵 🎧😎😎😎
MCPEGaming ForFun (1 month ago)
Fernanda Jaccon (1 month ago)
Jerry Liu (1 month ago)
Cool you look like my friend
ESTER zarife (1 month ago)
amo essas musicas e vc tbm
Luc Loan (1 month ago)
The best language for all of this world is music. Love love love
Antonio Avila (1 month ago)
Si me gusta mucho sueño to get it done and a en eso les bueno que te espere afuera the same time as well and I n o menos uno es el mismo día
Ivelisse Rios (1 month ago)
Kemilly mayra (1 month ago)
Maribel Miranda (1 month ago)
Buenas noches! Que excelente música 🎶 y es un verdadero placer escucharte Dios te bendiga siempre y llene. De bendiciones saludos desde la bella Morelia, michoacan
Dolores De Jesus (1 month ago)
Esa canción yo la conozco pero las demás no las conozco
WILLER 0408 (1 month ago)
I just found out that you made all those Videos and ... They sound better than any of those songs when I searched on YouTube and couldn't found your Videos like I searched Faded Piano alan walker and couldn't find it after so many months... Like if you agree. ;)
WILLER 0408 (1 month ago)
pj younge (1 month ago)
Superb beautiful

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