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Man Catches The World's Most Dangerous Snake

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Subscribe to StoryTrender: http://bit.ly/StoryTrenderSubscribe Watch more: http://bit.ly/StoryTrenderPicks Submit your video here: http://bit.ly/StoryTrender ----------------------------------------------- Subscribe for more: http://smarturl.it/CatersNews These are the incredible pictures of one man’s remarkable encounter with THE WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS SNAKE. Forrest Galante, with girlfriend Jessica Evans, travelled around the South Pacific and Indonesia in search of the region’s most beautiful and dangerous wildlife. Their, they encountered Banded Sea Kraits. With venom ten times stronger than a Cobra's, Banded Sea Kraits are the most venomous snakes in the world and extremely dangerous. Forrest's first encounter took place while spearfishing for their dinner off a remote island in Vava'u, Tonga. Director: Forrest Galante Editor: Emma Baker About us: We bring you the weirdest, wackiest and most bizarre stories from around the world. Stay tuned for daily uploads that you simply have to see to believe. Find us online: Twitter: https://twitter.com/caters_news Video Twitter: https://twitter.com/caters_video Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/catersnews Website: www.catersnews.com Welcome to Storytrender - the home of extraordinary video. We are dedicated to unearthing amazing UGC video and telling the stories behind them. Our team of journalists scour the web 24/7 to licence the latest trending videos before they go viral. We then package these up into bitesize news clips for the YouTube community. Stay tuned for verified, engaging and extraordinary stories uploaded daily. *To use or license this video please contact [email protected]* Connect with Storytrender: Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/StoryTrender Like our Facebook: www.facebook.com/StryTrndr Visit our website: www.storytrender.com Company Information: Storytrender is owned and operated by Caters News Agency Ltd, an international multimedia content provider. We supply news, picture, video and feature stories to the world’s largest media publishers. All videos aired on this channel have been licensed from their rightful owners. For media / licensing / broadcast usages, please contact [email protected] www.catersnews.com
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Text Comments (103)
Virendra Daily jokes (14 days ago)
Is it really world's most venous snake😅
Sand da floor (1 month ago)
Taking stupid risks with a Faint-banded sea snake is not clever at all.
Paul R (11 days ago)
It's not stupid if he understands that it's dangerous. It's curious.
Steven Brooks (1 month ago)
world' most dangerous snake? my ass!!!! very venomous, but very placid and uninclined to bite. try handling 12ft black mamba or russells viper and you will then know what dangerous is. this snake is incredibly venomous but so placid that freehandling of these snakes is very common. you would have to hurt this snake to get it to bite.
Steven Brooks (1 month ago)
I have worked with many different venomous species, i have never worked with belchers or banded kraits. I have worked with other kraits and many other species. i am not personally experienced with belchers or banded kraits. i do know that the banded krait is the only species of sea snake that ever leaves the ocean, they lay eggs and breed on land. i have worked with common kraits and red headed kraits and they are fairly easy to manage. i have much more experience and knowledge of species like mambas, cobras, and many different vipers and pit vipers. not so much on the sea snakes
Jason C (2 months ago)
Golden lance head in the most venomous snake alive
Steven Brooks (1 month ago)
nope! not even close!
Helge Aslaksen (2 months ago)
You can laugh until it kills you.
Pi Rank (4 months ago)
*That man has balls of steel*
benjamin franklin (4 months ago)
Birchel sea snake is world most poisonous snake
Julie Labelle (4 months ago)
I think there is no antivenin discovered yet for sea snake bite. Oh well.
Big Boss (5 months ago)
69 comments? Make it 70 also this guy has got some balls
HTHAMMACK1 (6 months ago)
This guy has a death wish, and if he doesn't stop screwing around, that wish will come true.
Ayush Kumar (6 months ago)
balls of stainless steel
Angus1966 (6 months ago)
those black ringed sea snakes are very deadly indeed , if it does decide to bite say goodnight it will kill you
Govind Beri (7 months ago)
Inland Taipan is the most deadliest snake in the world.
Steven Brooks (1 month ago)
to say a snake is deadly you need to look at the number of fatalities not just its venom. how often does it come into contact with people? how likely is it to actually envenomate? inland tiapan is the most venomous land snake not including sea snakes. you also need to consider the distribution of the snake. its camoflage. i would call the snake that kills the most people as the most dangerous. but so many bite fatallities go without the snake being identified. saw scaled viper would definitely be a contender along with spectacled cobra russells viper and puff adder.
Kiran Achary (7 months ago)
Have an question can blechers sea snake can spite plz ans this
Steven Brooks (1 month ago)
only spitting snakes are some cobras and the rinkhals which looks and acts like spitting cobra but does not lay eggs and does not have smooth scales it is classed by itself and not along with cobras
Arthur Divinagracia (1 month ago)
Keenan Bartlome (4 months ago)
Kiran Achary no
Xbl Woody (8 months ago)
I heard this snake cures cancer but it’s so dangerous u cant get it
Tyreek Murillo (9 months ago)
white people will catch the world’s most dangerous snake but won’t eat gluten 😂😂😂
Paul R (11 days ago)
Marie Hewett (5 months ago)
and your point is?
