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Kevin Gates on Caring for His Kids & Dad Dying of AIDS

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http://www.vladtv.com - Kevin Gates opens up about the multiple kids he takes care of as he reveals that he has a big heart and provides for children that aren't biologically his. The XXL Freshman says that he sends money to the mothers to buy the kids what they need, but adds that he'll never let a woman manipulate him with a child. He explains that the bond of having a child is a partnership where both people have to do their part to raise the kid. When asked about having two children just weeks apart by different women, Kevin reveals that both women knew the situation and are cordial with one another. Kevin says one of the women was his best friend for a long time, and they hooked up one night and she got pregnant. The Louisiana native says he was in love and got the girl's name tattooed on him, explaining that she believed in him more than he believed in himself. Kevin also details how low self esteem from growing up in the projects led him to do reckless things, like having sex without protection. He adds that he's thankful he never contracted an STD, especially since Louisiana ranks second in the U.S. for AIDS. When asked if he ever knew anyone who died from the disease, Gates reveals that his biological father passed away in February from the disease. While on the topic of his father, the "Satellites" rapper says he initially thought his stepfather was his real dad, but later discovered he had been believing a lie until eighth grade. He admits there was no love between him and his biological father when they met, but says he is thankful to have a street father who has taught him a lot about life.
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Sabrina Adams (7 days ago)
Hot mass LMBO
Ravin Johnson (7 days ago)
I dont agree with him when he said he was never attractive without money than with it....at the end pf the day kevin gates got mind and heart something worth more than money.
Dtown Stay Down 214 (8 days ago)
Sad his father has that ..
MELO MAC (8 days ago)
Black folks kill me talking about they ain't shitt.... you ain't shitt because you don't want to be s*** another goofy ass n**** who never should have got money
Tameeka Ellerton (15 days ago)
Tyrell Johnson (17 days ago)
100! Intelligent!
Sara Bower (18 days ago)
He's a simp raising kids that aren't his
cessieabe2 (19 days ago)
This dude is the dumbest smartest nigga I've never met... 🙄😂😣😒
Perserve Green Oranges (20 days ago)
I get giv
Merry More (22 days ago)
Don't even think I could be friends with someone having a baby within 2 weeks of me having mine. God is still working on me. Rome wasn't built in a day....👀
Chris Partlow (23 days ago)
Shut the fuck up moron the reason there with u cause u got the money so yr just another pocket 2 dip in dickhead.....
doe boyy (15 days ago)
Hating cause u broke nigga and this man is doing good thangs
Chevy2020 (23 days ago)
How do you accidently slide in some pussy😑😑😂😂😂come on gates😀😀😀
carolina1swagga (25 days ago)
I was done wit this after 15 sec
Natasha Delacruz (25 days ago)
Tribe of Judah (26 days ago)
He’s an interesting complex individual....I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing... can’t figure that out 🤔
Vantrice Roach (26 days ago)
Met him in H-town very nice young man
Layanah 5 (26 days ago)
Newest daughters
muhammad bukhari (1 month ago)
he is rawdiculous
Christopher Perusse (1 month ago)
The realest man I've ever met.
kwashere (1 month ago)
Yo.....I like this dude.
Layla LottaBody (1 month ago)
This Is So Sad Queen U Were So Tight With Your Mother So Now All Of A Sudden, U Treat Your Family Wrong After U Have A 👶 I 🙏 That U & Your Mother Come To Common Grounds Because At The End Of The Day U Need Your Mother & Ain't Nothin' Being At Grandmothers House Because 👵Do Things With The Grandkids That The Parents Doesn't Have Time To Do,That's Alil Words Of Wisdom, Besize Clarence Made U Leave Wit' Petty When His Family Gave A Family Get Together A His Mothers House&He Will Neva' Expose His Family The Way Your Exposing Your So Tighten Up Because The Way He Treats You When Pettys Around Should Have Made You Look Sideways So Neva' Dog Those That Have Been There For U Just Because Of Ole' Dude & This New Baby, Haven't U Heard That It Takes A Village To Raise A Kid & Plz Treat Lil Cj The Same Way U Treat Baby Boy&No Matter What Don't Ole' Boy To Treat Lil Cj Any Loe' Kinda Way Either, U Know That Every Family Goes Through It, But No Matter What The Forecast Is Thats Still Your Family&They Have Been There For You Through It All, So Plz Don't Switch Upon Them Because It Shows That He Has No Respect For Your Folks But Your Surrounded By His & Thats Sad Because U Live. N The State With Your Family & Can't Pop It The Way U Use To, Now Since U Exposed Personal Issues Your Family Have Been Through, It Makes U Feel Some Type Of Way, When Your Folks Are Coming Around To Pop It Like Y'all Use To, Just Know That Your Live Spirit Is What I Enjoyed Watching Girrlly U Are Truly A Wonderful Person & Great Mother But What U Must Pray On This Situation That Should Not Have Neva' Involved Ole' Boy Treating Your Mother That Way While U Were Giving Birth, Thats The Time When A Women That's Giving Birth Really Need Her Mother, I Bet U Couldn't Do His Folks That Way, U Must Recognize Through It All, Your Family Will Always Have Your Best Interest At ❤ Due To Them Having Your Back Through An Very Ugly Divorce, While U Were Recovering, While You Were In New York & In The 🎙All I Would Love For U To Do Is To Pray & Ask God For Guidance & The Words To Say To Resolve This Terrible Situation There's No Like Mommas Love Take Care & God Bless!!!!
