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Drunk Lesbians Watch "Lost & Delirious" (Feat. Nadia Mohebban)

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TRIGGER WARNING: In this film there are depictions of suicide. If you are ever in trouble or want to help, please visit: https://www.thetrevorproject.org/ (Not sponsored, just important that everyone knows they are not alone) FIND NADIA ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: @nadiamohebban SUPPORT QUEER CONTENT! Check out our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/GirlShipTV Check out Amanda's social stuff too: @AwkwardHolland on insta & twitter PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, ROCK OUT AND DANCE LIKE A FEW PEOPLE ARE WATCHING
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Girl Ship TV (11 months ago)
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Nina Jung (4 months ago)
Girl Ship TV I love you. Should have seen your show years ago. Thanks for all the things you said after finishing "Lost & Delirious". ❤️ Hope to see more very soon!
LaToya Banks (4 months ago)
Girl Ship TV They should have made a part 2 of lost and delirious like what happened to Tori and Mary Brave
LaToya Banks (4 months ago)
Girl Ship TV love that movie but its sad
que en (8 months ago)
Just few of the examples of what goes on in the conversion therapy: https://thoughtcatalog.com/daniel-hayes/2015/12/9-barbaric-and-brutal-experiments-and-tests-governments-performed-on-homosexuals/ "the “icepick” lobotomy and was performed by inserting a metal pick into the corner of each eye-socket, hammering it through the thin bone there with a mallet, and moving it back and forth, severing the connections to the prefrontal cortex in the frontal lobes of the brain." "Rock legend Lou Reed stated in his biography that as he was growing up his parents subjected him to electroshock therapy to purge his mind of attraction to men."
que en (8 months ago)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suicide_among_LGBT_youth#Reports_and_studies "More than 34,000 people die by suicide each year," making it "the third leading cause of death among 15 to 24 year olds with lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth attempting suicide up to four times more than their heterosexual peers." https://williamsinstitute.law.ucla.edu/wp-content/uploads/Conversion-Therapy-LGBT-Youth-Jan-2018.pdf
jenny cowsert (1 day ago)
the more i watch you Amanda the more i want to hang with you....call me sometime you can tell me about the show...this is the first time I've seen it...jenny 574 344 6822
Max (2 days ago)
We watched a couple of minutes of this movie in school today lol it was for an exercise
Janae Higgins (2 days ago)
That lip bite thooo. Sexy .
Anjel Josh (9 days ago)
can i just date nadia omg
Camila Valencia (9 days ago)
Can we all admit that we have a crush on Nadia?? Or am i the only one?? 😂
domi b (10 days ago)
nadia was so upset aw. i love her sm
melissa rae (13 days ago)
I bawl every single time I watch this movie
Lydia Kahssay (15 days ago)
happy birthday to piper just noticed her birthday is today
Donna Brooks (21 days ago)
MORE NADIA, PLEASE!!! (Love her shirt, BTW!)
21Chicklett (24 days ago)
Question, where is the "T" @12:23? Can't forget our Trans-family, www.translifeline.org.
Girl Ship TV (24 days ago)
You're absolutely right. The T was not included in the statistic found on the Trevor Project at the time this video came out, so I'm guessing they didn't have enough data for trans people at the time.
Nipers (26 days ago)
11:37 Nadia is litteraly me
lizzy cabello (26 days ago)
I got depressed
WePurpleTaekook (28 days ago)
Ok erm, I'm bisexual and I have the most supportive girlfriend but the thing is I've only came out to a small portion of friends and I can't really come out to my family comfortably because I have anxiety.. And yeah now it's been a month that we've been dating and now most of our year class knows about us two dating but everyone is supportive and I told my gf that I'm scared my sister will find out because she doesn't know my sexuality so yea..
Sarah Mitcheltree (1 month ago)
This was the first gay movie I had ever seen 😫
Bea Antenor (1 month ago)
im suggesting u watch The handmaiden korean version of fingersmith, its really good, the uncut version
Heartbreaking ending and the recite of Shakespeare quote by paulie is magical.
