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Life of a Kumari Goddess: The Young Girls Whose Feet Never Touch Ground

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Broadly heads to Nepal to witness the centuries-old tradition of worshipping Kumari, a living goddess manifested in the body of a young girl, to see how life is for the sacred children spending their lives in a temple—and what happens when they grow. WATCH NEXT: Ex-Scientology Leader and Trans Icon Kate Bornstein on What It Takes to Survive : http://bit.ly/2atfFnw Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-BROADLY Come find us: Broadly | https://broadly.vice.com Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/BroadlyTV Twitter | https://twitter.com/broadly Tumblr | http://broadlytv.tumblr.com Instagram | https://instagram.com/broadly Pinterest | https://www.pinterest.com/broadlytv Newsletter | http://bit.ly/1JKF1oA More videos from the VICE network | https://www.fb.com/vicevideo
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Text Comments (13668)
VBENGEL (2 hours ago)
Allah is enough❤️❤️
ronel nudalo (15 hours ago)
It is a child Abuse.
ronel nudalo (15 hours ago)
what a very2x sad life in her.
Marites Miando (16 hours ago)
It makes me sad 😧 😧 brainwashed
ԃσσʅყɱσƈԋι (20 hours ago)
Haber si entendí, ¿Un sacerdote elige entre tres niñas a una para ser la Diosa? ¿Las mantienen encerradas para ser seleccionadas y nadie sabe lo que sucede ahí dentro? No me da buena vibra.
LetsNotTalk (21 hours ago)
welp another country i can cross of my list of countries ive once wanted to visit
Sevara Kholmatova (23 hours ago)
Stupid people, brain washed
Dani Brown (23 hours ago)
“She is happy” She literally looked so pissed
wanda Shivers (1 day ago)
Yes humans are creepy with all these different rituals and they use innocent children to practice it . What a horrible nightmare
I_AM_WEIRD :D (1 day ago)
Why is this in my recommendations?
Aquaman (1 day ago)
She looks bored as fuck
Lizette Contreras (1 day ago)
Amanda Lamp (1 day ago)
pray now
Amanda Lamp (1 day ago)
meet up key elementary at 601 371 4333
Gacha Movies/Episodes (2 days ago)
I smile to easily.....people might fear me if i was that little girl 😂😂😂
Anna Banana (2 days ago)
Maybe she will be the first person to be happy about getting her period
jaymirza1 (2 days ago)
Sad ppl have such this respect and make anything their god
Erika Syrowatka (2 days ago)
Does she smiles
Rachel E. (1 day ago)
She can't when people visit or else it means that she has cursed them
Georgina Nemeth (2 days ago)
How is she gonna adapt after she’s “dismissed”? How will she live?
Ziggily Smith (2 days ago)
To young for this s****
Ziggily Smith (2 days ago)
But when this all goes away.....
Jannat Begum (2 days ago)
Umm does she takes shower does she pees doo AND MOST IMPORTANTLY DOES SHE HAVE menstrual
Stop It (2 days ago)
Once she first gets her period she is no longer a goddess and gets put into society
Charlotte Bruce (2 days ago)
She must feel very special and important, I felt a bit like that when I was may queen for the day.
Sara Rostenkowski (2 days ago)
Poor child
Duda Coxinha (2 days ago)
that selection process gives me the creeps
Rachel E. (1 day ago)
The girls go through a series of tasks and if they don't show fear, they pass basically. Like watching animals (buffaloes usually) get their heads cut off and have to sit with them in a room and their bodies are also examined but apparently this is done by a female priest. This is just part of it. I didn't mention everything
Nora Korsnes (2 days ago)
The word/name Kumari reminds me of Karuse from “eyes”... ...I’m scared...
Nirmal Lama (2 days ago)
10000 respects Live kumari god....🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
That one Kid (3 days ago)
She looks bored AF
Caroline Karsner (3 days ago)
she looks so bored
Fay Mbugua (3 days ago)
This is total Idol worship. Jesu is the only one to be worshipoed and bowed down to remember he says worship no other God apart from him and he is the only way to go to Heaven.
ramonpretorius (3 days ago)
The poor child is possessed with demons
Lizette Contreras (3 days ago)
From her face she doesn't seem happy that she is important in Nepal
Rachel E. (1 day ago)
She can't smile or laugh to people because they believe that if she does, she is cursing them
Kpop Stan (3 days ago)
won’t she get fat
blemi (3 days ago)
poor kid, she can't talk to anyone but her family, she needs to learn to socialize
Ad Libitum (4 days ago)
Omg, this is torture to children! They have rights! Oh, God!
uhh tubric (4 days ago)
i want to tell a joke to her and make her laugh
Ferd The Terd (4 days ago)
Can't she just wear shoes??
FunnelCake :3 (4 days ago)
Um this goddess thing is really dumb no offense it is
Jennifer Lorence (4 days ago)
CRAZY PEOPLE. What are these people thinking?? Poor little girls. Can't Play with other children.
shaan ali (5 days ago)
Wtf did I just witnessed
sharmila chongbang (6 days ago)
maybe she is not happy in kumari place bcoz you can see her face she is not smile...no enjoying in thas place ☹☹☹☹
YAED V (6 days ago)
Jesus is all I need.
Ji-ae Park (6 days ago)
I'm not trying to insult their history and tradition... But can't not walking cause the girl's feet to be under-developed? And walking problems can be a significant outcome... I'm just worried about the girl, It's sad that she can't smile. But being a goddess for a day would be cool tbh
sherbett (6 days ago)
I wonder what the family uses the money for
Harjot Kaur (6 days ago)
The emotionless eyes say everything about what she feels. I know it's their tradition but come in you are stealing this girls childhood.