His Baby Boy (10 months ago)
Belcher’s Sea Snake is more dangerous
gwizdolby (10 months ago)
I respect making the video and showing us what we might not have ever see in our lives and thank you, but i cant help but ask the question why? Why the hell did you not get the fuck out of there? You could have both died. I know they are not aggressive by nature but you guys could have been killed. please do be careful.
J SlayzZ (10 months ago)
What the fuck is wrong with you guys. You scared me shitless
Michael Song (11 months ago)
I don't know if those snakes are venomous, but if they are, I can't help but think that the man is quite stupid. I would use an axe or a machete to cut them off, then pick up the remains, not try to drop them into water when they can counter attack.
Keenan Bartlome (4 months ago)
Michael Song not sure if these are belchers sea snakes or banded sea kraits. Regardless either one could kill you within a half hour (belchers is the most venomous snake, and banded sea kraits are probably in top 5-10.) however, both or non aggressive, sometimes even described as friendly to humans. Furthermore, an estimated 3/4 of bites are dry (meaning no venom is injected.) no reason to kill these guys, they don’t want to harm you.
Shiny marshadow (11 months ago)
Bechers sea is the most venomous snake in the world one bite it's all it takes to kill hundreds of people and there very calm and it takes a lot to make it bite you but who the hell wants to die if they trying to get bit by one it's mostly divers and fishermen that get bit by this beautiful yet most venomous snake
cmoneyno5 (3 months ago)
Belcher is king... Can actually kill 10,000 people with one bite
HTHAMMACK1 (6 months ago)
No, it's the Belcher's Sea Snake. The Inland Taipan is the most venomous land snake.
yokonakajima75 (7 months ago)
Shiny marshadow Like the Black Mamba, it's not even in the top 10. The Dubois is the most venomous sea snake. Ultron is correct btw about the Inland Taipan.
ᴜ ʟ ᴛ ʀ ᴏ ɴ (7 months ago)
It is one of the world's most venomous, but the most potent snake venom belongs to the inland taipan, according to LD50 testing.
I hate Mr.blackburn (1 year ago)
Belchers sea snake is the most venomous snake in the world it can kill 1000 humans with one bite
michael turner (1 year ago)
Humongous balls!
SHWwoooosshh (1 year ago)
I just saw a video with a countdown of the most venomous snakes with belcher sea snake at #1 enough venom to kill a 1000 people in 1 bite. You'll die quickly too. If that was the snake you're ready for death. good to go.
BooksMusicMovies (3 months ago)
SHWwoooosshh I have written many reports about them, they are actually very social and rarely bite. They may have the most dangerous venom, but only babies typically kill people because they release large amounts and even then it is usually just people messing with them. Belcher’s Sea Snakes are typically very good for milking because of their calm nature.
munk359 (1 year ago)
how fast can that snake kill you? with it's poison
Keenan Bartlome (4 months ago)
Depends on your body size, health, and how your body reacts to the venom. But, these would probably kill you pretty quickly. Also they have venom, not poison, and I heard that 3/4 of bites on humans are dry (no venom injected.)
louiella poblador (7 months ago)
8 seconds we call it in Philippines walo walo in English 8seconds
Dika Rama (10 months ago)
John Norton (1 year ago)
munk359 less than 30 minutes. One bite is enough to kill 1000 yes, 1000 humans
Marcus Mariner (1 year ago)
Is that a sea krait or a belchers sea snake, cant tell
Arthur Divinagracia (1 month ago)
+Steven Brooks thanks man i saw sea krait on last week and turtle headed in one day.. I'm not scared to them cause i know they are not beaked sea snake 😂😅
Steven Brooks (1 month ago)
+Arthur Divinagracia Banded sea Kraits are the only sea snake that ever leaves the ocean. They do this to breed and lay eggs. There are 12 species of Kraits and the sea krait is the only sea snake in this genus. Some argue that it is not a true sea snake because it leaves the ocean. It is classified separately from all other sea snakes. I agree that it is a sea snake but different other sea snakes. It's closest relatives are other members of the Bungarus genus which are the terrestrial Kraits
Arthur Divinagracia (1 month ago)
+Steven Brooks can you tell me more about the difference of belchers and banded sea krait? Besides they have a semilar toxicity of venom.
Steven Brooks (1 month ago)
net not bet
Steven Brooks (1 month ago)
sea krait. very toxic but very placid. not a snake that i would call dangerous. definitely dangerous to try to get one out of a fishing bet but otherwise these snakes are very calm and uninclined to bite
Harry M (1 year ago)
The Belcher's sea Krait is the most toxic sea snake but not the most toxic in the world the Australian inland taipan is the most toxic venomous snake
Keenan Bartlome (4 months ago)
Harry M akchtually the belchers sea snake is the most venomous, the fierce snake is second.