Teemo Luciano (1 month ago)
1st of all I ain’t playin dumb. Let’s get dat straight.
Kenneth lynch (1 month ago)
WhatLorinThinks (1 month ago)
Does anyone know anything about his other child? It can’t be Kaza (his son) so who is his other child
Azrael Pommells (1 month ago)
Everyone think vlad feds but real niggas don’t speak on shit that’s gone get them bammed Kevin is smart he can hold a real entertaining conversation without giving up shit that’ll get him locked down
cam out the 4 (1 month ago)
Kevin gates so dangerous because he's intelligent and can trick people into thinking he's friendly
Veronica Carrasco (1 month ago)
James St. Patrick (1 month ago)
@2:09 🤣🤣😂
Rebecca Jones (1 month ago)
Its a painful thing to find out that your daddy ain't your father. Its crazy we where both in 8th grade when we found out. That 12-14 age is hard enough without finding out your family lied to you. Its great knowing your loved enough to have someone step up and play that rule but to think someone late you so much that where outta your life for that long.
Dick Tator (1 month ago)
Hahaha her on the ground.... spooking sketchy people but that's real shit I gotta see da cabbage rolled up myself to before I smoke it.
Dick Tator (1 month ago)
0:50 whew sensitive Subject yes. Hes Broski relate to dis My moms otha son Well my half brotha Don't really know him But he has a blood-patheagen disease too
Aux Delow (1 month ago)
He said cause I ain't shit😂😂😂
Stacey J (1 month ago)
Ladies, when a man says he ain't shit...believe him..
D' Ray Hustle (1 month ago)
Vlad a cold dummy!! He always stay on the drama!!
Kee Lou (1 month ago)
La Negra Salvaje (1 month ago)
I can relate to whole Kids situation!!!
Allen Ward (2 months ago)
He kinda remind me of master p wit the speech of the Humblenss wit the Tone of voice
Saucy Kie (2 months ago)
Frank Camacho (2 months ago)
Anyone that seems to have nothing to hide, has stuff to hide
Lil Addi (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/qXskOzv6RqM New Track YOU Much respect @Gates @KevinGates
Ny'Dirah lovee (2 months ago)
Not to be rude or disrespectful if his dad has Aids does thay mean he got it to or that just if his and dad got it ?? Dont be ignorant im just asking a question
Ryne Reynolds (2 months ago)
Can't say i really listen to his music but i could listen to him talk about life all day, he a real ass dude.
Seseblue Seseblue (2 months ago)
Sorry ya’ll but how is everyone saying he is smart????? 🙄so confused!!!! He sounds retarded and stupid to me.
Tyvion Shaw (2 months ago)
Fuck Kevin gates and his bitch ass daddy and i bet he won’t die bout this shit
Orlandria Medlock (2 months ago)
He has evolved. Wow
Wib Bell (2 months ago)
man he looks like a dike hoe
Whitley Neal (2 months ago)
Realist nigga in the game different breed
itssyana (2 months ago)
Kevin gates gotta be the smartest good nigga Ik
StlHuzla (2 months ago)
Wise man
CharlestonCarVideos (2 months ago)
Kevin is a trip.
Dogg Housecamp (2 months ago)
CK-Knight J.R (3 months ago)
I Had Mo Hoes Than Clothes 💯
Robert Flores (3 months ago)
Nigga got a "street Daddy" Unfuckinreal 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️😂🤣😭💀
TrustNo0ne (3 months ago)
You can hear pain in his voice
CharleneWithrow (3 months ago)
Cowboy Western (3 months ago)
He's wack... one hit wonder
Cameron Pestel (3 months ago)
That's wassup bro, Kevin Gates is so real 💯 he's an old soul. In my opinion he's one of the wisest & one of the most intelligent Hip Hop artist in the rap game right now.