Karma Kaelyn (1 month ago)
11:40 That hawk ditched so hard
iGnarly (1 month ago)
Ms. Lethal that hawk was like “ lemme leave and go mind my own business”
R J (1 month ago)
no its not easy and sadly for some of us it will never be and we don't have the option to be "out"
Marlie Earp (1 month ago)
Haha she is like 'for the love of God please don't end in attempted suicide'... Just she wait 😂
Laura G (1 month ago)
Kiesten Cabello (1 month ago)
Nadia is such a hottie ;)
Soof van Dael (1 month ago)
Emma-Michelle Hickey (1 month ago)
Only ever seen this movie once. Its like 'boy in the stripe pyjamas', its sometjing that is only needed once. But still really needed
Lauren Matthews (1 month ago)
"This s a disease.. waiting to happen"
Amber Renold (1 month ago)
Im proud that this got directed by a swiss women🇨🇭🙌🏻
Potato Unicorn (2 months ago)
I’m obsessed with Nadia’s shirt
cj (2 months ago)
"Have you ever been really *_THIRSTY_* "
depaul7 (2 months ago)
it was hard seeing u guys excited at the beginning knowing how tragically it ends!!! this is sadly one of my favs eventho the ending is shit. your reactions tho. and btw nadia is bae 😍
Josie B. (2 months ago)
Where can I buy Nadia's shirt?
Pidaanma (2 months ago)
6:43 Oh dear !
Pidaanma (2 months ago)
6:43 Oh dear !
Pidaanma (2 months ago)
6:43 Oh dear !
Pidaanma (2 months ago)
6:43 Oh dear !
Abbie (2 months ago)
Nadia though😍
Brandy Lee (2 months ago)
Y'all skipped over a key fact in the movie. The teacher and the principle are lovers
Brandy Lee (2 months ago)
Does anyone besides me think Nadia looks like Maggie from Supergirl?
faridah buang (2 months ago)
On this movie, I hate the breakup & endings... it made me so pissed off why thier relationship never win 😭😭😭
nobody mis (3 months ago)
I have seen this movie 548656 times and I cry everytime!! 😓😓😓 am NOT gay but I am a supporter!! Love is love fuck everything Else !!
Lucy S (3 months ago)
Whenever i saw the title 'Delirious' all i could think of was H2ODelirious
alicia enn (3 months ago)
“UHAUL” lmaoooo not everyone will get it
alicia enn (3 months ago)
also why is this so hilarious at the same time
alicia enn (3 months ago)
jesus nadia is so beautiful
Roseru (3 months ago)
I came right out of the closet
Gay Queen (3 months ago)
JenSu (3 months ago)
Em...quick question: can I date Nadia? 😍
Buzzin Boi (3 months ago)
6:41 having already watched the movie I was like oh you just wait😂 it was such a sad film tho...OK km going to keep watching now
Haribo X (3 months ago)
Hannah Trent (3 months ago)
At the end Nadia said some amazing points
Arysta (3 months ago)
It slowly dawned on me during the first half that they didn't know how things would end, and then I was feeling bad for them for the rest of the video.
GamingGen (3 months ago)
I felt like hugging Pauline the whole time I was watching the movie
James Carey (3 months ago)
Nadia is so sweet
BabyFireflysLover (3 months ago)
Y'ALL!!! STOP LOOKING AT THE BIRD!!! :D :D :D Gosh, I love you :D :D :D *cracks up*
dc00721 (3 months ago)
Just found your channel and I didnt see you guys watch the incredible story of 2 girls in love. Its from the 90s iirc. Do it!!! Love the commentary 😉
Gabriella Hernandez (3 months ago)
The same way that they reacted to them kissing is the same way I react to Nadia smiling like omg😍
Nadia Kali (3 months ago)
Love your show... Watching it from Victoria Canada... So what about Room in Rome. Love watching you watch. Such great laughs. How do I get to be a patron... I'm so in, if you send me a link.
hela rainbow (4 months ago)
She's my type i never even knew i had a type
MissMarchGirl (4 months ago)
Amanda is my favorite, I wish I had her as a girlfriend
SJnight (4 months ago)
having been betrayed in that way from the woman she loved push her to that edge not being gay
Eli McFadden (4 months ago)
So at 6:43....wait till the end ladies...
Katie Grooms (4 months ago)
Fun fact: I was OBSESSED with Mischa Barton when I was like 9-11 years old. I saw her in some obscure movie and no one knew who she was. The first woman I kissed..... on a picture... on my wall. Hahah. Ahh young lesbians.