Gunslinger (1 year ago)
I wanted them to catch snake and give us close view of it. A villager man in my town, King cobra bit him and cobra was found dead after 30 mins. He used to drink herb named "Chirata" since childhood. And that herb taken in lot of regular amount becomes poison inside body people says. That's how cobra died because he had more poison than cobra in his body. These are told by villagers who saw that man including one of my friend.
Pi Rank (4 months ago)
*Yeah,,,it happend in Bangladesh..The man did not died but the cobra died..* আমিও বাঙালি
Abhishek Kumar (8 months ago)
really bro? how can chiraita make him immune to poison?
Bharti Agnihotri (1 year ago)
Cylvin Manongsong (1 year ago)
i laughed when he dropped the 🐍
Neriyahu (1 year ago)
fnaf maniac 101 (2 years ago)
the most dangerous snake is the inland taipan
Arthur Divinagracia (1 month ago)
+yokonakajima75 you kniw nothing if you still believing in that why you should search to know what is the truth. The belchers snake is 100x more venomous than inland taipen. I hope you know it now
Keenan Bartlome (4 months ago)
The fierce snake is far from the most dangerous. They are reclusive and uncommon.
yokonakajima75 (7 months ago)
Dika Rama The Inland Taipan is the most venomous snake period!! The Belchers thing is a myth. It's not even in the top 10. The Dubois is the most venomous sea snake known and right behind the Inland Taipan in sheer toxicity.
Dika Rama (10 months ago)
U r wrong. Belcher's sea snake.
Alex Feldblioum (11 months ago)
Many would argue that the Black Mamba would be the most dangerous snake. Not because of it's extremely potent venom, but it's impressive speed combined with it's aggressive behavior.
Zara Methvin (2 years ago)
Who else never wants to go swimming again?
Adriian Savage (2 years ago)
one of those chased me out of the water when I went to the beach in south america. Never went back in the water the whole time I was there! little fvcjer ruined my trip!!! 😠
Mari (2 years ago)
I kinda dislike that action song in the background....I know they are friendly but the music made me think that maybe you got bit
Salvatore Shiggerino (3 years ago)
It's obviously not the most dangerous snake, you fucking retards. True, it's one of the most venomous, but there are plenty of snakes as venomous, but a lot more aggressive. But even if it wasn't dangerous, why not leave it the fuck alone? It's clearly not interested in taking part in a game of narcissistic exhibitionism.
You can't reason with stupidity
Paul R (11 days ago)
Risky behaviour and stupidity are not the same thing; they understood what they were doing was dangerous. The real stupid people are the ones that inject politics and mentions of Trump into irrelevant subjects.
Mary Mactavish (2 years ago)
Sea kraits are very venomous but almost never bite people.
Miss Mir (2 years ago)
+BestInTheWorld 92 lol don't blame us (the people).. most of us are praying he doesn't become president. . people keep saying they will move if he becomes president. . I actually will. I will have lost complete hope in our gov. system (even though I already hate it/don't trust it). if he succeeds. . it just shows the people have no true voting rights at all anymore. and it will never be "we the people" ever again.
BestInTheWorld 92 (3 years ago)
Nope you can't just watch America as Trump becomes President stupidity everywhere
Lajada Braxton (4 years ago)
that stuff is very dangerous thank god that he didnt get hurt god is the best
Luke Johnson (4 years ago)
WHY?! Nutters
Brandon Royes (4 years ago)
Sea krait's are not the most dangerous, even though they have very toxic venom, they are know for being extremely docile even when handled. The most dangerous snakes are the Black mamba, King Cobra and The Costa Rican Bush Master. But the snake with the most toxic venom is the Australian Inland Taipan. Also cobra venom isn't nesscarilly very toxic, they are one of the most dangerous due to the amount of venom they can put into one bite, which makes them as dangerous as a Black Mamba or Bush Master. Also the reason the Taipan isn't the most dangerous is because they are very reclusive, unlike the other three that will actually chase you if you bother them too much, or you scare them etc, sorry i just always feel the need to correct misinformation about reptiles. They are my life's passion xD
Francis Munez (2 months ago)
No the most Dangerous Venom snake in the World is Betcher's sea Snake? Or Betcher's sea
Aryan Sanan (4 months ago)
Nice joke you prove the science wrong
Lubito (5 months ago)
Brandon Royes cobras are not one of the most dangerous they are known to fake strike and can be docile at times fer de lances are very dangerous
HTHAMMACK1 (6 months ago)
Actually, the Belcher's Sea Snake is the most venomous snake in the world. You are right the Black Mamba is probably the most dangerous due to it's venom, it's size, and it's aggressiveness and speed.
Will Fishing (6 months ago)
Belcher's sea snakes have the most potent venom

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