Rose Achieng (6 days ago)
bruh why they worshipping bitches dem goddesses where created by thay one true GOD in heaven
bigtime89 (7 days ago)
Malli Bokka (7 days ago)
So many stupid people and assholes are there in the country...
Velia Hernández (8 days ago)
the necessity of people to have a god to follow..... make little girls 'goddess' taking away their precious years of childhood... and all for nothing...then those girls left their title of goddess and go out to the world as a normal person.... have no sense...
Ordinary Bela (8 days ago)
Rip to the little girls arm getting whooped by her mother in purple 4:07😂😂
sujana Poudel (8 days ago)
I would love her to ak that she is happy or not
Abhishek Sharma (8 days ago)
You can't disrespect my mother earth.
cass9041 (8 days ago)
This is abnormal!
Aavani Joshy (8 days ago)
I'm a nepali and judging by the comments people think she is sad but she is not allowed to smile or laugh cause that means she will be sent to heaven. We have allot of traditions like these which in my opinion are not needed but Nepalese have alot of respect for it so I guess time will tell if these traditions go away or not
nyasha b moyo (9 days ago)
she should go out and enjoy
imran atheist (9 days ago)
I see the same people criticising the tradition, who have no problem in believing a woman who probably slept around and fooled everyone by saying she had a virgin child birth
Roman Romero (9 days ago)
If I was near her I would push her off that chair so she would un gain her purity to save her child hood. Using little girls for religion is wrong and praising them it just looks wrong.
K. Welti (9 days ago)
What mentally ill people need to worship a child? I am absolutely shocked what madnesses religions bring to people. This young girl is abused for the weakness of others.
GaGan pali (9 days ago)
What the fuck is this 😂😂😂😂
itsHeppy (9 days ago)
Sher Khan (9 days ago)
So Cute Gurl
Itzkribstween xD (9 days ago)
This is actually true I’m from nepal not hating but she looks like she’s so freaking bored
Gothic Princess (9 days ago)
This is the reason Nepal got punished by God when they had a heavy earthquake and lost lives and everything . There is just one God , a human cannot be a God
ChocFiend (9 days ago)
They are such peasants. Stuck in another century.
vanilla essence (9 days ago)
Crap and crippy
Slappy (10 days ago)
Every human culture thought history has had some really weird religious beliefs.
Sita Lawati (10 days ago)
Hello I am Nepali too my family and I am not that religious .We are open minded people.But some of my family members do believe in God's and Kumari.I myself have visited Kumari .and I think it is not necessary to keep her apart from the world or not to give her freedom to live her childhood .If you believe she is a goddess then worship her don't snatch her freedom.#peace
Kiara Tsuji (10 days ago)
Most of the comments are hateful..
Xena Rafique (11 days ago)
weird but they take purity to next level
chandika chhimal (12 days ago)
That means she cannot go to school
Tanya Hubbard (12 days ago)
She should be thankful for what her family and everyone does for her
Suman Chhabra (12 days ago)
those people are so much superstitious bcz. they think that god loes in a girl bit god lies indide ourselves if we beloeve in it heartily
Bhin Bhin Kaka (12 days ago)
It's a beautiful tradition.🙏
So many are lost in mundane idol worship that has spiritually degraded the soul and defiled the vessel for thousands of years. Repent and remain vigilant and faithful! Afroartivy.com
Schanisa Raghoebar (13 days ago)
Pfffff ...🤯
Yer Yang (13 days ago)
Pagan demonic traditions
Shaurya Joshi (3 days ago)
Nobody asked for your opinion.
mia (14 days ago)
Imagine being a normal child one day and the next day being a goddess
Mona Liza Samson (14 days ago)
I am a bit sad for the young Kumari. Too young to be silent and treated as a goddess.Reminder: This is my opinion but i respect their culture
pey Marecho (15 days ago)
That face proved her painful butt cramps
4:08 did anyone see that mom and child hit each other?
Potato light (17 days ago)
MrMundo3d (17 days ago)
what is she got laid
Tori Gratton (18 days ago)
What a wonderful culture. So glad the girls now get progressive parents educating their daughters.
twinbulls1980 (18 days ago)
Just a little girl to me. The former Kumari seemed well-developed, but I doubt peace with the past comes naturally for every one post-menarche.
twinbulls1980 (18 days ago)
Plus, it’s just another reason to discriminate against women.
E W (18 days ago)
She looks absolutely miserable. I feel bad for her.
Beyonce Gold Sanusi (19 days ago)
Poor innocent gal, Thnk God she's free after seeing her period.. The most practice superstition belief z in India
Beyonce Gold Sanusi (19 days ago)
Wen will all dis false rumors stp existing!! Her leg neva touchd d ground, try remuvn d tray she plazd her leg on den wie will d leg b...
Rihana Bilqis (19 days ago)
how does she keeps a straight face 24/7
Anisha Nepal (19 days ago)
I am a Nepali and this is the culture of one caste only. Whole Nepal doesn't worship a living goddess and I think it exists only in one city i.e kathmandu rest part of the Nepal even doesn't know abt this. 😕😕😕😕
Valeria Leal (19 days ago)
“She is dismisses when she gets her period, and a new Kumasi must be selected.” Wow at least she has freedom now.
nabina pun (20 days ago)
Stanca Lidia (21 days ago)
Is it okay to feel bad for her? I wouldn’t enjoy strangers messing with my feet.
leeshaa meeni (22 days ago)
One of the most idiomatic country
I want too see her as a adult
Alexxii (22 days ago)
Shes beautiful..but kinda looks possessed
Kusum Thapa (17 days ago)
This culture is practice by one of the cast only not whole nepali.
crack ken (23 days ago)
Poor little girl
Yuno Ashi (23 days ago)
This sucks what if u have to go pee

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