DubMakinWill 247 (3 months ago)
Boosie Daddy died from aids too
DubMakinWill 247 (3 months ago)
They might be related
gamejr84 (3 months ago)
Kevin Gates.. 9 yrs old.. dad "i got moe hoes den clothes"🤣🤣🤣
truckingwithlove (3 months ago)
Tender dick🤣🤣🤣🤣 yo i Fucking love Gates
A Thousand Demons (3 months ago)
a lot of ppl smoking weed is o.k. but I always wonder do asian get high every day I dont think so
Lord Artavious (3 months ago)
Shout out from pineville
Iam Shaay (3 months ago)
The way this man talkis so fxkin sexy 👅... Now Back to the books 🤓
Krãzy K (3 months ago)
who ever smoke and don't see what ya people put on them blunts because this mane said to me before this dude he used to know hit the blunt 2 times and went crazy ever since they had bombing fluid in that blunt what they put on dead people and still to this day he say he see the dude walking around looking up and down , scratching doing nothing he don't know or see nothing anymore and that's messed up for whoever gave that blunt to him... So watch what y'all smoking okay be safe with that
Goofy Kiy (3 months ago)
Robin Taylor (3 months ago)
This dude is about as real as they get. He is 100×100.
David Moore (3 months ago)
Dat should be ur next album Gates Ignorance Of Da Law Is No Excuse🌋
Sabrina Brascomb (3 months ago)
Gates said he ant goin back to jail
Thomas Knobf (3 months ago)
I respect any man that take care of his family! Also a man that take care of others like they are family even more. I take care of my daughter ( between me and her Mom) her brother and sister. Also I look after several more kids some family some aren't! Very hard with a dead end job. But their smiles and the way they lose their mind in excitement is all I need. I'm rich in morals the rest will come in do time I'mma be fine
tysheen mcbride (3 months ago)
I had more hoes then clothes 😂😂😂😭😭im weak!!
Djfromdc TV (3 months ago)
He smart but funny asl 😂😂 he fucked a girl on accident 😂😂
Melanie Brandt (3 months ago)
He reminds me of Muhammad Ali and how he would talk.
Melanie Brandt (3 months ago)
It’s cordial. I like that.
Melanie Brandt (3 months ago)
He’s damn right. It’s a partnership between two people. I like hearing him talk, he’s real.
OFfIciAL. DAij (3 months ago)
When you lay down to take a nap and your mom calls you to wash the dishes 5:28 😂
Gaming With AJ (3 months ago)
Bro my birthday is February 25 2006
Venessa Talbert (3 months ago)
Real ass nigga! Wish I could meet him.
Sagittarian Queen (3 months ago)
When I saw the title dad died of aids it makes me scared of sex no cap
Gabriel Harris (4 months ago)
“Big bruhddah” “ya heard me” “you know”😎
Tammy German (4 months ago)
RawDICKulous bol this man retawded 😂😂😂😂
Joey Chandler.510 (4 months ago)
When’s the English version coming out
DAJIAB. RV (4 months ago)
"I ain't see you roll that up"💀😂
DAJIAB. RV (4 months ago)
He so real💍❗
Beatrice Butler (4 months ago)
Damn...I thought he was about fucking girls but this due really actually really different
Alexandria Burchfield (4 months ago)
Alexandria Burchfield (4 months ago)
Andrew A (4 months ago)
All that street cred got his dad AIDS
Iyannha Brooks (4 months ago)
At 230 he better be talking bout Dreka
THE PlayStation GAMER (4 months ago)
Why the fuck is he so smart for
Wow Lil Boosie dad died of AIDS too! 😔😔Must be a pretty high AIDS rate in Louisiana?
Arnold Bass (3 months ago)
Ray’s Journey #CHD WARRIOR Gates jus said it’s the 2nd in his city n Louisiana you tripping
Jay Nasti (4 months ago)
Booty eating mother fofo
Doe-Z (4 months ago)
Damn him & Boo both loss Dad's to AIDS...
Raquel R (4 months ago)
"Accidentally had sex" 😂😂
Marty Mcfly (4 months ago)
right makes no sense
Deetheking GSG (4 months ago)
4:00 same wit me but it was bout 5th grade and i met him at a family event and we had no idea he was there nd he walked up and said he was my dad i told my mom then she told me
ItsCharlene (4 months ago)
I love him
#Seek Peace #read (4 months ago)
Betsy Boo (4 months ago)
I don't know why I love him so much he said soon as he hit the blunt they gonna be like get on the ground. 😂🤣
Kayleigh Johnson (4 months ago)
Every body know him for saying “ ya heard meh “ 💀💀
Tesia Hopson (4 months ago)
Love you Kevin !💕💕💕💕💋💋☺️

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