Weechicken (4 months ago)
*throws remote *throws pillow Lmaooooooooo! XD
Riley Marks (4 months ago)
*1st.* I watched this movie a year back, and cried just as much as, if not more than, Nadia. *2nd.* I have been going through a questioning phase for 3 years now after realizing I prefer all bad-ass female characters over any guys in movies and shows. Plus getting a crush on a girl in both 9th and 10th grade, and I am starting to come to the conclusion I may be Bi. But I live in a baptist home with a mother that can't even watch a show if there is ever any gay scenes. *3rd.* I love Nadia's smile :)
Allison Goetz (4 months ago)
Clea DeVille is sooooo sexy
Bella Bozen (4 months ago)
I think i cried for like... 5 hours after watching this movie
Dangerouz Girl (4 months ago)
Damn, whoever reads this, never kill yourself
iGnarly (4 months ago)
Dangerouz Girl Why would i kill myself when we have memes and Nadia?
lilly mikaelson (4 months ago)
I love Nadia she needs to have her own channel❤️❤️❤️
Saturday Time! (4 months ago)
Nadia you’re so sweet and wonderful! And very pretty
Lea Schmidt (4 months ago)
Nadia is so precious ❤️
xcyanex (4 months ago)
I was today years old when I found out Nadia is gay
Cydney M (4 months ago)
I love this series!💕
asft100 (4 months ago)
No you’re not here
Caitlyn Simeone (4 months ago)
That made me very sad
- Alexandria (4 months ago)
This movie fucked my gay ass up when I was younger.
Lenny Wong (4 months ago)
Sakshi Gairola (4 months ago)
Holy shit! I just found a new channel to binge watch 😍😍 Your reactions were so amazing! I was smiling the entire time🙌🙌😍
Kenzi Donovan (4 months ago)
Can I say that Nadia have a beautiful voice and she's gorgeous and stuff?
angela evans (5 months ago)
I like this movie, but my mom watched while visiting years ago cause she was going through my DVD and was like "why are lesbian movies so sad?" I was like not all of them.....ok so many of them (back in the day) really are
PiggyCountIcecream (5 months ago)
me at first: (watching) this is good me when i saw the end: whyyyyyyy ☹️
TheAngieRash (5 months ago)
nwcam (5 months ago)
Amanda is so fucking funny my lord
nwcam (5 months ago)
Damn son Nadia’s eyebrows kill me (in a good way of course)
I am sliiiiightly in love with nadia lol
Holly Trout (5 months ago)
Nadia is so pure and adorable.
book worm girl (5 months ago)
“Boys. That’s not what I signed up for.”
That poetry girl (5 months ago)
I love both of you !
HisRealChild (5 months ago)
They're obsessed with that bird. Lmao I can't breathe
madeira73 (5 months ago)
One time I watched High Art and Lost & Delirious one after another. Woo depression hit me hard that day. My Queers you are loved!
Charlie Wilson (5 months ago)
One of the best episodes, can't wait for new videos 💜
Aurora KitKat (5 months ago)
Shiv's Journey (5 months ago)
Nadia's beauty is just blinding. Love your vids 😊
nylem kmh (5 months ago)
"You & I" (2011) has Misha Barton in it as well (and t.A.T.u.), she being one of the main characters. Another movie I haven't seen suggested is "Gray Matters" (2006) with Heather Graham
I Adore (5 months ago)
Nadia 😍
Angela Unruh (5 months ago)
Amanda-“she looks a lot like the kid from the sixth sense” Cause she is. Amanda-“wow she looks a lot like emily van camp” Cause she is.
Flaming Homo (5 months ago)
watch show me love lol
SJnight (5 months ago)
I watched this movie only once and I hated it, the message, the ending, the fact that the girl who couldn't own up to her sexuality caused the other to kill herself and didn't even take responsabilty, all in all this movie without Piper Perabo it's not worth watching it
Live Laugh Love (5 months ago)
thumbs up for the message you guys gave at the end. I could tell it was heart felt and very sweet. It took until the age of 33 to figure out that i am bi sexual and i actually lean more toward liking women.
Jimena Nannini (5 months ago)
I am not a part of the LGTBQ community but I enjoyed. I would totally hang out with you.
Ferris Holmes (6 months ago)
I think this was the first ever LGBT movie I watched. I watched it at an extremely early point in my life, probably like 7. I remember I saw Boys Don't Cry at 8, I saw this movie way before that. The memories of watching this, even after 10+ years, came back so hard. It is an amazing movie, I think Piper is an amazing actress and she was one of my favorites when I was a kid. Even not being LGBT, this is still a crucial movie for me.
Yuki Chan_. (6 months ago)
Oh my lord Nadia is so precious

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